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Missouri Surname Researchers
List O 
By Gary Smee

The purpose of this list is to bring people together who are researching the same surname(s). To use this list, simply locate the surname you are researching and then click on IT to contact the other researcher(s) who is/are working on the same surname(s). 

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O'AKERS born Missouri April 30,  1862 Parents  names  unknown Father born in Ireland mother born in Pennsylvania.
OAKES, Oscar Bernard Born 1862 in Obion County Tennessee, died September 1918.
OATES David Oliver Oates, born October 1839, KY; died bef. 1920, porb. Beaver Dam, Butler, MO. Married Sally Jane Sarah Herrin, born Oct 1857, MO. They had the following children: Arminta/Araminty Oates; Viola Oates; Vibillary Saphira Oates; and my grandfather *Jesse Thomas Oates, born April 22, 1892, Beaver Dam, Butler, MO.
OATMAN, Royse AND FAMILY - I have a copy of the July 17, 2000, Los Angeles Times, Section B, Page 8. 
The article is titled, "Tale of Kindness Didn't Fit Notion of Savage Indian", by Cecilia Rasmussen.  It is the story of ROYSE OATMAN and his family leaving Independence, MO February 19, 1850 with James Collins 
Brewster's Brewsterite Mormons for "Bashan" at the mouth of the Colorado River.  The article is especially about Olive Oatman and her sister, Mary, who were slaves of the Yavapai Indians and a year later living with the Mojave Indians in California. 

If anyone is interested, I would be glad to send a copy of the article.

O'BANION, Cornelious
married Matilda Mc Corkle and emmigrated from Indiana to Missouri after the civil war in which he served as a cook in the union army and received a pension for injury to his arm caused by being given "bad" vaccine.  They lived in Anderson, MO where he is buried.  He remarried a woman named Huffman in later years.  His son was WILLIAM O'BANION who married Alta Olive Denny and they also lived in Anderson.  Their son, my grandfather, BURL JAMES O'BANION married Lillie Louella Peery in Wellington, KS. where he was working on wheat harvest crew along with his brother Bert who married Lillie's sister, Alice Peery.  Lillie was helping the farmer's wife cooking for the crew of men.  They lived for a while with Cornelius after marrying and moving to MO. in a wagon.  She said they stopped at a dry goods store in Baxter Springs, KS and bought cookies and cheese which was their wedding dinner.  They slept under the wagon and the stars.  They later moved to OK where their water went bad and were afraid of Cholera so moved to Treece, KS.  where Burl worked as a blacksmith at the Lead and Zinc mines.  They moved finally to Baxter Springs, KS.  where they lived and owned property until their deaths and are buried in the Baxter Springs Cemetery.  Their children were: Sons; Leslie known as "Banty", Ardrain known as "Pod", Jeane B. and daughters; Thelma, Arvona, June and Nina.
O'BANNION John Hiram O'bannon b.1861 d. 9-26-1945 
+Sarah Ann Parsley b. 11-6-1867 d. 9-29--1909 Springfield, MO 
Dora Lee O'bannon 11-5-1902/03 d. 7-1981
O'BANNON John Hiram O'bannon b.1861 d. 9-26-1945 
+Sarah Ann Parsley b. 11-6-1867 d. 9-29--1909 Springfield, MO 
Dora Lee O'bannon 11-5-1902/03 d. 7-1981

OBERG, Bobby Dean dob:03/15/1968.Born at Univ. of Mo.Columbia MO.  at 10:35 p.m. bwght was 6#'s 12oz's .18and3/4 in long.He had strawberry/blond hair and blue eyes.  Bmothers name was Wanda Lee Oberg. Her dob is May 18  1950.You were adopted at birth by a couple who lived in St. Louis Co.Mo.  She was a teacher and he was an enginer of sort.Adoptin handled by Callaway Co. Div of family services in Fulton Mo. Please reply if this even sounds like you or someone you know.Or know how to reach you
OBERING St. Charles


OBERLAG Lincoln, Grundy
I am looking for information on the three O’Brien brothers who were sent from Ripley County Missouri to St. Louis and were in a Catholic orphanage.
Charles Morgan (my grandfather) born 1892 West Virginia
Maurice born approx 1894
Dennis (called himself Dan) born approx 1896
O'BRIEN, Andrew "Andry" St. Louis
O'BRIEN, Daniel "Dan"  St. Louis
O'BRIEN, Dennis Sr.
b. 8-15-1817 Waterford County, Parish of Dungarvan,  Ireland d. 1-14-1913 married Ellen Kanaley 1852 in NY NY just before they left NY for what eventually would be Louisiana, Missouri..
Dennis and Ellen O’Brien Sr. had 8 children I am aware, Edward b. ?,  Mary E. b. 1853,  Margaret b. 1854,    Kathleen b. 1857,  Thomas b. &-7-1858,  Dennis Jr. b. 12-16-1864,  John b. 4-18-1868, and  Timothy b. 4-8-1871.
Dennis married Rosella Mills on 4-21-1891 She was  b. 8-5-1869 Zanesville Ohio, d. Sept 1954 in Louisiana Missouri. They had 4 kids Nellie, George, Harry, and Catherine.
O'BRIEN, Dennis "Denis" St. Louis
O'BRIEN, Ellen
and her brother James also came over from Ireland on the same ship and at the same time as Thomas, Dennis and Dennis sister. Ellen died July 10, 1894 in Louisiana Missouri where Dennis Sr as did..
O'BRIEN, James St. Louis
O'BRIEN, James
lived in Osage and Maries Counties during the late 1900's.
Children,:  Mary Catherine, James Andrew, Jane, William Robert, and
Wife died about 1896 around Chamois area
married Emma Mantz on Jan 14, 1904. She was b. 1-15-1882 d. 5-27-1969. They had 4 daughters of which one is named Florence b. 2-6-1908 They are buried in Louisiana, Missouri.
The O’Brien’s also work in East St. Louis, and were Coal Miners.
O'BRIEN, John "Jack" St. Louis
married Mike Creamer.
O'BRIEN, Patrick born about 1840 in Ireland, emmigrated to St. Louis and was married to Mary Lawler in 1859.
O'BRIEN, Patrick
born 1815 died 1886 in St. Louis, MO. Headstone in Calvary indicates native of Cork Ireland. Son was John W. O'Brien, harness maker, also St. Louis (1849-1930), John's son (my GG Grandfather) was James Joseph O'Brien (1874-1939). We need info to get us back to Ireland. Immigration date believed to be 1864 or so
O'BRIEN, Thomas  St. Louis
O'BRIEN, Thomas
b. abt 1827 Waterford County, Parish of Dungarvan, Ireland, d. 4-7-1888 married Mary Powers b. 1801 Ireland d. 5-20-1860. Thomas and son Dennis Sr. arrived in NY NY in Aug 1846 on the ship “ Mary McKendre”. Thomas and Mary had at least 10 children
Thomas married Mae or Mary Main Fields of Redbud, Ill, I believe she was b. 1-19-1868 and d. 2-22-1907 in East St Louis Ill. They had 6 kids, Ernest, Dennis, Helen, Katherine, Margarette and Jennie. I have their info. Helen, Katherine, Margarette and Jennie were placed in  St Johns Orphanage of the Diocese of Belleville Ill for a couple years around the 1910 census.
O'BRIEN, Timothy "Tim" St. Louis
O'BRIEN, William
born in 1895 and lived in East St louis. The last of  5 children. He enlisted in the US Navy at age of 17. He died in Panama and had 4 children, 3 live there and 1 here in the US
O'BRYAN (Bryant, O'Brien, O'Brian)
Home Page
O'BRYAN Silas Wright; William Perry; Hamilton; Alexander Givens;  James; Caleb Hall;  Ivy; and others 
Missouri Counties include - Morgan, Cooper, Hickory, Sullivan, Pettis
Home Page
O'BYRNE Carroll (1873-1882)
OCHESKEY See Oyzaschckey
Oy'zeschki is the original spelling before Oyczaschckey When the family came over from Prommern,Germany in 1854.
OCHESKY See Oyzaschckey
OCKMAN, Artimz married to a John F. Wright.  Lived and died in the Cedar Gap, Mo. area.   At least 2 children. One - Johnnie Wright and a daughter, Sarah Jane Wright, born at Cedar Gap ( 6 Sept, 1879)  Have been unable to locate a cemetery in that area with graves for either Artimz or John.
O'CLAIR I am looking for anyone in the state of Missouri with the last name of Auclair, Auclaire, O'Clair, O'Claire, O'Clare, or other variation of the name.  I am working on the family genealogy and the name was spelled many different ways, but we are all from the same family. 


ODE St. Louis
O'DELL in Osage Co and Montgomery Co, MO from 1860 to present.
O'DELL, Joseph Marion Wayne Co, Missouri. I am trying to find information on this family
ODELL, Martha born in County Cork, Ireland, married John Berg in Craig, Missouri, Holt County July 29, 1877. They had three children Lena, George, and William.  Lena and George were born in Holt County.  They lived most of their life in St. Louis, Missouri
ODLE Rhire (possibly Uriah) Scott Odle lived mostly in Texas County Missouri and died there in 1943.  We are searching for information about his parents and grandparents.
ODOM, Eli born 1820 in MS came to Rives & St. Clair Co. in 1845.
ODOM, Moses Allen b. 1850 lived in Henry Co. until 1877 when he loved to IL.
O'DONELL, William Born in Ireland 2-12-1823, d. 3-4-1910, married Susan Divine in Penn. moved to St. Louis around 1852, settled in Union Mo. until his death in March of 1910, They had 13  children, four who survived to maturity, William, Henry, Susan & Mary
O"DONNELL, George Joseph married Rosa Viola Bennett. Thier known child was Joseph Lafayette O'Donnell. b 1898 in Mo. Joseph may have had a daughter named Peggy. He d 1972 in Owasso, Tulsa, Ok
OEHLR an immigrantion surname of German immigrants. My guess is that Ailor's were an   among the Lutherans and had probaly registered in a Syod in your area.  I know that James Patterson Ailor married a Sallie Sharp from Tennessee, early 1800's.  The It makes sense to me that the Sharps and the Ailors would have worked and worshiped together in MO before they homesteaded in Tennessee. Are there any Lutheran church records with the names Ailor (American), or any germans Oehlr?  Simmiliar syntax's within the context of the "Oehlr" sound could be helpful.  If it sounds like "Oehlr" and "Ailor" maybe it would help with this genie. 
OEHLSCHLAEGER Lafayette County
OELSEN Roselle and Ironton MO
OESTREICH, Johannes born 1783 Germany, wife Anna Marie born 1785 Germany, son Michael born 1817 Germany, and daughter Anna Mar born 1821 Germany. Came to St. Louis, Missouri 1839 via New Orleans. 
O'FALLON Crawford, St. Louis & City
OFFE, Nancy She married Jass HUSKEY. I dont  know how many kids they had. My grandfathers name was Jasper HUSKEY. He married ELLEN shipley.I know they lived in kingston township in washington county missouri. I found them in the 1920 cencus. I dont know where they are buried or where they were married.
OGAN, Eva Florance
married Marcus L. Bashford, 31 Dec 1891, Daviess County, Missouri.
Looking for any information on who Eva's  parents and sibling were.
Eva Florence Ogan and Marus Leonard Bashford, had one child.
Sylvia Elizabeth Bashford, 18 December 1894. Eva and Leonard Marcus, were not together in the  1900 US Census of Livingston County, where Leonard and Sylvia were found.
OGAN, Nancy Jane OH @age 10 she was living in
Louisiana twp.Pike Co.,MO June 17, 1870 with Phillip
M.Ogan age 32 b.Oh
Wife Anna M. Ogan age 30 b.OH 
Dau Vadee Ogan age 4 b.IA
Son Phillip W.Ogan age 8 months b.MO

Nancy Married John Westly Wise 10Jan 1878 in
Cassville, Barry, MO at Lee Ogan's house they had 8
children in MO
Irie or Ira Victor,b.8Feb 1887 in MO 
Walter Wise(No info)
Nevada Wise(No info)
Austus Wise(No info)
Eva    Wise(No info)
Edith Angeline Wise b.30 Jan 1895 MO 
Guy b.Wise 19 MAR 1898 MO
OGDEN, Presley married Sarah Chandler Hartley 1855 in Cole County.  Presley m1 Rebecca Coffelt 1839 in Cole County and Sarah m1 Zimri Hartley 1843 Platte County   Home Page
OGLE Jefferson
OGLESBY Perla Ray Oglesby Sr. born 11-9-1892; Benjamin Newman Oglesby born May ?, 1853, Rueben or Ruben Oglesby born 1821; Archibald Oglesby born 1794.  Any information on their decendents, births, deaths, spouses, places they lived/died would be helpful.
O'GRADY Catherine and Patrick Madden were married circa 1848. Two children were born in St. Louis, MO: Mary Ann in May 1850 and Jerome Edward in December 1854. Looking for 1850 census location or any other 
OGUIN Charles E. O'Guin born in TN? btwn 1903-1910 is my grandfather.  From what I have managed to learn so far his father was Jim K. O'Guin born MO and his mother was Mary born in TN.
Maggie Lee, 1896-1925 St. Clair/Franklin, Scott Solomon,1865-1919 Scott, Cape Girardeau
John, Charles, Gustave, Katherine
St. Louis City and Jefferson County, Kimmswick, MO
OHSIEK Franszika..... Germany, Mo., St.Louis &St.Charles
she was born in Chamois, Mo in 1910.
O'KEEFE Moberly

James Elias or Elias James Oldfield and wife Mary Ann Dement  either Barry County or McDonald County, Missouri
OLDHAM Lewis County
OLDMAN NEW MADRID MO to Poinsett County Arkansas
OLDS Schuyler

Anna or Hannah

I believe she would have been born around 1840 - 1850.  She would have been in the Saint Louis area around 1880 -1900.
She married a Bohemian by the name of KRIZ, Mathias or Wilhelm.  I have not been able to locate any information on Anna OLDS to date.
O'LEARY St. Francois
OLIVER Franklin
Counties:  Calloway, Taney
Listed in the 1900 census of Dunklin County,  His wife was Bell, they had 2 sons and 2 daughters along with his mother, Nancy.
OLIVER, John Robert step father was Pink Willis, married to Mary Magnaline 
Monahan, half sisters Jane, Hattie, Edie, half brothers James (Jim) and William (Bill) Willis.  Lived in or near Kennett, Mo. 1919. 
OLIVER, Robert A. b.1857; d. June 10, 1934.  Wife was  Lucinda "Lucy" Couch.  They lived in Oregon County, Missouri.   I have alot of info on the Couch family.
OLIVER, William Arthur dob 02/27/1868 in Illinois, dod 03/03/1944 in California. His mother's name was Susan K. Fosnell Oliver. He was one of 11 or 13 children. He married my grandmother Mary Jane Lawson on Jan. 2, 1894 in Keytesville, MO. They had seven children all born in Missouri. Of his siblings I know there was a sister named Bertha born in 1874 and that she had a twin brother.  He also had a brother who went by A.J. I believe he was married several times and had several children.  There may also have been a sister named Maude. I hope someone out there can add to this.
in the St. Louis, St. Charles, & Jefferson City areas
O'MALLEY, James Patrick born June 14, 1875 in Louisiana, Pike County, Missouri.  He married Mary Rebecca Protzman (from Clyde, Missouri).  James 
died January 2, 1928 in Billings, Montana.
O'MARA, Ollie Born in St. Louis on Mar 8, 1891 and died in Reno, Nv on October 26, 1989
O'MEARA, John B.  St Louis County, St Louis City
O'MEARA, Joseph St Louis County, St Louis City
O'MEARA, Patrick St Louis County, St Louis City
O'MEARA, Thomas St Louis County, St Louis City
O'MEARA, William St Louis County, St Louis City


O'NEAL William M ONEALb.1831 TN m Sarah C Pulley. Brother Raleigh S (Rolley) ONEAL
O'NEAL Ripley
O'NEAL Marion O'Neal married Sarah Francis Byrd March 13, 1866 in Mercer Co.   counties: Mercer
O'NEIL, Eugene Francis

ONEIL, M.  (ab. 1852)
O'NEILL St. Louis
ORAM, Henrietta  parents John ORAM and Margaret Ann CARSON. Born 4 May,1843 St. Louis,MO.Married DeWitt Clinton GRAY 23 June,1868 St. Louis. Died Chicago,Il 7 Jan.,1927. Buried Bellfontaine Cem.,St.Louis.Children; Carrie, Jessie, Corinne, Charles Wellington,Mignon.
ORAM, John born aproximately 1817 in Ohio according to 1860 Census taken in St. Louis(haven't found evidence of it yet).Married Margaret Ann CARSON in St. Louis 29 June,1841;three children,John, William Eugene, Henrietta. Was the engineer on paddlewheeler that Sam CLEMENS was on when he took the name Mark TWAIN.Died of St. Anthony's Fire in Bismarck,Dakota Territory 22 May, 1874. Buried Bellfontaine Cem.,St.Louis,MO
ORANGE Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Dunklin
ORDWAY, John (Sgt) a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition who settled in Missouri on land given as payment for participation in the 
trek.  He was born in New Hampshire to John and Hannan (MORSE) ORDWAY. 

O'REILLY, John  St Louis County, St Louis City
O'REILLY, Mathew St Louis County, St Louis City
O'REILLY, Richard St Louis County, St Louis City



ORMANDY, John Cliffborne placed under the guardianship of J.C. Cabanne/Cabarre on July 25th 1878.
ORMANDY, Ruth placed under the guardianship of J.C. Cabanne/Cabarre on July 25th 1878.
ORR, Bessie Myrtle
ORR, Deborah A. was born Deborah A. Hayes in 1825.  She married and divorced Charles A. Orr in Johnson County, MO.  She then married Arent Terherst and moved to Cherokee Co, KS where she died in 1905.
ORR, William J.
He was the father of my gr. grandmother, Roxana Orr. Roxana was married to John Henry Declue in Mo.
Iron Co.
ORRISON, Harvey Clay b. April 6, 1883 
Mother Nellie Loretta Akerman B.?  I do not know where they were born or when they were married.  My Mother Dorothy  Jane Orrison was born Jan 8, 1915.  She changed her name to Dorothy Loretta Orrison I don't know what date.  The 
Orrison including Harvey Clay Orrison Jr. b. March, 26, 1908  Lived at 1804 E. 17 St.  Kansas City, Mo. at the time of Dorothy Orrison birth 
I have been unable to locate any info on this family.  Harvey Clay Orrison Sr.  was employed by the Lindy Air Products.  They moved to Houston Tx. in 1927.  Mr. Orrison became the Superintendent of Lindy Air in Houston. 
I know that Harvey Clay Orrison had 7  brothers and 2 sisters.
OSBORN See Osborne
Barry, Jasper, Lawrence and Newton Counties
OSBORN, Lillie

Texas Co.
Mary OSBORN was the daughter of George WRIGHT of Noble Co. IN.  George WRIGHT was the brother of Lucinda's husband, James WRIGHT, who was a Methodist-Episcopal Minister & Lucinda was listed in the 1910 Texas Co. MO census as "Aunt-In-Law". 
OSBORNE, Mary Elizabeth born 1866 and died in CA in 1932.  Married Joseph Sterling GILLETTE.  Looking for information on her parents.
OSENBAUGH Cary/Gary and Elicia, children: Mary Anna (born 1886 in Lockwood, Missouri, married John Gorges), Elsie, and Helena.
O'SHAUGHNESSY Phelps, St. Louis
Chariton County
OSIEK, Henry Carl Jr.

OSTROM, Charles
Married Maria Louise Hernquist, Cross Timbers, Hickory County, MO. Had seven children: John Albert, Nels, Henry, Alexes, Lydia, Ida, & Joseph.  
OSTROM, Lloyd Edgar b. 1872, father:Edgert C. married to Mrs. Elizabeth Warden in Sullivan Co. 1871

OTIS, John Henry
and Francis Victoria Whittier family to list of Missouri Surnames.  They owned and worked 600 acres of farmland back in the 1860' s which I understand was a land grant from Civil War service of John Henry Otis or Henry Otis. This would have been in the Grandby or Neosho area. They raised 6 children and borderd orphans.  Henry passed in 1918-19, buried  in MO and Victoria passed in 1927, buried in Arkansas.
O'TOOLE, William born on January 1, 1863 in either St. Charles or St. Louis.  He  died on January 17, 1939 location unknown.  Both his parents were born on Ireland, I have no information on siblings.  The Missouri Dept. of Health has no record of his dying in any city or county of Missouri.  Both his parents were born in Ireland.  He is buried in Kingsville.  I am trying to trace the family back to Ireland and need any information about his parents.
O'TOOLE, William born July 1, 1863 and died in Kansas City, Kansas on January 17, 1939.  His father was Andrew O'Toole and his mother was Ellen Sheerin, they were both born in Ireland.  Hopefully I can find some information that will allow me to trace my family to Ireland. 
OTT, Anna Virginia Jackson
OTT, Clara Myrtle m. Robert William Reed ( from Galena) some time before 1927 and moved to St louis MO in about 1926 or 27. ( ail road job required moving) Had two children a boy and a girl . Jack A (b. 1930?)and Josephine A. (B 1927) Sisters Effie (AKA THE CANDY AUNT because she made some seriously great candy), Mable, Gertrude, Irene.( aka Tiny) . does any thing sound familiar to any one? 
OTT, Clara Myrtle (m. Robert Willliam Reed), Effie, Irene, Gertrude, Mabel, all daughters of Franklin Ott. dau all lived in Springfield MO area until death except fot Clara Myrtle who lived in St Louis, MO until her death. 

OTTO, Alma These are my grandparents.  I have information that goes only a few generations before this:
OUSLEY Sarah Jane Ousley m. Jeremiah Gullion and they had daughter, Elizabeth b. 2/1870, maybe other chdn. Looking for descendants. 
Frederick OUTCALT (1797-1883) and wife Jane (1799-1860s), both b. NJ, moved from IN to Chillicothe, Livingston County, MO between 1860-1870 with children Sarah, Peter, and Benjamin.  Frederick, Jane, Sarah, and Benjamin died there; I am looking for burial location. 
Sarah married John JAMISON; they had a daughter Sarah (1863-1949); no death location for her.      
Peter (1829 OH-1911) married Annis ? (1829 OH-aft 1912) in OH.  Between 1892-1897 they were in Osceola, St. Clair Co., MO from where they moved to Willow Springs, Howell Co., MO.  They had five children;
Sarah Elizabeth, my ggrandmother, about whom I have a lot of information;
George Willard (1856-aft 1920) m. Ella; five children, at least three died young;  
Anna F. (1829-aft 1912) m. Joseph FISHER; two children; 
Charles P. (1862-1945) m. Cordelia A. ?DYER?; six, possibly seven children;
Mary Emma (1869-1956) unmarried. 
Looking for maiden name and death date of Annis; burial location of Peter and Annis, and hope to locate living descendants of George and Charles P.
OVERALL Trying to find information on John Joseph Overall b. abt 1831 to 35 England, Wife Clara Harnes Overall b. England  in  Newton Missouri, 1871. Unknown if County or town. 
OVERFELT Callaway County - Michael Overfelt and family moved to Mo. about 1820.  Son Eli Overfelt may have been a Mo. state legislator 1840-1844, Charles Agustus Overfelt, son of Eli Born in Fulton February 27, 1835.
born 1827
OVERLEASE, Nancy Ellen

OVERSTREET Jasper, Newton, Barton
OWEN, Francis Home Page    Jackson
OWEN, Jane Gasconade, Osage
OWEN, Joicey Home Page    Andrew
OWEN, Josiah Edger methodist minister died around 1936 or 37
OWEN, John  Mercer
OWEN, Martha Ann Home Page    DeKalb
OWEN, Thomas Home Page    Pike
OWEN, William Mercer
OWENS Oregon
OWENS Clark, Pike
OWENS, David b. 1817
OWENS, Gemima b. 1824
OWENS, Gilford I b. 1823
OWENS, John b. 1830
OWENS, Marth A b. 1833
OWENS, Noaha b. 1820
OWENS, Parris J.
These Owens were located in Newton County, MO and in McDonald County, MO  in 1860. I could never find him on a Missouri 1860 census.  He married Elvira Hutchison in 1858 and they had two girls, Sarah and Caledonia. He was murdered in Batesville, AR in 1861,  He had siblings in Benton Co., Carroll Co. and Boone Co. Arkansas.
OWENS, Rachel Ann b. 1823
OWENS, Rueben B. 1785
OWENS, Samuel
OWENS, Thomas b. 1826
OWENS, William King B. 1814
OWENS, William King born in 1896 and died in 1938 when he was murdered. i believe my ggreatgrandpas name was elias. and he had a  bunch of children, one being my ggg grandpa george a owens.
OWINGS family originally descended from Richard abt 1668 in Baltimore
OWSLEY Marion, Lewis
OWSLEY Putnam, Morgan, Hickory
OWSLEY Malkijah Von/Vaughn "Kige" Owsley, m- Sarah Ann 
Shawhan, daughter of Charles Shawhan and Ann (?) 
son: Claude "Ernest" Owsley-b-1886, Lone Jack, Mo.

OXFORD Harrison
OXFORD, Albert  Grundy, Daviess, Mercer, Harrison and Morthwest Mo. counties.
OXFORD, America 
OXFORD, Bathsheba 
OXFORD, Christina 
OXFORD, Jacob B. II 
OXFORD, Jacob Russell
OXFORD, James Madison
OXFORD, Jonathan 
OXFORD, Locca 
OXFORD, Locky 
OXFORD, Mary Jane 
OXFORD, Rosanna
OXFORD, Russell George
OXFORD, William

OYZASCHCKEY Osage and Gasconade counties.  Also from St Joseph and Kansas City area.  Does anyone know of any relative of a James Ochesky born in Arkansas and lived in California.
OZMUN I am looking for information on Nelson Ozmun who lived Nodaway Co. Mo in 1860.  I think he was a brother to my Lorenzo Ozmun who died in Story Co., Iows in 1859.

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