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Will of William Burwashe

of Egerton, Kent

Transcribed by FRED VICKERSON
IN THE NAME of god amen the 28 daye of September in the yere of our lord god 1547 And the firste yere of our soveraign lorde Edward the sixthe by the grace of god kyng of Englande France and Ireland defender of the faith and in yearth supreme heade of the church of Englande and Irelande nexte and imediately under god, I William Burwashe of the parishe of Egerton in the countie of kente beinge hoole of mynde and of good memorie make and ordeyne this my last will and testamente in manner and forme folowinge, First I bequeth my soule into the handes of Almightie god and my bodye to be buried in the churcheyard of Egerton bysides my wyfe

Also I gyve unto Myldrede my wyfe, all my catell savinge one kowe which I gyve unto William Clerke collored redd / Also I gyve to my saide wyfe all my horse beste savnige one mare which I gyve unto my brother Alexander Peeres called bolterage, Also I gyve unto my wyfe all my householde stuffe savinge my seconnde fetherbed which I gyve unto my daughter Agnes, and my seconnde keveringe which I gyve also unto my saide daughter and my seconnd blanckett and 2 paire of shetes my wyfe to chayse 2 payre first and my daughter to have the next beste 2 paire, Also I gyve unto my daughter 4 platers and 2 dishes of pewter and my seconnde greate cawdren

Also I will my father Barkley to have the kepinge of my daughter unto the tyme she come to the age of 16 yeres And if it fortune my father Barkeley and his wyfe departe ? my daughter come to the age of 16 yeares, Than I will that my brother Alexander Peers have the keping of my said daughter after the discease of my said father and mother unto the tyme she come to the age of 16 yeares / Also I will that my wyfe make the 20 s which my father gave by his testament to the highe waies from buttone stile to elms, to be fyve Nobles the which 5 Nobles to be bestowed 6 s 8 d yerely during 5 yeres

Also I will that my land called Hawkyus my brother Alexander have it to ferme and he to pay for it yerelye 53 s 4 d the which 53 s 4 d to be paid unto my mother in lawe during her natural lyefe. And I will that my wyfe shall delyver unto my said brother Alexander, the lease which I have of my saide mother in lawe concerninge the saide landes, Also I will that if my mother in lawe discease ? my dawghter come to the age of 16 yeres, then I will my saide brother to have the profyttes of the saide landes called hawkyus unto the tyme my daughter come to the age of 16 yeres Also I gyve unto my saide brother tenne seames of barelye which I have paide for to Nicholas Raynarde of Westewell, Also the 60 poundes which ? weldy she owghte unto me for my mariage money, I will and bequethe 20 L of it to my wyfe / 20 L unto my brother Alexander, And 20 L unto my daughter Agnes the which 60 L I will be receyvyd by my brother Alexander or by his assigns at the days assigned as be epperssed in certayne abligacons for the assurance of the paymente of the sayde 60 L with obligacons I will Myldrede my wyfe to delyver unto my brother Alexander continentely after my disceace, and he to receyve at mychallmas next comyinge in ptie of the saide 60 L than due 13 L 6 s 4 d And he to paye the sayde 13 L 6 s 4 d unto my sayde wyfe in ptie of paymente of her 20 L, The other paymente of the sayde 60 L I will be divyded betwyxte my wyfe and my brother Alexnader equally unto the tyme they be both fullye paide either of them 20 L And the other 20 L to be hoole unto my daughter Agnes / Also I will and bequeth unto my daughter Agnes the 15 L which my father Barkeley oughte unto me for my marriage / And if she dye or she come to the age of 16 yeares than I will the sayde 15 L unto my brother Alexander

Also I doo gyve unto 8 men to bere me to the churche to any one of them 4 d / And at my monethes daye 6 s 8 d to be gyven unto 20 poor faulkes / The resydue of all my goodes unveable my legacies preformed, and my debtes paide I gyve unto Myldrede my wyfe, To this Testament I ordayne and make Alexander Peers my soule Executor. And Stephane Burwashe to be myne overseer
To this witneseth Thomas Bible Richard Longe and William Clerke with other

THIS IS the laste wyll of me William Borwashe aforesaide concernyinge the disposticion of my landes and rentes wratten the daye and yeer above sayde Fyrste I will my wyfe to have for her dowrye, tenne pownde yerely during her natural lyfe, And also I will that she have her dwellinge in my house at Frydforstall duringe her wydowehood. Also I will that if my wyfe be not with child with a man child, that than I will that Thomas Borwashe thelder to have a fyelde called Sandehyll after the discease of my wyfe, To this witneseth as aforesaide

Probate granted 8 January 1547/8
Estate 27L 16 L 13 s 4 d

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Will of William Burwashe
Created by Maureen Rawson