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Thomas ROSE married Elizabeth BARTLET on April 13,1806 by Special Licence, at St. Phillip's Church, Sydney. Elizabeth died on 1.11.1826 aged 40 years. Children;-

012 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Australian born generation

Thomas and Elizabeth Rose [nee'Bartlett]. Descendants - Christine Thomas


I 1. KEZIAH J. b. 1897 m. JOHN W. HENDERSON in 1828 at St. James  

I  I    Church, Sydney.

I  I

I  I 1. KEZIAH J. b. 1832 - d. 1842

I  I

I  I 2. JOHN T.    b. 1834

I  I

I  I 3. JULIA M.   b. 1836  m. JAMES GRAHAM in 1855

I  I  I

I  I  I 1. ANN L. b. 1854 m. PATRICK COLLINS in 1876

I  I  I  I

I  I  I  I  1. ROSE b. 1877 m. MARTIN BEAKY in 1898

I  I  I  I

I  I  I  I  2. JAMES b. 1879 m. JEANETTE PATTERSON in 1900

I  I  I  I  I  1. WILLIAM J. b. 1901

I  I  I  I  I  2. MARY E.     b. 1903

I  I  I  I  I  3. STELLA M. b. 1905

I  I  I  I  3. EVA MAUDE  b. 1881 marr. RICHARD MELLETT in 1904.

I  I  I  I  4. EMILY S.J.b. 1883

I  I  I 2. JULIA I b. 1858 manr. PHILLIP G. BRAGG in 1878

I  I  I  I 1. ALICE M.G.b. 1878 marr. JOHN T. SALMONS in 1897 

I  I  I  I  I  1. UN-NAMED MALE b. 1899

I  I  I  I  I  2. FRANCIS A. b. 1900 - died 1900

I  I  I  I  I  3. FRANCIS A. b. 1901

I  I  I  I  I  4. LESLIE J. b. 1904

I  I  I  3. CHARLES A.H. b. 1860 marr. RACHEL E. BOOTH in 1882

I  I  I  I  1. IDA M.M.  b. 1883 marr.  FRANK W. THOMPSON in 1904

I  I  I  I  I   1. MADGE M. b. 1905

I  I  I  4. ALICE A. b. 1862 - died 1864

I  I  I  5. ARTHUR E.  b. 1865

I  I  I  6. HORACE E. b. 1868 - died 1868

I  I  I  7. HENRY b. 1872


I     According to the Pioneer Register Thomas and Elizabeth had four more

I     children, but are not recorded on B.D.M. Indexes.

I 3. JOSEPH b. c1812

I 4. ANN b. c1815

I 5. JANE b. c1818

I 6. MARGARET b. c1821



THOMAS ROSE marr. SARAH PYE (b.1801)  on 21.9.1829 at St. Peter's Church, Campbelltown by Banns, four years after Elizabeth Bartlett Rose died in 1829. Sarah died 20.6.1869 aged 68, buried at St. Peter's Church Cemetery, Campbelltown                       

012 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Australian born generation                                .- Christine Thomas


I   I   NICHOLLS in 1853

I   I   1. THOMAS b. 1855

I   I   2. JOHN JOSHUA b. 1857 marr. MARY ANN SUSANNAH MATHEWS in        

I   I       1878

I   I   I   1. EMILY JANE b. 1878

I   I   I   2. MARGARET b. 1880 marr. WILLIAM T. REID in 1904

I   I   I   3. ADA VIVIEN b. 1882

I   I   I   4. ROSEALINE H. b. 1885

I   I   I   5. JAMES G. b. 1890

I   I   I   6. JOSHUA A.H. b. 1895

I   I   3. JAMES PYE ROSE b. 1859 marr. MARGARET MARY LAWLER in 

I   I   I    1880

I   I   I   1. SAMUEL W. b. 1898

I   I   4. SARAH b. 1861

I   I   5. JOSEPH H. b. 1865

I   I   6. ELIZABETH b. 1867

I   I   7. WILLIAM HENRY b. 1871 mart. JANE D. ZEIDLER in 1899

I   I   I   1. MARY R. b. 1899

I   I   I   2. HENRY b. 1901

I   I   8. HANNAH R.A.b. 1875

I  2. HANNAH REBECCA PYE b. 1.12.1831 marr. EDWARD JAMES

I   I   PAYTEN  b.1829 in 1853. Edward died 1898, s.o. Nathaniel &                          Sussanah.


I   I   I   I    CHIPPENDALE in1878

I   I   I   I   1. VIVIEN AUGUSTUS E. b. 1880

I   I   I   I   2. MIGONETTE LOUISE E. b. 1881

I   I   2. ALFRED ANDREW b. 1855 marr. ELIZABETH DIGMAN in 1881

I   I   I   1. ALFRED H. b. 1882 - died 1882

I   I   I   2. ALFRED R. b. 1887

I   I   I   3. PHILLIP D. b. 1885

I   I   I   4. EILEEN A. b. 1891

I   I   3. SARAH SUSANNAH b. 1857 - died 1864

I   I   4. SUSAN ROSE b. 1859 marr. JOHN F.W. GILES in 1892

I   I   I   1. CHARLIE P. b. 1893

I   I   I   2. EDWARD J. b. 1895

I   I   I   3. ROY F. b. 1898 marr .........FLICKER in .....

I   I   I   I   1. FRANK b. 1931 marr ..........  TEESSON in .....

I   I   I   I   I   1. DIANNE B.  ......

I   I   I   I   I   2. SUZANNE b ......

I   I   5. KEZIA J. b. 1861 - died 1862


I   I   7. MARY ELIZABETH b. 1864 - died 1883

I   I   8. SARAH KEZIAH b. 1866 marr. NICHOLAS H. PALING in 1895

I   I   I   1. JAN M.A.b. 1896

I   I   9. EDWARD JAMES b. 1869

I   I  10. REUBEN ROSE b. 1870

I   3. ALFRED MARSON NASH b. 6.9.1832 - not married



    I   1863

I   I   1. SARAH ELIZABETH JANE b. 1867 marr. JOHN CRISP in 1886

I   I   I   1. MILDRED R. b. 1887

I   I   I   2. HAROLD E. b. 1888

I   I   I   3. JOHN C. b. 1893

I   I   I   4. RUBIE R. b. 1891

I   I   I   5. PAULINE R. b. 1898

I   I   2. HENRY T.M.b. 1867 man. AMELIA J. HAIN in 1893

I   I   I  1. CLIFTON M. b. 1900 man.. JESSIE MCDONALD in .....

I   I   I   I   1. MARET b ......

I   I   I   I   2. Daughter b .....

I   I   I   I   3. Daughter b ......

I   I   3. HANNAH R.P.b. 1869 marr. NED CRISP in .....

I   I   4. ALFRED FREDERICK W. b. 1871 - not married

I   I       NO ISSUE

I   I   5. ELIZA b. 1874 man.. JOE WILLIAMS in .....

I   I   I   1. Male b .....

I   I   I   2. Maleb .....

I   I   I   6. AMY MAY b. 1878 man'. ERNEST JENNERET in .....

I   I   I   7. REUBEN b. 1881 man'. FREDA WYNAHAM in ......

I   I   I   I   1. BEN b ......

I   I   I   I   2.  ...........

I   I   I   I   3 ...........

I   5. SARAH ELIZABETH JANE b. 22.1.1836 man'. JAMES PAYTEN in 1866. 

I   I   James b. 1834, s.o. Nathaniel & Sussanah. James was an Architect and

I   I   died in 1890.

I   I   1. ALFRED ROSE b. 1867 marr. HELEN BOYD WHITEHEAD in 1895

I   I   I   1. WILGA ROSE b. 1896

I   I   I   2. RONALD BOYD b. 1898

I   I   I   3. MARJORIE b. 1902

I   I   I   4. LEONARD H. b. 1903

I   I   I   5. SARA ROSE b ......     Sara was in Dental Corp in WW II

I   I   I   6. CLIVE W. b ......

I   I   2. HANNIBAL JAMES b. 1869

I   I   3. PERCY EDWARD b. 1871 - not married

I   I   I    NO ISSUE

I   I  4. HERBERT ANDREW b. 1872 marr. JANET M. MATHEWS in 1897

I   I   I  1. OLGA NANCY b. 1904

I   I   5. ARTHUR GRANVILLE b. 1875 marr. JESSIE HORRIMAN in .....

I   I   I   1. ARTHUR b ......

I   I   I   2. DAVID b ......

I   I   I   3. JAMES b ......

I   I   6. ROSE HANNAH b. 1879 - not married

I   I   I    NO ISSUE



There are some corrections particularly in Christine Thomas's book on the Pye's. This is not a criticism of her work, the mistakes are understandable given the resources she

had compared to now….

Corrections: Elizabeth Bartlett died 1 November 1826 and Thomas married Sarah

Pye on 21 September 1829. Thomas and Sarah's eldest child was Charles Henry Jacob

Rose (no Pye in his name that I have ever seen), Their second son was John Jenner

Rose NOT John Joshua Rose. John Jenner Rose and John Joshua Rose were born the

same year (1857) but it is quite clear that John Joshua belongs to another family,

probably the Wilberforce Roses but I have not tried to prove that. The Pye/Rose Bible

lists the grandchildren of Sarah Pye/Rose as they were born and there is a John Jenner

but no John Joshua. John Jenner Rose died in 1881 aged 23 not married. The

descendant chart that I am printing will set this record straight. 

You will be aware that the four other children that Christine mentions as not being on

the BDM in relation to Thomas Rose's first marriage are in fact the Perkins children.


-Dianne Giles 1999


1. Transcript of a memorial Richard Perkins wrote to Lachlan Macquarie on 10

   February 1817 requesting permission to travel to Port Dalrymple on Mr Salter's

   schooner. He says he has a wife and family.

2. An ad. placed by Richard Perkins on 23 May 1818 in the Sydney Gazette  cautioning the public against giving his wife credit as she absented herself from home without any provocation. Jane was born on 24 July 1818. So where was Richard nine months before Jane was born? According to the shipping records, he was in Sydney from 18 September to 9 November 1817.

3. An ad. in the Sydney Gazette on 1 July, 1820 stating that Richard Perkins was

   lleaving the Colony on the Brig, Governor Macquarie to Port Dalrymple. This is the last time I have found him mentioned in any newspapers, ships musters etc.

4. Richard received his Absolute Pardon on 19 August 1819. I haven't looked at the microfilm for this yet but this was listed in a Shipping List.

5. According to the 1805-1806 Musters of NSW and Norfold Island, Ann Daniels

   (Sarah [Burgess] Perkins mother) is listed as having one male child and two female children. The male child is John bom in 1804, one of the females is Sarah born in 1897. I believe the other female child may be Mary, although there is no record of her birth. In the 1822 Muster there is a Mary Burgess, aged 21 years who was born in the colony. She is listed as a servant of T. Rose, Sydney. In the 1814 Muster, there is a Mary Burgess listed beneath Elizabeth Bartlett Rose. The notes for the muster say that people 'are grouped together under the name of an employer or the place of employment and family members were often listed consecutively'. If this Mary was Sarah Perkin's sister, Sarah would have visited Mary and could have become acquainted with Thomas Rose that way or perhaps it was Sarah who got Mary the job in the first place. I can send you copies of the Musters if you don't have them.

6. Newspaper reports of Ann and Jane Perkins' weddings. This proves that they were at Mount Gilead from sometime before 1828 up until their marriages and that Jane,at least, considered herself Thomas' daughter. Whether this was because she really was is open to debate.                                                                                   -Dianne Giles 1999


BALMAIN, William (1762-1803)


Information from Mollie Gillen’s

The Founders of Australia – A Biographical Dictionary of the First Fleet,

(which mentions William Balmain, Margaret Dawson and John William Henderson.)


The Founders of Australia – A Biographical Dictionary of the First Fleet Gillen, Mollie, Library of Australian History, Sydney, 1989. p.21


William Balmain, born 2 February 1762 at Balhepburn, Rhynd, Perthshire, son of Alexander Balmain, tenant farmer and Jane Henderson, joined the navy as surgeon’s mate around 1780.  In November 1784 he want on Nautilus as surgeon’s mate when that ship was engaged in a survey of the Das Voltas region of West Africa (today Namibia), the government hopeful if might provide a satisfactory destination for the convicts then overcrowding British prisons.  On 21 October 1786 he made an application to join the NSW venture, an application supported by his former captain, Thomas Boulden Thompson, but Admiral Lord Howe returned it with a tart reminder that he would be considered in his turn.


Balmain was, however, appointed assistant surgeon, and made the voyage to NSW on Alexander, serving at Port Jackson under Surgeon John White (qv), with whom he fought a duel on 4 June 1788 on the spur of the moment, going out at midnight after king’s birthday festivities, and without seconds.  “Balmain received a Small flesh wound in the Right thigh,” wrote Ralph Clark “…It would not have rested there had not the Govr. Convinced the two Sons of Escalipious that it was much better to draw Blood with the point of there lance from the Arm of there patients than to doe it with pistol Balls from each other.”


In October 1791 Balmain was sent to Norfolk island as assist surgeon by Atlantic, by which vessel went also Margaret Dawson (qv), the young convict with whom he was living.  There her signature appeared for grain




sold to stores in January 1793 from the land assigned to Balmain.  Both left Norfolk Island by Fancy in August 1795 for Port Jackson.  Much of the stock he left on the island was destroyed in a gale the following month.  Balmain had received a grant of 100 acres at Field of Mars on 11 December 1794 and took a small lease at Sydney after his return.


Balmain had had considerable disagreement with White, an uneasy relationship that continued, with White apparently trying to interfere in Balmain’s succession to the post of principal surgeon in the colony.  He had been appointed to act as principal surgeon in John White’s place when the latter left for England in December 1794, and appointment confirmed in 1796 when White decided not to return.  He was also appointed as magistrate for the town of Sydney and supported Governor Hunter’s attempts to curb the power of John Macarthur and NSW Corps (see John Baughan, qv).


A daughter Jane was born on 29 March 1797 and a son, John William on 20 August 1800.  The mid 1800 muster of landholders records Balmain with nearly six acres held by lease at Parramatta, two grants and two purchased farms at Field of Mars totalling 325 acres with 12 cultivated acres at Mulgrave Place, both held by purchase.  In April 1800 he had been granted 550 acres in the Petersham district (now the suburb of Balmain);  here, with another purchased acres, he cultivated 50 acres of land.  He grazed 94 sheep, ten oxen, 4 goats, 55 hogs and three horses.


By 1802 Balmain was recorded holding 1480 acres by grant and purchase.  He also became a trader and dealer in spirits.  He left the colony with his family in August 1801 on the Albion to settle his private affairs, intending to return, but decided to ask permission to retire with a pension.  He died on 17 November 1803, on the point of taking up a post as surgeon to the forces.


His will dated 13 November 1803 left a yearly annuity of £50 to his “dear friend” Margaret Dawson otherwise Henderson of Ormskirk, Lancs, “whose tenderness to me while in ill health claims my warmest gratitude…and who is now ensient”.  The bulk of his estate was to be held in trust for “my two natural or reputed but dearly beloved children by Margaret Dawson”.  Balmain was then living at King Street, Holborn, in London.  A few days after his death, Margaret bore him a daughter.  Balmain was buried in the churchyard of St Andrew’s Holborn.


p. 102

DAWSON, Margaret (c1770-) 


Margaret Dawson, aged 15, collected a large quantity of clothing, jewellery and money in the absence of her master and mistress in London, and took the coack for Chester that evening. Her master, aware that she came from the Liverpool area, went after her overtook the coach at St Alban, Herts. Without argument, she emptied her pockets of the various items.


At her trial at the Old Bailry on 22 February 1786, Margaret's master asked for mercy after she was sentenced to death, and she was reprieved to transportation for seven years to NSW on 4 January "1787. On' te 26th she was delivered from Newgate to ‘Lady Penryhn’, aged 17.


In the colony Margarert attacted the interest of William Balmain (q) by whom she had three children in the following years. On 4 November 1791 she accompanied Balmain to Norfolk Island by Atlantic. In January 1793 she_signed. Maget Dawson on the receipt for t51.5s. in payment for five bushels of grain sold to stores.


The couple left Norfolk Island in August 1795 by Fancy. Their first child, Jane, was born at Port Jackson on 29 March 1797. A son John was born on 20 August 1800. Margaret sailed for England with Balmain and their two children on the Albion in August 1801. She was described in Balmain's will as his "dear friend Margaret Dawson alias Henderson" of Ormskirk, Lancs. She was about to give birth again when Balmain died in London on t7 November 1803. Their daughter was born on the 25th,

said to be the day of Balmain's burial. He left her a yearly annuity of 50 pounds with full support for their children.


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