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Abernathy, Bob H.      Obit
Abernathy, Bob         Obit
Abernathy, Lester      Obit
Abernathy, Phillip Bartlett "Red"     Obit
Adams, Helen Mae         Obit
Adams, J. W.      Obit
Addington, Dan    d. Sept. 20, 1973   Obit
Addington, Harriett M.    d. Jan. 12, 1979  Obit
Adkinson, Bert         Obit
Allen, Estill     Obit
Allen, Grace Helen        Obit
Allen, James R.         Obit
Allen, Mabel Eunice     Obit
Anderson, Noble         Obit
Angel, Nannie Powell (wife of Charles Angel)   Obit
Arnette, Rodney         Obit
Arthurs, Ollie     Obit2    Obits
Arthurs, William A.     Obit
Ash, Noah         Obit
Atkinson, Kate         Obit
Austin, J. H.         Obit
Austin, Malinda         Obit
Axley, Floyd     Obit


Bacon, Anna (Mazie) Mae        Obit
Bagshaw, John W.      Obit
Bailey, J. H.      Obit
Bailey, Jim      Obit
Bailey, Sarah     Obit
Bailey, Sarah Bell      Obit
Baker, Alexander         Obit
Baker, Mrs. Alpha S.  Obit
Baker, Hannah         ObitArticle
Baker, Louis         Obit
Baker, Martha         Obit
Bales, Mrs. Bob (her name missing)      Obit
Ballard, A. L.         Obit
Ballard, Forrest "Tick"        Obit
Ballard, Harlin Edward      Obit
Baptiste, Charles         Obit
Barker, Earl      Obit
Barker, Joseph J.     Obit and Accident
Barker, Lillian Opal     Obit
Barker, Pearl Ana     Obit
Barnes, Gwen Ella     Obit
Barton, Herbert Leroy      Obit
Barton, Herbert "Rosie"      Obit
Barton, Loyal C.         Obit
Barton, Zelpha         Obit
Bash, Emma     Obit
Bass, Daniel         Obit
Baty, John         Obit
Beard, Anna      Obit
Beard, Ernest L.     Obit
Beard, Floyd L.     Obit
Beard, Lindley     Obit
Beard, Lloyd     Obit
Beaver, MRS John, wife of Chief John Beaver    Obit
Beck, Herman C.       Obit
Bell, Bonnie W.     Obit
Bell, Kirk S.     Obit
Bell, Myrtle Elizabeth      Obit
Berry, Amos E.         Obit
Betz, Annie Frances     Obit
Betz, Maude      Obit
Betz, Stephen David     Obit
Betz, Stephen Hadley     Obit
Beyke, Edward  appeared Feb. 16, 1951    Obit
Bickford, I. J.         Obit
Bigerman, Martin         Obit
Bigley, Carl W.      Obit
Bird, Raymond A         Obit
Black, Malvena Elizabeth       Obit
Blackfish, Hiram     Obit
Blankenship, Mrs. Ollie     Obit
Blaylack, Ira         Obit
Blaylack, June Cynith        Obit
Blaylack, Newton         Obit
Blaylock, Avery     Obit
Blaylock, James M.     Obit
Blaylock, Lucie Sadie (AH-KOU-POU-AQUAH)     Obit
Blaylock, Madeline     Obit
Bloomfield, Retta     Obit
Blunt, Margaret     Obit
Blunt, Mrs. R. F.       Obit
Blunt, Rheuben     Obit
Bodine, James (murder victim)       Article 1        Article 2
Bond, Jack         Article
Bond, William E.         Obit
Bonner, Albert Elmer     Obit
Bonner, Brooxie Mae     Obit
Boswell, Benjamin Franklin       Obit
Boswell, Lydia A.         Obit
Bottenfield, Gertrude        Obit
Boultinghouse,  Ida W.       Obit
Boultinghouse, Lida Elizabeth       Obit
Bouse, Tilda         Obit
Bowden, Thomas J.         Obit
Bowers, Rev. Louis Chrisman     Obit
Bowman, Benjamin F.        Obit
Box, Carl M.         Obit
Boyd, Opal M.     Obit
Boyd, Percy Everett     Obit
Bradbury, Daphne         Obit
Brandt, Mrs.  (died in Lakeland, Florida)    Obit
Branscum, Bertha     Obit
Branscum, Imogene   Obit
Braxton, Jenieva Maud     Obit
Bray, Mrs. Myrtle     Obit
Breeden, Sterl     Obit
Briggs, Nancy Ann     Obit
Briggs, Stephen         Obit
Brodrick, Ed         Obit
Broderick,  Carroll Franklin     Obit
Broderick, Esther C.     Obit
Broderick, Ila Josephine       Obit
Broderick, Ollie F.     Obit
Brodrick, Isaac J.        Obit
Brookshire, Fred         Obit
Brown, Frank         Obit
Brown, Goldie M.     Obit
Brown, Jack C.         Obit
Brown, L. F.         Obit
Bryant, Angie B.     Obit
Bryant, Edith Fern     Obit
Bryant, John Barry     Obit
Bryant, Ralph         Obit
Bryant, Ralph Eugene     Obit
Bryant, Myrtle Bell     Obit
Buckmaster, Ervin     Obit
Buckmaster, J. S.      Obit
Buckmaster, Robert     Obit
Buckmaster, Yvonne Jane     Obit
Burton, Cloyd H.     Obit
Burton, Delmar     Obit
Burton, Earl     Obit
Burton, Mrs. Leah         Obit
Burton, Norma Christine     Obit
Burton, O. F. (Buzz)     Obit
Burton, V. A.         Obit
Busby, Armintie Elizabeth       Obit
Butcher, James         Obits
Butler, H. H.         Obit
Butler, John         Obit
Buzzard, Dale A.         Obit
Byrd, Kern A.         Obit
Byrd, Leona         Obit


Calkins, Ruth Campbell        Obit
Callahan, Lt. Col. J. J. H.      Obit
Callaham, Willa A.     Obit
Campbell, Ethel         Obit
Campbell, James August      Obit
Campbell, James Orville        Obit
Campbell, Lula         Obit
Cannon, Grover C.     Obit
Cantrell, Harold Eugene     Obit
Captain, Mrs. Frank        Obit
Captain, Mrs. Frank        Obit
Carder, Bobby Joe         Obit
Cardin, John Alexander     Obit
Cardin, Lucille         Obit
Cardin, Thomas J.     Obit
Cargile, Jean         Obit
Carlock, Frank     Article on Death
Carmen, Mrs. Wayne        Obit
Carnahan, Elmer Lee     Obit
Carpenter, Col. T. B.      Obit
Carrigan, Glenn         Obit
Carrigan, Zoie Garrison        Obit
Carter, Richard S.        Obit
Caskey, Clarence E.        Obit
Caskey, Edrie B.         Obit
Casner, Pearl         Obit
Cassell, Sybil     Obit
Casteel, Mrs. Duke      Obit
Casteel, J. W.         Obit
Casteel, James         Obit
Caswell, Bill         Obit
Caswell, Cortland         Obit
Caswell, Lee         Obit
Caswell, Maude     Obit
Caswell, William E.        Obit
Cathcart, Jessie Mae     Obit
Cathcart, Lawrence Edward     Obit
Cavern, Margaret A.        Obit
Cawyer, Mabel         Obit
Chandler, Joe G.      Obit
Chandler, Samuel H.      Obit
Chazell, Opal         Obit
Chitwood, Paul Wilson        Obit
Church, Felix,  State Senator      Obit
Church, James R.         Obit
Church, Raymond         Obit
Church, Ross Charles        Obit
Church, Victor         Obit
Clark, James Calvin     Obit
Clayton, J. R.     Article
Claudes, Leslie         Obit
Clements, Hattie         Obit
Clements, Jasper Newton        Obit
Clevenger, Larry Dean        Obit
Cochran, W. A.         Obit
Cochrane, George C.        Obit
Cole, Infant son of Ralph Cole      Obit
Cole, Ralph F.         Obit
Coleman, Bertha         Obit
Coleman, Roy Franklin        Obit
Collins, Adeline     Obit
Collins, Andrew     Obit
Collins, Rachel Gertrude     Obit
Collins, Sarah Ann     Obit
Collins, Sherman O.      Obit
Combs, Herman Elwood    Obit
Combs, Ruby Elizabeth     Obit
Comstock, Mary Ella        Obit
Conner, Caleb         Obit
Cook, Leota Pansye     Obit
Coonrod, Oran Louis        Obit
Coonrod, Yvonne         Obit
Cooper, Mrs. Cass  (Phebe Luna)     Obit
Corbett, Walter     Obit
Couch, William Stephen        Obit
Courtney, Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Courtney  Obit
Courtney, Mrs. J. L.     Obit
Courtney, John L.     Obit
Courtney, Helena      Obit
Cox, Claude     Obit
Cox, Fred Herman     Obit
Cox, Joe M.         Obit
Cox, Marie         Obit
Cox, Orville         Obit
Cox, Rosie     Obit
Cox, Willie Isaac     Obit
Cox, William M.      Obit
Crabtree, Anna     Obit
Crabtree, Ben         Obit
Crabtree, George Washington     Obit
Craft, Jesse J.     Obit
Craig, Huber Harry        Obit
Crawford, Aaron A.     Obit
Crawford, Sarah Jane     Obit
Creason, Martha         Obit
Crockett, Elizabeth        Newspaper Article on Sisters        Obit
Crockett, Eugene "Gene"     Obit
Crockett, Francis     Obit
Crockett, Minnie E.        Obit
Crockett, Samuel C.      Obit
Crockett, Vaughn T.     Obit
Crockett, Victor O.     Obit
Crockett, Wayne David     Obit
Crossland, Albert Wesley     Obit
Crouch, Clarence (Boney) Babe       ObitObit
Crouch, Herschel     ObitObit
Crow, Katie Harrison        Obit
Crownover, Daisy         Obit
Crownover, Matt         Obit
Cullison, Arthur         Article
Culver, C. C.      Obit
Culver, Elizabeth     Obit 1      Obit 2
Cunningham, William        Obit
Cunningham, William        Obit
Curlee, John     Obit
Curlee, Sarah Malinda     Obit
Curtian, Dorothy (Sullivan)     Obit
Curtion, Infant         Obit
Curtion, Loyd Tom         Obit
Curtion, Wilford         Obit


Dady, Walter         Obit
Darbin, Mrs. D. A.     Brief article reflecting death
Dardenne, Felix         Obit
Davis, Esther Ruth        Obit
Davis, Jack         ObitNews Article
Davis, James (son of James Franklin Davis)    Obit
Davis, James Franklin     Obit
Davis, John Wesley     Obit
Davis, Martha Louisa     Obit
Dawson, Francis Marion     Obit
Dawson, Franka Almara Jones       Obit
Dawson, Grace     Obit
Dawson, Hugh     Obit
Dawson, Jay     Obit
Dawson, Kate     Obit
Dawson, Lula E.      Obit
Dawson, Ray     Obit
Dean, Emma May         Obit
Detherage, Boyzie Blue     Obit
Detherage, Otto     Obit
Dial, Jean W.         Obit
Dinsmore, Dennis Bernard     Obit
Dinsmore, Dr. Gerald C.      Obit
Dinsmore, Myrtle A.     Obit
Dinsmore, Nellie Marie     Obit
Ditmore, Mildred Maude     Obit
Dixon, James         Obit 1           Obit 2
Doan, Harry R.      Obit
Doan, Josephine Ione (Kelly)     Obit
Dooley, Deborah M.     Picture
Dooley, Loretta         Obit
Dooley, Nick         Obit
Doran, Charles         Obit
Doty, Samuel A.         Obit
Douglas, James C.     Obit
Dowler, Walter Isaac        Obit
Downing, D. L.      Obit
Downing, Mary      Obit
Downs, Clara Florence     Obit
Downs, Jacob "Jake"     Obit
Dudley, Lorene F.     Obit
Duffee, Hubert         Obit
Dunaway, Laurence O.        Article 1         Article 2
Duncan, Fred R.      Obit
Duncan, Mable     Obit
Durnil, Roy J.         Obit
Durnil, Thomas     Obit
Dwyer, L. C.      Obit


Eddings, Carl Ray         Obit
Edwards, Minnie Alta     Obit
Elam, Frank         Obit
Elam, Mrs. Lindie         Obit
Elder, Fred      Obit
Elder, Louisa     Obit
Elder, W. J.      Obit
Elkins, Cecil     Obit
Ellenbarger, Lula     Obit
Ellenbarger, Newton     Obit
Ellis, Esther M.     Obit
Ellis, Guy      Obit
Ellis, Henry R.      Obit
Ellis, Pearl May     Obit
Ellison, Bobby     Obit
Ellison, Buddy Melvin     Obit
Ellison, Charles     Obit
Ellison, Charles Gridley     Obit
Ellison, Frank     Obit
Ellison, Goldie     Obit
Ellison, Leonard McKinley     Obit/AccidentObit/Accident 2
Ellison, Mrs. Leonard     Obit
Ellison, Stella     Obit 1         Obit 2
Ellison, Vernie W.        Obit
England, Bessie O.     Obit 1      Obit 2
England, Grover C.     Obit
Estes, Jack     Obit
Estes, Sarah     Obit
Evans, Forrest R.     Obit
Evans, John     Obit
Evans, Lizzie     Obit
Evans, William H.     Obit


Fahnstock, Clayton George       Obit
Fahnstock, Nancy Leona        Obit
Fahnestock, Rodney     Obit
Feagan, Everett Calvin`     Obit
Finke, Richard J.         Obit
Fink, Clara         Obit
Fink, E. D.         Obit
Finke, Richard J.         ObitObit
Finke, Richard M.         Obit
Fleming, Delmar "Frosty"     Obit
Fleming, William Arthur     Obit
Fletcher, Clara     News Article
Flowers, Charles         Obit
Flowers, Della         Obit
Floyd, Ida A. (Mrs. Milton R.)     Obit
Gloyd, Milton Ross     Obit
Forcum,  Kenneth     Obit
Forcum, Rosie Ellen     Obit
Forcum, Wilbert A. (Bert)     Obit
Foster, Belle         Obit
Foster, C. W.         Obit
Foster, Herbert         Obit
Fountain, Claude     Obit
Fountain, James     Obit
Fountain, Kate     Obit
Fountain, Mary M.     Obit
Francisco, Albert H.        Obit
Francisco, Rosa         Obit
Franklin, Matheldia E.     Obit
Fry, Clara         Obit
Fultner, Frank     Obit


Galloway, Genevieva C.        Obit
Garber, Cella G.      Obit
Garber, Flora E.      Obit
Garber, Lee     Obit
Garber, Quincy     Obit
Garber, Robert Lee     Obit
Garner, James         Obit
Garner, Louis     Obit
Garner, Minnie Bell     Obit
Garrett, Ellen     Obit
Garrett, Floyd M.      Obit
Garrett, Patrick     Obit
Garrison, James T.        Obit
Gass, Mordecai     Obit
Gass, Rose Lucille     Obit
Geouge, Evert Newton        Obit
Geouge, Laura Magdalene        Obit
George, Mildred F.      Obit
Gibson, Thomas McGuire        Obit
Gilbert, Don C.         Obit
Gilbert, Don C. Jr.        Obit
Gilbert, James         Obit
Gilbert, Mary C.         Obit
Gingrich, Ola L.         Obit
Goade, Robert L.     Obit
Gokey, Fannie         Obit
Gokey, Jim         Obit
Goodeagle, Grandma   Wah-tah-noh-zhe    Obit
Goodeagle, Grandma  Mis-Kah-get-tah     Obit
Gordon, Oscar     Obit
Gough, Ed         Obit
Gough, Roxie         Obit
Gower, Herman      ObitObit 2
Graham, Lester J.         Obit
Greenback, Alphonse     Obit
Greenback, Mageline     Obit
Greenlee, E. G.      Obit
Greenlee, Gilbert     Obit
Gregory, Harvey         Obit
Griffin, Alfred William "Hal"     Obit
Griffin, Charles H.        Obit
Griffin, Earl A.      Obit
Griffin, Effie         Obit
Griffin, Grant         Obit
Griffin, Pearl C.     Obit
Griffin, CHIEF William Victor       ObitObit
Grant, Jessie Geneva (Himebaugh)      ObitFuneral Home Notes
Gullett, Martha Ellen        Obit


Haddock, James L.     Obit
Hale, Frank H.     Obit
Hale, Mary Margaret        Obit
Haley, Lutisha     Obit
Haley, W. J.      Obit
Halfbreed, Randolph     Obit
Hall, Andrew Isaac     Obit
Hammers, Mary         Obit
Hampton, Andy         Obit
Hampton, Andy W.      Obit
Hanna, Alpha N. "Granny" Botts     Obit
Hanna, Esther         Obit
Hanna, George William     Obit
Hanna, James D.     Obit
Hanna, John Mark      Obit
Hanna, Mona Mae     Obit
Hanna, Sterling P.     Obit
Harbison, Beulah     Obit
Hargrove, Clyde C.      Obit
Hargrove, Cpl. Denton     Obit
Hargrove, Eva     Obit
Hargrove, Gladys L.     Obit
Hargrove, Permelia     Obit
Hargrove, T. L.     Obit
Hargrove, W. M. (Mack)     Obit
Harmon, Elmer E.         Obit
Harp, Grant         ObitObit
Harrell, Arra Ellen        Obit
Harris, Bill F         Obit
Harris, J. W.         Obit
Harrison, John L.         Obit
Harrison, Thomas         Obit
Hart, Alva Retta         Obit
Hart, Harvey A.         Obit
Hart, Henry Ashlee, Sr.        Obit
Hart, Kenneth Leroy        Obit
Harvey, Minnie Ann        Obit
Hassell, Bennie J.        Obit
Hassell, Hattie R.        Obit
Hastings, George         Obit
Hatfield, Bonnie     Obit
Hatfield, Walter Jasper     Obit
Hayden, William Thomas     Obit
Hayes, Josephine         Obit
Hayes, Rena May Ford        Obit 1     Obit 2
Hayes, Wilbur         Obit
Haynes, Joseph Brawn        Obit
Hearod, Mable Lee     Obit
Hearod, Ray     Obit
Hensley, Irene Knox     Obit
Herd, Charley Marion     Obit
Hicks, Earl          Obit
Hicks, William         Obit
Higgins, Beverly Manns     Obit
Higgins, Burnett         Obit
Higgins, Henry Ford      d. May 22, 1945 Obit
Highley, Ottis Evin        Obit
Hildebrand, Mary Ruth        Obit
Hildebrand, Sarah Frances       Obit
Hildebrand, Wallace S.        Obit
Hill, Carrie Louise     Obit
Hillen, W. B.      Obit
Hinebaugh, Lewis Ransom  (listed GAR as Hannebaugh)  ObitFuneral Home Notes
Hobbs, William F.     Obit
Hobbs, William Nathan     Obit
Hodges, James Bernard     Obit
Hogan, George         Obit
Holt, Dillard         Obit
Holt, Enomia L.         Obit
Hooper Jr., Bobby     Obit
Hooper, Charles Emmett     Obit
Hooper, Ervin Robert     Obit
Hooper, Gregory Thomas     Obit
Hooper, Isaac Francis     Obit
Hooper, Timothy Wayne     Obit
Hopper, Dallas     Obit
Hopper, John     Obit
Hopper, Richard L.        Obit
Hopper, Ruby     Obit
Horn, Charles Gideon     Obit
Horner, Bertram "Butch"     Article
Horner, Dallas L.         Obit
Horner, Junior Dallas     Obit
Horner,  Marie (wife of Lewis)     Obit
Horton, Josephine Dorothy      Obit
Horton, Oscar Bush     Obit
Horton, Oscar Leroy      Obit
Houser, Joe     Obit
Houser, Joe S.     Obit
Houston, Mrs. F. S.        Obit
Howard, Elmer         Obit
Howard, Ruth     Obit
Howard, Thomas H.      Obit
Howell, Thomas Henry        Obit
Hufft, Estell     Obit
Hufft, Thomas     Obit
Hunter, Lila Maxine     ObitObit
Hurst, Rose     Obit


Ice, Gary Clinton, Jr.      Obit
Ice, James C.     Obit
Inglis, Missouri     ObitObit
Ireland, Ray E.         Obit
Irwin, Frank     Obit


Jackson, Charles F.        Obit
James, John H.     Obit
James, Morton F.     Obit
James, William W.         Obit
Jameson, Ruel S.         Obit
Jamison, William         Obit
Jenkins, Walter M.     Obit
Johnson, Betty Lou     Obit
Johnson, Clayton William       Obit
Johnson, Harry C.         Obit
Johnson, Mary May Wasson       Obit
Johnson, Nettie         Obit
Johnson, Richard Nelson     Article
Johnson, Rothburn         Obit
Johnson, Sarah E.         Obit
Jones, Cora Belle         Obit
Jones, Earl C.      Obit
Jones, Elbert C.         Obit
Jones, Frank         Obit Read about the Accident
Jones, J. Nadine         Obit
Jones, Julia K.      Obit
Jones, Lizzie         ObitObit 2
Jones, Mattie         Obit
Jones, R. H. (Bob)        Obit
Jones, Sarah J.     Obit
Jones, William A. (Jess)       Obit
Jones, W. C.         Obit
Jordan, Louis     Obit
Joslyn, Columbus (Lum)        Obit 1     Funeral Home Record
Judd, Jennifer     ObitMurdered (1)    Murdered (2)


Kahler, Ethel Mae     Obit
Keadle, Bessie         Obit         Bad copy, but hope something can be read from it.
Keaton, A. J.     Obit/AccidentObit/Accident 2
Keith, Mrs. H. E.         Obit
Keller, Jobe     Obit
Kelly, Eliza J.      Obit
Kelly, Frank     Obit
Kelly, Frankie Mae        Obit
Kelly, Fred         Obit
Kelly, Harry F.     Obit
Kelly, Joseph R.     Obit
Kelly, Mary M.     Obit
Kelly, Thomas L.         Obit
Kelly, Sadie Virginia     Obit
Kemp, Allie          Obit
Kemp, Martin         Obit
Kennedy, Elizabeth Ann      Obit
Kennedy, Franklin P.     Obit
Killion, Ruth         Obit
Kinslow, Frank         Obit
Kirk, Carolyn Sue  b. 8-9-1944   d. 8-10-1944 Obit
Kirk, D. C.          Obit
Kirk, Louvinia         Obit
King, Myrtle Louise        Obit
Kirk, Louis M.         Obit
Klinefelter, Harry Mort     Obit
Klinefelter, J. H.      Obit
Klinefelter, Laura M.      Obit
Knox, Clyde Jr.     Obit
Knox, Howard T.      Obit
Knox, James T.     Obit
Knox, Louise     Obit
Knox, Pearl M.      Obit
Koger, Lucille E. Johnson       Obit
Krokroskia, Edwin     Obit
Krokroskia, William Fritz     Obit
Kropp, Beatrice Laura     Obit
Kropp, Catherine     Obit
Kropp, Robert D.      Obit
Kropp, Robert Howard     Obit
Kropp, Roland     Obit
Kropp, Vernon P.     Obit
Kulper, Marjorie A.      Obit 1      Obit 2
Kvidera, Edward William        Obit


Lacy, D. F. (Dud)     Obit
Ladd, Joseph B. Ladd     Obit
Lady, Charles         Obit
Lady G.W. 34, died Nov. 27- 1914 Bur. G.A.R. cemetery Miami.
Lady, James E.         Obit
Lady, Jim  (Infant son of M. and M.  Charles Lady  Obit
Lady, Pearl          Obit
LaFalier, Homer         Obit
Laird, Erma (Mrs. Elmer)     Obit
Laird, Ralph Maxey     Obit
Lamb, Mabel Cornelia     Obit
Lanyon, Mary         Obit
Large, Jesse C.     Obit
Large, Paul R.     Obit
Larue Infant     Obit
Lasiter, Andrew Monie     Obit
Lasiter, Carl         Obit
Lasiter, Opal Marie      Opal
Lasiter, Sylvia         Obit
Lathrom, Ruth         Obit
Lawrence, Annie May     Obit
Lawrence, Eulys     Obit
Lawson, James     Obit
Lawver, Martha "Granny"     Obit
Leggett, Viola     Obit
Lovelass, Charles Jr.        Obit1Obit 2
Layton, Charles         Obit
Layton, Lela         Obit
Leach, Noble         Obit
Leach, Robert         Obit
Lear, Samantha Jean        Obit
Lee, Thomas Edward        Obit
Lee, Thomas P.         Obit
Level, Albert Edwin (Shorty)       Obit
Lewis, Carrie     Obit
Lewis, Cora B. "Toots"        Obit
Lewis, James (Jack) Howard     Obit
Lindsey, Albert         Obit
Linton, Cora     Obit
Linton, Rev. John C.     Obit
Linton, Leota     Obit
Linton, Tom Porter     Obit
Liske, Richard         Obit
Lofland, Bessie         Obit
Lofland, Caroline     Obit
Long, Mrs. Akey         Obit
Long, "Fiddling Sam"  (died in Wichita, Kansas)   Obit
Long, John Franklin        Obit
Long, Robert R.         Obit
Longenbaugh, Ruby         Obit
Looney, Edward     Obit
Looney, Maggie C.     Obit
Low, Mollie     Obit
Lowe, Hobson George (Red)     Obit
Lowry, Jake          Obit
Luther, Martin V.      Obit
Lykins, Harry C.         Obit


McCammon, Hayden     Obit
McCammon, Mattie Martha     Obit
McCauley, Lizzie     Obit
McClellan, Etta Bell     Obit
McConnell, Jimmy D.        Obit
McCoy, Alivia         Obit
McCoy, Charlie L.         Obit
McCoy, Earl Eugene        Obit 1        Obit 2
McCoy, Eldon     Obit
McCoy, George H.     Obit
McCoy, Henry Edward        Obit
McCoy, James         Obit
McCoy, Jesse     Obit
McCoy, Mable     Obit
McCoy, Pearl Lucille        Obit
McCoy, Robert     Obit
McCoy, Sarah         Obit
McCoy, Thomas C.     Obit
McCray, Bernice         Obit
McCray, Frank N.         Obit
McCullough, Billy Eugene     Obit
McCullough, John Robert        Obit
McCullough, Joseph Benjamin       Obit
McCullough, Patricia D.     Obit
McCurdy, Almeda     Obit
McCurdy, Mrs. W. A.      Obit
McDonald, Charles S.     Obit
McDonald, Roxie     Obit
McKinney, Jack      Accidental Drowning
McMinn, Mry Belle     Obit
McQuitty, Mrs. J. R.      Obit
McQuitty, Patricia Anne     Obit
McQuitty, Ralph F.        Obit
McWethy, Opal Cathcart     Obit
McWethy, Roy     Obit
Maddox, D. B.         Obit
Maddox, Mrs. D. B.        Obit
Marlow, Richard     Obit
Mathis, Charley     Obit
Martin, Clara Mae     Obit
Martin, Fannie         Obit
Martin George died , 1929  G.A.R. cemetery Miami.
Martin Mrs. Lucy (nee Lady) died May 4- 1924 G.A.R. cemetery Miami.
Martin, Opal         Obit
Martin, Sarah         Obit
Martin, Sarah Jane        Obit
Martin, Walter         Obit
Malone, George F.         Obit
Mauldin, Mrs. Christina A.     Obit
Mauldin, Cora Miley     Obit
Mauldin, Cora     Obit
Mauldin, Eldo     Obit
Mauldin, Mrs. H. M.     Obit
Mauldin, Oscar Newton      Obit
Mauldin, Paul P.     Obit
Mathis, Archa     Obit
Mathis, Robert Lee        Obit
Mathis, W. J. (Hi)       ObitObit
Mauldin, Cora Miley     Obit
Mauldin, Oscar Newton     Obit
Maxwell, Reese         Obit
Mayfield, William M.     Obit
Maynard, John         Obit
Merrell, William M.     Obit
Merrell, Mrs. William M.     Obit
Miller, Andrew J.         Obit
Miller, Anna Mae         Obit
Miller, Howard     Obit
Miller, Irene Sophia     Obit
Miller, John W.         Obit
Miller, Martha         Obit
Miller, Melvin Eugene        Obit
Miller, Ray         Obit
Miller, Virgie Delmer     Obit
Miller, William         Obit
Mills, Dora         Obit
Mills, Flaminon         Obit
Mills, Cynthia A. (Mrs. Robert)      Obit
Mills, Rev. Robert      Obit
Mitchell, A. A.     Obit
Mitchell, Agnes         Obit
Mitchell, Alma         Obit
Mitchell, Alva     Obit
Mitchell, Louis D.        Obit
Mitchell, Maude         Obit
Mitchell, William Donald     Obit
Mobley, Joseph C. (Chess)       Obit
Montgomery, J. S.         Obit
Montgomery, Virginia        Obit
Moore, Barbara Jean        Obit
Moore, Rev. Clayton      Obit
Moore, E. C.         Obit
Moore, Howard Ettis        Obit
Moore, Jessie E.         Obit
Moore, John L.         Obit
Moore, Mary         Obit
Moore, Nancy     Obit
Morean, Agnes         Obit
Morgan, Frank         Obit
Morris, Annie     Obit
Morris,  Fred W.     Obit
Morris, Lewis     Obit
Morris, Ora L.         Obit
Morris, Ora "Pete"      Obit 1          Obit 2
Morrison, Dorothy     Obit
Morrison, Guy D.     Obit
Morrison, Roy F.     Obit
Morton, J. W.         Obit
Morton, Nancy Ellen        ObitObit
Mossman, Lydia     Obit
Mounce, Charles     Obit
Moy, Sharon Lee     Obit
Murdock, Blanche         Obit
Murphy, Thelma      Obit
Myers, Alfred S.         ObitObit
Myers, James (Glenn)     Obit
Myers, Patsy Ruth     Obit
Myers, Virginia Pauline     Obit


Needels, Frank T.     Obit
Needels, Ray         Obit
Needels, Ronald Leroy     Obit
Neely, Benjamin Robert      Obit
Neely, Diana Gail      Obit
Neely, James W.         Obit
Neely, Joseph         Obit
Neely, Mary M.         Obit
Neely, William O.      Obit
Neely, William R., Sr.        Obit
Neff, D. W.          Obit
Neff, Ella          Obit
Neff, Sadie L.         Obit
New, Cora     Obit
New, Josephine     Obit
New, William Edward     Obit
Newlon, Harold E.      Obit
Nieberding, Velma     Obit
Newcomb, Evan E. (Blondie)       Obit
Newman, Harold     Obit
Nicholson, R. S.         Obit
Nodine, Oda John     Obit
Norman, "Red" Albert     Obit
Nuckols, Louisa Jane     Obit
Nutt, Albert Lee         Obit
Nutt, D. C.          Obit
Nutt, Sarah         Obit


Oakley, Elmer L.     Obit
Oakley, Mrs. Jessie Allen     Obit
Oakley, Jonathan Henry     Obit
O'Bannon, May     Obit
O'Bannon, W. S.         Obit
O'Dell, Almeda         Obit
Ogden, Clarence E.        Obit
Ogden, Ruby Nell         Obit
Ogden, Stanley,      Obit
Ogden, W. Earl         Obit
Olds, Adrian         Obit
Oliphant, Mamie L.        Obit
Orewyler, Hezekiah     Obit
Osborn, Sarah Anna        Obit
Overley, Sam M.      Obit
Overley, Mrs. Sarah     Obits
Owens, Amanda         Obit
Owens, Charles M.         Obit
Owens, Eli W.         Obit
Owens, Sgt. Fred         Obit
Owens, Olen F.         Obit
Owens, William         Obit
Owens, William O.      Obit
Oyler, Kenneth George      ObitObit


Painter, Elizabeth     Obit
Painter, Laverna     Obit
Painter, Matthew A.      Obit
Painter, W. W.      Obit 1      Obit
Park, Ora Elmer     Obit
Parker, George E.     Obit
Parker, Mable Lavina     Obit
Parker, Trent Nelson        Obit
Parman, Donald Eugene  (Infant)     Obit
Patrick, Rev. Luke Abraham     Obit
Pattison, PFC Virgil O.        Obit
Payton, Charles Windsor        Obit 1           Obit 2
Payton, George Floyd        Obit
Payton, Mabel Roxie        Obit
Payton, P. W.  (Pete)       ObitRead the Story
Pendleton, Mrs. Susie     Obit
Pence, Charles         Obit
Penrod, Elbert Everett     Obit
Perry, Lucille     Obit
Phelps, Mamie         Obit 1      Obit 2
Phelps, Mariah         Obit 1     Obit 2
Phelps, William     Article on death
Phillips, Montez         Obit
Piatt, James B.         ObitObit
Piatt, Leslie     Obit
Picher, Oliver S.     Obit
Pickler, M. D. (Mose)     Obit
Ping, B. F.         Obit
Pinkerton, Myrtle Dean        Obit
Pinnell, Dr. G.         Obit
Pitts, Bessie         Obit
Platner, Lee Delmar     Obit
Platner, Pauline O'Brien Klinefelter     Obit
Plott, Glen Anthony "Tony"     Obit
Pool, James Franklin     Obit
Pooler, Chief Manford      Obit
Powers, Margaret Anna     Obit
Price, James R.         Obit
Prunkard, Rebecca     Obit
Prunkard, Walter C.     Obit
Pryor, Belva Lucinda     Obit 1      Obit 2
Pryor, Howard  Wayne       Obit
Pryor, Jeanette W.        Obit
Pryor, Willard A.         Obit
Pryor, William E.     Obit
Pulley, Nora     Obit
Purcell, Mary Elizabeth     Obit
Pyle, Essie          Obit


Quapaw, CHIEF Benjamin        Obit
Quigley, William G.     Obit


Rakes, John W.      Obit
Ramsey, Charles F.        Obit
Randles, Lillie Mae     Obit
Rapp, Dr. Terry D.        Obit
Raynor, Eugene Lee        Obit
Rayon, W. M.         Obit
Redd, Alvah P.         Obit
Redden, Burr Franklin     Obit
Redden, Julia Annettie     Obit
Reed, Mrs. D. W.         Obit
Reynolds, Sammy Lee        Obit
Rhodes, John P.      Obit
Richardson, William J.     Obit
Riley, Rev. J. T.      Obit
Riley, Ruby I.     Obit
Roach, C. C.         Obit
Robbins, Alfred Earl      Obit
Robbins, James Earl        Obit
Robbins, Zona         Obit
Roberts, Juanita Mae        Obit
Robinson, James F.        Obit Pt. 1         Obit Pt. 2
Robinson, Zed         Obit
Robitaille, Earnest        Obit
Robitaille, Fannie (Mrs. Charles)     Obit
Robitaille, Homer         Obit
Robitaille, James Francis (Frank)      Obit
Robitaille, James Robert       Obit
Robitaille, Lena         Obit
Robitaille, Wolfred        Obit
Rollet, Thelma Ellen        Obit
Rollet, Thomas Walter        Obit
Rose, Alice`     Obit
Rose, H. L.          Obit
Rose, Walter     Obit
Russell, J. W.     Obit
Ryan, John Thomas     Obit


Safford, Charley         Obit
Sanders, Grace Elsie     Obit
Sanders, Robert Fayton     Obit
Sapp, Imogene Dawson        Obit
Saylor, Elvin Howard     Obit
Saylor, Mary E.     Obit
Schlosser, Bert S.     Obit
Schlosser, Callie M.     Obit
Scott, John W.      Obit
Scott, Nancy L.         Obit
Scott, Nina     Obit
Scott, Robert W.     Obit
Scott, J. Theodore        Obit
Seamster, Alvin A.     Obit
Seamster, Cora May     Obit
Seamster, M. L.     Obit
Seamster, Marion N.     Obit
Seaton, Robert George        Obit
Schiffbauer, Mrs. Anna        Obit
Schiffbauer, Roy R.        Obit
Shackelford, Robert D.        Obit
Sharp, Delores Mae        Obit
Sharp, John E.     Obit
Sharp, Susie         Obit
Shaver, Roy Eugene     Obit
Shelton, Maggie May     ObitObit  (No. 2)
Shepard, William A.      Obit
Shepherd, Cynthia Jane     Obit
Shepherd, William A.     Obit
Sherwood, Goldie         Obit
Shockey, Harriett F.        Obit
Shockey, Willis A.     Obit
Shockley, William     Obit
Shoemaker, Jesse G.     Obit
Sigmon, Sarah     Obit
Sintena, Eva M.         Obit
Sintena, Phillip A.      Obit
Skye, Emmett Leonard     Obit
Slack, Pearl     Obit
Slagle, Anna         Obit
Slagle, R. J. (Buck)        Obit
Slater, Henry C.     Obit
Smallwood, Rachel V.        Obit
Smallwood, Viola         Obit
Smiley, Dwayne A.         Obit
Smith, Annabell         Obit
Smith, Clarence     Obit
Smith, James C.         ObitPicture
Smith, James H.         Obit
Smith, John          Obit
Smith, Joseph      Obit
Smith, (Mrs.) Joseph      Obit
Smith, Mattie Pearl (McKibben)     Obit
Smith, Judge Richard W.        Obit
Smith, Ora     Obit
Smith, William Franklin        Obit
Smithson, Fleming F.        Obit
Smithson, Lillie B.        Obit
Snowden, Clarence         Obit
Southworth, Dora     Obit
Southworth, Johnny L.      Obit
Southworth, Kathryn  E.    Obit
Southworth, Paul Edward     Obit
Southworth, Sarah Ann.        ObitObit
Southworth, R. M.     Obit
Spencer, Emma         Obit
Spencer, George L.        Obit
Spencer, Jr., Thomas        Obit
Stamper, James Harry        Obit
Stanfield, Thomas I.     Obit
Staton, Casius M.     Obit
Staton, Charles      Obit
Staton, Frank     Obit
Staton, L. Earle      Obit
Staton, L. W.     Obit
Staton/Station, Newton Oliver (Tom)     Obit
Staton, Randolph (Rany)      Obit
Staton, Sarah C.     Obit
Staton, Traverse (Bo)     Obit
Steele, Hazel Sherwin     Obit
Steele, James     Obit        Read article on James Steele in the Lawmen section.
Steele, Martha E.     Obit
Steele, Virginia     Obit
Stevens, Donald Dean "Jack"     Obit
Stevens, Elmer     Obit
Stevens, Faye D.         Obit
Stevens, Hugh Ivy     Obit
Stevens, Ida (wife of W. A.)     Obit
Stevens, Myrtle Letha     Obits
Stilley, Georgia May     Obit
Stilley, Rufus     Obit
Stilley, Rufus DeWayne (Infant)     Obit
Stoddard, Josephine        Obit
Stoeckel, Anna     Obit
Stoeckel, Edmond Edward Adolph      Obit
Stohr, Mrs. Frank     Obit
Stone, Albert William        Obit
Stone, Bertha Jane        Obit
Stoner, Ed          Obit
Stoner, Bert Jr.         Obit
Stoops, Kirsey B.     Obit
Story, Marion     Obit
Story, Minerva (Mrs. O.M.)     Obit
Story, O. M. "Bert"        Obit
Stoval, Mary         Obit
Strickland, Albert        Obit
Striplin, Esther Ann     Obit
Striplin, Joseph     Obit
Striplin, Thomas E.     Obit
Striplin, William T.     Obit
Suman, Alonza Roy     Obit
Suman, George E.         Obit
Swafford, Minnie Ellis        Obit
Swanson, A. P.         Obit
Swanson, Bessie C.        Obit


Tade, Ellen Flountine     Obit
Tade, Sally B.     Obit
Tade, William David     Obit
Talbot, D. W.      Obit
Taylor, Bill         Obit
Taylor, Jim          ObitObit
Taylor, Wilgus Herman     Obit
Testerman, I. W.      Obit
Testerman, Karra     Obit
Thompson, Sylvester Melvin     Obit
Tittle, James M.     Obit
Tittle, Martha     Obit
Tittle, Mildred     Obit
Tittle, Otis     Obit
Tittle, Mrs. R. W.     Obit
Tittle, Robert W.     Obit
Thomas, James Homer     Obit
Thomas, Maude J.      Obit
Thomas, Jesse Clinton     Obit
Thomas, Mary J.     Obit
Thomas, Theodosia     Obit
Thomas, William Jess     Obit
Thompson, Albert         Obit
Thompson, Frank         Obit
Thompson, Harvey         Obit
Thompson, John Thomas        ObitObit 2
Thompson, Mrs. Susie        Obit
Thurman, Jasper M.        Obit
Tillerson, Earl J.        Obit
Tillerman, Harry         Obit
Tipton, Cecil William     Obit
Totten, Mildred     Obit
Towne, A. C.      Obit
Towne, Mrs. A. C.      Obit
Trask, Earnest R.      Obit
Trask, Mack L.      Obit
Trask, Mae     Obit
Trask, N. B. (Bony)      Obit
Trask, Ruth Ann     Obit
Truman, Henry     Obit
Trusty, Elmer W.     Obit
Tucker, Mary Maude     Obit
Tunnell, Frank H.      Obit
Tunnell, I. B.      Obit
Tunnell, Mrs. I. B.     Obit
Tunnell, J. B.      Obit
Tunnell, James Carl      Obit
Turner, A. W.         Obit
Turner, Earl         Obit
Turner, Elmer "Doc"     Obit
Turner, Fern Opal     Obit
Turner, (Cpl.) Harley H.     Obit
Turner, Kermit V., Sr.     Obit
Turner, Lea Leora     Obit
Turner, Ruth     Obit
Turner, Ruth         Obit
Turner, S. A. "Uncle Al"     Obit
Turner, William M.     Obit
Turner, Wynona     Obit
Tyler, Bert         Obit
Tyler, Cora         Obit


Ullom, Vinnie Edith     Obit
Ussery, Frank     Obit
Ussery, Martha Caroline (Mrs. A. L.)    Obit
Utter, David Alonzo        Obit


Valley, Joseph H.         Obit
Valley, Mrs. Mae         Obit
Vanderpool, Minnie Frances Obit
Vanderpool, Roy         Obit
Vanderpool, Sidney Eugene     Obit
Van Gundy, George     Obit
Vaughn, Clara     Obit
Vaughn, James     Obit
Verner, E. R.      Obit
Victor, Glen         Obit
Victor, R. D.         Obit
Voiles, Lynn         Obit


Wagner, Cornelius     Obit
Wagner, Elizabeth     Obit 1      Obit 2
Waldron, L. S.  (Whitt)       Obit
Waldron, Mayme         Obit
Walker, Lena     Obit
Walkenshaw, Cloyse Eileen     Obit
Walkenshaw, Earl Henry (Dutch)     Obit
Walkenshaw, Robert A.     Obit
Walker, Paul Veldon      Obit
Walker, Percy Ladd     Obit
Walker, Sid     Obit
Wall, Nellie     Obit
Wallace, A. C.         Obit
Wallace, Francis     Obit
Wallace, Frank     Obit
Wallen, Edward     Obit
Wallen, Jack L.      Obit
Wallen, Minta     Obit
Wallen, Shade     Obit
Waller, Ruth Virginia     Obit
Walters, Gilbert "Gib" son of Wilber & Flora Cullen Walters Obit
Warren, Charles     Obit
Warren, David M.      Obit
Warren, Fred         Obit
Warrington, Ottomer Oliver       Obit
Watson, James         Obit
Watson, Mary         Obit
Webb, Albert         Obit
Webb, Benjamin F.         Obit
Webb, Bryan J.         Obit
Webb, Crawford         Obit
Webb, Orin V.         Obit
Webb, Sarah Isabell        Obit
Webber, Mrs. James     Obit
Weddington, Claude     Obit
Weeks, Mae         Obit
Weeks, Oscar W.         Obit
Weiman, Carl Henry       Obit
Weir, Anna         Obit
Weir, Breck          Obit
Weir, Charles         Obit
Weir, Mary         Obit
Weir, Ralph     Obit
Welch, Warren     Obit
Wells, Cleo Lafate     Obit
Wells, Edward Lloyd      Obit
Wells, Lon         Obit
Wells, Jane Ann         Obit
West, Rose Pearl      Obit
Weston, Cary Jay     Obit
Weston, Jay L.         Obit
Weston, Mary Elizabeth     Obit
Weston,  Mrs. Ollie Bertha     Link
Wheeler, Edwin     Obit
Wheeler, John Henry        Obit
Whipkey, A. B.     Obit
Whipkey, A. L.      Obit
Whisman, R. W.         Obit
White, Hooley C.         Obit`
White, Nancy         Obit
White, Richard     Obit
Whitebird, Ruth     Obit
Whittington, G. L.        Obit
Widby, Edward  Leroy     Obit
Wilbur, A. L.     Obit
Wiles, Betty Elizabeth     Obit 1          Obit 2
Wiles, James A.      Picture
Wiles, William S.      Obit
Wiles, William Simpson      Obit
Wiley, George         Obit
Williams, Alfred E.     Obit
Williams, Lee Owen        Obit
Williams, Simon P. "Jack"       Obit 1          Obit
Williams, Wallace     Article
Wilson, Martha (Mrs. W. H.)     Obit
Wilson, Martin         Obit
Wilson, Mrs. Pearl     Obit
Wilson, Mrs. Pearl Etta      Obit
Wilson, William Henry (W. H.)      Obit
Wisdom, Arthur E.         Obit
Witte, Don Leroy     Obit
Witte, Elma     Obit
Witte, Ina Gladys      Obit
Witte, John C. A.      Obit
Witte, Robert Henry     Obit
Witte, Ruth         Obit
Witte, Thelma     Obit
Wolfe, Pfc David Lee     Obit
Wolfe, Martha         Obit
Wolfe, Sam (brother to Nate)     Obit
Wolfe, Samuel A. (age 73)       Obit Obit
Wolfenbarger, Eva Marie     Obit
Wolfenbarger, Homer     Obit
Wood, Joseph L.         Obit
Woods, Bryan         Obit
Woods, Loney Elmer     Obit
Woods, Peggy Sue         Obit
Woolever, A. G.         Obit
Woolever, Dulcie         Obit
Woolman, Irene         Obit
Workman, Frank Howard        Obit
Workman, Infant         Obit
Workman, I. N.  (Isaac Newton)  appeared as J. N.  Obit
Workman, Jeanette         Obit
Workman, Liza Ellen        Obit
Workman, Samuel H.        Obit
Worley, Larry Mason        Obit
Wright, E. F.      Obit
 Wright, James E.
Wynashe, Lucy         Obit
Wyrick, Ova P.     Obit


Xavier, James         Obit


Yoakum, Julia         Obit
Young, J. D.         Obit
Young, Mary A.         Obit
Young, Mary Elizabeth     Obit
Young, Thompson         Obit


Ziler, L. B.      Obit
Zilar, Martha Mildred     Obit
Ziler, Ruby      Obit 1      Obit 2
Ziler, Will N.     Obit
Zoblotsky, Isadore        Obit
Zook, Jesse A.         Obit