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Research Newsletter July 2000 Produced by Pattrick Mould

Photographs in the 'photo gallery' have just arrived from Judith List in England, they include photo's of
Julia Mary Henderson b 11.07.1836, Grand daughters of Thomas Rose, Julia Mary McCallum (nee Henderson) with daughter and grandchildren; Alan Valentine and Doreen Rose Valentine; c 1911, Photo: Julia Madge Rose List (nee Valentine), Freya Rose Chandler, born 10th January 2000, Judith Rose List looking towards Edinburgh,

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Thomas Rose – Campbelltown
- Robyn McMellon Thomas Rose – Convict - Rosie Stevens
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Thomas Rose – Birth - Clare Washbon, Judy List, Barbara Osbourne.
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Rueben Rose FamilyBetty Raffaele
Monumental Inscriptions – Bathurst Pattrick Mould
Other Rose Families
- Christine Rose, Rose Family Association, California. Sid White
Monumental Inscriptions – Bathurst – Pattrick Mould
Roses in History

Administration Information – Pattrick Mould

We are a group of researchers that work independantly of each other but share our work so that it is not duplicated. I am the contact point for the group via email, snailmail, phone, and fax. Any material you send in that is relevant to the ROSE FAMILY will be put onto the webpages as a permanent feature or into the newsletter, so that the participants can access it.