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Taylor Descendants



Generation No. 1


1.  THEOPHILUS1 TAYLOR was born 1759, and died 05 October 1845 in Franklin County, Georgia.  He married VIRGINIA CLINKSCALES. 



There is an early story stating that the first we hear regarding the Taylor Family is that "Theophilus Taylor and a Mr. Keller came across from England."  This would have been the father of Theophilus if the story is correct, by Jane Taylor

Theophilus Taylor was born in 1759 in Virginia.  At an early age he moved with his family to North Carolina.  In January, 1779, he was living in Montgomery County, North Carolina, where he was drafted for three months service in the Revolution.  During this tour he served under Captain Pawns and Colonel Childs.  He was first marched from Montgomery County to Mecklenburg County (Charlotte) to assist General Buford’s wounded men. Then his company marched to Massy Ferry on the Pee Dee River where they remained some time guarding the Ferry.  From there they marched to Rockingham Mills where he remained until Colonel Thomas Wade took command of the company and marched them down to Betty's Bridge on Drowning Creek where they had a severe engagement with Hector McNeill who was commander of the Tories and British.  After the fight was over they marched back to Kimbry near Massy Ferry, where Theophilus was stationed until his time was out and was discharged. Theophilus then moved to Anson County, North Carolina where he was again drafted for an eighteen month tour under Captain Theophilus Webb and Colonel Lacey.  He was ordered to Charleston, South Carolina and marched within forty miles of the city.  He was stationed at what was called Four Holes, where he remained until his time was out and received a printed discharge from General Poak. Following his second discharge, Theophilus returned to Anson County, North Carolina where he lived about five years.  Approximately 1786 he moved to Cheraw District (Chesterfield County, South Carolina) and lived eighteen years where he raised his family. The family moved to Franklin County, Georgia around 1805, where they purchased land from Jeremiah and Leah Taylor on the North Fork of the Broad River (adjoining Tate and Dunagan), April 18, 1806.  Theophilus and his wife lived on this property (now Stephens County, Georgia) the remaining years of their lives.  Theophilus served as First Lieutenant in the local militia district from 1825-1829. On June 5, 1845, Theophilus Taylor deeded the land on which he lived to (blind) Stephen Taylor of Habersham County, Georgia, and Henry F. L. Taylor of Dekalb County, Alabama for natural love and affection of his grandsons. Theophilus died October 5, 1845 and his wife died about 1843.  They are buried in Carnes Creek Cemetery near Toccoa, Georgia.  His estate was administered and settled on August 7, 1855 by Jeptha W. and Jeremiah E. Taylor of Forsyth County, Georgia.       By Jerry A. Taylor and Steven C. Taylor



Burial: Carnes Creek Cemetery, Toccoa, Georgia



Burial: Carnes Creek Cemetery, Toccoa, Georgia



2.               i.    WILLIAM2 TAYLOR, b. 1789, Chesterfield County, South Carolina; d. 1867, Habersham County, Georgia.

                 ii.    SALLY TAYLOR, b. 1791; m. UNKNOWN HOLCOMBE.

                iii.    JEREMIAH TAYLOR, b. 1795.

                iv.    HETTY TAYLOR, b. 1797; m. UNKNOWN HOLCOMBE.

                 v.    DELPHIA TAYLOR, b. 1799; m. UNKNOWN JOHNSON.



Generation No. 2


2.  WILLIAM2 TAYLOR (THEOPHILUS1) was born 1789 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina, and died 1867 in Habersham County, Georgia.  He married FRANCES GASSAWAY.  She was born 1795 in South Carolina, and died 1860 in Habersham County, Georgia.



William Taylor, son of Revolutionary Theophilus Taylor, was born about 1789 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.  About 1805, he moved with his family to Franklin County, Georgia (now Stephens County) where they settled on the North Fork of the Broad River. William married a "Miss Gassaway" (Frances) who was born about 1795 in South Carolina.  William raised his family on the Broad River in a "wedged" log house with a high broad fireplace and rock chimney. Habersham County deeds indicate that he sold his Rocky Creek property in 1825, located on the side of the Tugalo River and bounded by John Brown on the East, William Eddins on the North, and by Gabriel Smith on the South and purchased land on the North Fork of the Broad River in Habersham County near his father.  Also during this period he drew land in the 1820 Lottery in Irwin County and served on a Franklin County Jury with Theophilus Taylor, Jr. and Jeremiah Taylor. William, having a son blind from infancy and losing his own sight in his old age, provided for Stephen's security by deeding him 100 acres on the North Fork of the Broad River adjoining the homeplace of Theophilus Taylor. William died in 1867.  Frances died prior to the 1860 Census.  They are buried in the Carnes Creek Cemetery in Stephens County, Georgia.       By Jerry A. Taylor and Steven C. Taylor




Burial: Carnes Creek Cemetery, Toccoa, Georgia



Burial: Carnes Creek Cemetery, Toccoa, Georgia



                  i.    THOMAS W3 TAYLOR, b. 1810; m. NANCY.



Thomas W. Taylor and his wife, Nancy, lived in Habersham County, Georgia.  In March 1838, he enlisted in a Company commanded by Captain Charles Wright Bond in the "War In The Removal Of The Cherokee Indians From Georgia To Arkansas In The Year 1838" and served about three months.  Applying for a widow's pension, Nancy Taylor described Thomas as "six feet high, his weight about 175 or 180, fair skin, blue gray eyed, and yellow hair."   By Jerry A. Taylor and Steven C. Taylor


                 ii.    CALEB TAYLOR, b. 09 January 1811.

3.             iii.    JOHN TAYLOR, SR, b. 1813, Stephens County, Georgia; d. 09 February 1893.

                iv.    SPENCER R TAYLOR, b. 1813.

                 v.    MILLIE TAYLOR, b. 1817.

                vi.    BO TAYLOR, b. 1819.

               vii.    SUSAN MAMIE TAYLOR, b. 1822.



Burial: Carnes Creek Cemetery, Toccoa, Georgia


              viii.    ELIZABETH TAYLOR, b. 1823.

                ix.    ANDREW JACKSON TAYLOR, b. 1825; m. NANCY GILBERT.



Andrew Jackson "Jackie" Taylor, son of William and Frances Gassaway Taylor, was born in 1825 in Habersham (now Stephens) County, Georgia and raised on the North Fork of the Broad River.  In the 1840's he and two brothers, John and Jeremiah, migrated to what is now Towns County where he settled near the foot of Unicoi Mountain.  He married Nancy Gilbert, daughter of John and Elizabeth Ray Gilbert, on December 31, 1848.  She was a sister to his brother Jeremiah's wife, Mary. A. J. Taylor enlisted in Company A, 6th Georgia Cavalry, C. S. A. during the Civil War.  In his application for a Confederate Pension, he stated that at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, September 12, 1863, he was shot in the left arm and in the side of the body. In "The Taylors Settling in Towns County,” Ben Taylor wrote "Jackie proceeded to clear up and improve his land, and set out a lot of fruit trees.  He built a corn mill and ran it with the power of water furnished by the head of Hiawassee River and ground meal for himself and all the surrounding settlement for as long as he lived which was to a ripe old age.  By trade he was a farmer, a miller, and a blacksmith.  He had a shop and a small store and sold goods for many years.  His wife dying and leaving him alone he married the second time but no children born to the second marriage.  He was a member of the Baptist Church, lived a good and quiet life, and raised a nice and respectable family." Jackie Taylor died in 1898.  He and Nancy are buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery.    By Jerry A. Taylor


                 x.    JEREMIAH MARTIN TAYLOR, b. 19 December 1827.



Jeremiah Martin "Jerry" Taylor, son of William and Frances Gassaway Taylor and grandson of Revolutionary Theophilus Taylor, was born December 19, 1827 in Habersham (now Stephens) County, Georgia and was raised on the North Fork of the Broad River.  In the mid 1840's, following the removal of the Cherokees, he and two brothers, John and Andrew Jackson, all in their 20's, left home and migrated to what is now Towns County where they settled in the Owl Creek Community.  Jeremiah went to General James R. Wiley, a family friend from Habersham County, for advice and counsel.  General Wiley, an influential man with large property and slave holdings, permitted him to live on his land until he was financially able to buy his own land. On the first Tuesday in December 1848, 1\3 interest in Lot 293 of the 18th District was "knocked off to Jeremiah Taylor before the courthouse door in Blairsville at the price of $15, he being the highest bidder." On March 12, 1851, he purchased the remaining 2\3 interest for $150, making a total of 160 acres.  The lot had originally been drawn in the Cherokee Land Lottery by Arthur C. Perry's orphans of Twiggs County, Georgia.  Matthew Wright, Attorney, handled the sale.  Since there was no safe way to send money through the mail, Jeremiah Taylor was advised to cut the bills in half and send them in separate mail runs, which he did and secured the land. The home on Owl Creek in which Jeremiah Taylor raised his family was a dog-trot style log house wedged by dovetail notches.  The large living room had puncheon board floors and a 6' broad rock fireplace with soapstone hearth and trim.  The breezeway separated the living area from the kitchen, which was in the back, and the entire structure was covered by the sleeping loft. On October 25, 1846, he married Mary Gilbert, daughter of John and Elizabeth Ray Gilbert, who had moved from Wilkes County, North Carolina. They had seven children prior to Jeremiah enlisting in the service during the Civil War.  Their names were Harvey Pinson Taylor, Adeline Taylor, William Gilbert Taylor, Sarah Ann Taylor, Mary Jane Taylor (died young), John Wilborn Taylor, and Josephine Taylor (died young). Roused by the spirit of the times, Jeremiah enlisted February 9, 1863 in Company A, 6th Georgia Cavalry and rode under the command of Colonel John R. Hart in A. J. Iverson's Brigade under Brig. General John Pilgrim, commander of the Cavalry Division, C. S. A.  During his Civil War tour, Jeremiah and his company rode the grounds from Cumberland Gap, Tennessee to Chickamauga, Georgia and were involved in numerous skirmishes.  During the Chickamauga Campaign the 6th Georgia Cavalry saw action at: Leet's Tan-Yard against Wilder's Lightning Brigade of mounted infantry; Reed's Saw Mill on the memorable field of the Chickamauga; Missionary Ridge against Colonel Minty’s mounted infantry - part of Rosecrans Army; Chattanooga and Hiawassee Road against the 59th Ohio Infantry; and skirmishes at Pea Vine Creek against the 1st Kentucky Infantry. During the Chickamauga Campaigns, Jeremiah was "...wounded in the right hand from firing guns.  His hand became feverent, infected, and stiffened all his fingers to the point his hand was rendered essentially and substantially useless."  The infection also created chronic complications which further hindered him from performing the required tasks of the Cavalry.  In July 1864, Jeremiah Martin Taylor was honorably discharged for the wound he received and subsequently received a monthly pension of $25/$30 during his and his widow's aging years respectively. Returning home to Owl Creek, he resumed his life of farming and providing for his family, yet the impressions of the war remained with him to the extent that he named his next child Robert E. Lee Taylor.  The last child of Jeremiah and Mary Gilbert Taylor was Georgia Lou Taylor, born July 26, 1867. Only four years after the birth of Georgia Lou, Mary Gilbert Taylor, at age 43, died (August 22, 1871) and was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery. Following Mary's death, Jeremiah married Delilah, the daughter of Silas Crow and the widow of Byrum Marshall Lloyd, August 29, 1872.  They had two children:  Benjamin Hill Taylor and Alfred Taylor. Jeremiah Martin Taylor's principal livelihood and support for his family was farming.  In addition to his first land, he accumulated lots 294, 291, and part of 286 in the 18th District of Towns County.  Maintaining and cultivating over 300 acres, he used the remaining land as investments for selling the timber and mineral rights.  Life on the farm demanded hard labor, family cooperation, and the use of oxen, mules, and horses for working the soil.  It was recorded in the 1850's that Jeremiah was given "a certain yoke of steers or oxen of a dim or brindle color with a white face, each about 3 years old" for a $28 debt owed by Charles T. Smith, which no doubt helped in its own small way the chores of farming the land. Jeremiah M. Taylor was also a stock raiser, a blacksmith and mechanic, a nurseryman - growing fruit trees, and musician - able to play the VI'lin at will.  Being a respected member of the community, he served as a Justice of the Peace of G. M. District 1243, a Commissioner of the Unicoi Turnpike and as Clerk of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church on Soapstone Gap until so many people moved out that it was dissolved and merged with Mt. Zion in the 1880's. Leaving his homestead to his wife and dispersing his property to his ten remaining children, Jeremiah M. Taylor died August 7, 1904 and was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery beside his first wife, Mary Gilbert Taylor, after having dwelled in his adopted mountain homeland for 60 years.  Delilah Crow Lloyd Taylor died July 10, 1936 and was also buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery.             By Jerry A. Taylor and Steven C. Taylor


                xi.    MARY TAYLOR, b. 1829.

               xii.    WOFFORD GILBERT TAYLOR, b. 11 June 1830.

              xiii.    WILLIAM TAYLOR, b. 1834.

              xiv.    STEPHEN TAYLOR, b. 1840.



Although Steve was blind from infancy, he was very intelligent.  He could figure in his head how much lumber would be needed in a house after the plans were read to him.  He could also determine the day of the week someone was born, and many other things.  He was a good singer and could play the organ.  Steve Taylor lived near Toccoa, Stephens County, Georgia.  Steve's father, William, having a son blind from infancy and losing his sight in his old age, provided for Stephen's security by deeding him 100 acres on the North Fork of the Broad River adjoining the homeplace of Theophilus Taylor. Stephen is buried in the Taylor section at Carnes Creek Cemetery beside his first wife and near his parents.   By Jerry A. Taylor and Steven C. Taylor



Generation No. 3


3.  JOHN3 TAYLOR, SR (WILLIAM2, THEOPHILUS1) was born 1813 in Stephens County, Georgia, and died 09 February 1893.  He married MARTHA WHEELER 17 October 1843.  She was born 31 August 1824 in Franklin County, Georgia, and died 25 December 1904.


Notes for JOHN TAYLOR, SR:

John Taylor, son of William and Frances Gassaway Taylor, was born in 1813 in Habersham County, Georgia and raised on the North Fork of the Broad River.

Applying for an Indian War Veteran's Pension on October 17, 1892, John Taylor, stated that he was "6 feet high, hair brown, eyes black and by occupation a Farmer," made an affidavit before the Ordinary that he served "as a Private in Captain Charles Wright Bond's Company, Militia, Cherokee Wars in the year 1838.  That he enlisted at Carnesville, Franklin County, Georgia in March 1838 and was honorably Discharged at new Echota, Georgia on July 2, 1838.  The U. S. Treasury Department confirmed that he was paid from March 23 to July 1, 1838 - 3 months, 10 days, and 14 days travel pay, 140 miles to the place of rendezvous and 140 miles from the place of Discharge, home. John Taylor died February 19, 1893, before the pension was allowed; however, under the Act of 1855, he had received 120 acres from the State by Bounty Land Warrant Number 78447. Following John's death, Martha applied for a Widow's Pension November 7, 1893.  She stated in an affidavit that she was born in Franklin County on 31st day of August 1824.  Jeremiah Taylor and Eliza Ann Wheeler of Mountain Scene, Georgia attested that John Taylor and Martha Wheeler were married at the house of Susan Wheeler in the County of Franklin, State of Georgia, on or about the 7th day of October 1843.  That one Asa Payne, a Justice of the Peace, administered the rites of marriage and pronounced them lawfully man and wife...

Satisfying the requirements, Martha was pensioned at the rate of $8.00 per month and received the pension until her death December 25, 1904. She and John are buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. Before John and Martha Taylor moved to Union (Towns) County in the 1840's, they lived in Macon County, North Carolina for a short time.  In Towns County, John Taylor made his home one mile south of Mt. Zion Church on Lot 26 in the 19th District and First Section.  Ben Taylor, in "The Taylors Settling in Towns County," wrote "John Taylor lived out his long and useful life of about 80 years there.  And as to his occupation, he was a farmer, a blacksmith, and could play the violin at will.  He was a member of the Baptist Church and lived a good quiet life.  Reared a large and respectful family, and was liked and respected by all who knew him."  By Jerry A. Taylor



Marriage: 17 October 1843



4.               i.    JAMES4 TAYLOR, b. 11 August 1844; d. 18 November 1917.

                 ii.    JOHN TAYLOR, JR, b. 03 May 1848.

                iii.    BRUNETTA TAYLOR, b. 27 December 1849; m. LODGE TEAGUE.

                iv.    MARIETTA TAYLOR, b. 24 February 1852; m. NELSON WOOD.

                 v.    BUCHANAN TAYLOR, b. 30 August 1856; m. ADDIE STEP.

                vi.    ANDREW J TAYLOR, b. 18 January 1858.

               vii.    JOSEPHINE TAYLOR, b. 28 April 1861; m. BEN KENDALL.

              viii.    SARAH JANE TAYLOR, b. 23 May 1863; m. JIM PATTON.

                ix.    ALICE M TAYLOR, b. 03 May 1866; m. TOM PATTON.

                 x.    NEWTON TAYLOR, b. 16 September 1868; m. LOU KENDALL.



Generation No. 4


4.  JAMES4 TAYLOR (JOHN3, WILLIAM2, THEOPHILUS1) was born 11 August 1844, and died 18 November 1917.  He married SARAH ELIZABETH SMITH 11 January 1867.  She was born 03 March 1846, and died 09 November 1898.



Marriage: 11 January 1867


Children of JAMES TAYLOR and SARAH SMITH are:

                  i.    JOHN LUTHER5 TAYLOR, b. 1871.

                 ii.    ETTA EMILY TAYLOR, b. 1872.

                iii.    LOU ANA TAYLOR, b. 1873.

                iv.    SUMNER J TAYLOR, b. 1875.

                 v.    RACHEL VIOLA TAYLOR, b. 1877.

                vi.    MARY M TAYLOR, b. 1880.

               vii.    ADDIE LEE TAYLOR, b. 1885.

              viii.    CARRIE ELIZABETH TAYLOR, b. 1887.

                ix.    ISA MAE TAYLOR, b. 1889.

5.              x.    GEORGIA ANN TAYLOR, b. 22 August 1892, North Carolina; d. 13 April 1970, Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia.



Generation No. 5


5.  GEORGIA ANN5 TAYLOR (JAMES4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, THEOPHILUS1) was born 22 August 1892 in North Carolina, and died 13 April 1970 in Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia.  She married CHARLIE FITCHUE ANDERSON, SR.  He was born 12 August 1885, and died 23 September 1971 in Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia.



Burial: Liberty Hill Cemetery, Acworth, Georgia



Burial: 26 September 1971, Liberty Hill Cemetery, Acworth, Georgia



                  i.    CLYDE HOWELL6 ANDERSON.

                 ii.    HERMAN DOYLE ANDERSON.

                iii.    ESTON JAMES ANDERSON.

                iv.    THELMA IRENE ANDERSON.

                 v.    ALTA LOU ANDERSON.

                vi.    DOROTHY MARIE ANDERSON.

               vii.    CHARLIE FITCHUE ANDERSON, JR.

              viii.    LISA MARGENE ANDERSON.

                ix.    MINNIE ALENE ANDERSON.

6.              x.    FANNIE MAE ANDERSON, b. 03 July 1910, Cobb County, Georgia; d. 29 April 1997, Springdale Nursing Home, Cartersville, Bartow County, Georgia.

7.             xi.    ANNA RUTH ANDERSON, b. 12 December 1921; d. 24 October 1988.



Generation No. 6


6.  FANNIE MAE6 ANDERSON (GEORGIA ANN5 TAYLOR, JAMES4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, THEOPHILUS1) was born 03 July 1910 in Cobb County, Georgia, and died 29 April 1997 in Springdale Nursing Home, Cartersville, Bartow County, Georgia.  She married DEWEY WARREN MORGAN 22 May 1927 in Bartow County, Georgia, son of WILLIAM MORGAN and MARY GOFF.  He was born 04 October 1905 in Gordon County, Georgia, and died 02 May 1978 in Acworth, Bartow County, Georgia.



1910 Bartow County Georgia, Emerson District, page 9A


1930 Bartow County Georgia, 819th Allatoona District, page 8A

Enumerated                    30 April 1930      by Ethel H Morrison

Dewey Morgan                      24

Fannie M                               18

Edward   E                             1-1/12



Burial: New Zion Baptist Church, Acworth, Georgia

Cause of Death: Automobile Accident



Marriage: 22 May 1927, Bartow County, Georgia



                  i.    HAROLD EDWARD7 MORGAN, b. 14 August 1928; m. JUANITA LEWIS, 30 November 1953; b. 04 July 1928; d. 04 March 1996, Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia.



Marriage: 30 November 1953


8.              ii.    CHARLES WILLIAM MORGAN, b. 17 May 1932, Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia; d. 01 January 1963, Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia.



7.  ANNA RUTH6 ANDERSON (GEORGIA ANN5 TAYLOR, JAMES4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, THEOPHILUS1) was born 12 December 1921, and died 24 October 1988.  She married JAMES WILLIAM HOLSTON. 



9.               i.    PATRICIA ANN7 HOLSTON, b. 26 October 1944.



Generation No. 7


8.  CHARLES WILLIAM7 MORGAN (FANNIE MAE6 ANDERSON, GEORGIA ANN5 TAYLOR, JAMES4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, THEOPHILUS1) was born 17 May 1932 in Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia, and died 01 January 1963 in Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia.  He married MILDRED WILBANKS 05 August 1949 in Cobb County, Georgia, daughter of DEE WILBANKS and ANNIE JONES.  She was born 18 October 1932 in Cobb County, Georgia.



Marriage: 05 August 1949, Cobb County, Georgia



                  i.    BRENDA DALE8 MORGAN, b. 03 June 1950, Cartersville, Bartow County, Georgia.

                 ii.    JUDY DIANE MORGAN, b. 15 February 1954, Cartersville, Bartow County, Georgia.



9.  PATRICIA ANN7 HOLSTON (ANNA RUTH6 ANDERSON, GEORGIA ANN5 TAYLOR, JAMES4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, THEOPHILUS1) was born 26 October 1944.  She married DAVID DEAN PYE, SR, son of HEZEKIAH PYE and ADA CRIBBS.  He was born 08 August 1941.



10.             i.    STACEY DARLENE8 PYE, b. 03 September 1971, Cobb County, Georgia.

                 ii.    DAVID DEAN PYE, JR, b. 06 June 1975.



Generation No. 8


10.  STACEY DARLENE8 PYE (PATRICIA ANN7 HOLSTON, ANNA RUTH6 ANDERSON, GEORGIA ANN5 TAYLOR, JAMES4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, THEOPHILUS1) was born 03 September 1971 in Cobb County, Georgia.  She married (1) UNKNOWN RAY.    She married (2) WILLIAM JAMES CLANTON, JR 18 June 1999 in Cherokee County, Georgia.  He was born 06 February 1967 in Fulton County, Georgia.



Marriage: 18 June 1999, Cherokee County, Georgia


Children of STACEY PYE and UNKNOWN RAY are:

                  i.    ASHLEY SHAYNE9 RAY, b. 17 March 1991.

                 ii.    AUSTIN COLLIER RAY, b. 29 May 1994.




                iii.    JESSICA MORGAN9 CLANTON, b. 22 October 1999.

                iv.    MASON JAMES CLANTON, b. 17 August 2001.