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Dated: 22 Sep 2015




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John Potter (*)

(this first generation is still speculative)

The posible grandfather of Susan Hanna Potter, the husband of Josiah Smith

who were the parents of Elizabeth Smith who married John A. Potter

(*) This Potter family differs from the John Potter family outlined in the chapter entitled POTTER


Speculation exists on the parentage of Absalom Potter (below, the father of Susan Hanna Potter). Absalom's parents could be John (1751-1807) and Lydia Potter - but there is absolutely no conclusive proof. Speculation exists that suggest Lydia (who is spelled LYDDA in the below will) was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian and/or that her maiden name was "Massey".


Here is information located on John Potter thus far.


Roane Co TN Estate Books A, B, & C

Original Estate Papers 1802-1842

by Bailey Publishing Company

John Potter will abstracts


Will of John Potter. March 1807, Estate Book A, p. 16-17 (possibly the father of Absalom).

In the name of God amen, I John Potter of Roane County and state of TN, being week of body but in perfect mind and memory thanks to God. But calling to mind that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament. That is to day, first I recommend my Soul to God who gave it and my body to its fellow dust. Secondly to all my worldly estate that it hath been God to give me and dispose of it in the following manner to wit:

Item 1st I appoint Nicholas Nail and Thomas Gallaher my friends as executors thereto see ever thing rectified.

Item 2d. That all my worldly goods both real and personal be divided equally amongst the family all shares alike under the Rules hereafter mentioned that is to say that LYDDA my wife shall be possessed of the plantation whereon I now live and enjoy the same for the purpose of raising her children, during her widowhood and no longer, but then the profits arising from the same shall be applied to that purpose by the executors. Item that as to live stock such as horses, cattle and hogs, sheep etc be and remain in the hands of the widow as long as the family shall continue together and then be in the possession of the executors to see that every is done Justice dealt by.

Item3d that when the children do come of age then the land to be sold and the money divided or the land divided just as the heirs think proper. Item 4th that the money arising from debts due me shall be a general fund to be equally divided amongst the heirs.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3d day of March 1807. John (his X mark) Potter

Witness. Jno Paine, Daniel Pinkston, Absolum X Potter.


Inventory of John Potter. June 1807, Estate Book A, p. 20.

Inventory of the estate of John Potter deceased made April 18th, 1807 and returned to this term returned by Nicholas Nail, Thos. Galliher, executors.


Inventory of John Potter. October 1825, Will Book B, p. 26 (possibly Absalom's brother).

Inventory contains notes on George Crow, Solomon Potter, Delilah Potter, Elizabeth Potter, Thomas Potter, William Melton, Danile White, John Stubbs, Absolom Potter, John McKamy, Ambrose Copeland, Samuel McConnell, William McConnell.......Allen G. Gallaher admr.

Supplement dated 28 Oct 1825. Supplement to Inventory of John Potter decd..........notes on William Melton, John Stubbs, James Galloway, Samuel McConnell....... 29 Jan 1826.



Absalom Potter


According to the Cherokee Co KS death certificate of Susan (Potter) Smith Richardson Hacker Wilcox, her parents were Edward Potter of England and Elizabeth Evans of England. This information conflicts with the Jefferson Co IL death certificate of Solomon Potter, Susan's brother. His death certificate lists his parents as Absalom Potter of Georgia and Elizabeth Evans of Georgia. Census and bible information (below) tends to support the latter.


Absalom Potter was born circa 1790 in Georgia. He may have been the son of John and Lydia Potter.


Elizabeth Evans was born in Georgia on 6 Aug 1795 and died on 21 Feb 1880 in __________ at an age of 86. She is buried in ______________. She married at least three times, initally to Absalom Potter (marriage record not found to date). She later married, as Mrs. "Elizabeth Potter", Samuel B. Jones on 10 May 1846 in Morgan Co IL. Her final marriage, as Mrs. "Elizabeth Jones", was to Jesse Brunk on 10 Nov 1853 in Morgan Co IL.


The children of Absalom Potter and Elizabeth Evans were:


1.     William, born 26 Aug 1816.

2.     Evan, born 19 Mar 1818.

3.     Absalom, born 10 Jan 1820 in Tennessee. Possibly married a Mary Pruett on 04 Feb 1841 in Scott Co IL. Is listed in the 1850 Morgan Co IL census (page 282A, line 21) as a Farmer, married to a Polly (nee Mary, age 23, b TN) with children Elijah (6, b IL), Bennet (2, b IL) and Absalom (2/12, b IL).

4.     Polly, born 8 Oct 1822.

5.     John, born 11 Oct 1823.

6.     Elizabeth, born 9 Nov 1824, married William H. Hart on 03 Jul 1859 Scott Co IL.

7.     Thomas, born 24 Jan 1827.

8.     Lydia, born 16 Jan 1829 in Tennessee.

9.     Jeremiah Jackson, born 24 Mar 1831. Could be the Jeremiah J. Potter who is listed twice in Morgan Co IL marriage records: Married Wilmoth Caroline Wisdom on 12 Jul 1852 and married Rhoda on Allen 9 Aug 1856. Per Joan Powell [], Wilmoth C. Wisdom was the daughter of Samuel Bennetts son Joel and she was previously married to a Jones.

10.  Solomon, born 10 Oct 1833 in Tennessee (although his death certificate lists his birth place as Bowling Green, Warren Co KY) and died 28 May 1921 in Taxico, Farrington Twp, Jefferson Co IL. He was married twice: 1st to Mrs. Martha Armstong Berwell on 10 Nov 1858 in Scott Co IL, and 2nd to Violet Forbes Alcorn on 13 Aug 1868 in Morgan Co IL. Violet was born in Scotland circa 1849 and died in 1930. According to Mary Krekel Rankin, a descendant of Solomon and Violet, Solomon's death certificate listed Solomon's parents as Absalom Potter of GA and Elizabeth Evans of GA. Solomon is listed in the 1860 Morgan Co IL census as 26 years old, born in TN, a Laborer, married to Martha (age 29, b IL) with children John (12, b IL and child by Martha's first marriage to George Boswell) and Thomas (6/12, b IL).

11.  Susan Hanna, born 2 Apr 1836 in Tennessee (although her death certificate says England), married four times: (1) Josiah Smith on 12 May 1853 in Scott Co IL, (2) Sanford Richardson, (3) a Mr. Hacker, and (4) as "Mrs. Susan H. Hacker" of Beardstown IL, she married James Davenport Wilcox on 18 Jun 1919 in West Mineral, Cherokee Co KS. She died 24 Jan 1926 West Mineral, Cherokee Co KS and was buried on 26 Jan 1926 in the Star Cemetery, West Mineral, Cherokee Co KS. According to Susan's Cherokee Co KS death certificate, Susan's parents were listed as Edward Potter (incorrect) of England and Elizabeth Evans of England.

12.  Isaac, born 6 Jun 1837 (twin of Elijah).

13.  Elijah, born 6 Jun 1837 (twin of Isaac) in KY (according to the 1850 Morgan Co IL census). Possibly married Angeline Smith 30 Aug 1872 Scott Co IL.

14.  Josiah, born 18 Sep 1839.



Susan Hanna Potter


Susan Hanna was born on 2 Apr 1836 in Tennessee (although her death certificate states "England" and the 1920 census states she was born "At Sea.") Susan married at four times: (1) Josiah Smith on 12 May 1853 in Scott Co IL, (2) Sanford Richardson, (3) a Mr. Hacker, and (4) as "Mrs. Susan H. Hacker" of "Beardstown IL", she married James Davenport Wilcox on 18 Jun 1919 in West Mineral, Cherokee Co KS. Susan died on 24 Jan 1926 in West Mineral, Cherokee Co KS and was buried on 26 Jan 1926 in the Star Cemetery, West Mineral, Cherokee Co KS. According to descendants of her fourth marriage (to a Mr. James D. Wilcox), Susan smoked a corncob pipe. According to her daughter Margarets diary/journal, Margaret stated that her mothers parents were Sanford and Susan Richardson. This substantiates Marriage #2. Marriage #3 is substantiated by Marriage #4s marriage certificate to James Wilcox in which she states she is Mrs. Susan H. Hacker of Beardstown, IL.


According to Susans Kansas death certificate: 1) she listed her parents as Ed (incorrect, see above) Potter of England (incorrect, see above) and Elizabeth Evans of England (birthplace of England is incorrect, see above); 2) she died of a cerebral hemorrhage; 3) the informant was her daughter Elizabeth Potter of West Mineral KS; 4) listed age 89y/9m/22d, born Apr 2 1836 in England (incorrect, see above), a Widow, and a Housewife.


In an attempt to learn whom Susan married with the last name of Hacker, I searched the 1915 Beardstown IL City Directory - but with no one by that name was listed.


For more information on the descendants of the union of Susan Potter and Josiah Smith, please see the chapter entitled Smith.





Susan (Potter)(Smith)(Hacker) Wilcox newspaper references

Columbus (KS) Modern Light, 7 Jan 1926, page 3:


Mrs. James Brown of Pittsburg, was called here last week by the serious illness of her grandmother, Susan Wilcox.



James Wilcox newspaper references

Quincy (IL) Herald Journal, 14 Oct 1925, page 3:


J.B. Wilcox Dies in Home Hospital. James B. Wilcox, aged 81 years, died October 13 at 1 a.m. He enlisted February 16, 1865, at Springfield, Ill., and served as a private in Co. G, 155th Illinois Infantry. He was discharged September 4, 1865 at Murphysboro, Tenn., and was admitted to the Home in August 1903. He leaves two sons, W.E. Wilcox and A.C. Wilcox of Columbus, Kan.


Columbus (KS) Modern Light, 22 Oct 1925, page 1:


Funeral of James Wilcox. Funeral services for James Wilcox were held from the Baptist church north of Hallowell (KS) Friday afternoon and burial was in the Boreland cemetery. Mr. Wilcox died Tuesday, October 13, at Quincy Ill.


Columbus (KS) Modern Light, 22 Oct 1925, page 3:


Mr. Howey Wilcox of Little Rock, Ark and Mrs. and Mrs. James Wilcox of Omaha, Nebr, who were called here at the death of their father, visited at the Earl Wilcox home last week.




Federal and State Census/Tax Records




1814 State Tax Lists, Roane Co TN (______________)

Absalom Potter 250 acres, 1 white males


1815 State Tax Lists, Roane Co TN (______________)

Absalom Potter 250 acres, 1 white males

John Potter No land


1816 State Tax Lists, Roane Co TN (______________)

John Potter 250 acres

Absalom Potter No land


1817 State Tax Lists, Roane Co TN (______________)

John Potter 250 acres

Absalom Potter No land


1818 State Tax Lists, Roane Co TN (______________)

John Potter 250 acres


1819 State Tax Lists, Roane Co TN (______________)

John Potter 375 acres

Solomon Potter No land.


1830 State Tax Lists, Roane Co TN (No. 5 Capt. Lower's Co. Tax List)

Absalom Potter 60 acres, 1 white poll

Thomas Potter 73 acres, 1 white poll

Elizabeth Potter (?) 50 acres.


1830 Federal Census, Roane Co TN, page 62

Absalom Potter (112,001-210,0001)

1 male under 5

1 male between 5 and 10

2 males between 10 and 15

1 male between 30 and 40

2 females under 5

1 female between 5 and 10

1 female between 30 and 40

Ardin Evens (000,000,000,1-000,000,000,01) (living right next door)

1 male between 70 and 80

1 female between 80 and 90

Thomas Potter (on page 59 and the only other Potter in Roane Co TN in 1830).


1840 Federal Census, Roane Co TN

Absalom or Elizabeth are not listed.

1850 Federal Census, Morgan Co, IL Page 269A





Value of Real

Place of





Estate Owned


Samuel B. Jones






Elizabeth (Evans)






Solomon Potter






Susan Potter






Elijah Potter






Lydia Potter







1860 Federal Census, Jacksonville, Morgan Co, IL Household 601





Value of Estate Owned

Place of





Real Est.



Jos. Smith







Susan (Potter)






















1870 Federal Census, Bethel Twp, Morgan Co, IL page 354A, line 18 (listing Elizabeth Evans Potter-Jones-Brunk in the household of Solomon Potter, Elizabeth's son).





Value of Estate Owned

Place of





Real Est.



Solomon Potter



































Elizabeth Bunt (s/b Brunk)









Potter Records


The Jones/Potter/James Bible

Transcribed in 11/2000 by Andrew L. Moore (,

Great Great Great Grandson of Susan (Potter) Smith Richardson Hacker Wilcox,

Who was the daughter of (either Absalom or Ed) and Elizabeth (Evans) Potter;

And as given to me by a relative of Mrs. Margaret (Potter) Russell,

Who was the granddaughter of Josiah and Susan (Potter) Smith

And the daughter of Elizabeth (Smith) and John A. Potter.


"This bible has been handed down thru the years to many families thru the three generations all on my mother's side. My grandmother gave it to me in 1926 the year she passed away. She was born in 1836. Margaret Russell."




Samuel B. Jones was born Jul 12 1786.

Sally Jones his wife was born Jan 12 1782.

Daniel R. Jones was born Feb 1 1809.

Wilmoth L. Jones was born Feb 14 1810.

Samuel B. Jones was born Sep 20 1811.

Joel F. Jones was born Feb 10 1813.

William B. Jones was born Mar/Jun 28 1814.

Lewis W. Jones was born Mar 28 1817.

Alexander Jones was born Nov 15 1818.

Thomas Jones was born Sep 18 1820.

James Y. Jones the seventh son born Jul 12 1822.


Elizabeth (Evans) (Potter) Jones wife of Sam'l B. Jones was born Aug 6 1795.


William Potter born Aug 26 1816.

Even/Evan Potter born Mar 19 1818.

Asalom Potter born Jan 10 1820.

Polly Potter born Oct 8 1822.

Elizabeth Potter born Nov 9 1824.

John Potter born Oct 11 1823.

Thomas Potter born Jan 24 1827.

Lydia Potter born Jan 16 18?? (30?)

Jeremiah Jackson Potter born Mar 24 1831.

Solomon Potter born Oct 10 1833.

Susan Potter born Apr 3 1836.

Elijah Potter born Jun 6 1837.

Josiah Potter born Sep 18 1839.

Isaac Potter born Jun 6 1837.


Elizabeth Malinda Thomson born Jun 25 1852.

Murssa (sp?) Ann Chapman born Jun 23 1824.



William B. Jones died Sep 1815.

Samuel B. Jones died Jun 1819.

Joel F. Jones died Jul 29 1834.

Sally Jones, wife of Samuel B. Jones, died Oct 11 five minutes before 4 in the morning in 1845.

Elizabeth (Evans) (Potter) (James) Brunk died Feb 21 1880, aged 86.


Transcriber's Note: Included in this bible was a sheet containing other vital information on the James family. Elizabeth Smith, the daughter of Josiah and Susan (Potter) Smith, married a John A. Potter (no relation - came from England in the 1870s) on 25 Feb 1875 in Carrolton, Greene Co, IL. They had a number children, including Margaret (Potter) Russell and Ellen (Potter) James. Ellen had married a Pete J. James. Ellen and Pete had a son named Roy who married three times, the last to Delphia ______. It is from Delphia that I obtained this bible. Below is the James information, with amplifications in ( ):


Peter J. James, born Cincinnati OH 2 Jun 1876, died 21 Nov 1944.

Ellen (Potter) James, born Winchester IL 4 Oct 1883, died 17 Apr 1948.

Floyd James, born Frontenac KS 20 Jul 1900, died 20 Jul 1901 (age 1).

Roy James, born Mineral KS 8 Sep 1901 (died 13 Apr 1984, buried Hayden CO).

Harry James, born Dennison TX 7 Nov 1902, died 12 Mar 1907.

Irene James, born Oklahoma City OK 12 Jan 1906.


Pete J. James married Ellen Potter in Mineral Kansas on 21 Mar 1898.







         Genealogical and historical research I conducted.

         Mary Krekel Rankin, who provided much of the Absalom Potter information.