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RICHARD ROSE died 19th April 1719
From Christie Hamilton Verdonik <>
Published Sunday, February 24, 2002 3:11 PM

(1) 1. Richard Rose - 2500
Death Date: 19 Apr 1719

"Burke's Peerage and Heraldic History of Landed Gentry or Commoners of Great
Britain and Ireland 1838 Vol. 4 p. 218  Rose-Cleland of Rath-Gael, refers to
the family of Rose of Abingdon Berks.

Children:   Thomas - 2498

(2) 1.1 Thomas Rose - 2498
Death Date: 1733
Death Place:    Charlestown SC

Spouse: Elizabeth Bennett - 2501
Birth Place:    SC Accabee Plantation
Spouse Father:  Bennett - 2502

Children:   Francis - 2485
    Henrietta - 2499

(3) 1.1.1 Francis Rose - 2485
Christen Date:  23 Mar 1721/1722

First Wife Mary Ann Elliott married 2-23-1743 died 1756.
Second Wife Sarah Balentine married 1759 died Feb 1767
Third Wife Elizabeth Ann Lining dau of Dr. John Lining married July 1767.
died 1768

Spouse: Sarah Backer - 2488
Death Date: Mar 1756
Spouse Father:  UNNAMED - 2489

Children:   Thomas - 2484
    Richard - 2486
    Robert - 2487
    Elizabeth - 2490
    Sarah - 2492

(4) Thomas Rose - 2484

Children:   Elizabeth Sanders - 1418
    Mary Ann Blake - 2494

(5) Elizabeth Sanders Rose - 1418
Birth Date: 1774
Death Date: 15 Jul 1822

Spouse: Edward Lynah Doctor - 373
Birth Date: 1757
Birth Place:    Dublin Ireland
Death Date: 27 Aug 1831/1834
Death Place:    Charleston, SC
Burial Place:   St. Mary's Church Hasell St. Charleston
Spouse Father:  James Lynah 1 - 374 (1725-1809)
Spouse Mother:  Eleanor (Ellinor) Parker - 1413 (1732-1813)

Spouse Notes:
Born at sea prior to the Revolutionary war within a half day's sail of
Charlseton SC.

Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution
<Bobby Gilmore Moss>  Lynah, Edward
d.  27 August 1831 (1834)
He enlisted as a surgeon's mate in Col. Horry's cavalry.  During 1779 and
1780, he served as a surgeon and was at the seige of Savannah.  In addition,
he served sixty days during 1782. S.C.H.&G., XL, 89; A.A. 4720; V149; X1014
Second wife  Elizabeth Fickling
1759 - August 27, 1834.

    We are informed by his son James in the previously mentioned letter that
Edward Lynah, his father immigrated from Ireland with his mother and brother
around the year 1768-1770 and after serving in the Revolutionary war as a
surgeon's mate in the siege of Savannah and with Marion's Corps, he married
first on 6 December 1792 in Charleston:

    Elizabeth Sanders Rose 1774-22 July, 1815 age 41
    issue:  I.(4) James 13-Sept 179?
        II.(5) Infant, unnamed b. 1796
        III.(6) Eleanor Monica married ? Remoussin ( D. Charleston 7 Aug.
1820) m(2) 30 Nov. 1830 Michel Espererue (?) De Hersnant, Council of France
for the Port of Philadelphia.  Issue unkown.
        IV.(7) Mary Anna b. 13 May 1822 in Chas. Dr. William Lennox Kirkland
(he died 12 July 1828 age 31) issue unkown.
        V. (8) Elizabeth Isabella M 1 January 1829 at Stono, St. Paul's
Parish, Dr. Edward Wilkinson Hamilton, son of Governor Paul Hamilton of S. C.
 They moved to Alabama in 1832 (I (Christie Hamilton Verdonik believe the
year to have been 1839). issue unknown. (to be provided by Christie Hamilton
Verdonik, great-great-granddaughter of Edward Lynah and Elizabeth Isabell(a)
        VI.(9)  Edward Thomas M Adeline Fickling, niece of his stepmother.

Edward married (2) on 27 Nov. 1816 Elizabeth Fickling (d 1 May 1841).  There
was no issue from this marriage.

Edward Lynah, planter, doctor, realtor, commission merchant, auctioneer, as
he called himself at various times was left trustee of his father's estate
for both his and his brother James' (2) part.  The estate was indeed
formidable and through various purchases and alterations by 1825 consisted of
the following:

1.  plantation: Laurel Hill, Comahee River S C 1676 acres Laurel Springs,
Comahee River 352 acres (the old house tract adjoining ?)

2.  Tracts of land: Pineland, hammock(?) branch, St. Bartholomew's Parish
1300 acres
    Stono River, St. Paul's Parish, Colleton Co, 370 acres
    St. Paul's Parish, Colleton Co 662 acres
    on Pon Pon River
    St. Paul's Parish, Colleton County, 200 acres
    on Adams run
    West Florida ? 4000 acres.

3.  City property:  dwelling Pitt and Montague Sts. Charleston
                #4 & #5 King Street, Charleston
                dwelling Meeting and Queen Sts.

    It would appear that Edward although left a considerable estate was not
as sagaceous or as competent as his father.  At age 66, in 1895, he was force
to turn over the estate to his son James (4) and much of it had to be
liquidated in order to pay his debts.  This was done and James (4) managed to
save a substantial portion; however, the settlement of the estate trust of
Dr. James Lynah (1) was not to the liking of the various other grandchildren.
 As a result numerous lawsuits were initiated, even before Edward's death, by
nieces, nephews, and even his own son Edward Thomas. (1)

    Edward lived the luxurious life of a planter and prosperous citizen of
Charleston.  He was a Mason, Director of the Bank of South Carolina, and
active in the Catholic church, assisting in the purchase of the Vauxhall
Gardens where the present Cathedral was built on Broad and Legare Streets in

Edward, certainly one of the most handsome of the Lynahs was, it  would
appear, to be somewhat atypical of a rich man's son.  Apparently lacking the
business sense of his father, he managed to lose a large part of his father's
estate through various speculations.  His vanity and pride are apparent in
some of his actions.  For example after removing some poor waif from the
orphanage, he in turn sued the directors of the orphanage for the maintenance
and support of the child.  An unheard of action as the court declared in
finding against him. (2)  He was obviously honest as his father trusted him,
his son admired him, and he was not one to shirk his obligations or
responsibilities, but he . complicated the family finances and
consequently .. friendly relationships which should have existed between
.  Edward Thomas were broken and as far as   were never

1)  Archives Dept. of S. C.
(2) McCordes, Bk 6. SC Reports
copied from notes compiled by J Heyward Lynah 1965

Marriage Date:  6 Dec 1792
Marriage Place: Charlestown

Children:   Elizabeth Isabel - 15
    James - 1415
    Mary Anna - 1416
    Edward Thomas - 1417
    Eleanor Monica - 2162

(6) Elizabeth Isabel Lynah - 15
Death Date: 28 Nov 1880
Death Place:    Camden Arkansas
Religion:   Catholic

Spouse: Edward Wilkinson Hamilton Doctor - 14
Birth Date: 1 Dec 1804
Birth Place:    Charleston, S.C.
Death Date: 22 Mar 1855
Death Place:    Camden Ouachita Co, Arkansas
Burial Place:   Temperance Oak Cemetery
Occupation: doctor, farmer member of the Masonic Fraternity
Education:  Medical School University of Pennsylvania
Religion:   Episcopal
Spouse Father:  Paul Hamilton Governor - 1 (1762-1816)
Spouse Mother:  Mary Wilkinson - 2 (1764-1827)

Spouse Notes:
Obituary: Article from Camden News Ouachita Co Arkansas

Dr. Edward Hamilton departed this life on the 22nd inst., in the 51st year of
his age, at his residency in this county.

Dr. Hamilton, the son of Paul Hamilton, who was Governor of South Carolina,
and appointed Secretary of the Navy in 1809 by James Madsion, was born and
educated in Charleston; removed to Alabama in 1836 where he remained
respected and honored in the practice of his profession until 1849 when he
removed to this county.  Pure in thought, pure in word, pure in deed is
written of him on memory's eternal tablet.....................Eternity having
no terrors for him he passed into another state of existence with that
beautiful blending of life and death which renders the transtion sublime.  As
the summer's eve slowly, quietly, cloudlessly loses itself in the shades of
night, so the evening of his serene life glided into the darkness of eternity

Graduated from medical school at the age of 21.
Youngest son of Paul Hamilton, Governor of South Carolina.
Slave schedule of 1850 lists Edward Wilkinson Hamilton and 19 slaves. The
slaves are not named, but are listed on the schedule by number.

Goodspeed Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas 1890 gives
information linking Edward Wilkinson to his FATHER,  Paul Hamilton, Governor
South Carolina and Veteran of the Revolutionary war, and his SONS Paul
Hamilton,  Edward Lynah, and mentions his son, Archibald, great-grandfather
of Guy Edward Hamilton and Christie Hamilton Verdonik.

BLM records list Edward Wilkinson Hamilton as trustee for Mary W Dawson -
assigned of Tah - Lam - bee - choctaw indian - traded choctaw certificate No.
51 for land in Ouachita Co.  signed by Millard Fillmore - (is this really his

Marriage Date:  15 Jan 1829
Marriage Place: Rt. Reverend John England Bishop of SC presiding.

Children:   Archibald - 16
    Paul - 278
    Elizabeth Rose - 280
    Edward Lynah - 282
    Mary Wilkinson - 284

(7) Archibald Hamilton V - 16
Birth Date: 12 Oct 1846
Birth Place:    Dallas County Alabama?
Death Date: 23 Jul 1917
Burial Place:   Greenwood Cemetery Camden Arkansas
Occupation: Sheriff Oua Co Ar Jan 1890 to Dec 1894, Ar. St. Senator 1914

First Marriage Lucy Whitfield February 5, 1878 Lucy is buried in Oakland
Cemetery. born Sept 1 1858, d Aug 29 1888

Children were  Archibald,  Edward #3, Arthur, Jamie and Luther Whitfield.

Copy of death certificate #0985319 lists cause of death as apoplexy,
contributing factor - arteriosclerosis.  Also lists parents as Edward W.
Hamilton and E. L. Lynah.

Richard Hudson, Vice Chancellor Government and Comunity relations University
of Arkansas confirms Archibald as state senator, as well as Brannon Joyce,
Arkansas State Legislature.  Tom Smith, husband of Margie Hamilton, daughter
of Luther Whitfield, brother of Archibald v, sent pictures of pictures that
hand on the wall at the state capitol.

Sheriff Ben Garner (in 1999) confirmed Archie as sheriff from 1890 to 1894 of
Ouachita county.  The historical society has accepted his time line as

Camden News July 23, 1917:  Archibald Hamilton, aged 70, former State
Senator, died at his home here today.  He was born in Alabama and came to
Arkansas when a young man.  He served in the Confederate army, and was a
member of the Ku Klux Klan.  He was sheriff of Ouachita County from 1890 to
1898, and a member of the House of Reprensentatives for two terms.  Later he
was elected state senator from this district, but resigned during the  last
session of the legislature on account of ill health.  His wife (Kate
Whifiled) and three sons survive him.  The funeral services will be conducted
tomorrow from the family home by the Rev. William Wright.;  ag7/24/1917.
(Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs)  "should have said  Camden."

Spouse: Kate Whitfield - 17
Birth Date: 15 Mar 1857
Death Date: 27 Sep 1917
Death Place:    Camden AR Ouachita Co
Burial Place:    Greenwood Cemetery Camden Arkansas
Spouse Father:  Luther Whitfield Doctor - 597

Marriage Date:  1889
Marriage Place: ?

Children:   Archibald - 18
    Edward Wilkinson - 572
    Arthur Lynah - 574
    Jamie - 575
    Luther Whitfield - 576

(8) Archibald Hamilton VI - 18
Birth Date: 6 Jul 1892
Birth Place:    Camden Arkansas Ouachita Co Arkansas
Death Date: Dec 1969
Occupation: Mill worker

Was a veteran of WWI, as a medic.  Had a tattoo of a flag on his forearm. 
Was in France at the end of the war.  Married in 1919, moved to Little Rock
and moved to Fordyce in 1921.  Lost everything in a fire in 1924.

Social Security number 429-05-7170.

delayed birth certificate lists Kate Whitfield and Archie Hamilton as parents.

Spouse: Alice Blanche Humphries - 19
Birth Date: 17 Sep 1901
Birth Place:    Camden, Arkansas Ouachita Co. Arkansas
Death Date: 1992
Spouse Father:  William T (Thomas) Humphries - 22 (-1938)
Spouse Mother:  Lotta (Lottie) Etta Bell - 23 (1872-1918)

Marriage Date:  14 Jul 1919
Marriage Place: Church of Christ Camden Arkansas

Children:   Kate Elizabeth - 162
    Lotta Louise - 626
    Archie W - 628
    Leila Pauline - 631
    Edward Wendell - 20


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