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Will of Thomas Brenchley

of Otham, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.49 folio 135 1594
Transcribed by the late Peter Brenchley
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In the name of god Amen the xiiith daye of November 1588 in the xxxth yeare of the reigne of our most excellent princess our most gratious sovreigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god Queene of England ffrance and Ireland defender of the faithe - I THOMAS BRENCHLEYE of Otham in the countie of Kent yoman, beinge whole of bodie and of good and pfect remembrance thankes be given unto Allmightie god, utterlie revokinge all former willes heretofore by me made, do nowe make and ordeyne this my pnt (present) Testament and last will in manner & forme following, that is to saye.
ffirst I give and committ my soule into the handes and ---- of Allmightie god my maker and redeemer, trusting assuredlie by his mercie and by the onlie (?) deathe and passion of our saviour Jesus Christ to atteyne eternell salvacon.
Itm I will my bodie to be buryed in the churchyard of Otham aforesayd where my executor shall think meete.
Itm I give and bequeath to suche fowre of my poore neighbours of the said pishe of Otham aforesayd for theire paynes as shall carrye my bodye to the church to be buryed xiid a peece.
Itm I will that there shall bee given to and among the poore people of the pishe of Otha (sic) aforesayd at my burying xd.

Itm I give and bequeathe unto ELIZABETH my wife the one halfe of my household stuffe being within my nowe dwelling house excepte the table & fourme in the hall which I will shall remaine still in the house.

Itm I give & bequeathe unto THOMAS BRENCHLEY my sonne, the other halfe of my householde stuffe and also all my corne, cattell, waines, courts*, implements of husbandrie and all other my moveable goodes whatsoever not before given. Provyded allways and my will is that my ladders, postes, pales, rayles and whatsoever else being abowte the house meete for inclosure of the landes and also my quorne and grindstone shall still remaine to the house so that the saide Thomas my sonne shall not meddle therewith.

The residue of all my goodes and chattells whatsoever not willed or bequeathed my debtes and legacies being fulfilled and payd I give and bequeathe unto RICHARD BRENCHLEY my sonne whom I make and ordeyne my sole executor of this my psent Testament and last will praying him to see the same executed and pformed according to the trust & confidence yt I have reposed in him.

This is the last will of me the sayde THOMAS BRENCHLEY made and by me declared the daye and yeare first above sayde touching the disposition of all my lands tentes (tenements) and hereditaments with the apptenances (sic) wheresoever in the county of Kent.

ffirst I will and give unto RICHARD BRENCHLEY my sonne all those my landes, tentes (tenements) hereditaments with the appurtenances set, lying and being in the parish of Otham aforesayde and Maidstone in the sayde countye of Kent to be had to him and his heirs forever upon condicon that he the sayde Richard his executors or assigns shall well and trulie paye unto WILLIAM BRENCHLEY my sonne his executors or assigns within iii yeares nexte after my decese the somme of twentie pounds of lawfull monie of England And also unto LEVEN BRENCHLEY my sonne his heirs or assigns other(?) twentie poundes of lawfull monye of England within five yeares nexte after my decease

And further my will ys that yf the foursayde RICHARD BRENCHLEY my sonne his heirs executor or assigns shall make default of payment of anie of the sd sommes of monie to the sayde William and Lewen my sonnes or either of them their executors or assigns at the severall tymes before mentioned then my will is that the sayde RICHARD BRENCHLEY my sonne his executor or assigns shall paye unto the sayde William and Leven theire executors or assigns thirtie poundes a peece for the sayde sevrall somes of twentie pounds before to them given. Provyded allways and my will is that ELIZABETH my wife shall have her abyding & dwellinge during her naturall life in the parlour or anie other chamber in my nowe dwellinghouses as she shall like best, in my lytle ---garden and also free libertie to passe, repasse, come and goe at all times to the same and also to the well for water and also to the closed (closet?) of my sayde nowe dwellinghouse for easement And also shall have sufficient wood and fewell to burne upon my landes in Otham aforesayde during her naturall life.

And also my will is that the foresd (aforesaid) THOMAS BRENCHLEY my sonne shall have and occupie all & singular my landes my sayde nowe dwelling house in Otham aforesayde for the space of one whole yeare nexte after my decease.

In wytness whereof I have caused this my will to be made and published yt to be my last will and Testament and to the same have set my seale the daye and yeare first above written in the psence of
Thomas Hendley, John Whites, Roberte Hassell, John Hewes.

Probate 16 October 1594 to John Hewes

*note - a 'court' was a small cart.

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Will of Thomas Brenchley
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