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Will of Gilbert Burwashe

of Egerton, Kent

Transcribed by FRED VICKERSON
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the 15th daye of Maye in the years of our Lord god a thousand 5 hundred 46 and in the yeare of our sovorigne lord kinge Henry the eighth the 38th I Gyberte Burwashe of the parishe of Egerton being hole of mynd make and ordeyne this my laste testament and will in forme folowinge Fyrst I bequethe my soule unto allmighty god to his most glorius mother saynte mary and to all the holly compainge of heaven And my body to be buryed in the churche yeard of Egerton emonge my awncestors

Also I gyve to any one of my fower daughters tenn poundes of lawfull money of England that is to say to Agnes 10 L to Maryon 10 L to Joanne 10 L and to Elizabethe 10 L to be payd unto my sayde daughters at the daye of their maryage or wythe in one quarter of a yeare then next folowinge And yf yt fortune any of my sayd daughters fortune to decease un maryed then I will her sayd money to remaine unto my executores And soo of any uneuf them soo deceased Also I will that this summe of 10 L of money bequethed unto my fower daughters to be payed by mine executors at the tyme aforesayd Also I gyve unto any of my sayd daughters as muche brasse and pewtar as shall indifferently to be worthe 13 s d 4 And also that if any of my sayd daughters be desyrais to have any lynnen or wollen or bedinge Then I will the sayd lynnen or wollen or bedyng to be parte of the 10 L as yt shalbe preysyd

Also I will unto my sonne Stephine 2 tables and a foime [?] which is in the house heldnellythe in Also I gyve unto the Stephine a yalk toune Also I gyve unto the sayd Stephine my wene and ploughs with al that belongeth unto them
Also I will that 6 s 8 d be dystributyd unto poore howsholders within the parishe at my burying at the discretion of myne executors And lyke wyse at my monethesdaye Also I wilbe bestowed at my buryeinge 20 s and at my monethesdaye 26 s 8 d at the discretion of myne executors
Also I gyve unto my sonne John 4 L of the whiche he hathe 40 s in his handes
Also I will unto any one of my godchildren 2 d as money as will require hit
Also I bequethe to the mendinge of the highe wayes betwext bonting stile and the nether and of the upstreate 26 s 8 d to be spente 6 s 8 d yearly duringe 4 yeares

Also I will that my myll shall staid styll at my sonne Stephins howse and that my sonnes Thomas and George to have fre cominge and goinge and their assigneis to the sayd myll to grinde ther owne malte as long as the sayd myll shall laste And the reparcions of the sayde myll to be kept by my saydes that is to saye thoue half by my sonne Stephine and thether half by my sonnes Thomas and George as oft as nede shall require

The resydue of my muveable goodes unbequethed my dette payed and my legacies performed I doo to gyve unto Thomas and George sonnes whome I ordeyne and make to be myne executors And my sonne Stephine to be oversear of this my laste testament and will to be performnyd To this witnessyth
Thomas Bible Clerke William Borwashe Thomas Borwashe and Rychard Long wythe other

THYS YS THE LASTE WILL of me Gylberte Borwashe aforesayde concerninge the dispotition of my landes and rentes Fyrst I give unto my sonne John 20 pounds whiche byethe in thands of John Baker of Sydnos uppon a certain pece of land lyinge in mortgage unto me called scarlette for 27 s 8 d yearly to be payed by the space of 4 years which 4 yeares shalbe expired at mighelmas come twelmonethes After which tyme yf the sayd John Baker doo not paye the sayd 20 L then the sayd land called scarlettes shalbe myne whiche land I gyve unto my sonne John and the rente of the said land in meane tyme
Also I gyve unto the sayde John a pece of land called ppians conteynunge by estimacion 3 acres the sayd John to have the sayde land in feesimple to hime and to his heres
Also I gyve unto my sonne Stephine therofe that he dwellythe in wythe 13 acres of land belonginge unto the sayd howse by estimation be at more or lesse the sayd Stephine to have the sayd howse and land to hyme and to his heyres in fee simple
Also I gyve unto my sonnes Thomas and George the house I dwell in which I bought of John Hopper wythe one acre of land belonginge unto hit
Also I gyve unto my sayde sonnes Thomas and George 17 acres of land which I bought of Mr Paule Sidnor of Brenchley
Also I gyve and bequethe unto my sayd sonnes Thomas and george a pece of land called kingisuod conteyninge by estimcion 4 acres
Item I gyve unto my sonnes Thomas and George a pece of land lienge in the paryshe of Ulcombe which I bought of Edward Borwashe conteyning by estimacion 5 acres
Also I will and bequethe unto my sayd sonnes Thomas and george the 20 pounds which lyeth in thandes of Thomas Raynor uppon a certon birne and parcelles of landes or ells I gyve unto the sayd Thomas and george the sayde birne and land yf it be forfettyd Also I will that my sonnes Thomas aand George to have the sayde and landes to them bequethe in fee simple to therin and ther heyres

Pobate granted 8 July 1546

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