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Will of Thomas Brenchley

of Upchurch, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.46 folio 207 1586
Transcribed by the late Peter Brenchley
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In the name of god amen the twentieth day of January in the year of our Lord god A thousand five hundreth fowre score and fyve I THOMAS BRENCHLEY of the parish of Upchurch in the county of Kent labourer sicke in body but whole and of perfect memory thanke be gyven to allmightie god doe ordaine and make this my last will and testament in forme following ffirst I bequeath my soul to allmightie god my maker and my redeemer by whome and through whome I hope to be saved and my bodye to be buried where it shall please allmightie god to call me.

Item I give my cosen Marke Hodge my best dublett and my best jerkin(?)
Item I give to my cosen Valentine Bleckenden all that money which he oweth me.
Item I give to my cosen Marke Hodge all that money which he oweth me.

The residue of this my small portion which god lende me my very will is that my cosen Valentine Bleckenden and my cosen Marke Hodge shall have it equally to be divyded between them toward there charges they have been at with me in this sickness savinge two or three shillings which I will to my cosen Hodge in respect I have overburdened him in this my sickness more than my cosen Valentine and they two videlit (sic) Marke Hoydge (sic) and Valentine Bleckenden I doe make myne executors to pay my debts and to see me honestly buryed.

Wytness John Lloyde clerk with others

Probate April 1586

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Will of Thomas Brenchley
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