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___???___ Watt


The earliest, conclusively known, Watt ancestor is Hugh Watt who is first identified in Mercer County, PA federal census records in 1810. His ancestry is picked up in the next section. In researching early Watt references in Mercer Co, PA, the following two Watt references were located. While it is not known if this Elizabeth H. Watt is related to the Watts of this study, this reference is recorded here in case a future researcher determines its connection (or lack thereof).


These two articles reference an early Watt family, headed by Hugh Watt of the north of Ireland who had a son named Andrew Watt, a native of Pennsylvania, who married a Sarah Rudy/Rhudy, the daughter of John Rhudy of the Revolutionary War. Andrew Watt had several children by two wives, including: Anna and Elizabeth H. (born Mifflin Co, PA on 10 Jun 1828) and, by a second wife, Andrew C., Maggie, Hugh, Bessie and John G. (born Reedsville, Mifflin Co PA on 18 Sep 1858).


History of Mercer County, Pennsylvania, 1888

Brown, Runk & Co., Publishers, Chicago, IL (page 1160)

Amplifications in [ ]

Under the section of James C. Stewart: Our subject was [James C. Stewart] was married to Elizabeth H. Watt, a native of Mifflin County, Penn., born June 10, 1828. Her parents, Andrew and Eliza (Clark) Watt, had two children: Anna and Elizabeth. Her fathers second wife was Sarah Rudy, by whom he had five children: Andrew C., Maggie, Hugh, Bessie, and John. In 1805 the old Stewart homestead in Hickory Township [Mercer County, PA] was sold by the heirs, and James C., our subject, located on a farm near New Hamburg, which his widow yet owns. Six years later, they purchased a farm of 38 acres in Hempfield Township, where he died April 14, 1888.


Past and Present of Mercer County, Illinois, 1914

S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, Chicago, IL (page 14-15)

Since 1892 John G. Watt has made his home on his present farm, comprising one hundred and forty acres, situated on section 36, Ohio Grove township [Mercer Co, IL]. He was born in Reedsville, Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, 18 September 1858, and comes of Scotch and Irish ancestry. His paternal grandfather, Hugh Watt, was born in the north of Ireland, while his father, Andrew Watt, was a native of Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Rhudy, a daughter of John Rhudy, who was a soldier in the Revolutionary war.

John G. Watt was left an orphan at an early age, being but two years old at the time of his mothers death, while he was but five years when he lost his father. He was reared by an uncle on a farm in the Keystone state, remaining there until he was nineteen years of age, when, seeking the opportunities of the middle west, he made his way to Mercer county, Illinois, making his home with a sister in Suez township. After remaining in that home for some time he was married and engaged in farming for ten years in Warren county, subsequent to which time, in 1892, he purchased his present place of one hundred and forty acres in Ohio Grove township, Mercer county. Here he is engaged in general farming and stock raising, both branches of his business yielding him a gratifying annual income. On his place are found good buildings, while his farm implements are of the more modern type, and his work is carried on in a systematic manner.

On the 2d of February, 1882, Mr. Watt married Miss Annie Porter, who was born in Warren county, a daughter of R.W. and Nancy (Robb) Porter, the former born in Huntingdon county, Pennsylvania, 9 April 1822 and the latter born in the Keystone state on the 29th of December, 1817. They removed from the state of their nativity to Warren county, Illinois in 1854, and here the father engaged in agricultural pursuits throughout the remainder of his active life. He was one of the organizers of the first Presbyterian church in his community in Warren county and also served as an elder in that society. He lived a life of usefulness and activity and died on his home farm December 19, 1899, at the advanced age of seventy-seven years, having about five years survived his wife, who passed away in 1894 at the same time.

Mr. and Mrs. Watt have become the parents of two sons and two daughters, as follows: Lucile the wife of Frank Winbigler, of Alexis, Illinois; Harold, an attorney who has been practicing in Chicago, but is home at present; and Ray and Mary, at home. The family are members of the Norwood Presbyterian church, and politically Mr. Watt is a republican, interested in the progress of the party, but not active as an office seeker. He has, however, served as school director. Deprived of parental care and devotion at a tender age, Mr. Watt has nevertheless manifested sterling traits of character, for he has worked his own way through life and has attained a degree of success that places him among the worthy and substantial residents of his adopted county.



Hugh Watt


Hugh Watt, born circa 1765-1775 in Ireland, married Elizabeth White circa 1813-1815. Hugh lived in Wolf Creek Twp, Mercer Co PA during the 1810s, 1820s and 1830s and later moved to Slippery Rock Twp, Butler Co PA. According to Calvin Hoggs genealogy (see Hogg chapter), Hugh was not ordained, but spent a part of his time as a circuit preacher.


Elizabeth, born circa 1787/1794 Washington Co PA, was the daughter of Alexander and Rachel (Henderson) White.


Alexander White, father of Elizabeth White, was born circa 1748 in either Ireland or Washington Co PA and married Rachel circa 1774 in Washington Co PA. According to the 1870 census, where she was found living with her son Samuel G. White, Rachel was listed as being foreign born circa 1755. Rachel was the daughter of the Reverend Matthew Henderson.


History of Mercer County, Pennsylvania, 1888

Brown, Runk & Co., Publishers, Chicago, IL (page 572)

Pine Township: Among the early who came into Pine, then Wolf Creek, Township in 1798 were the Whites, from Washington County (PA). They were of Scotch descent; Seceders in religion, and anti-slavery in politics. The ancestor of this family was Alexander White, whose wife was Rachel Henderson. Their children were John, Elizabeth, who married Hugh Watt, Alexander, James, Samuel (soldier in the War of 1812), Hannah (married George Buchanan), Hugh (the only one born in Mercer County). Alexander, the father of these, was a Revolutionary soldier. John White, eldest of the family, occupied a tract of 200 acres. He married Margaret Query, of Butler County, by whom he had a large family; Rachel (married to Begges), John B., James, Jane (never married), Elizabeth (married to Samuel Koonce), Samuel G., George W., Hiram C. and Henderson. Hiram C. (born August 14, 1813) the only one living, is a resident of Mercer, and the father of J.G. White, Esq. And others. His family consists of James, Alexander, Margaret, Jane, John G., Ella, Charles, Mary, Edward, Louis and David H.



Elizabeth (White) Watt died circa 1834 as that is the year that her husband, Hugh, strangely petitions the Mercer Co PA Orphans Court seeking guardianship of their minor children Elizabeth, Mary, Martha and Alexander. Below are the details:


Mercer County, PA Orphans Court proceedings

Amplifications in [ ]

Dec 1834: Hugh Watt petitions court to appoint a guardian for Elizabeth Watt, minor of Hugh Watt. Appointment of Guardian. Bond. Orphans Court Docket, Volume A, page 179.


Dec 1834: Hugh Watt petitions court to appoint a guardian for Mary Watt, minor of Hugh Watt. Orphans Court Docket, Volume A, page 179.


Dec 1834: Hugh Watt petitions court to appoint a guardian for Martha Watt, minor of Hugh Watt. Orphans Court Docket, Volume A, page 179.


25 Jan 1835: The petition of Hugh Watt was presented stating that his late wife Elizabeth [White] deceased. As one of the heirs of Hugh Henderson, [late of York Co elsewhere] she is entitled to receive a portion of his real estate. Said wife died leaving several children one of whom, Mary, is a minor under the age of 14 years and left no person or guardian to care for her [Elizabeths] estate and therefore praying the court to appoint a suitable person for that purpose which prays The court granted and appointed Hugh Watt guardian of said minor and ordered that he give and with approved security of $250 which was done.


29 Jan 1835: Alexander, Martha and Elizabeth, minors of Elizabeth Watt. Hugh appointed guardian.




According to the Genealogy of John Thompson Hogg by Esther Louise (Hogg) Houtz (see the Hogg chapter, part 3):


The Watt family lived in a log house located "on the old Granny Slemmons farm, back over the hill from the Slemmons buildings". John Thompson Hogg wrote: "the roof caved in after it was abandoned and it was full of ground hog holes. There were two or three old apple trees at one end".



Hugh and Elizabeth (White) Watt had the following children:


1.     Jane Rankin, born circa 1813 Wolf Creek Twp, Mercer Co PA, married Ebenezer "Big Naze" Brown, died circa 1869. Ebenezer was born circa 1817, died circa 1870 and was the son of Ebenezer and Elsie (Porter) Brown.

2.     Alexander W., born circa 1815/1816 Wolf Creek Twp, Mercer Co PA, married Mary Atwell circa 1846 in PA. Alex was a stonemason. Mary, born circa 1818 Marion Twp, Butler Co PA, was the daughter of Robert and Peggy Atwell. They had a number of children, including James, who reportedly lived in New Castle, and John, who reported lived in Harrisville. Both married. Alexander and Mary are found in the 1850 Mercer Twp, Butler Co PA census.


History of Butler County, Pennsylvania, 1895

Biographical Sketches, Chapter 75 (Pgs. 1304-1331)

[p. 1310] ROBERT ATWELL, a native of Ireland, came to Pennsylvania towards the close of the Eighteenth century, and settled in what is now Scrubgrass township, Venango county, prior to 1800. By survey of October 24, 1801, he became the owner of 190 acres of land, by virtue of settlement and improvement. About 1816 he removed to Marion township, Butler county, where he cleared and improved a farm, on which he resided down to his death, in 1840. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and a man of quiet manners and unobtrusive character. He was a member of the Associate Reformed church, known at that time as the Seceder church. Mr. ATWELL was twice married. His first wife was Mary DIXON, who bore him one son, Dixon. His second wife was Margaret RUSSELL, to whom were born seven children, as follows: Ellen, who married William BRANDON; William; George; John; James; Robert, and Mary, who became the wife of Alexander WATT.


3.     Martha S, born 27 Dec 1816, married Robert H. Weakley, died 24 Dec 1892 buried Slippery Rock Cemetery, Slippery Rock PA.


History of Butler County Pennsylvania, 1895

Biographical Sketches, Chapter 74 (Pgs. 1203-1243)

[p. 1209] ROBERT WEAKLEY, eldest son of Samuel and Sarah WEAKLEY, was born in Mercer county, September 21, 1816, and was reared in Slippery Rock township. He settled on seventy-five acres of the homestead farm, upon which he developed a coal mine, and engaged in farming and mining. He married Martha Watt, a daughter of Hugh Watt, a native of Ireland, but a resident of Slippery Rock township. To this union were born the following children: Hugh A., born January 17, 1841, served in Company I, One Hundred and Third Pennsylvania Volunteers, was wounded at Fair Oaks and taken prisoner, spent nine months at Andersonville, was then exchanged and died at Annapolis, December 21, 1864; Sarah J., born July 9, 1843, died April 27, 1848; Samuel S., September 24, 1845, died April 5, 1848; Margaret, October 28, 1847, died December 26, 1854; Maria A., January 18, 1852, died January 4, 1855; Mary S. April 19, 1854, died January 4, 1872; John F., August 12, 1856, and Martha, June 11, 1859. Mr. WEAKLEY died April 14, 1885, and his wife, December 24, 1892. He was a member of the Associate church, of Centreville, and in politics, he was a Republican.


4.     Hannah, married Ebenezer "Little Naze" Brown (brother of Big Naze Brown who married Jane above). She died and Ebenezer remarried a Susan Love.

5.     Elizabeth, born circa 1820 PA, married James Hogg circa 1840, died 4 Jun 1851 Slippery Rock Twp, Butler Co PA, buried Harmony Cemetery, Harrisville PA. According to Esther Louise (Hogg) Houtzs genealogy, Elizabeth was a tall red haired girl with high cheekbones.

6.     Mary E (possibly Ellen), married John Orr.


History of Butler County Pennsylvania - 1883

Chapter 42 -- Slippery Rock Township

[p. 390] John ORR was born in Ireland. He lived nine years in Pittsburgh, and in 1840 moved thence to his present farm. The children of John and Mary E. (Watt) Orr: Mary J. (Woods), Sarah (Bell, deceased); James W., Nancy (Hicks), William H., John, Charles F. and Andrew P.


7.     John.




Elizabeth Watt


Elizabeth Watt was born circa 1820 in PA. She married James Hogg circa 1840 and died 4 Jun 1851 Slippery Rock Twp, Butler Co PA, buried Harmony Cemetery, Harrisville PA. Other than Esther Louise (Hogg) Houtzs genealogy reference to Elizabeth (in which she described Elizabeth as a tall red haired girl with high cheekbones), little unfortunately is known of her or her short, 31 years of life.


James Hogg was born 3 Feb 1808 in Milford Twp, Mifflin Co PA. He married Elizabeth Watt circa 1840 PA and died 2 May 1885 in Slippery Rock Twp, Butler Co PA. James is buried in the Harmony Cemetery, Harrisville PA. For more information on the ancestry of James Hogg or the descendants of James and Elizabeth (Watt) Hogg, please see the chapter entitled "Hogg".








Federal and State Census Records




1802 Tax List, Wolf Creek Twp, Mercer Co PA

Alexander White


1810 Federal Census, Wolf Creek Twp, Mercer Co PA

Hugh Watt (living next to Alexander)

1 male between 26 & 45 (Hugh)

2 females under 10

1 female between 26 & 45 (Elizabeth White)


Alexander White

1 male under 10

3 males between 16 & 26

1 male over 45 (Alexander)

1 female between 10 & 16

1 female over 45 (Rachel Henderson)


1820 Federal Census, Wolf Creek Twp, Mercer Co PA

Alexander White

1 male between 16 & 26

1 male between 26 & 45

1 male over 45 (Alexander)

1 female between 10 & 16

1 female between 26 & 45 (Rachel Henderson)


Hugh Watt (Elizabeth, his wife, is not listed so she must have died)

1 male under 10

1 male over 45 (Hugh)

4 females under 10 (one is Elizabeth who later married James Hogg)

2 females between 10 & 16

1 female between 16 & 26


1850 Federal Census, Slippery Rock Twp, Butler Co PA Household 109





Value of Estate Owned


James Hogg






Elizabeth (Watt)(*)






James H.



Attd'd school



John A.



Attd'd school



(*) died 1851.


1850 Federal Census, Mercer Twp, Butler Co PA Household ???





Value of Estate Owned


Alexander Watt (*)



Stone Mason



Mary (Atwell)
























(*) brother of Elizabeth (Watt) Hogg




Early Watt References
Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Mercer County PA Estate Index 1800-1933
Joseph Watt
17 Aug 1814
Mentions Mary Conkel  who could be Joseph Watts wife. Mentions nine children by Mary: John, Samuel, James, ???, David, Jane, William, Isaac. 
Another reference to this Orphans Court extract mentions Samuel Henderson and Mary his wife (then in brackets Mary Watt, widow), then mentions John Watt, Samuel Watt, David Watt, Jane Watt, William Watt, Isaac Watt, guardian heirs of Joseph Watt, late of Lackawannock Twp, Mercer County, PA.
Other documents in this folder, dated 1829 and 1980, relate to the attempts of the heirs to partition the land of Joseph Watt who died some 15 years earlier.
David Watt
21 Nov 1836
Mercer County PA Orphan Court Records
Abstract of Record
February 1816
Mary Watt, widow of Joseph, late of Mercer County, died without a will. Children Jane, William, David, Alexander, Joseph and Isaac are all under 14 and have no guardian and asks the court to appoint one.
August 1824
Joseph Watt.
August 1826
Joseph Watt, deceased, late of Lackawannock Twp. Orphans Court Docket, Volume A, page 37.
August 1826
James Watt, son of Joseph Watt, deceased, of Lackawannock Twp, splits land. Orphans Court Docket, Volume A, page 37.

Early Watt References

Butler County, Pennsylvania

Butler County PA Estate Index 1800-1901




Death Date


Will Notes

Watt, Alexander

Mercer Twp


Circa 1866


Died intestate in Mercer Twp. Two living heirs, John A and James E. Watt, of Harrisonville, stating that their mother being dead over two years ago, request letter of administration to Joseph Brown of Mercer Twp on 7/11/1868. James Kerr witnessed.

Watt, Charles C.

MuddyCreek Twp.




A resident of Portersville, Butler Co PA and died in Greenville PA. Died intestate at age 82 on 9 Jan 1954. Mentions heirs: sons James and Christopher (both of New Castle PA), Daniel (Greenville PA), Willis (Zelienople PA) and daughters Ruth Wehr (Butler PA), Sylvia Richards (Bortersville PA) and grandchildren Carl, Tom and Nancy Troutman (Kennerdale PA).

Watt, Frank W. Sr.

Butler Twp.





Watt, George Ralph

Slippery Rock Twp.




George R page 52, of R.D. 2, Slippery Rock, PA, died 22 Jul 1957. 1st wife was Ida Mae, who died 7/4/1949. Will mentions 2nd wife Ruth S., heirs Helen Evans, sister, McKeesport, Margaret Dudley, sister, Laurel Gardens, Pittsburgh, PA. Property owned: 12.55 acres in S.R. Twp, 2 stall garage, deeded Bk 54/27 and Bk 667/533. This parcel appears to be bordered by Wolfe Creek and by land owned by R. N. and Minnie Dickey.

Watt, J.C.

Armstrong Co.




of Butler Boro, Butler Co PA, wife Barbara E., daughters Ida May Marshall and Mary Elizabeth Watson.

Watt, Lawrence

Mercer Twp.




of Forestville PA, wife Mae, his total assets are $250 + a 1957 Ford Coach, heirs LaVerne (son) of Forestville, Geraldine Rohr (dau), Rimersburg, Majorie (dau), Forestville.

Watt, Louise B.

Butler Twp.





Watt, Nancy Ann

Mercer Twp.




Nancy Ann, of Harrisville, Mercer Twp, PA, aged 68 died 15 Feb 1915. Heirs Lawrence A (son) and Mary A. Simmons (dau) both of Harrisville.

Watt, Ruth S.

Slippery Rock Twp.





Watt, William

Butler Twp.





Watt, Willis A.

Jackson Twp.






Butler County PA Grantor/Grantee Index

Watt, Joseph
Book, George
MuddyCreek Twp
Watt, Joseph
Douglas, Andrew
MuddyCreek Twp
Watt, Lavina W
Graff, Henry
Venango Twp
Watt, Alexander
Cummins, Joseph
Q C-Mercer Twp
Watt, Lawrence A
Cooper, Howard
Mercer Twp
Other Watt Census Information (which may or may not be related)

1790 Federal Census, Mifflin Co PA

Hugh Watts

3 males over 16

2 males under 16

4 females


1800 Federal Census, Mercer Co PA

Joseph Watt 2 0 0 1 0 / 0 0 0 1 0 / 0 0

Samuel Watt 0 0 0 1 0 / 1 0 0 1 0 / 0 0


1810 Federal Census, Mercer Co PA
Joseph Watt 2 4 1 0 1 / 1 0 1 1 (Lackawannock Twp)
Samuel Watt 0 0 0 0 1 (Salem Twp)
1830 Federal Census, Mercer Co PA
Mary Watt 0 0 0 1 0 1 / 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 (Lackawannock Twp)
1830 Federal Census, Butler Co PA
John 0 1 0 0 1 / 2 1 0 0 1 (Donegal Twp)
David 0 0 0 0 1 / 0 2 0 0 0 1 (Middlesex Twp)







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