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Wills & Admons

Reproduced here with the kind permission of Marie Rosewarne

Matthew DANIEL

of Morvah, Yeoman

Dated 14 Dec 1758

To wife Constance, during her life, freehold estates in Kernow in the parish of Madron, Polmeer in the parish of Zennor, Pontins-piece, Gemball & Forslooth in the parish of St Cleer, chattel estates of Trevowhan and Rosemergy in the parish of Morvah, dwelling house in Penzance in possession of John MADDERN, with profits of the sheaf tythe out of tenements in Morvah

To kinsman William DANIEL son of brother John, estates in the parish of St Cleer, subject to payment of mortgage to Mr John BEARD of Penzance and also estates in Kernow and chattel estate being 1/8 part of Rosemergy

To Matthew DANIEL, brother of William, £20 to be paid by William

To William DANIEL, dwelling house in Penzance in possession of John MADDERN

To Elizabeth wife of Matthew EDWARDS, 40s pa

To John MADDERN the elder now or late of Zennor, 1/3 part of tenement of Polmeer

To Matthew MADDERN, son of John, remaining 2/3 of tenement of Polmeer and the field or close of land called Mean Strephes, part of the tenement of Polmeer, house called the dairy house, a plot at the chimney end of the house, and a proportionate part of the commons of Polmeer for pasture and fuel, after the deaths of John MADDERN and David
 EDDY junr.

To kinsman John DANIEL, son of brother John, moiety of tenement in Polmeer, after the deaths of John MADDERN and David EDDY junr, and all rent & profits of the other moiety of the said tenement in Polmeer, after the deaths of John
 MADDERN and David EDDY, until Matthew, son of John DANIEL reaches the age of 21

To Matthew DANIEL, son of John, moiety in Polmeer on reaching the age of 21- if he dies before age 21 his father to have it

To John DANIEL, leasehold estate in Trevowhan and part of the leasehold estate in Rosemergy of which Mr George
 BORLASE is lord

The following legacies to be paid by John DANIEL:

To William, son of Mark DANIEL,  £5

To John, son of Matthew EDWARDS, £5

To Thomas and James, sons of Edmund NICKLES of Sennen, £4 and £6 respectively

Wife Constance, executrix & residue

Witnesses: Thomas HOSKING, Nic: WALLIS, Cr: WALLIS

Proved 26 Sep 1759
(Ref. Vol. 6, p 475 - LDS Film No. 0090195)

Thomas GILES

of Morvah, Yeoman

Dated 18 Jun 1723

Wife Mary GILES to be maintained by executor, but if she goes from executor, £4 per year out of tenement of Cruster[?] in Morvah

To daughter Mary, wife of Tristram DAVY, 1s

To daughter Catherine, wife of John NICHOLLS the younger, 10s

To youngest son Joseph GILES, tenement in Bosewense in Sancreed, now in his possession, £5, and bedstead

To eldest son Thomas GILES, residue and executor
The sign of Thomas Giles

Witnesses: John LANYON, William HAND, Margrett WILLIAMS
Proved 11 Feb 1723
(Ref. Vol 6, p 191 – LDS Film No. 0090188)

Thomas GILES

of Tregiminion in Morvah, Yeoman

Dated 24 Dec 1783

To wife Anne GILES, £6 pa while she lives in the house with executor, plus maintenance - if she leaves the house a further £14 pa, plus bedding and household goods to be returned to executor on her death

To son-in-law William MATHEWS, husband of daughter Elizabeth, 1 guinea, and to have no further claim on estate

To son Henry GILES, at age 24, part of tenement of Bojuvian in St Just, leased to James OATS, commonly called Bottrells [?] Tenement, also 1/12 part of tenement of Keigwiden in St Just

To son Richard GILES, at age 24, £100 and leasehold estate in Trewillard in St Just, leased to Edward POLGREAN & John CRASE

Sons Richard & Henry
to live with executor until age 24, and to be maintained by him, and to be given 20s pa pocket money from age 20

To daughter Grace GILES, at age 21, £5 pa until her marriage, and also £100 on her marriage, provided her husband settles on her £10 pa or £200 payable on his death, otherwise annuity of £5 pa to continue

To daughter Mary GILES, as for daughter Grace

Son Joseph GILES
, residue & executor
Signed Thomas GILES

Witnesses: Henry GILES junr, ………… SPURR
Proved 16 Jan 1784
(Ref. Vol 16, p 30 - LDS Film No. 0090200)

George HALL

of Morvah, Tinner

Dated 8 Oct 1672

To son in law John TREMBATH, all goods not otherwise disposed

To daughters Jane HALL, Honour HALL, Margaret HALL and Elizabeth HALL, now wife of Barnard EDWARDS, corn in mowhay

To daughter Ann THOMAS, wife of James THOMAS of Madron, pan of 2 gallons

To sons in law, James THOMAS and Barnard EDWARDS, one bushell of barley each

To Sisely THOMAS, daughter of James THOMAS, one ewe, and to his daughters Ann and Honour THOMAS, 2s each

To Ralph and John TREMBATH, sons of John TREMBATH, 2s each, and to his son George TREMBATH, 2s and one ewe kid, and to his daughter Cheston TREMBATH, one ewe

To child (not yet born) of Elizabeth EDWARDS wife of Barnard EDWARDS, 2s
Sum of £9 owed by John TREMBATH, by agreement dated 4 Sep 1658, to be paid as follows: 40s to daughter Jane HALL, 20s to daughter Cheston TREMBATH, 20s to Edmond EDWARDS for the use of grandson George EDWARDS, son of Barnard EDWARDS, 26s 8d each to daughters Honour HALL, Margaret HALL and Elizabeth EDWARDS wife of  Barnard EDWARDS

To Richard TREMBATH and his two sons, 18d

To Thomas MADDERN and his two daughters, 18d

To Margaret WATIER and her son and daughter, 18d

To John ANGWIN, son of William ANGWIN, 6d

To An NOYE daughter of Walter NOYE, 6d

To John GODGE junr, 6d

To poor of Morvah, 12d

To Siscely EDWARDS daughter of Hugh EDWARDS, 6d

To three daughters Jane, Honor and Margaret, residue and executors
Sign and seal of George Hall

Witnesses: John LANYON, John TREMBATH
Inventory taken 28 Oct 1672 by Walter NOY and Richard TREMBATH – valued at 26L 8s 3d
Proved 28 Apr 1673
(Ref. AP/H/1746 – LDS Film 1565985)

Alice MANN

of Morvah, Widow

Daughter Mary, Grandsons John son of John MANN, William son of Edward MANN, James son of Edward MANN
Granddaughter Elizabeth daughter of Edward MANN Matthew Daniel, executor (renounced executorship)

Admon granted 7 May 1804 to Mary wife of Arthur BERRYMAN
Bondsmen: Mary wife of Arthur BERRYMAN of St Just, John BERRYMAN of St Just, yeoman, Charity MAN of Madron, widow.

James MANN

of Morvah, Tinner

Dated 12 Feb 1764

To son John, tythe sheaf of Higher Trevenorn [?], house that Constance RICHARDS lives in and large garden adjoining

To daughter Mary, £3 payable after 3 years

To daughter Elizabeth, £3 payable after 3 years

To sons Edward and William, 40s each at age 21 and maintenance until age 16

To wife Alice, residue during her life - if she remarries son James to have all and to pay her 20s
Signed: James MAN

Witnesses: William MANN, Richard TREMBATH
Proved 12 May 1764
(Ref. Vol. 8, p 622 - LDS Film No. 0090196)

John MAN

of Morvah, Yeoman

Dated 11 May 1754

To elder daughter Mary, 5s to be paid within 12 months

To son William, 5s to be paid within 12 months

To daughter Sarah, 5s to be paid as above

To daughter Margaret, 5s to be paid as above

To son John, 5s to be paid as above

To wife Jane and son Richard (executors), all land, messuages & tenements - if wife Jane remarries she is to have but £1 per year
The sign of John MAN

Witnesses: Wm RODDA and Thomas HARRY
Proved 30 Apr 1759

Richard MANN

of Morvah, Yeoman

Dated 29 Nov 1797

To daughter Jane, £10 to be paid after 3 months, and 20s to buy a gown

To Elizabeth, wife of Ralph HILL, 5s to be paid after 3 months, and 20s to buy a mourning gown

To daughters Margaret, Alice, Ann and Catherine, £7 each to be paid after 3 months, and 20s each to buy a gown

Sons John MANN and Richard MANN, and wife Jane MANN, joint executors & residue
Signed Richard MANN

Witnesses: Edward MAN, S: USTICK
Proved 27 Dec 1797

William MANN

of Morvah, Tinner

Dated 23 Apr 1765

To wife Mary, all goods & chattels, but if she marries one shilling only

To son William, entire estate if his mother marries, or after her death; if he marries and does not live with his mother he shall have £5

Sister Sarah to be maintained during her life if she lives with executor, otherwise to have what ‘do belong to her’

James MANN to be guardian of William if his mother dies before he reaches the age of 21
The sign of William [W] Mann

Witnesses: Hannib: HARRY, James MANN
Admon granted 9 May 1777 to Mary MANN of Morvah, widow and relict
Bondsmen: Mary MANN of Morvah, widow, Henry BONE of Madron, yeoman, Richard LIMBREY of Penzance, yeoman


of Morvah, Tinner

Admon granted 12 Nov 1743 to Peternell TREMBATH, mother
Bondsmen: Peternell TREMBATH of Morvah, widow, William GILBERT (signed JELBART) of Madron, tinner, Thomas RICHARDS of Penzance, cordwainer
LDS Film 189696