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These photographs were with a lot of others, all unidentified, left to me by my grandmother. She and her husband, my grandfather lived in Ambler and then, later in Springhouse Pennsylvania. My grandfather was born in Conshohocken and lived there until his marriage. They were married in 1911 and still lived in Pennsylvania until around 1932. I am hoping they will look familiar to someone. It would be great to know when this happened. When I scanned these photos I had to make them smaller to be able to upload them. The quality of the originals is somewhat better. I will gladly send better quality copies to any one who signs my guest book to leave their email address or sends me an email to ask for them. Snail mail would be the best for quality.

Train Wreck PA Circa early 1900's ???

Some very interesting theories have come to light. Another researcher has recorded onto her web site newspaper articles from the Lansdale Recorder about the train wreck that happened at the Hatfield, PA Train Station Sept. 2, 1900. I am hoping my pictures go with her article. They are very interesting reading regardless. They list the dead and injured. Here's the link.

  • Hatfield Train Wreck Site

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