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Joseph Leonard ROSE

Joseph Leonard ROSE b.c. 1860 in Newfoundland; d. 1944, Evanston, IL, USA.
 Submitted by : "Larry Cook" <>


(Rev. 7-17-2003)

Joseph Leonard ROSE (b. c. 1860 in Newfoundland, Canada; d. 12-4-1944, Evanston, IL, USA), m. Mary Anastasia SKEHENS ("Anastasia"; nicknamed "Stash") (b. c. 1860 in Newfoundland, Canada; d. 5-20-1948, Evanston, IL, USA). The SKEHENS name was alternatively spelled "Skehanns." Joseph was born in Newfoundland, probably in a town along Conception Bay called North River.

Joseph was orphaned at age nine, and went to sea as a cabin boy on a whaling vessel. He eventually became an officer. His voyages took him around the world, including places such as the Cape of Good Hope (around the tip of Africa), and Cape Horn (the tip of South America). Joseph would later tell his children some interesting stories about life at sea. He told them about giant ocean waves far larger than any ship that would appear with little or no warning. He also told them that once when he was an officer on a ship, the sailors held a mutiny and tried to kill the officers. Joseph, then an officer, used an oar to defend himself, and had to take the lives of several sailors. Many relatives wrote-off these stories as "fishermen’s tales." Interestingly, however, an article appearing in the Smithsonian Magazine sometime during the 1970s or ‘80s described how rogue ocean waves of up to 200 feet in height have been known to appear, especially in places where two or more ocean currents converge, such as around the capes.

While not very tall, Joseph was powerfully built, with a huge barrel chest and large forearms (sort of like Popeye!). Later in his life, Joseph became a carpenter in the Chicago and North Shore area. He would walk to work sites everyday of the year – no matter how far, and no matter what the weather. He rarely wore a coat. One relative said "a nice walk for him would be from Evanston to Winnetka, a one-way distance of about 10 miles. He would often carry his tools or lumber with him to the work sites. Another relative told the family that one day when he was out driving around, he saw Joseph walking to a work site about 10 miles away, in the middle of winter, with no coat on, when the temperature was about 0. The relative offered Joseph a ride, but he declined, saying he preferred to walk.

Another interesting fact about Joseph is that he was apparently a genius. He had only a 4th grade, but was able to teach his grandchildren trigonometry and calculus. One of the grandchildren, Lois Barker, said that Joseph solved trigonometry problems in his head. Two other grandchildren who sought his tutelage went on to pursue scientific endeavors. Joseph was also an excellent cook. Each day for lunch he ate a piece of cod for lunch. Joseph died at age 88, after falling from the roof of his two-story house, trying to repair a leak. He is buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Northbrook, IL.

Anastasia was known to be a very witty person, until late in her life. Her daughter Maize died at an early age, which many think brought on a deep depression.

Joseph and Anastasia ROSE moved from Newfoundland to Evanston, IL, a northern suburb of Chicago, in about 1888, where they raised their family of 8 children:

  1. Thomas A., b. 1885 in Newfoundland; d. c. 1949) m. Mary Agnes Rochett (d. c. 1940s). Lived in Chicago.

Children of Thomas & Mary (Rochett) Rose:

    1. Dorothy, m. (1st) James Harrington, w/ one issue: Judy Harrington; Dorothy m. (2nd) ____ Kallestad;
    2. Children of Dorothy (Rose) and ___Kallistad:

      (a) LIVING Kendell;

      (b) Linda (b. ?; deceased).

    3. Anastasia (b. ?; deceased) m. ___George (b. ?; d. ?).

Children of Anastasia (Rose) and ___George:

    1. Raymond (b. ?; d. ?); m. ______.

Children of Raymond and ___George:

    1. Unknown George, married;
    2. Unknown George, married;
    3. Unknown George, married;
    4. Unknown George, married.

(b) Richard (b. ?; d. ?); m. _____(b. ?; d. ?);

Children of Richard & ____George:

    1. Unknown George;
    2. Unknown George;
    3. Unknown George.


    1. Virginia (b. ?; d.?); m. Frank O’Halleran (b. ?; d. ?).

Children of Virginia (Rose) & Frank O’Halleran:

    1. LIVING O’Halleran
    2. LIVING O’Halleran
    3. LIVING O’Halleran
    1. Florence (b. ?; deceased), m. (1st) ___ Hester; m. (2nd) ___ Tharp (his 2nd; had 1 issue in his 1st
    2. LIVING (b.?), m. ______ Steineder (b. ___ still living); and
    3. Margaret (d. age 8 mos).
  1. Lillian ("Johanna")(Rose) Giles (b. in Newfoundland 11-30-18??; d. 1-7-1950); m. Howard Giles, a sheriff. Lived in Fontana, WI (near Lake Geneva).

Children of Lillian (Rose) & Howard Giles:

    1. Evelyn (b. ?; d. ?), m. ____Ingalls (b. ?; d. ?), lived Fontana;
    2. Ruth (b. ?; d.?), m. (1st) ___Baldt; m. (2nd) _____ Powell (b. ?; d. ?), lived Mexico, NY),;
    3. Child of Ruth (Giles) & ___ Powell:

      (a) Unknown Son Powell.

    4. Calista (b. ?; d. ?), m. ____ Barter (b. ?; d.?), lived Chicago;
    5. Luella (b. ?; d. ?), m. ____Garrett (b. ?; d. ?), lived Woodstock;
    6. LIVING Giles;
    7. LIVING Giles; and
    8. Robert (b. ?; d.?)(twin of ____, deceased).
  1. Stanley, died in infancy.
  2. Edward J. ("Uncle Ned")(b. c. 1889 in Newfoundland; d. ?), m. Kathryn Rochett, lived in Chicago, carpenter.
  3. Children of Edward & Kathryn (Rochett) Rose:

    (a) Edward Rose, Jr.

  4. Mary Ann ("Aunt Maize") (Rose) (b.c. 1890-‘91 in USA; d. 10-23-1939, buried Sacred Heart Cemetery), m. Samuel J. Steffens. Lived Winnetka IL.

Children of Mary Ann (Rose) & Charles Steffens:

    1. LIVING Steffens;
    2. LIVING (Kochleft);
    3. LIVING Steffens; and
    4. Robert Steffens (died at age 5 while undergoing a tonsillectomy).
  1. Charles A. Rose (b. 3-31-1892 in USA; d. sometime before 1944), m. Bernice Wells Rose of Lake Forest, IL, who lived to be over 100. At one time lived in Woodstock, ___.

Children of Charles & Bernice (Wells) Rose:

    1. Charles A., Jr. (b. 8-17-1918; d. 1993, lived in Brookridge, FL), WW II veteran, Lt. USN; m. Gertrude ___;

Children of Charles, Jr. & Gertrude ( ) Rose:

i. LIVING Rose (lives IL); and

    1. LIVING Rose (lives IL).
    1. LIVING Rose (lives WI);
    2. LIVING Rose (lives IL); and
    3. LIVING Rose (lives IL).
  1. Joseph Leonard Rose, Jr. (b. 2-29-1896 [leap year] in USA; d. 8-26-1974), WW I veteran, Lt. (j.g.) USN (1917-1919); became City of Evanston Comm’r. of Pub. Works. M. Margaret Genevieve Hayes (b. 1900; d. 1969).

Children of Joseph & Margaret (Hayes) Rose:

    1. LIVING Rose (Cook);
    2. LIVING Rose (Gillam);
    3. Roberta (b. 1935; d. 1963);
    4. Richard (b. 1928; d. 1988);
    5. Leonard James (b. 1923; d. 1998); and
    6. Lawrence (died in infancy).
  1. George E. Rose, b. c, 1902 in USA; d. sometime < 1968) WW I veteran (served as carpenter’s mate USN (Seabees), as of 1944), first married Louise Sheridan and divorced her with no issue, then m. Helen Moritz. George left several hundred dollars to all his nieces & nephews.


We believe the SKEHENS originated in Ireland, and at some point emigrated to Newfoundland. Anastasia's parents were Edward SKEHENS (b. 2-3-1824 in Newfoundland), and Johanna (KING) (b. 6-10-1827 in ?). They were both from the Conception Bay area, and may have attended the Brigus parish near North River. Edward's parents were Edward and Anna (KAVANAGH) SKEHENS, and were married 2-24-1814. Johanna's parents were Patrick and Catherine (MURRAY) KING, from North River. Some of the SKEHENS family information comes from records of the Old Harbor Grace Catholic Church records in the Conception Bay area. Edward and Johanna had a total of 10 children; here are Annastasia Rose’s (very prolific) 9 siblings:


  1. Bridgit (b. 1858; d. 1936)["Aunt Bride"], emigrated to U.S. 1882. Married 1882 Nicholas Powers (b. 1853; d. 1909), at St. Mary’s, Lake Forest, IL. Nicholas immigrated from Newfoundland, in 1881. Seven daughters.
  1. Children of Bridgit and Nicholas Powers:
    1. Mary (b. 8-31-1883; d. ?), m. James McKenna, USN vet, retired in

San Diego);

    1. Rose (b. 12-24-1896; d. ?); m. Roland White (unknown if any issue);
    2. Elsie (b. 6-28-1899; d. ?) m. (1st) 10-22-1919 Earl Russell, at St. Mary’s; m. (2d) James Saunders; may have had one issue: Earline Saunders (uncertain as to which marriage)
    3. Ellen ("Nellie") (b. 4-10-1884; d. 3-1970), did not marry);
    4. Anna (b. 12-3-1886; d. 1956), m. 2-12-1907 Francis Barker (d. 1961);

(1) Children of Anna (Powers) and Francis Barker:

    1. LIVING (Davlin);
    2. LIVING (Pekalik);
    3. LIVING;
    4. LIVING;
    5. LIVING;
    6. LIVING (Capra);
    7. LIVING (Lavery).


    1. Elizabeth ("Bessie") (b. c. 1888; d. 1972), m. 6-15-1910 Arthur Kelly (d. 1962).

(1) Children of Elizabeth and Arthur Kelly:

    1. LIVING Kelly;
    2. LIVING (Fales);
    3. LIVING (Karsten).
    1. Kathryn (b. 12-16-1889; d. 1936), m. 10-21-1914 William Steffen(s?) (d. 1965).

(1) Children of Kathryn and William Steffen:

    1. LIVING Steffen;
    2. LIVING Steffen; and
    3. LIVING Steffen.
  1. Ellen (b. 9-6-1862, Clark’s Beach / N. River; d. 6-8-1949), m. 1890 Richard

Lawler (son of Thomas & Elizabeth (Powers) Lawler (b. ?; d. 1935) in Lake

Forest, IL. Had 4 issue in Cook County, IL, and one issue in Cleveland, OH.

    1. Children of Ellen (Skehens) and Richard Lawler:
    1. Katherine (b. 8-30-1893; d. 8-19-1972 Highland Park, IL); m. Theodore Lorenz;

Children of Katherine and Theodore Lorenz:

    1. LIVING Lorenz (m. _______Anderson);
    2. Lorraine D. Lorenz (1919-1986); m. ______ Boroni.

Children of Lorraine and Boroni:

    1. LIVING Boroni;
    2. LIVING Boroni.
    1. Mary Cecilia (b. 1-5-1905; d. 3-31-1979); m. Norman V. Hoeh (b. 5-30-1930);
    2. Children of Mary (Lawler) & Norman Hoeh:

      (1) LIVING Hoeh; m. 1982 LIVING Stewart.

    3. Annie (b. 12-3-1891 Cleveland, OH; d. 6-4-1972);
    4. Edward Lawler (b. 6-6-1903; d. 2-24-1974);
    5. Ellen Elizabeth Lawler (b. b. 10-13-1899; d. 7-4-1984); and
    6. Francis T. Lawler (b. 9-8-1895; d. 11-24-1920).
  1. Kate S. ("Catherine")(b. 4-1859 in North River; d. ?); m. in Newfoundland Edward Fitz Gerald (b. 12-1858 in Western Bay; d. ?). Remained in North River, Newfoundland.

(a) Children of Kate (Skehens) & Edward Fitzgerald:

    1. Cyril Fitz Gerald (b. 7-1905; d. ?);
    2. Edward ("Ned") Fitz Gerald (did not marry; no issue);
    3. Michael Fitz Gerald (b. 1884; d. ?); m. (??)

(b) Children of Michael & (?) Fitz Gerald:

(i) Rita F. (b. 1917; known to be deceased);

(ii) Gerard M. (b. 1926; known to be deceased);

(iii) Edward P.; m. Rita Devereaux

  1. Margaret (b.c. 8- 1871 North River; d. ?), m. Nicholas Neville (may have been spelled "Nevills"). (b. 9-1866; d. ?). At one time lived near South River, Newfoundland. May have moved to Boston.
  2. (a) Child of Margaret (Skehens) and Nicholas Neville:

    Frances Neville (b. 6-1894; d. ?), m. William Wilson.

  3. Polly (formal name may have been Mary)(b. ?; d. ?), m. William Fitzgerald, of North River, Newfoundland. Lived in Boston, MA. (note: the Nevilles may also have lived in the Boston area).
  4. (a) Children of Polly & William Fitzgerald:

    Catherine (b. ?; d. ?);

    John (b. ?; d. ?).

  5. Johanna Skehens ("Anna") (b. c. 1853; d. 12-31-1936), emigrated to Evanston, IL USA c. 1882; m. 7-26-1899 (at St. Mary’s in Evanston, IL) Joseph Rose (same name, different person – 1st cousin of our G GF Joseph Rose, hereinafter: "Cousin Joseph") (b. c. 1856; d. ?), his 2nd marriage. Cousin Joseph immigrated from Canada in 1892, 4 yrs. after G GF Joseph. Joseph and Johanna were foster parents of Ethel Pitts. Johanna apparently moved back to Newfoundland after cousin Joseph died (he was still alive as of taking of 1920 census).

Children of Johanna (Skehens) & Joseph Rose:

    1. James (b. in Canada 1880; d. ?), m. 1905 Catherine Fee. He worked as telegraph operator.
    2. Teresa (b. in Canada 1883; d. ?), worked in Laundry
  1. Unknown sister who lived in Newfoundland.
  2. Patrick Skehens (b. 4-11-1852 in Newfoundland; d. 4-11- 1933), m. 1879 Mary Powers (b. 5-20-1855 in North River; d. 12-6-1927). Mary’s parents were Richard & Mary (Baldwin) Powers. Lived in Newfoundland until c. 1890, until they moved to Lake Forest, IL (444 Maplewood Rd.). Apparently had nine issue, 5 b. in Newfoundland, 4 b. in Lake Forest:
    1. Ned;

(ii) Mary (b.c. 1886; d. 2-3-1920 Wichita Falls, TX or Wichita, KS); m. (1st)

1906 Daniel Burns (or Byrnes) w/ 1 issue; m. (2nd) John Ralph (no issue).

Child of Mary (Skehens) & Daniel Burns/Byrens:

    1. Leonard Burns (. 11-15-1906; d. ?); raised by maternal GPs; m. 8-7-

1927 Mary Metzger (w/ issue, identities unknown).

(iii) Florence Gertrude (b. 8-15-1891; d. 1-8-1956); m. 4-4-1910 William (or Richard) Griffiths (d. 12-9-1953).

Children of Gertrude (Skehens) and William Griffiths:

    1. Richard (b. and died 2-10-1912);
    2. William (b. 12-6-1914; d. 1998), m. ___, 3 issue, identities unknown.
    3. LIVING Griffiths; m. 1943 ______ Clarke, no issue.
    4. LIVING Griffiths, m. _____ Snowdon, 3 issue w/ 5 GC.

(iv) Ellen (b. 8-4-1897; d. 1992); m. (1st) Charles Zieman (d. 1929) w/ 2

issue; m. (2nd) Jerome P. Smith;

Children of Ellen (Skehens) & Charles Zieman:

    1. LIVING Zieman, m. ____; 3 daughters, 7 GC.
    2. Richard C. (b. 1924; d. 1985); never married, no known issue.

(v) John (b. 1884; d. 2-23-1933)(m. in England Edith Louise Brice. Lived

Detroit, MI. Upon his death, Edith returned to England with their 3


Children of John & Edith Skehens:

    1. LIVING Skehens, m. 1945 ____ Storey, has 2 children,
    2. 6 grandchildren;

    3. Eileen (b. 9-3-1921; d. 1980);
    4. LIVING Skehens, m. ___ Hughes, 4 children.

(vi) Edward (b. 10-26-1877; d. 8-23-1953); m. (1st) 5-1-1901 Addie Gleason

(b. 1883; d. 1914) 2 sons; m. (2nd) Fannie Parsons Sayles (no issue).

Children of Edward & Addie Skehens:

    1. Edward T. (b. 12-1-1901; d. 5-1969), m. 1927 Geneva Tyner. Salesman

for Bowman Milk Co., lived Reno, NV.

(2) Robert Francis Skehens (b. 10-1-1908; d. 1990). Lived Riverside CA,

m. w/ 2 children.

(vii) Bernard (b.c. 10-1888; d. 11-1954); m. ___; no known issue;

(viii) Richard (b.c. 4-1893; d. 1953); m. _____Vandermark; no issue

known; and

(ix) Charles (b. 10-1896; d. ?); never married, no known issue.

  1. Elizabeth, (b. c. 1849; d. 4-18-1928), m. James G. Nugent (d. 1887). Nicknamed "Aunt Nugent." While in Newfoundland, they lived at Gully’s Pond, near Kelligrews. They had seven issue. Moved to Evanston, IL 1893. Elizabeth was the eldest Skehens sibling.
    1. Children of Elizabeth and James Nugent:
    1. Johanna ("Jan")(b. 7-7-1877; d. 10-21-1958), m. 10-10-1897 Nicholas Baldwin (b. c. 3-1870; d. 7-27-1939) lived Lake Forest; 10 issue, one of whom is ____, who lives in IL.

Children of Johanna (Nugent) & Nicholas Baldwin:

    1. Arthur (d. 1898, age 3 mos.);
    2. Nicholas, II (d. 1911, age 6 mos.);
    3. Nicholas (d. 1914, age 2 mos.);
    4. Katherine Cecelia (b. 11-30-1899; d. 5-14-1973), m. 9-12-1923 Joseph O’Connor (b. 2-12-1898; d. 5-18-1958).
    5. Donald James (b. 3-26-1901; d. c. 3-7-1972), m. 11-11-1931 Francis ("Fanny") McGinley (b. 1902 County Donegal Ireland; d. 5-6-1985); 3 issue, names unknown.
    6. Children of Donald & Francis (McGinley) Baldwin:

      (i) Unknown Baldwin;

      (ii) Unknown Baldwin;

      (iii) Unknown Baldwin.

    7. Walter William (b. 5-3-1902; d. 7-19-1966), m. 6-25-1930 Edna Lange (b. 1905; d. 5-8-1995), lived Waukegan, 2 issue, names unknown.
    8. Children of Walter & Edna Baldwin:

      (i) Unknown Baldwin

      (ii) Unknown Baldwin

    9. Raymond Lawrence ("Chick")(b. 10-12-1903; d. c. 7-31-1961), never married.
    10. Mary Elizabeth (b. 2-14-1905; d. 1-1-1986), m. 7-22-1931 Theodore Randall Wilson (b. 2-18-1905; d. d. 11-16-1972) unknown if any issue.
    11. Madeline (b. 10-27-1906; d. c. 10-29-1970), m. c. 1948 Anthony (Tony) Sciacero, 1 son d. at birth.
    12. Ellen Margaret (b. 11-27-1907; d. 7-7-1933), never married.
    13. Dorothy (b. 9-18-1912; d. 11-25-1995), m. 8-4-1936 Chester Varner (b. 9-17-1912; d. 11-21-1976); 3 issue, names unknown.
    14. Children of Dorothy (Baldwin) & Chester Varner:

      (i) Unknown Varner

      (ii) Unknown Varner

      (iii) Unknown Varner

    15. LIVING Baldwin m. 1947 ______ Duggan, live in IL.
    16. Robert Patrick, WW II veteran, m. 1947 ____ Fannon, 3 issue, names unknown. Live FL.

Children of Robert & (Fannon) Baldwin:

(i) Unknown Baldwin

(ii) Unknown Baldwin

(iii) Unknown Baldwin

    1. William ("Will") Nugent (b. 1874 in Newfoundland; d. c. 4-1922), m. late 1890’s Margaret Kelly (County Mayo, Ireland; d. 7-1948).

Children of William & Margaret (Kelly) Nugent:

    1. Mary (b. 3-9-1899; d. 3-19-1953), m. __ Swift.
    2. Child of Mary (Nugent) & ? Swift:

      (i) LIVING (Kullman).

    3. William (b. 7-17-1903; d. 5-11-1986), m. (1st) 4-16-1929
    4. Marianne Beck. He had 3 daughters & 2 sons. M. (2nd) Lucille ___. Unknown of which marriage the issue were born.

    5. John Joseph (b. 6-11-1905; d. young). No other info.
    6. LIVING Nugent; m. 10-16-1937 ____ Severson, lived Tucson.
    1. Edward ("Ned")(b. 8-29-1876; d. 3-26- 1945), m. Nora Shea (b. c. 2-1878; d. c. 7-28-1927), lived in Evanston.

Children of Edward & Nora Nugent:

    1. James Edward (b. 9-2-1901; d. 8-6-1964), m. Marjorie Jeanne Forshee (d. 1995), 6 issue, names unknown.
    2. John Francis (b. 2-7-1903; d. ?), m. in California, no other information available.
    3. Richard Joseph, I (b. 11-15-1904; d. 1-9-1910).
    4. Marie Isabelle (b. 10-30-1906; d. 4-16-1988), m. 8-6-1927 Harry Kilby of San Diego, settled in CA, no issue.
    5. Elizabeth (Betty)(b. 5-5-1908; d. 11-1981), m. 8-26-1931 Michael Thilmany (d. 3-1963), no issue.
    6. Ethyl Josephine (b. 9-4-1910; d. ?), m. 4-29-1935 George Heintz.
    7. Children of Ethyl (Nugent) & George Heintz:

      (i) LIVING (b. ?; d. ?)

      (ii) LIVING (b. ?; d. ?).

    8. Richard Joseph, II (b. 4-17-1913; d. 3-1975), m. 2-14-1942 Mary Cafferty (d. 11-1989), moved to CA, later divorced.

Children of Richard & Mary (Cafferty) Nugent:

(i) Unknown Nugent

(ii) Unknown Nugent

  1. iv. Laurence ("Lar") Nugent (b. 8-15-1879; d. 10-6-1961), m. Ellen Healy (b. in

Newfoundland 1-19-1878; d. 1-19-1965). Lived in Evanston.

Child of Laurence & Ellen (Healy) Nugent:

    1. John Francis (Frank)(b. 7-22-1901; d. 1992), m. (1st) Margaret Mersch (d. ?); m. (2nd) 8-17-1970 _______ Changeton, Menlo Park, CA (no issue in 2nd marriage).
    2. Child of John & Margaret (Mersch) Nugent:

      (i) LIVING Nugent (b. ?; d. ?).

    3. Catherine Margaret (b. 8-30-1902; d. 11-8-1982), m. Frank
    4. Sherry (d. 3-1977).

      Children of Catherine (Nugent) & Frank Sherry:

      (i) Unknown SON Sherry;

      (ii) Unknown DAUGHTER Sherry.

    5. Mary Gertrude ("Gert")(b. 3-20-1904; d. 11-15-1990), m. 8-
    6. 25-1928 William Harte (d. 10-4-1976).

      Children of Mary & William Harte:

      (i) Unknown Harte

      (ii) Unkown Harte

      (iii) Unknown Harte

      (iv) Unknown Harte

    7. Laurence Patrick (Larry)(b. 3-4-1906; d. 3-2-1974), m. 6-11-
    8. 1927 Eleanore Turskay (d. 4-6-1976).

      Child of Laurence & Eleanore (Turskay) Nugent:

      (i) LIVING Nugent (Flood).

    9. Irene Isabelle (b. 12-10-1913; d. 1995), m. (1st) 6-29-1935 George Krieman, 6 issue apparently of that marriage. M. (2nd) George Boros.
    10. Children of Irene (Nugent) & George Krieman:

      (i) Unknown SON Krieman

      (ii) Unknown SON Krieman

      (iii) Unknown SON Krieman

      (iv) Unknown SON Krieman

      (v) Unknown SON Krieman

      (vi) Unknown SON Krieman

    11. LIVING Nugent, m. 7-26-1941 _____ Lorden.

Children of LIVING (Nugent) & Lorden

(i) Unknown SON Lorden

(ii) Unknown SON Lorden.


  1. v. Mary ("Maud")(b. 1886; d. 7-17-1944); m. 1910 George Pestka, (policeman
  2. in Evanston, IL; b. c. 1882; d. c. late 1960’s; his parents b. in Germany).

Child of Mary (Nugent) & George Pestka:

    1. LIVING; m. _______ Reynolds.

Children of LIVING (Pestka) & Reynolds:

(i) LIVING Reynolds;

(ii) LIVING Reynolds (twins).

vi. Patrick (b. 1883; d. 1897), killed at Evanston RR crossing.

    1. James Gregory ("Greg") (b. 1884; d. 1945). Single, worked as telegraph operator, lived in Evanston.

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