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Of Morvah
Married at Madron

Donated by Patricia Hard OPC for Madron

Although every care is taken when transcribing these records errors can occur.  It is therefore advisable that they should be used as a guide until you are able to consult the original

1710 Feb 12  Richard RODDA, (Madron) to Ann DANIEL  (wid) (Morvah)

1720 Sep 26  John RICHARDS, (St Ives) to Ann WONEN,  (Morvah)

1721 Oct 12  Walter NOY,  (Morvah) to Blanch GILES,  (Morvah)

1721  Oct 14  Richard MAN, (Morvah) to  Mary TULMEAR, (St Just)

1722 Apr 27 John MADDERN,  (Morvah) to   Jane BORLASE, (Madron)

1722 Nov 29  Richard TREMBATH,  (Morvah) to Hannah MADDERN,  (Madron)

1722 Feb 12  William TREMBATH,  (Morvah) to Margery TREMBATH, (Morvah)

1724 Feb 24  Mathias DANIEL,  (Madron) to Margery Mann? HAR?,  (Morvah) 

1726 Jan 05  William RICHARDS,  (Morvah) to Anne GILES,  (Morvah) 

1727 Jul 17  John DONNITHORNE, (Madron) to Blanch HARRY, (Morvah)

1732 Feb/Mar  John RICHARDS,  (Madron) to Jane LADNER,  (Morvah)

1732 Jun 08 Edward GYLAS,  (Morvah) to  Anne ANGUIN, (Madron)

1733 Jan 13 Hannibal HARRY,  (Morvah) to  Alice TREMBATH, (Ludgvan)

1734 Apr 17  Thomas NEKERWIS,  (St Just) to Loveday GREENFIELD,  (Morvah)

1734 Jul 13  Arthur TREMBATH  (Morvah) to Mary MATTHEWS,  (Morvah)

1734 Oct 16 John TREMBATH,  (Morvah) to  Honor HARRY, (Morvah)

1737 Apr 29 John HARRY,  (Morvah) to Jane THOMAS,  (Morvah)

1738 Jun 01 John MAN,  (Morvah) to Jane WARREN  (St Just)

1738 Aug 15   Nicholas THOMAS, (Morvah) to Elizabeth WEARNE,  (St Just)

1738 Dec 02 James MAN, (Morvah) to Alice DANIEL,  (Morvah)

1741 Nov 26  Charles MATTHEWS,  (Morvah) to Margaret GRENFIELD, (Morvah)

1742 Jan 22 Matthew EDWARDS,  (Morvah) to Elizabeth HOLLA,  (Madron) by Lic Jan 14 1742

1742 Feb 12 Andrew EDDY,  (Morvah) to Jane JENKIN,  (Madron)

1742 Feb 14  Benjamin OSBORNE,  (Morvah) to Elizabeth REYNOLDS,  (St Just)

1742 Jul 10 Thomas GILES,  (Morvah) to Mary GENDALL, ( St Just)

1744 Mar 31 John DANIEL,  (Morvah) to Constance OSBORNE,  (Morvah)

1745 Oct 31 William JENKIN,  (Morvah) to Joan HOSKIN,  (Sancreed)

1747 Dec 01 Peter JAMES,  (Morvah) to Anne EDWARDS,  (Morvah)

1748  Feb 07 William MAN,  (Morvah) to Mary BONE,  (Madron)

1749 Apr 28 Thomas HARRY,  (Morvah) to Margaret HARRY,  (Penz) by lic  21 Apr 1749

1749 Jul 10 John JENKIN,  (Morvah) to  Elizabeth DANIEL, (Morvah)

1749 Oct 16  John THOMAS,  (Morvah) to Elizabeth REYNOLDS,  (St Just)

1750 Jun 01 Tobias FOX,  (Morvah) to Margery Ustick  (Morvah)

1750 Jun 16  James OATES,  (St Just) to  Elizabeth VICTOR, (Morvah) At Penz

1753 Jan 23  John MURRISH,  (Morvah) to Anne MATTHEWS,  (Morvah)

1753 Feb 13 Thomas HARRY,  (Morvah) to Sarah HACKET,  (Penz)

1756   Mar ? John  MAN,  junr (Morvah) to Castherine BARAGWANATH,  (Morvah)

1756 Jul 22 Thomas GUY,  (Morvah) to Elizabeth RODDA,  (Madron)

1757 Jan 01  John THOMAS,  (Morvah) Elizabeth BONE,  (St Just)

1757 Jun 11 Thomas MATTHEWS,  (Morvah) to Honour REYNOLDS,  (Morvah)

1759 Apr 21   William RODDA, junr (Morvah) to Mary RODDA,  (Morvah) by lic 16 Apr 1759

1763 Jan 21  John RODDA,  (Morvah) to Margaret TREMBATH,  (Madron)

1764 Oct 15  Richard MANN, tinner (Morvah) to Jane BARAGWARTH,  (Morvah)

1764 Dec 15  Nicholas THOMAS,  (Morvah) to Alice STEVENS,  (Morvah)

1765 Feb 19 Thomas BARAGWARTHA,  (Morvah) to Eleanor  BERRYMAN,  (St Ives)

1766 Aug 08  Isaac NEWTON,  (Morvah) to Eleanor SIMONS,  (Morvah)

1767 Feb 21  Benjamin SHUTFORD, husbandman (Morvah) to Elizabeth JAMES,  (Madron)

1769 Feb 14   Philip ARGALL, yeoman (Madron) to Catherine RODDA,  (Morvah) 

1769 Apr 06  William NEWSON,  (Morvah) to Sarah HALL,  (Morvah)

1769 Dec 23 William LAWRY,  (Morvah) to Elizabeth DENNIS,  (Morvah) 

1770 Mar 24  Andrew STEPHENS,  (Morvah) to Mary OATES, (Madron)

1774 Feb 14 Samuel HALL,  (Morvah) to Mary FOX,  (Morvah) wit: Martin Hoskin & William Hoskin

1776 May 27  William TREMBATH, (Morvah) to Hager VICTOR,  wit: Cath Pender & Cath Roberts     Bans: In Madron 4, 11, 18 May.  In Morvah 25  Feb, 3 & 5 Mar 

1779 Apr 05 Richard WALLISH,  (Morvah) to Catherine CARE,  (Morvah) wit: William  & Frances Trembath

1780 Mar 17 John DANIEL, (Madron) to Grace STEVENS, (Morvah) wit: David Edwards & William Rodda

1782 Mar 06  William TRATHAM,  (Morvah) to  Mary PERRY, (Morvah)

1787 Nov 03  Matthew STRATHEN,  (Morvah) to Alice PERRY, (Gulval) wit: William Strathen & J Gunn

1789 Jan 10   William TREMBATH, (Morvah) Margaret HARRY, (Morvah) wit: William Harvey & John Adams

1790 Mar 13  Arthur TREMBATH,  (Morvah) to Jane UREN,  (Morvah)wit: Matthew Hoskin & Edward Edwards

Feb 17 
Matthew EDWARDS (Morvah) to Amy BANFIELD, wit: John Edwards & David Eddy by lic 11 Feb1792

1798 Jun 16  Hugh TREMBATH,  (Morvah) to  Anne ROWE, (Morvah)wit: Charles Matthews & Martin Wright

1798 Jul 14 Madron TREMBATH,  (Morvah) to Anne Nekerwis,  (Morvah) wit:  Richard Hichens & Martin Wright

1799 Nov 16  John NEKERWIS, (Madron) to Mary HARRY, (Morvah) wit: Hannibal Harry & Martin Wright

1800 Feb 01 James MANN,  (Morvah) to Jane NICHOLLS,  (Morvah) wit: Richard Hoskin & Martin Wright

1800 Dec 20 Henry BONE, (Morvah) to Elizabeth EDWARDS, (Morvah) wit: Benjamin Bone & Martin Wright

1803 Jan 01 Anthony GENDALL,  (Morvah) to  Margaret MADRON,  (Madron) wit: Thomas Gendall & Martin Wright

1803 Nov 13  John WAKLEY,  (Morvah) to Jenifer Gendall, (Morvah) wit: James Thompson & Martin Wright

1804 Sep 29  Charles MATTHEWS,  (Morvah) to Margery NICHOLLS,  (Penz) wit: John Matthews & William Pearce

1806 Jan 01 Thomas BOLITHO,  (Morvah) to Christian LAWRY,  (Morvah) wit: Christopher Lawry & Martin Wright

1807 Jul 07 Richard MANN, (wid) (Morvah) to Anne PEARCE,  (Morvah) by lic 2 Jul wit: James Pearce & Martin Wright

1807 Oct 17 William BONE,  (Morvah) to  Jane STEVENS, (Morvah) wit: Richard Bone & Betty Moyle

1808 Apr 16   William STEVENS, (Morvah) to Mary MANN,  (Morvah) wit: Andrey Eddy & Martin Wright

1814 Jul 23  William TREMBATH,  (Morvah) to Jane HARRY (Morvah) wit: Hannibal Harry & Anne Harry

1816 Jun 29  John MATTHEWS,  (Morvah) to Mary MANN,  (Penz) wit: John Mann & Anne Trembath

1817 Dec 03 James BOLITHO,  (Morvah) to Margaret STEVENS,  (Morvah) wit: H Vingoe & Grace Richards

1821 May 26  Thomas JAMES, (St Just) to Elizabeth THOMAS, (Morvah) wit: John James & Grace Cargeege

1822 Jun 29  William TRATHAM,  (Morvah) Mary ROWE,  (Morvah) wit: Mary Tratham & Margery Tonkin

1825 Jun 25 Andrew EDDY,  (Morvah) residence Trevowan, to Charity GUY,  (Madron) wit: Edward Edwards & Tobias Read res Bosullow
1828 Mar 15  Samuel WILLIAMS,  (Morvah) to Grace TREGEAR,  (Morvah) wit: Richard Saundry & Thomas Williams

Jul 26
Thomas  CASLEY,  (Morvah) to Margaret GRENFELLl,  (Morvah) wit: Thomas Grenfell & Martin Wright

1832 Oct 13 John BONE,  (Morvah) to Mary NOY,  (Morvah) wit: Henry Noy & Henry Glies

1833 Oct 12  John TREMBATH,  (Morvah) to Grace NICHOLLS,  (Madron) wit: Christine Matthews & Francis Nicholls

1837 Feb 11 William BONE,  (Morvah) to Peggy JAMES, (Madron) wit: Francis Bone & Henry James