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Note: The following Smock information was taken directly from Genealogical Notes on the Smock Family in the United States by John C. Smock, Editor, Hudson, NY, September 21, 1922.

Items in square brackets [ ] were added by David L. Smock in 9/2006 for clarification.



Hendrick Matthyse Smock


The emigrant from the Netherlands, Hendrick Matthyse Smock (or Smack) arrived in 1654 and settled in New Utrecht, Long Island, NY, where he bought of Jacques Cortelyou, January 16, 1665, plantation lot 10, containing 30 morgens (about 60 acres) [slightly over 62 acres] according to records of the town. He married Guertje (or Geertje) Harmens [NSDAR records indicate they married in 1652?], [Geertje Harmens was born in 1652, married in 1668 (estimated date)], who also was in all probability a member of a Holland Family, settled on Long Island. [Harmen Coerten, Geertjes father, was from Voorthuizen, in the province of Gelderland.]


The first immigrant from the Netherlands signed his name Hendrick Matysen Smock; [He signed his name Henderick Matthyse Smack in Nieuw Utrecht town records] and from the name it is reasonable to infer that his fathers name was Matys or Matthias. [Matthijs, in Dutch.] The names of the children [see below] also show by the common middle name, Hendrickse the parentage Hendrick (Smock). [He always wrote his name as Smack, never as Smock.]


Hendrick was the first magistrate, or constable of the town of New Utrecht under the English, after submission of the Dutch to the English in 1664, having been appointed first in 1669.


Hendrick Matthyse Smock died after 1708 and his wife in that year [NSDAR records indicate Guertje Harmens Smock died in 1700]. [I have seen no evidence when Geertje died. John C. Smock cites Bergen as his source; Teunis G. Bergen, Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N. Y., 1881, p. 264, says that Hendrick died after 1708 but does not mention when Geertje died.] From the fact of his arrival in this country in 1654 and his settling in New Utrecht and purchasing land in 1665, it is highly probable that he had reached the age of at least seventy years [NSDAR records indicate Hendrick Matthyse Smock was born in 1630]. [I estimate that Hendrick was born no later than 1634; thus, 1630 could be correct.] The reference in the will of Guert Coerten of Bergen, New Jersey, of date of 1671 Feb 5, to the testators niece, Guertje Harmens, leads to the safe inference that the Harmens family was from Guelderland; [They were from Voorthuizen, in the province of Gelderland.] and that they were members of the settlement in New Utrecht, Long Island. The intermarriage of the Smock and Harmens family was therefore between families from the Netherlands. [Harmens is a patronymic, as is Coerten; it is, therefore, incorrect to refer to the Harmens family. Although Hendrick presumably was from the Netherlands, there is no proof of this.]


In 1678 Hendrick Mattysen Smack and Grietje Harmens, his wife became members of the church in New Utrecht. The children of Hendrick Mattysen Smock and Geertje Harmens were: [The order of birth of the children is almost certainly incorrect; Maretje probably was the first born, followed by Matthijs.]


1.     Matthyse [Matthijs, in Dutch, or Matthys; Matthyse is a patronymic] Hendricks, born prior to 1671, married Sep 12 1701 [this is the date of their marriage intention; the date of marriage, which may or may not have been on the same day, is blank in the church record] in New York to Elizabeth Stevens, [identified as a widow in the church record] will probated 30 May 1727.

2.     Johannes Hendrickse, born in 1665 [this date is quite impossible, since his mother was born in 1652; estimated DOB 1674] in New Utrecht, Long Island New York, married Catherine Barents, died circa 1756 [Johannes died 14 Dec 1754 Middletown, NJ].

3.     Leonard/Leendert Hendrickse, married Sara Van Sant, [he married Sara Barents, possibly the daughter of Barent Joosten (Ridder) ] died in Piscataway in 1738/1739.

4.     Maretje/Marike Hendricks, born 1662, [estimated DOB 1669 or 1670] married Jacques Cortelyou in 4 Oct 1685 and died 7 Apr 1705.

5.     Sarah Hendricks, married Adrian Boerum/Borum in 1709.

6.     Martynetje Hendricks, born circa 1666, [this DOB cannot be correct if Geertje Harmens was married about 1668] married Adrian Lanen/Laan.

7.     Aertje/Aerlee Hendrickse.

8.     Rebecca Hendrickse, baptized 27 Feb 1681, married Johannes Swart


The migration of the family of the ancestor, Hendrick Matthyse Smock, appears to have been limited to the valley of the Raritan River, Middlesex County, and the adjacent part of Somerset County; and to Freehold and Middletown in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The more distant migration to York County, in southern Pennsylvania, did not begin until after the middle of the eighteenth century; and it was not until the third generation of the family in America that any of its members took part in the more distant movement to Pennsylvania and Kentucky.




Johannes Hendrickse Smock


Johannes Hendrickse Smock, the second son of Hendrick Matthyse Smock and Guertje Harmens Smock was born on New Utrecht in 1665. [estimated DOB 1674, since the Census of Staten Island of "1706" (probably 1707 if not later) gives his age as 33 years, according to John E. Stillwell, M. D., Historical and Genealogical Miscellany - Data Relating to the Settlement and Settlers of New York and New Jersey, Vol. I, p 154.] He was married to Catherine Barents. Of her family nothing is known. The name Baerentse is in the list of assessment rolls in 1676, Middelwunt (Midwunt) and of Boswick (Bushwick), Long Island; and Claes Barents from the Dort, in Netherlands, arrived in the ship Fox in 1662. [I would delete this sentence, since it confuses the issue.  Catherine Barents' father's first name evidently was "Barent," but what his family name was is unknown; evidence is being sought to determine whether she was a daughter of Barent Joosten (Ridder), of Nieuw Utrecht .] 


From the list of freeholders in the town of New Utrecht in 1698 the name Joannes Smock is probably that of the Johannes Hendrickse Smock here noted.  [There is no doubt about it, in my view. He also spent some time on Staten Island before removing to New Jersey.  "Hannes Smock" is listed as an Assessor, West,, 2 April, 1705, according to Stillwell, op. cit,, p 51.]


In 1712 Johannes moved to Middletown in Monmouth County, New Jersey, where as per records of property transfers in the Secretary of States office in Trenton, New Jersey, he had purchased a tract of several hundred acres of land at a cost of 1200 pounds. The birth of his oldest son, Oct 16 1698, leads to the belief that several of his children were born on Long Island and before his removal to Monmouth County


In 26 April 1720, a Johannes Smock (or Smack) is on record as one of the makers of the inventory of Kryne Jansen Van Metre, of Middletown, Monmouth County, N.J.; and in 1721 he [is] again named as one of the makers of an inventory the estate of John Aumack of Freehold in Monmouth county; and again in 25 Jan 1724-5 he is on record as making the inventory of the estate of Henry Swingler of Monmouth County. The last record of him in an official capacity is as an executor of his brother Leenderts will, made in 1738, Oct 11, and proved in 1739 April 12. If the date of his [Johannes] birth is correct, he was seventy-four years old at the time of this last official notice of him. The late Teunis G. Bergen in his Register of Early Settlers of Kings County, N.Y. puts the death [of Johannes] in the year 1756, which makes him a nonagenarian, and as surviving his oldest son, Hendrick, who died in 1747. [Johannes Hendrickse Smocks Middletown, Monmouth Co NJ will is dated 15 Nov 1759]. [Johannes died 14 Dec 1754, according to Dr. Smock; his will was proved 24 Jan 1755, according to New Jersey Archives, Calendar of Wills - 1751-1760, p. 303.]


The names of his children were:


1.     Hendrick, born 16 Oct 1698 New Utrecht, Long Island NY, married Mary Schenck in 1721 in Monmouth County NJ. Mary--born 1 Nov 1699--is the daughter of Garrett Schenck and Neeltje Coerten van Voorhees. [Hendrick died 30 May 1747].

2.     [Barent, known as Barnes] Barnes/Barrents, born [circa 1700/1706] in Middletown, Monmouth County, was married to Joanna Luyster of Middletown, N.J. He is buried in Middletown, Monmouth Co N.J.

3.     [Annetie] Joanna or Ann, baptized [23 Jul 1707, DRC of Staten Island, godfather Leendert Smack, according to  Stillwell, op. cit.,p. 115.]5 Sep 1727, married John Tunison/Tennisson, a Monmouth County family.

4.     Femmetje [Catherine], baptized 13 June 1718 at the Freehold-Middletown Church, Marlborough, New Jersey. [Married Cornelius VanDeVeer].


[There were three other children:  John,  Catherine and Marytie.  The first two, listed in the Census of Staten Island of  "1706," per Stillwell, p. 154, & p.151, evidently died young; Marytie was bp 26 Jul 1707, at the DRC of Staten Island, according to  Stillwell, op. cit., p. 114.  The exact text is:  "Johannes Smack syn Dochter Marytie gedoopt den 26 Juli Anno 1711 De getuigen Jsebrant Van kleef en syn Vrouw Jannetie."]


The Luyster.and Tennisson families were early settlers in Monmouth County, N.J., and the intermarriage of these members of the Smock family with members of the above named families is evidential that the sons and daughters of Johannes Smock and Catherine Barents Smock, grew up in the Smock homestead in that country. So far as is known of these children of the first settler of the family in Monmouth County, New Jersey Johannes Smock all remained as residents in that county. There is no record of of any removals to either Pennsylvania or to Kentucky. That migration appears to have been made by some members of the next (Fourth) [third generation born in America] generation in America, and by the succeeding generation (Fifth), possibly in the latter case, by very young children.



Hendrick Smock


Hendrick, born 16 Oct 1698 New Utrecht, Long Island NY, married Mary Schenck in 1721 in Monmouth County NJ. Mary--born 1 Nov 1699--is the daughter of Garrett Schenck and Neeltje Coerten van Voorhees. [Hendrick had the ancestral family home in Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey, per Dr. Smock.] [Hendrick died 30 May 1747]. [Mary Schenck died in September 1747, per Dr. Smock.]  [Hendrick's will, proved 7 Oct 1747, names wife Mary; children:  John, eldest son; Catherine; and Nelly Lane; executors:  Cornelius Vanderveer, "Barrents" Smock, Garret Schanck;  Negroes to sons John, Garret and "Barrents," per Dr. Smock's book, Genealogical Notes, etc.]


Children of Hendrick Smock and Mary Schenck

1. Neley, born 20 Apr 1722, married Gilbert Lane.

2. Catherine, born 7 Mar 1725, baptized 7 Mar 1725.

3. John, born 13 Feb 1727.

4. Garret, born 25 Apr 1731, married Jannetje Wyckoff.

5. Hendrick born 2 Nov 1734, died young.

6. Hendrick, born 28 May 1736, died young.

7. Barent/Barney, 5 Oct 1738, Married Antje Cosyn/Cozine.

8. Rulef, born 3 May 1741, died 1745.


Migrations of the Smock Family - In the course of notes of the several generations of the family, as given on preceding pages, some references are made to the migration of individual members of the family. The first emigrant from the Netherlands settled in New Utrecht in 1654, [New Utrecht was founded in 1659, but exactly when Hendrick settled there is not clear]  then under the government of the Dutch. The family appears to have remained on Long Island to the end of the seventeenth century. [Hendrick and his son Johannes lived on Staten Island for a while, and Matthijs was there for a baptism, but he may have been visiting, since he did not sell his farm in New Utrecht until about 1718. I believe that Johannes moved directly from Staten Island to Monmouth Co., NJ, in 1712. Hendrick was back in New Utrecht in 1712, perhaps returning when Johannes left Staten Island.] Early in the eighteenth century there was a movement of emigrants thence to New Jersey; one, in or about the year 1712, to Monmouth County; and the other to the valley of the Raritan in 1718. These emigrants to New Jersey were the children and grandchildren of [the immigrant] Hendrick Matthyse Smock and Guertje Harmens Smock.


The second movement of members of the family was to York County, Pennsylvania, and from 1760 onward. [Dutch families from New Jersey began arriving in Conewago in 1765, but I believe the Smocks arrived some years later, perhaps in the 1770s.] The colonists [who] settled in York County did not appear to have been altogether permanently located; and many of them moved northward into the Western part of New York, largely to the Genesee Valley; and others went west to Kentucky so that in 1817 the Conewago congregation was so reduced that there were only five families left of the original Dutch and Huguenot settlers. [The great majority of the Conewago Dutch removed to Kentucky; only a few, I believe went to upper New York.] So far as known, there are no families bearing the name Smock in York or Adams Counties; and scarcely any remaining of these early Dutch and Huguenot colonists. [The only traces of the Conewago settlement today are two cemeteries.] So early as 1774 agents of these early colonists families from New Jersey were sent to Kentucky, who located tracts of land in Henry County. [Dr. Smock is a bit off in his date. Samuel Durier, from Berkley Co., Virginia, first explored for land in Kentucky in 1779, and led the first group there by the overland route, meeting up with his brother-in-law, Hendrick Banta, who led a larger group from Conewago by the river route in 1780. The Low Dutch Company was formed later on to buy a large tract of land from Squire Boone and others.] Others went from Pennsylvania and also from Monmouth County [NJ] Smock families to Mercer County [KY], and near Harrodsburg [KY] on the upper branches of Salt River. A Reformed Dutch Church known as Salt River was started about 1796. [The first permanent church building, the Old Mud Meeting House, which still stands, was built in 1800.] 


Here ends the Smock information taken directly from Genealogical Notes on the Smock Family in the United States by John C. Smock, Editor, Hudson, NY, September 21, 1922. and as modified by Hugh Hoffman in 9/2006.







Barent/Barnes/Barney Smock


According to available records, Barent Smock, son of Hendrick and Mary (Schenck) Smock, was baptized [born] on 5 Oct 1738, married Antje Cosyn (Ann Cozzine/Cozine) circa 1769 in York Co PA and died after 1812. [I am not certain that the marriage was in York Co., but it probably was.]According to a 10 Jul 1899 letter by Marion Brady of Washington Co KY (which I have yet to see), Marion states that Barent is buried at Providence Church, Cave Spring, Mercer Co KY (located between Harrodsburg and Danville). [I have no info on where Barney is buried but this could very well be true, since he certainly lived in that general area.]



Heads of families listed in 1769 Conewago, York Co PA church records included: Cornelius Coysn (Antjes father), Jacob Smock, Jr, Abram Smock, Bernard (Barent/Barney) Smock, etc. [The Rev. Cornelius Cozine was the first regular minister of the Dutch Reformed Church of Conewago;  he is buried in the northernmost cemetery in Conewago, the site of the old church.]  


In the Banta Genealogy, page 52, quote: In 1774 the Dutch in York Co PA bought 10,000 acres of land in KY. [This is not an exact quote of what appears on page 52. In any event, the information in the Banta book is a bit off the mark, and much more detailed and reliable information about the land purchases of the Low Dutch Company is in Our Low Dutch Heritage, Larry Michael Voreis, 2003, Chapter 8, The Low Dutch Company, Kentucky, 1783 - 1786, pp. 187-230.] The first group of these Dutch came to KY in 1774. [1779-1780.]There was a group of intended friends who were coming later. This group of intended friends included the names of heads of families, including Barney Smock, Cornelius Coysn, [son of the Rev. Cornelius Cozine] Samuel Britton, Jacob Smock, etc. The second group came from Conewago, York Co PA about 10 years (1794) later. Barney Smocks name is in the second group. [Barney Smock went to Kentucky prior to 1786, in about 1784.]



The following is taken from the original Court records of Mercer Co, KY:


                     Barney Smock, 26 Mar 1793, buys from George Smith and Mary, lands. Deed Book 2, pg 58 (DB 2-58).

                     Barney Smock and wife Ann, deed, 31 Oct 1806 (DB6-323).

                     Barney Smock and wife deed to John Smock for love and affection and five shillings, land 4 Apr 1812 (DB9-172).

                     Barney Smock gave consent for his daughter Ann Smock to marry Samuel Britton, 22 Jul 1799.

                     Thomas Carland complains of Charles DePauw and Barney Smock on a plea that they render to him 5 pounds and 10 shillings which to him they owe. On Feb 23, 1786 in Mercer Co (KY)., they bound themselves to pay James Dunn the above named sum and afterwards the said Dunn assigned the obligation in writing to Thomas Carland. It has not been paid and Carland sues to recover. August 1787 Discontinued by order of Plantiff, Carland. (Found in Judgement Box C-1 Carland vs DePauw e&c 1787). (This legal note was provided to me by a 2005 DePauw researcherJon Lockhart of Indianapolis, IN-- who said that Depauw was from Flanders, joined the French Army and served at Yorktown).




The children of Barney and Antje (Cozzine/Cosyn) Smock were:


1.     Maria, baptized 27 May 1770 Conewago Dutch Reformed Church, Adams Co PA.

2.     Cornelius, baptized 11 Oct 1772 Conewago Dutch Reformed Church, Adams Co PA.

3.     Hendrick (Henry), baptized 19 Feb 1775 Conewago Dutch Reformed Church, Adams Co PA.

4.     Pieter, baptized 18 May 1777 in Conewago, Adams Co PA, married Judith Clark (daughter of David Clark) on 10 Sep 1804 in Mercer Co KY, died circa 1868 Mackville, Washington Co KY.

5.     Antje/Ann, baptized 11 Jan 1779 in Conewago, Adams Co PA, married Samuel Britton 22 Jul 1799.

6.     Neeltje, baptized 10 Jun 1781 in Conewago, Adams Co PA.

7.     Garret, born 1785 (per Marion Bradys letter dated 10 Jul 1899).

8.     John (per Marion Bradys letter dated 10 Jul 1899 and mentioned in a Mercer Co KY deed). This could be the John Smock who is buried in the Smock Chapel Cemetery, Washington (now Marion Co) KY. Stone indicates he was born 12 Oct 1788, died 12 Feb 1868 and had two wives: (1) Cecelia, died 1833 aged 38, and (2) Letty W, born 1800, died 1876. [This is another John Smock.  The John Smock in question was born 26 Jan 1787, according to Marianna Crossland Hamilton, probably in Mercer Co., Ky.  He married 1 Jun 1809, Annie Gray, born 4 Feb 1789, d 1 Jul 1867, per Mrs. Hamilton.  John died 14 Oct 1847, on his farm at Little Raccoon Creek, Parke County, Indiana, per Mrs. Hamilton.]

9.     [Cynthia, b 1791, per Mrs. Hamilton, presumably in Mercer Co., Ky.]





Pieter Smock


Pieter was baptized 18 May 1777 in Conewago, Adams Co PA, married Judith Clark (daughter of David Clark) on 10 Sep 1804 in Mercer Co KY, died circa 1868 Mackville, Washington Co KY. He and his wife are buried in the Smock Burial Grounds, Washington Co KY.


Pieters wife Judith was born in January or July 1781 in VA to David and _____ Clark. Included with her 10 Sep 1804 Mercer Co KY marriage license is a note from her father who gave the consent for her to be married, saying she is 24 years of age next January 1805.


The children of Pieter and Judith (Clark) Smock were:


1.     Eliza, born 17 Jul 1813 Virginia, Mercer Co KY, married Milton Anderson Brady on 3 Oct 1831 in Campbellsville, Washington Co KY, and died 27 Aug 1868 and is buried in the Brady Cemetery, Texas, Washington Co KY.

2.     John, married Polly Short.



Eliza Smock


Eliza was born 17 Jul 1813 Virginia in Mercer Co KY. She married Milton Anderson Brady on 3 Oct 1831 in Campbellsville, Washington Co KY, and died 27 Aug 1868 and is buried in the Brady Cemetery, Texas, Washington Co KY. Please find the ancestral information on the Brady surname in the chapter by that name.


Peter Smock wrote the Clerk of Washington County a note giving his permission for Eliza to marry Milton A. Brady. John Smock, presumably Peters brother, witnessed the slip - which reads exactly as follows:


OC 1 day 1831 to the clerk of the Washington county court sir you will pleas to isfue [issue] lisens [marriage license] for my daughter Liza to marry Milton A. Brady and oblige yours and so test[ify] as well ???, Peter X Smock. John Smock


The corresponding 3 Oct 1831 license is interesting in that the Clerk stated on the license: Miss Eliza Smock daughter of John Smock. Evidently, the clerk misread the above permission slip from Peter and thought Eliza was Johns daughter.






Washington County KY Cemeteries Vol. I

Complied by Faye Sea Sanders, 1984

Smock References


Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Smock, S. Jackson, M.D. 1866 1938

Smock, Anna Merritt (wife of Dr. S. Jackson) 1871 1953


Battle Cemetery

Smock, James 1852 1920

Smock, Lucinda Custsinger 1872


Bruner Cemetery

Smock, John T. b 17 Apr 1806, d 9 Jul 1882

Smock, Mary A. wife of John T., b 28 Nov 1817, d 12 Apr 1892




Federal and State Census Records




1801 1805 Mercer Co, KY Tax Lists

John Smock, Jr.

Abram Smock

Mathew Smock

Barney Smock

Jacob Smock


1810 Washington Co, KY (Page 317)

Peter Smock

Males 1 under 10

1 between 26 and 45 (probably Peter, born 1777)

Females 2 under 10

1 between 16 and 26 (probably Judith, born 1781)


1820 Washington Co, KY (Page 75A)

Peter Smock

(information missing)

1830 Federal Census, Maysville, Washington, Co, KY (Page 136)

Peter Smock

Males 1 between 25 and 30

1 between 50 and 60 (probably Peter)

Females 2 under 5

3 between 15 and 20

1 between 20 and 30

1 between 40 and 50 (probably Judith Clark)


1840 Federal Census, Washington Co, KY (Page 118)

Peter Smock (Peter and Judith Smock's daughter Eliza married Milton A Brady)

Males 1 between 60 and under 70 (probably Peter, age 63)

Females 1 between 5 and 10

1 between 20 and 30

1 between 60 and 70 (probably Judith Clark-his wife age 59)


1860 Federal Census, District No. 1, Mackville PO, Washington Co, KY

Household 897 (household of Eliza (Smock) Brady's father Peter and her son Marion)

Peter Smock






PA (d 1868)

Marion Brady



Farm Labor









         Genealogical and historical research I conducted.

         Genealogical Notes on the Smock Family in the United States by John C. Smock, Editor, Hudson, NY, September 21, 1922.

         Research by Serena V. Roomes mother Mrs. Marietta Smock Roome, P.O. Box 305, Richfield, NJ.

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         Research conducted and provided by Hugh Hoffman, Falls Church, VA, husband of Anita Joyce Smock, deceased.