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Will of John Bayley

of Milton next Gravesend, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury Prob11/2030
Submitted by Ros Dunning
This is the last Will and Testament of me John Bayley of Milton next Gravesend in the County of Kent Gentleman

First I give and bequeath to the Trustees for the time being of the Saint Marylebone Almshouses lately erected by public subscription and situate at St John’s Wood Regents Park in the County of Middlesex one thousand pounds
and to the Trustees of the Gravesend and Milton Merchants Institution the sum of three hundred pounds
such legacies to be applied in aid of the before mentioned Charity and Institution as such respective Trustees shall think proper and I do direct that the before mentioned legacies shall be paid within six months after my decease out of such part of my personal estate as may be legally devoted by Will to charitable purposes and I do declare that the receipt or receipts of the respective Treasurers for the time being to the said Charity and Institution shall be a sufficient discharge for such legacies

then I give to Jane Giles my present Housekeeper the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds for her own absolute use and benefit
and to Jemima Hogan wife of John Hogan now living in the Saint Marylebone Almshouses the sum of Fifty pounds for her own absolute use and benefit

I give and bequeath to my friend John James Ridge of Milton next Gravesend aforesaid Surgeon of a Newfoundland Dog called “the Distinguished Member of the Humane Society” in testimony of my grateful remembrance of his Professional and friendly services

Then I give devise and bequeath unto my nephew William Marshall and to my Niece Mary Marshall and to their heirs and assigns for ever all the rest Residue and Remainder of my property both real and Personal Upon trust to sell by Public Auction as soon as conveniently may be after my decease my household furniture horse and Chaise and other effects belonging or appertaining to my household establishment

And upon further trust to pay unto my Sister Mary Marshall for the term of her natural life the whole of the rents charges and annual proceeds arising from such part of my property as shall consist of houses and also one third part or share of the rents dividends and annual proceeds arising from my other property both real and personal

and after the decease of my said Sister Mary Marshall upon trust to divide the same equally between themselves the said William Marshall and Mary Marshall together with the whole remainder of my property not hereinbefore bequeathed as tenants in common and not as joint tenants

I give all the legal interests which shall at my decease be vested in me as Trustee or Mortgagee in any real or personal estate unto and to the use of my said Trustees hereinafter mentioned upon the several trusts and equities affecting the same respectively

And I do hereby declare that the receipt or receipts in writing of my said Trustees for any money or monies payable to them under the trusts hereof shall effectually discharge the person or persons to whom the same shall be given his her or their heirs executors administrators and assigns from all liability in respect of the application thereof and that my said trustees shall not be liable to make good any losses that shall happen in the execution of the trusts mentioned in this my will in case the same shall happen by or through their wilful neglect or default and shall and may pay and reimburse themselves out of my estate all reasonable and necessary costs charges and expences whatsoever which they shall or may bear pay or be put unto or sustain in or about the execution of this my will or the trusts hereby in them reposed

And I do hereby nominate and appoint my said nephew William Marshall and my said niece Mary Marshall Executor and Executrix of this my Will

In Witness whereof I have at the bottom of the preceding sheet of this my Will the whole whereof is contained in two sheets of paper and also to this second and last sheet at the foot or end of this my Will set my hand this Seventh day of February one thousand eight hundred and forty six _ Jno Bayley
(Attestation Clause)
Thos Cheeseman Solicitor Gravesend _ W Scott his Clerk

Proved at London 25 February 1846

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Will of John Bayley
Created by Maureen Rawson