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The Trader or Wrexham Trader was a free weekly paper in which advertising was dominant. However there was other content in the form of articles of local or general interest, and brief items of news (local, national and of the war), which is being reproduced here from 1916 issues of The Trader, together with a selection of the adverts placed by local traders.

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Issue of Thursday, 6th January, 1916

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The old year was ushered out in silence. The gale had abated awhile as if Nature itself desired in some special way to mark the passing of Anno Domini 1915. The closing days of the year had been dull, dark and dismal, with frequent rainstorms of equinoctial violence. Towards midnight on the last day there was a brief lull in the tempest and the sky was ablaze with brilliant stars. Many hundreds watched the night pass out under the tower of Wrexham church. This year the service was most impressive. The pause before the striking of the hour, the oft-returning thoughts of absent friends in trench or afloat, the memories inspired by the memorials of the dead past emblazoned on the walls of the church, and the vision of two thousand people in the attitude of worship at the hour

When churchyards yawn
And Hell itself breaths out
Contagion to this world –
all seemed to possess a solemn significance. Then the joy-bells rang out and the tension was over. We exchanged the familiar greetings and afterwards wended our way homeward, pausing here and there to listen to the carollers announcing the New Year in their favourite way. Long before day-break the hurricane returned and for hours afterwards we had to face the fury of wind and rain. It seemed a very unpromising beginning of a year on which so many hopes have been built, but it served to remind us of the anxious times in which we are living and of the duties that lie before us all during the year which has just begun.

- - - - - o0o - - - - -


We desire to call the attention of every reader of The Trader to the appeal just issued by the Mayor, Councillor L. B. Rowland, on behalf of the Wrexham War Work Committee. The town is fully organised with the representative committees in each of the four wards who can be called together at any moment by the Mayoress when any important war work is required to be done. An example of the efficiency of such an organisation was shown in the recent effort for the sick and wounded on "Our Day" as a result of which about £500 was raised by the people of Wrexham and district. The Mayor's present appeal is for donations on behalf of a fund out of which it is intended to send comforts to Wrexham men at the front. Contributions may be sent to the Central Depot, 40 High Street, Wrexham, which is open daily, and we can assure our readers that any subscription they send will be gratefully received and properly spent.

Wrexham War Work Committee: Mayoral Appeal

I Desire to appeal most strongly to the generous and patriotic People of Wrexham not to relax, but, on the contrary, to increase their efforts to provide our gallant lads at the Front with comforts during this inclement and trying winter.

As the number of the Battalions of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers serving on the various Fronts has now greatly increased, it naturally follows that the need for your kindness has proportionately grown.

The war work of the town is now fully organised, and the Committee working each ward formed.

In addition to providing comforts for the several Battalions of the R. W. Fusiliers, we hope to help the various war funds as occasion arises, and also assist Wrexham men serving in other units.

I shall be glad to receive Subscriptions, either in lump sums of weekly contributins, and same can be sent to me or to the Town Clerk at the Guildhall, or to the Mayoress at the Central Depot, 40 High Street, Wrexham, which is open daily. Arrangements will be made for the collection – by house to house visitation – of the weekly subscribers.

L. B. ROWLAND, Mayor.

- - - - - o0o - - - - -


Sergt. Herbert Stokes, of the 3rd Shropshires, who returned from the front wounded, was found shot dead with a rifle near him at Pembroke Dock, on Wednesday.

The total number of United States immigrant aliens fell from 1,218,480 in the previous year to 326,700 in the period ended June 30th last, the lowest number for 20 years.

Mr. Daniel Edwards, who began life as a labourer, and became the proprietor of one of the largest tin-making concerns in West Wales, died on Wednesday.

There will be practially no students of military age at the University College of North Wales, Bangor, during the coming session. The students will be nearly all women.

While Mr. Rees Nicholas, carpenter, of Penycal, Port Talbot, was examining part of a German shell brought home by a friend from France it exploded and blew away part of his right hand.

The Berlin Chamber of Commerce, in its yearly report, claims that, except in the building trades, the situation at the end of 1915 is more satisfactory than anybody expected a year ago.

The dead body of Felix Heaton, aged 24, was found, on Thursday, hanging from a beam in a barn at Lees Moor Farm, near Keighley. The hay in the barn was on fire. In the farmhouse Heaton's aunt, a widow named Midgely, was found dead with her throat cut.

A large quantity of cod liver oil having found its way to Germany, where the glycerine can be utilised in the manufacture of explosives, the Newfoundland Government has cancelled all licences under which traders formerly exported the product and substituted other regulations.

The Foreign Office has set up a new department which will be concerned with preventing trade with the enemy in neutral countries by British persons, firms, or companies.

The R.M.S.P. Merionethshire has arrived in London having among its cargo a new flagstaff for Kew Gardens, measuring 215ft. and weighing 18 tons, which has been presented by the Government of British Columbia. It is one of the largest flagstaffs in the world, and is made from the trunk of a Douglas fir tree.

Mr. James Hobson, of Coole Pilate, Nantwich, a noted Cheshire farmer, died on Friday. Mr. Hobson was a great maker of Cheshire cheese, and among many triumps he won the championship one year at the London Dairy Show. He was one of a family of brothers who have climbed from the bottom to the top of the agricultural ladder. He began farming in a small way, and when he died he was the owner of two big farms.

- - - - - o0o - - - - -


France and Flanders
Heavy artillery fire has been the chief feature of the fighting on the western front, effective work having been done by the British, French and Belgian armies. British Headquarters has reported, in addition to bombardments, a successful bombing raid at a point on the southern part of our front. Extravagant claims have been made by the Germans concerning their mine attack at Givenchy, which was reported briefly by our Headquarters in Sunday night's despatch.

Russian Front
News as to the fighting in the south-east of the Russian front is contained in a communiqué issued in Petrograd on Sunday. The Russians have occupied several heights nbear Czernowitz in the Bukovina. Farther north, on the Strypa, they have driven the enemy back. And, north again, near Chartoryisk, they have repulsed an Austrian counter-attack. The main fighting has evidently been in the Czernowitz region. Here the Russians captured 15 officers, 855 men, three machine guns, and a bomb mortar. The Austrian reply to these Russian statements is dated Monday. It denies that the Austrian line has been broken north-east of Czernowitz and claims, with suspicious similarity of figures, that three Russian officers and 850 men have been captured.

The Cameroons
Yaunde, in the German Cameroon, was occupied by the British Force under Colonel Gorges on New Year's Day. The enemy is retreating south and south east. Our troops are in contact with his rearguard. Yaunde was declared the capital of the German Cameroon before Buea was occupied by the Allies. The German officials fled from Yaunde before the British troops marched in.

The Balkans
The Balkan situation is reported to be moving steadily in favour of the Allies. Strong measures have been taken at Salonika in consequence of an enemy air raid on Thursday, when a bomb, thrown on a Greek squadron which was manoeuvring before Prince Andrew, killed a shepherd 50 metres away. The Allied military authorities on Friday arrested the German, Austrian, Bulgarian and Turkish consulates and placed them on board a battleship. They have since been taken to Malta. Altogether some 350 persons, accused of espionage, including the Norwegian Consul, have been arrested, and it is stated that the Greek Government has requested the release of the Consuls and also of Greek subjects among the arrested.
Germany's withdrawal of effective forces from Serbia is expected to influence the Greek attitude. Bulgarian ambitions have interfered with enemy plans to attack Salonika. Austrian camps at Ghevgeli have been bombarded successfully by French airmen.

- - - - - o0o - - - - -

Next Monday a fine domestic drama, entitled "The Moth and the Flame," will be shown at The Glynn Theatre exclusively. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday "The Terror Twin Mountain", a thrilling two-part drama, and "Cupid and the Scrub-Lady", a side-splitting comedy, are features of a star programme, which should attract crowded houses every evening.

- - - - - o0o - - - - -


The Working Man's Tailor & Outfitter
Gents Overcoats from 21/-
Suits to Measure from 30/-

- - - - -

Coal Merchants,
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Careful attention given to all Orders.

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Painter and Decorator.
14 & 16 Penybryn, Wrexham.
Established 1879 and still going.

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Buy your presents from
Bank Street, Wrexham.
We have in Stock a fine selection of Jewellery, Watches,
Clocks, Electro Plate, Wedding and Engagement Rings.

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The Auction Rooms,
9 Chester St., Wrexham.
If the Sale Day is not convenient to you, call any day during the week.
You can purchase privately at Auction Prices.
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Charges Strictly Moderate.
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Dental Surgery,
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Painter and Decorator,
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