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On this page, you will see where many Morris researchers have gathered data from many resources.Before each entry you will see a highlighted name. The resources listed following the highlighted name, may be from books, films, fiche, bibles etc.. If you would like more information on this data, please click on that name and send them a messge. These volunteers, are just that!!! They have VOLUNTEERED their time and information in hopes of helping you and locating more family members. You should make sure that you thank this volunteer and make sure that your message to them is about the article they have listed. Provide them with as much information you may have, in order to be sure that what they have is certain to be your line. Provide them with a self addressed stamped envelope for mailing the data to you if snail mail is used. Each volunteer has the right to reject any message if you have not enclosed enough data, MORRIS surname and THANKED them for their time. Best wishes to you from all the Morris family members and we look forward to making connections.

1. Terry & Teri Cleaveland - NAMES AND SKETCHES OF THE PIONEER SETTLERS OF MADISON COUNTY NEW YORK By William H. Tuttle Edited by Isabel Bracy Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY Page 170.
. BENJAMIN. Veteran Rev. War. Served in 4th Regiment Ulster County Militia. Widow~Deborah was on Pension Roll 1840. Settled in Eaton 1795. Owned lot 91. Came from Mass. Son Sawen born 1795. Benjamin was brother of Joseph and Hezekiah. (Morse).

MORRIS, DARIUS Major in Battalion of Riflemen 1821. Post Master at Eaton 1832. Owned house and lot in Lenox 1837.
MORRIS, DAVID. Veteran Rev. War. Served in the 2nd Regiment Orange County Militia. Died Aug. 29, 1819 aged 75. Buried at Pratt's Hollow. Son Thomas.
MORRIS, DAVID JR. Witness in County Court 1819. On jail limits for debt 1821.
MORRIS. HARVEY. Eaton merchant 1828. Later at New Woodstock. On Casenovia Township Democratic Corn-mittee 1840. Died 1842 aged 46.
MORRIS, HEZEKIAH. Settled in Eaton 1795. Supervisor 1809, 1825. Sons Alpha. Elijah and H.B. Moved to Oxford (Morse).
MORRIS, ISAAC. 1781-1856. Veteran War of 1812. Settled in Oneida 1830. Wife Hannah Williams. Son John born 1803.
MORRIS, JACOB. Eaton juror 1823. Wife Eliza died Aug. 29, 1830 aged
52. Buried at Morrisville
MORRIS, JAMES. Died Oct. 10, 1816 aged 32. Buried at Morrisville.
MORRIS, JOHN H. Settled in Eaton 1795. Hamilton Path Master 1795 (Morse).
MORRIS, JOHN SR. Born 1803. Wife Nancy Able. Married 1839. Lived on the West Road in Oneida. Owned 70 acres in Lenox 1835. John Sr. was son of Isaac. Children Hannah wife of John Maine, Mary Root, Lyman. John Jr. and Laura Cramer.
MORRIS, JOHN. Name removed from Smithfield jury list 1815. Died Aug. 22. 1814 aged 29. Buried on Tommey Davis farm. Son David.
MORRIS, JOSHUA. Veteran War of 1812. Served in 143rd Regiment.
MORRIS, LEVI. Lived in Cazenovia 1829.
MORRIS, NATHAN, Lived in Nelson 1812.
MORRIS, SAMUEL. Born in Rhode Island 1768. Died 1860. Lived in Cazenovia. Juror 1810. Wife Charlotte Mills 1770-Feb. 11, 1808. Second wife Ester died March 11, 1829 aged 52. Daughter Charlotte married Ephraim Hesler in 1830.
MORRIS, THOMAS. Settled in Hamilton 1802. Brother of John H. and Benjamin. Died April 27, 1824. Wife Margaret died March 29. 1845 aged 83. Buried at Morrisville. Son Harvey.
MORRIS, THOMAS. Died March 17. 1856 aged 73. Wife Eunice died March 29, 1838 aged 55. Buried at Pratt's Hollow.
MORRIS. THOMAS. Settled in Eaton 1797. Morrisville was named for him. Died April 27, 1824 aged 64. Son Thomas Jr.
MORRIS. THOMAS JR. Lived at Morrisville Wife Polly died Oct. 10, 1816 aged 32. Buried at Morrisville.
MORRIS, THOMAS JR. Son of Founder of Morrisville. Eaton Constable 1826 and 1828. Was a Blacksmith. Wife Eunice died Sept. 4,1823 aged 22.
MORRIS, WILLIAM. Died Oct. 19, 1883 aged 91. Buried at Randallsville.
MORRIS, WILLIAM. Lived in Nelson 1812. Lived in Smithfield 1830. Wife Catherine.
MORRIS. ZODAK. Veteran War of 1812. Lieut. in Militia 1814.

BY Scott, Myer & Hendrix
,------- a child of Mr. Thomas Morris, d. at Morrisville, 6 Sept. 1830, ae 9 mos. MO 13 Sept. 1830
MORRIS, Mrs. Eliza, wife of Jacob Morris, d. at Morrisville, 29 Aug. 1830, ae 51 yrs. O&R 31 Aug. 1830
MORRIS, Mrs. Esther, d. in town of Cazenovia, 11 Mar. 1829, wife of Samuel Morris, ae 52 yrs. RM 17 Mar. 1829 (Hendrix gives her place of ·death as Morrisville)
MORRIS, Mrs. Eunice, wife of Thomas Morris, Jr., d. at Morrisville, 4 Sept. 1823, ae 21 yrs. MO 10 Sept. 1823
MORRIS, Jacob, elected Overseer of Poor at a Town Meeting at Morrisville, 1 Mar. 1825. MO Mar. 1825
MORRIS, Levi B., of Cayuga Co., m. 19 Nov. 1848 By Rev. D. Homes, to Miss Caroline Hawley of Cazeno-. via. MCW 6 Dec. 1848
MORRIS, Thomas, d. in Morrisville 27 Apr. 1824 ae 64 yrs.; "From Dudley, MA, came to this part of state abt. 30 yrs. ago; was the first settler of the village." MO 5 May 1824
MORRIS, Col. Thomas, of Morriaville, m. 21 Oct. 1827 at Nelson by Eld. Nathan Peck, to Miss Susan Russ, of Mansfield, CT. MO 31 Oct. 1827

3. Gayle Austin - or visit her homepage - Survey Report No 254 Pages 273-275 00235
Order of the Privy Council, Whitehall, 19 March 1678/0.
Enclosed in the order is a report of the Committee for . . . Plantations, 10 February 1678/9, upon the commanders of ships in Virginia. In accordance with the recommendations of the report, the Lord High Treasurer is ordered to pay One Hundred Pounds to Robert MORRIS.

History of Pittsylvania County, Clement p. 36 - "There was one other grant of land in western Brunswick of like proportion to Colonel Byrd's. when 100,000 acres were granted in 1753 to John, James and William Maclin, John Willis, Henry MORRIS, William Twitty, Charles Lucas, Francis Willis, John Smith and Robert Throckmorton in Halifax and Augusta counties, to be surveyed by the surveyor of Halifax.
Footprints from the Old Survey Books-Dodson -
Henry MORRIS 3070 acres 24/25 Oct 1747 joint survey 75R (Halifax Co)
Henry MORRIS 400 acres on some small brs 28 Oct 1747 Survey 76L (Halifax Co)

Henry MORRIS 400 acres on brs of Beaverpond br of Grassy Cr 31 Oct 1747 Survey 76L (Halifax Co.)
Henry MORRIS 386 acres on brs of Grassy Cr 27 Sep 1750 Survey 68R (Halifax Co)
400 acres on brs Cow Cr & Childry Cr called the Middle Fk 27 Oct 1752 Survey 91R (Halifax Co)
MORRIS, George & Co. 1,700 acres on brs of Childry Cr 21 Mar 1754 Joint Survey 127R (Halifax Co)
Joshua MORRAIS 69 acres on brs of Beards Cr 3 May 1768 S 195 (Pittsylvania Co)
Inventory of estate of Arthur HOPKINS decd. By Thomas Black, Luddewick
TUGGLE, Elisha ESTES----"silver watch Wm. McFell London No. 7109, ditto Jno. Morries London No. 1382" p.23 Account of Sales of Estate of Arthur HOPKINS Decd. November 14th and 15th 1776 same as above. P. 24 The estate of John PANNILL decd. In accot. With David Pannill one of the exors. 5 Oct 1796 - Robert Morriss p. 143 all from Pittsylvania County, Virginia Inventories and Account Current 1770-1797 by Lucille Payne

Deed Book 6, p. 49 Pittsylvania County, Virginia - 1780 Oct 17 Nathaniel Hughes to Benjamin Morris for two thousand pounds current money of Virginia a tract of land of two hundred and sixty -nine acres in the County of Pittsylvania. Virginia Oct. 17, 1780
Deed Book 8, p. 44 Pittsylvania County, Virginia - 1787 Apr. 16 Heath Gardner & Theodoric McDaniel of the county of Pittsylvania to Benjamin MORRIS of the the aforesaid County for forty-five pounds current money of Virginia 100 acres more or less.
Samuel Morris with 7 white souls-1782 Heads of Family Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
Samuel Morris with 8 white souls and 1 dwelling house-1785 Heads of Family Pittsylvania Co.
Ambrose Morris with 9 white souls-1 dwelling and 4 other houses-1785 Heads of Family Pittsylvania Co. This Indenture made January 20, 1787 between Hath Gardner and Theodrick McDaniel Of Pittsylvania County to Benjamin MORRIS of Pittsylvania County, Virginia for 45 pounds current money of Virginia a certain tract or parcel of land containing one hundred acres more or less in Pittsylvania County.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia Will Book - Will of BENJAMIN MORRIS, written Dec 13, 1791, proved July 21, 1794. I give to my Son Samuel MORRIS the Land and Plantation he now lives on beginning ----Moses Hankins(?) corner to where my land joins John Creels land. To daughter Elizabeth Donelson the land and plantation on where she now lives beginning at Stampes(?) line to Raglands(?) line. To wife Mary MORRIS land on which we now live. At her death or remarriage stock and household furniture to be divided betweeen Mathew Creel and Mary Hedger and Benjamin MORRIS'S children. To son John MORRIS the other half of my stock and household furniture and to my son William MORRIS the land where I now live at my wife's death.. Ex: Son Samuel MORRIS and his wife, Mary. Witness: John Chelton, John Creel and Micajah Creel
Pittsylvania Deeds 1791-1794 Page 440 - Aug 25, 1792 from Tavernor Shelton of Pittsylvania to William Beavers, for 30 #, 286 acres acres in Pittsylvania on the branches of Dan River and Sandy Creek, being a tract of land formerly Peter Clay's, and bounded by Daniel Clay, Eleazer Clay, Clay's Order line, Ann McDaniel. Signed Tavenor Shelton. Wit: William A. MORRISS, Marday Price, Cutburd Price, Edward Robertson. Recorded Sep 16, 1793
Indenture made October 23, 1796, Abner Adkins of Pittsylvania County to William Morris for 120 pounds lawful money of Virginia three hundred and forty acres lying in Pittsylvania County, begining on east side of Strawberry Creek. Witnessed by Randolph Smith, George Hill (his mark), Thomas Holly (his mark), William MORRIS. Signed by Abner Adkins, Recorded December 19, 1796
Deed Book 11, p. 398 Pittsylvania County - 1799 Jan. 21 Edward Adkins to Samuel MORRIS Tract of land on the East fork of Strawberry Creek in Pittsylvania County of 376 acres for 50 pounds currect money of Virginia with all appurtenances. Signed Edward Adkins Probated 21 Jan 1799 No wittnesses.
Pittsylvania County, Va. - 16 Nov 1799 William Morrice and Sally Stoe Sur: James Morrice 17 Dec 1799 Joel Stoe and Hannah Morrice Sur: William Morris 18 Oct 1800 Absolom Dodson and Anna Morris Sur: Wm Morris by Rev. John Jenkins
6 February 1802. William Anderson Morriss and Winneyfret Quisenberry, dau. Of Aaron Quisenberry. Sur: Roger Slaughter. Wit: Thomas Tutson, Orange County, Virginia
23 Mar 1804
Benjamin Morris and Nancy Barnes Sur: Josiah Barnes (Pittsylvania County)
Orange County Will Book 4 pp.152-155 Will of Aaron Quisenberry..I give unto my daughter, Winifred Morris, this 1st day of February 1805
Pittsylvania County 29 Mar 1805 William Morris and Nancy Inman Sur: Jesse Inman by Rev David Nowlin
04 Nov 1805 Benjamin Matherly and Polley Morriss Sur: Samual Maurice by Rev. William Blair
Deed Book 15, p. 6 Pittsylvania County 1806 Feb. 17 Nathaniel Harris of the town of Petersburg, state of Virginia to Samuel Morris of County of Pittsylvania, Va 101 acres of Fall Creek for $202 adj. Wilkinson & Charles Harris Signed: Nathaniel Harris by Alexander Brown-Agt.
Pittsylvania County
06 Feb 1807 Nathan Williams and Mary Morris Sur: William Morris
Pittsylvania County
02 Nov 1807 Reubin Morris and Rhoda Matherley , Sur: Isreal Matherley by Rev William Blair
Deed Book 16, p. 494 Pittsylvania County 1809 Dec. 18 Samuel Morris and Elizabeth, his wife, of the County of Pittsylvania to Daniel Bryant of the same county one hundred and one acres more or less on the waters of Fall Creek for 54 pounds, 9 shillings on Wilkinson's line to Wm. Nelson's line to Harris' line. Signed Samuel (his mark) Morris and Elizabeth (her mark) Morris. Wittnesses: Augustine Thorn, John Yeaman and Mary Yeaman. Acknowledged the 18 Dec. 1809
Pittsylvania County 07 Mar 1812 Coleman Morris and Onyx(?) Slate Sur: William Tate by Rev. Elias Dodson, Bride signed own consent
Deed Book 18, p. 220 Pittsylvania County
This indenture between John Morris of the County of Pittsylvania of one part and Samuel Morris of the county aforesaid for $100 a tract of land on Sandy Creek of 60 acres more or less on Jones & Harrison's lines to Boazes line. Signed: John (his mark) Morris. In the presence of Wm. Robertson. Recorded 19 Apr. 1813.
Pittsylvania County 17 Oct 1815 Abel Price and Polly Morris Sur: Hezekiah Hubbard by Rev. Thomas Boaz Par. John Morris Wit: Wm Morris, Sen and Wm. Morris Jr.

01 Nov 1815
Jesse Morris and Lidia Inman Sur: Elijah Morris by Rev. Thomas Boaz Par: William Inman 04 Dec 1815 Faris Morris and Agnes Boaz Sur: James Boaz by Rev. Thomas Boaz Par: Lydia Boaz Wit: John Morris 03 Nov 1815 Charles E. Carter and Nancy Morris Sur: John Barnes by Rev. Thomas Boaz Wit: John Barnes
Pittsylvania County Deed Book 20, p. 106
This Indenture made this 12th day of December in the year of our Lord 1815 between Thomas Wilkinson of the one part and William Anderson Morris both of the County of Pittsylvania and stae of Virginia
Pittsylvania County Deed Book 22, Page 282
This Indenture made this 12th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteenth Between William A. Morris of the County of Pittsylvania of the one part and William Beavers Sr.(?) of the county aforsaid of the other part
Pittsylvania County 17 Mar 1817 Samuel Morris and Susan Pierce Sur: Jeffrey Astin by Rev. James Beck
22 Jun 1817 Richard Morris and Patsy Tate, Sur: Holland Hedgpeth by Rev. George Dodson, Wit: Coleman Hedgpeth, Bride signed own consent
25 June 1817 Shadrack Inman and Dorcas Morris Sur: William Morris by Rev. James Beck
02 Nov 1818 Elijah Morris and Jincey Haymore/Hayward Sur: William Inman by Rev James Beck
Will Book 1, p. 200 Pittsylvania County
In the name of God Amen and on the twenty seventh day of December in the year of Our Lord 1819 I William Morris of Pittsylvania Co & state of Virginia …… I give and bequeath.
Deed Book 21, page 296 Pittsylvania County
The sum of nine hundred dollars mentioned in the deed of Trust has been fully paid and satisfied to Thomas Wilkinson. We Creed Tanner and Allen C. Tanner or Turner Trustees do hereby release and forever quit claim to all right and title which is vested in us by said Deed as Witnesses our hands and Seals this 15 day of January 1818 Signed Creed Tanner and Allen C. Tanner or Turner Witness: Danl Fourquineay(?) and Baxter Irby January 16 1818 payment in full for the Deed of Trust for which the above writing -- Signed T. Wilkinson In a court held for Pittsylvania County the 19th day of January 1818 This release from Allen C. Tanner and Creel Tanner to William A. Morris was presented in court and acknowledged by the said Allen C to be his oath and deed and ordered to be recorded.
Pittsylvania County Deed Book 23, p.59
This Indenture made this twenty eighth Day of December in the year of our Lord Christ 1819 Between William Morris of the County of Pittsylvania and state of Virginia of the one part & Joel Stow of the County & Commonwealth aforsaid of the other part .

At a meeting of the Overseers of the Poor for Camden Parish for the county of Pittsylvania at thre Courthouse on Monday, the 5th day of June 1820. ----The county is to the following claimants made John Morris, Jr. do William Morris, Sr. 40.00 Vestry Book of Camden Parish 1767-1820
Pittsylvania County Deed Book 22 Page 405 This indenture made this 2nd day of November in the year of our lord Christ 1820 Between Jamesion Corbin and Sarah his wife of the county of Pittsylvania of the one part and William A. Morris of the other part.
Pittsylvania County Deed Book 24, page 374 This Indenture made and intered unto this 16th day of February 1822 between William Morris of the first part James D. Cattan of the second part and Robert and John Ross of the third part all of the County of Pittsylvania.

Henry Morris and Cathrine C. Troller married February 12, 1825
Deed Book 36, Page 275 Pittsylvania County This Indenture made this 17th day of May 1830(1) between William S. Morriss and Pheneas Morriss of the first part, Thomas Flippin of the Second part and Francis Williams of the third part all of Pittsylvania County Va.
Pittsylvania County
William S. Morris and Elizabeth M. Lumpkin married January 19, 1831
Deed Book 24, p. 223 Pittsylvania County Samuel Morris of the county of
Pittsylvania, state of Virginia to Caleb Hundley 60 acres more or less on Sandy River in county aforesaid for $100. Signed: Samuel (his mark) Morris No witnesses
Deed Book 36 p. 275 Pittsylvania County This indenture made this 7th day of May 1831 between William S. or L. Morris & Pheneas Morris of the first part, Thomas Flippin of the Second part and Francis Williams of the third part all of Pittsylvania Co Va.
Deed Book 34, p. 8 Pittsylvania County 1831 Oct 5
Samuel Morris of Breckenridge County, State of Kentucky, who intermarried with Susan Pierce, daughter of Lodoe Pierce, dec'd of Pittsylvania County, Va entitled to money and perhaps property from the executors of the will of Lodoe Pierce do appoint John Collier, Junr. Of Rockingham, North Carolina my true and lawful attorney to prosecute all suits ect to receive what is coming to me from the estate of Lodoe Pierce, dec'd. Signed Samuel (his mark) Morris Recorded in Pittsylvania County 20 August 1832
4. John Bailey - Scott, Kenneth, Ninteenth Century Apprentices in New York City, (New York, NY: National Genealogical Society, 1986) pp 281-282
Morris, Alice, age 8 yrs., 6 mos., apprenticed to John B. Fountain and Susannah his wife, of Northfield, Richmond Co. - 12 Oct 1839
Morris, Elizabeth, age 8 yrs., apprenticed to J. Sterling Beach, merchant [dry goods], and Jeanette Maria his wife, of 231 Greenwich St. - 27 Sep 1841 - Cancelled 25 Nov 1841 Morris, Elizabeth, age 8 yrs., 3 mos., apprenticed to Edward Robbins, farmer, and Rachel W., his wife, of Hempstead Harbor, L.I. - 3 Dec 1841 Morris, Ida, age 5 mos., apprenticed to William Gessler, motorman, and Elizabeth his wife, of Van Buren, at corner of Van Ness St. - 27 Feb 1901 Morris, Lucy, age 5 mos., to be adopted to Peter A. Burt and Mary Ann his wife, of 51 Greenwich St. - 11 Mar 1852 Morris, Margaret, age 1 mo., to be adopted to Charles G. Berean, [clerk], shipbuilder, and Elizabeth his wife, of 370 Ninth St. - 10 Apr 1861 Morris, Margaret Ann, age 11 yrs., 1 mo., apprenticed to John Jacob Morris, grocer, residing at corner of Grand and Amity Sts. - 15 Jul 1843 Morris, Martha B., age 12 yrs., 4 mos., apprenticed to Peter Y. Burke and Susan his wife, of 100 Fulton St. - 10 Jul 1835 - Cancelled 30 Dec 1835 Morris, Mary, age 9 yrs., 9 mos., apprenticed to John S. Jenkins, accountant, and Sophia L., his wife, of 38 Lispenard St. - 10 Jul 1845 - Cancelled 21 Jan 1846 Morris, Mary, age 10 yrs., 4 mos., apprenticed to Patrick Judge, engineer, of 7 Harrison St. - 17 Feb 1846 - Cancelled 18 May 1848 and girl sent to the Farms Morris, Mary Elizabeth, age 12 yrs., apprenticed to William Otis, farmer, and Elizabeth his wife, of Mount Hope, Orange Co. - 2 Sep 1840 Morris, Mary T., age 10 yrs., apprenticed Samuel Ralphs, clerk, and Harriet his wife, of 572 Broome St - 8 Aug 1871 Morris, Rosanna*, age 13 yrs., apprenticed to Charles Field, [hatter], and Martha his wife, of 18-1/2 Duane St., at corner of Chatham, as servant. - 20 Jun 1835
Scott, Kenneth, Rivington's New York Newspaper, Excerpts from a Loyalist Press, 1773-1783, (New York, NY: NY Historical Society, 1973) [Date in parenthesis is the date the article appeared.]
Morris, David, pilot, near the Fly Market Stairs, New York City -- has articles taken from the wreck of a brig on the Great Kill Shoals (6 Jan 1779)
Morris, Jacob, and Daniel Burnet continue their weekly stage (23 Jun 1774)
Private Julian Morris was among prisoners taken and sent to New York City. Their rebel whaleboat, commanded by Peter Nephew, was captured Sunday last by Capt. Marsh of the privateer Jack O'Lantern. (11 Sep 1782)

Morris, Lewis (son of Lewis Morris, Esq., formerly Aid De Camp to Mr. Sullivan and now a Major in the rebel army) - a letter from him to a person in Philadelphia is published (6 Dec 1777).
Morris, S. - offers reward for recovery of a black horse stolen from Morrissania; it is to be returned to Mrs. Morris at Morrissania, Isaac Wilkins, Esq., at New-Lots, Long Island, or V.P. Ashfield, in Smith St., New York City (25 Sep 1782)

Morris, Robert was among the gentlemen who protested against the Tender Bill passed April 6 by the General Assembly in Philadelphia (5 May 1781) Lease of a new house in NYC is for sale; apply to Robert Morris, on the premises, No. 37 Little Dock St. (5 april 1783)
Morris, Roger, Esq. - arrived at Sandy Hook Monday last, a passenger in a fleet convoyed by H.M.'s ship MAIDSTONE (20 Dec 1777)

Lanier, Henry, A Century of Banking in New York, 1822-1922, (New York, NY:
Gilliss Press, 1922)
Financial Figures of the English Colony: [in Manhattan], pp 85-86

Morris, Lewis - Born in Monmouthshire, England. He was captain of a troop of horse in the Parliament army against Charles I. He retired to Barbados, where he purchased a large estate and was commissioned by Cromwell as Colonel, serving in Jamaica. Having joined the Quakers, he suffered from fines, and after the death of his brother Richard in New York he remove there in 1673 and resided on his manorial estate in Morrisania until his death in 1691. He was a member of the Council from 1683 to 1686. In 1676 he was taxed £6. 5. 0. on property valued at £1,000 in New York City, so he must have had some sort of residence ther as well as in Morrisania.

Morris, Lewis - Son of Lewis Morris. Born at Morrisania in 1671; married Isabella, daughter of James Graham, and removed to New Jersey, where he had large landed interests, and became a leading public character of that Province. After some years he retunred to Morrisania and became a member of the Assembly of Westchester in 1710. In 1715 was commissioned Chief Justice of the Province of New York, and held this office until 1732 when he was displaced by Governor Cosby for political causes; at that time Judge Morris was the leading man in the liberal party. He went to England on a political mission in 1735 and returned the following year; he was subsequently Governor of New Jersey. He died in 1746.
The Rich Men of 1822: [in Manhattan], p 123
Morris, Andrew - Director of the Mechanics Bank, 1822, and Trustee of the Bank for Savings, 1819-1823. Taxed on $60,000 personal property in 1815
Wealthy Citizens of New York City in 1845 estimated to be worth $100,000 and
upwards, p. 21
Morris, Gouverneur --- $1,500,000 --- His father, the venerable and famous Gouverneur M., late in life married a Randolph, of Virginia, and left this, the only inheritor, rich.
5. James E. Welsh - Original Lists of Persons of Quality Lists of Immigrants to America
1600-1700 , John Camden Hollen, Pub Baltimore Genealogical Pub Co.
In 1978,Org Pub 1874, o-806-0605-x shows : Daniel Morris at Hampton NH - 1640 - Dorman Morris at Boston before 1672 then to Conn. - Edmund Morris carpenter at Kingston Magna near Shaftesbury Dorsetshire and Roxbury Mass - Edward Morris boarder Walthern Sussex Eng 1630 and then Roxbury Mass 1652 and Woodstock Conn. - John Morris at Harford Con 1640 - Rice Morris Charleston Mass 1634 - Richard Moris freeman Boston Mass 1631 Roxbury Mass Exeter NH 1638 and Portsmouth RI 1655 - Robert Morris at Rehoboth Mass 1640 - Ed Morris & Dtr Bridgett to Virginia Age 32 23 Jun 1665 - Isaac b. Essec or Isack - left Eng 3 Apr 1635 as servants on Hopewell and also Kecth Beginning for N.Y. Mar 18 1678 - John Morris age 26 lvg Vir 16 Feb 1623 at Elizabeth City - Samuel Morris lvg Marne Virg 16 Feb 1623 - Samuel Morris arr in Abigail livg Marlburrie Land age 20 - 16 Feb 1623 - Alpheus Morris married Ann David Feb 9, 1804 at St George's Anglican Church, Parrsboro
6. Randy L. Franklin - Land deed citations on the MORRIS surname for Monroe Co., OH for the years 1814-1839. "Gateway to the West #6 1973.
Robert MORRIS & wife Polly to William BURTON.
Thomas MORRIS to Samuel ECCORD.
William MORRIS & wife Elizabeth to John CLINGAN (?) on 4-8-1834.
Robert MORRIS & wife Isabell to John CREE 10-16-1837.
Elijah MORRIS of Bedford Co., PA to Elias PITTMAN 8-7-1826.
Martin Lee & Susannah his wife land to Lewis MORRIS all of Monroe 6-1-1827.
Joseph JAMES & Margaret to Benjamin MORRIS. 1819/29/39 (?)
George PAUL & Eliza to Joseph MORRIS & David JENNINGS 6-13-1826.
Thomas MORRIS & Mary to John HAYDEN of Belmont Co., OH 11-15-1833.
Jesse MORRIS & Emily to Samuel SMITH 4-10-1834.
Isiah F. MORRIS & Phebe to Thomas GRAY all of Belmont 6-1-1832.
Jonathan MORRIS & Sarah to Benjamin STINE, no date.
Joshua MORRIS of Monroe bought land of Paul & Darcus RUSH 10-19-1833.
James Cree & Isabella to Thomas MORRIS all of Monroe 4-21-1828.
James SMITH & Nancy of Belmont to Thomas MORRIS of Monroe 4-21-1828?
William MORRIS & Elizabeth to ? on 7-27-1837.
Joshua MORRIS & Charity of Monroe to Elijah HUDSON of Belmont 8-23-1833.
Lewis MORRIS & Rebecca of Belmont to David TRIMBLY of Monroe 4-2-1833.
Job S. MORRIS & Harriet to Thomas MITCHELL 6-12-1838.
William MORRIS & Susannah of Morgan to David EATON of Monroe 3-13-1833.
Thomas MORRIS & Mary to John HECK on 1-22-1825.

7. Jonni Morris Longstaffe - I have quite a bit of Morris information on the descendants of James Morris and Margaret Moore Morris....originally of Greene County, Pennsylvania, then moved to the Dunkard Creek area in Monongalia County, West Virginia, finally settling in Wetzel County, West Virginia. Also some info on the Dulaney and Moore families in this same area, who intermarried quite extensively with the Morrises.
8. Donna Lane - I have the descendancy of Fern Mae Morris, born on 23 July 1904 at Gould, Harmon Co., OK. She married Joseph Carter Allison, son of Joseph Hickman Allison and Ida Jane Geer, on 7 April 1928. I would like to meet people researching this same line. I have documents for this lineage.

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