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John Hart(?)


The ancestry of James Hart has not been proven with certainty. According to Dixon Smith of Novato CA (who provided ALL of the first two generations of Hart data below), James may be from Warminster, PA and the son of Thomas Hart (born circa 1686, died after 1754) and the grandson of John (born circa 1651, died circa 1714) and Susannah (Rush) Hart. See Dixon Smith's incredible website at for more details.


If John Hart is the direct ancestor of James Hart, he was born, circa 1651, to Christian and Mary (Bleckley) Hart. This particular John Hart was a Quaker who emigrated from Witney, Oxfordshire England circa 1681 to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He purchased 1000 acres of land from William Penn, who was starting a new colony, free of religious persecution, called Pennsylvania. He settled on 500 acres on the Poquessing River in Byberry Township and was also granted another 500 acres in Warminster Township, Buck Co PA. John married Susannah Rush, daughter of William and Aurelia Rush in September 1683.


According to Dixon's research, John left the Quakers following a schism in 1691 and joined the Pennpack Baptist Church. Sometime between 1693 and 1698 he sold his 500 acre Byberry estate and moved to his Warminster Township land, where he died in 1714.


John and Susannah had five children:


1.     John, married Eleanor Crispin. Was Justice of the Peace, high sheriff and coroner. In 1750 he erected the stone Warminster family mansion (current address: 1145 Charter Road, Warminster PA).

2.     Thomas, born circa 1681 Bucks Co PA, married Ester Myles.

3.     Joseph, married Elizabeth Coreen.

4.     Josiah.

5.     Mary, died circa 1721, unmarried.


Thomas Hart (?)


Thomas was born circa 1681 in Bucks Co PA. He married Ester Myles. In 1735, a Thomas Hart of Warminster was given a bond signed by Jost Hite for 1500 acres of land on the Elk Branch, (current day Dunfield) Jefferson Co West Virginia. Dixon suggests that Thomas' departure for the Carolinas in 1754 was due to the commencement of the French & Indian War - when many Indian raids were carried out on inhabitants of the Ohio and Shenandoah Valleys.


Thomas and Ester had the following children:


1.     James, born circa 1715, married Rebecca Finney circa 1735, died circa 1793 Wrightsborough GA.

2.     Thomas.

3.     Miles.


James Hart


According to Hart Researcher Dixon Smith, it is believed that James is the son of Thomas Hart (above), but that "direct documented evidence proving this is lacking".


James Hart, born circa 1715, married Rebecca Finney circa 1735, died circa 1793 Wrightsborough GA. According to the Inventory of James Hart's estate (dated 30 Sep 1793, Thomas Hart Administrator), James owned 129 acres on Eno River in Orange Co NC.



Rebecca Finney was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah (_________) Finney.


The following chronology was taken from Dixon Smith's research:


1737: James and Rebecca were living in the Reading, Pennsylvania area.

1749: James was a chain carrier for land surveyed in Holman's Creek.

1751: Land was surveyed for James "where he now lives". This land is on Holman's Creek, three miles east of present town of Forestville, Shenandoah Co VA, 60 miles SE of Dunfield.

1753: A grant was entered for James on the Eno River in Orange Co NC.

1755: Records indicate that James was now living on the Eno River.


1767-1769: "The North Carolina government in the 1760s was very oppressive. Imported goods, property and legal papers were exorbitantly taxed. The governors deputies seized cattle and horses and grossly unvalued them for unpaid taxes. In 1767 Joseph Maddock and other Quakers applied for grants of land in the frontier territory of Georgia. They received them February 7, 1769. Among them were two hundred fifty acre grants made to James Hart and Thomas Hart, Samuel Hart and Peter Hart, single men, were granted one hundred acres. Joseph Maddock and Jonathan Sell led forty families by oxcart and horse on the three hundred mile trip from North Carolina to Wrightsborough in late 1769. An additional one hundred acres were granted to Samuel in 1772 and to Peter in 1774. This indicates they were married after the original grants. It appears that James and sons Thomas and Peter returned to Orange County, North Carolina during or shortly after the Revolutionary War."


1793: James died in Orange Co NC.

1806: Son Peter died in Orange Co NC.

1830: Son Thomas died in Orange Co NC.


Although the Hart family were not Quakers at the time, they came to the Wrightsborough, Georgia area with Quakers. Only Samuel remained in Wrightsborough..his father and brothers returned to North Carolina where they all died.


The children of James and Rebecca (Finney) Hart were:


1.     Joseph, born circa 1737 near Douglassville, PA, christened 29 Jul 1737 St. Gabiel's Church, Morlatton (now Douglassville) PA.

2.     Thomas, married Elinor Logue, died circa 1830 Orange Co NC. Will written 7 May 1827, probated May 1830 and is located in Orange Co NC Will Book E/222.

3.     Samuel, born circa 1746, married Esther Lowe circa 1771 and died 4 Jun 1787 Columbia Co GA.

4.     Peter, born before 1755, married Lucy ________, died Oct 1806 Orange Co NC.

5.     Ann, married Ralph Faucett, circa 1792 Orange Co NC.

6.     Stephen, married Catherine Moore, died circa 1811.


Samuel Hart


Samuel Hart was born circa 1746, married Esther Lowe circa 1771 and died intestate 4 Jun 1787 Columbia Co GA.


Esther Lowe was born 17 Mar 1754 and died 5 Jan 1843 Cass Co MI, buried Young's Prairie Cemetery, Cass Co MI. Her father was Isaac Lowe (born circa 1723 in VA) who married Grace Atherton 18 May 1751 Old Swedes Chruch, Wilmington DE. Her mother is uncertain - it possibly Grace Athertonbut other researchers list Elizabeth Walker or Ann Mooney as her mother.


In 1788 (after Samuel died), Esther and her remaining children Isaac, William, Rebecca, Thomas and Fenny (sic) were received into membership in the Wrightsville (GA) Monthly Meeting (Quaker church). Samuel left no will but there are probate and estate records in Columbia Co and Richmond Co GA. In 1789, Esther remarried an Amos Green.



Order to Appraise the Estate of Samuel Hart

Richmond County, GA

23 Oct 1787


1) Memorandum: This Thirtieth day of October personally appeared before me Rhesa Howard require one of the justices assigned to keep the peace in the said County of Richmond, John Stubbs, Sen., Noble Butler and Abraham Johnston and Frances Jones.


Being those of the appraiser appointed to appraise the goods and chattles of Samuel Hart deceased who being duly sworn made oath that they would make a just and true appraisement a\of all and singular the goods and chattels. Ready money only excepted of the said Samuel Hart deceased as shall be produced by Esther Hart and Joel Cloud administratix and Administrator of the Estate of the said Samuel Hart Deceased and they would return the same certified under their hands to the said Esther Hart and Joel Cloud, Administrator, within the time prescribed in the warrent of Apraisement.

Sworn before me the day and date above written R. Howard J.P.


Jn Stubbs, Noble Butler, Abraham Johnston, Frances Jones.



2) Georgia Know all men by these presence that we Esther Hart, Joel Cloud, Noble Butler and Duncan McCowen of the said State and County of Richmond are held firmly bound unto Lewis Gardner, Register of Probate for the said County in the just and full sum of Five Hundred pounds there to be paid to the said Register of Probate or his successors.


Registers of the said County or their certain Attorneys or asings to which payment well and truly to be made and done we bind ourselves and each of our heirs Executors and Administrators each and everyone of them for and in the whole firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this twenty third day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven. The Condition of the above obligation is such that if the within bounders Esther Hart, Administratix and Joel Cloud Administrator of all and singular the goods, chattles and rights and credits of Samuel Hart deceased do make cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattles rights and credits of thse deceased which have or shall come to the hands profession or knowlefge of them saids Esther Hart and Joel Cloud or into the hands of profession of any other person or persons for them the same so made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the Register of the Probate Office at or before the twenty third day of October next ensuing and the same goods and Chattles and credits and all other goods chattles and credits of the deceased at the time of the death which of anytime after shall come to the hands or profession of the said Esther Hart and Joel Cloud Administratix and Administrator or into the hands or profession of any other person or persons for them do well and truly Administer according to the Law and further do make or cause to be made a true and just account of their said Administration after or before the twenty third day of October next ensuing and all the next and residue of these goods, chattles and credits which shall be found remaining upon the said Administration account the same being first examined and allowed of by the profession. My for the time being shall be delivered and pay unto such person or persons respectively as the said Register by his decress or _enstance first and __to ther true intent one meaning of an act of parliament made in the twenty second and twenty third years of the Reign of King Charles the second Instituted an act for the better settling Intestate Estates shall limit and appoint and if it shall here after appear that any last will and testament was made by the said deceased and the executor or executors therein named do exhibit the same to the Register of Probate making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly if the saids Esther Hart and Joel Cloud Administratix and Administrator within County being there unto required do render and deliver the said Letters of

Adminstration/Approbation of such testament being first had and made to the said Register of Probate then the obligation to be void and of none effect or else to remain in full force and virtue.


Sealed & Delivered in Presence of

Lewis Gardner

Tho. Gardner

Esther Hart (signature)

Joel Cloud (signature)

Nobel Butler (signature)

Duncan McCowen (Signature)



3) Georgia By Lewis Gardner Esqr.: Register of Probate for the County of Richmond these are to authorize and empower you or any three or four whose names here under written to repair to all such parts and places within the said county as you shall be directed unto by Esther Hart and Joel Cloud, Administratix and Administrator of all and singular the goods rights and credits of Samuel Hart Late of the State and County aforesaid deceased wheresoever any of the goods and chattels of the said deceased are or do remain within the said parts and places which shall and singular and every the said goods and chattles being first sworn accordingly to Law to make a true and perfect inventory and appraisement thereof and to cause to be returned under your hands or any three or four of you to the saids Esther Hart and Joel Cloud on or before the twenty third day of December now next ensuing and the saids Esther Hart and Joel Cloud to return the said Inventory together with this warrent into the Register of Probate office on or before the twenty third day of January next ensuing given under my hand and seal at this Registers Office the twenty third day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and eight seven.

To Mesieurs

Rhesa Howard Esq

John Stubbs

Noble Butler

John Carson Jr.

Abraham Johnson

Frances Jones

John McMunn

Lewis Gardner, LS





The children of Samuel and Ester (Lowe) Hart were:


1.     Isaac, born 20 Feb 1773 St. Paul's Parish, Georgia, married Sarah Buffington 10 May 1796 Warren Co GA, died circa 1815 Butler Co OH.

2.     James, born 7 Feb 1775, died 26 Sep 1786.

3.     William, born 21 Oct 1777, married Elizabeth Twiggs 16 Aug 1804, died 20 Aug 1818.

4.     Rebecca, born 2 Dec 1779, married Eli Dixon circa 1799, died 17 Mar 1754.

5.     Thomas, born 7/9 May 1782, probably on Harts Creek, McDuffie Co Georgia, married Mary Gregg 15 Jan 1809, died 5 Dec 1841 Dixon Township, Preble Co OH buried Harris Cemetery, Dixon Township, Preble Co OH.

6.     Grace, born 14 Jul 1784, died 15 Oct 1786.

7.     Finney, born 1 Dec 1786 Wilkes Co GA, married Jane Quinn 6 Jan 1814 Preble Co OH, moved to Peoria Co IL circa 1849, died 18 Jan 1859 Elmore IL, buried Elmore Cemetery, Elmore IL.



Thomas Hart


Thomas was born on 7/9 May 1782, probably on Harts Creek, McDuffie Co Georgia. He married a Mary Gregg on 15 Jan 1809. As a result of injuries sustained while being thrown from a house, he died on 5 Dec 1841 in Dixon Township, Preble Co OH and is buried in the Harris Cemetery, Dixon Township, Preble Co OH.


Mary Gregg, his husband, was born 11 Mar 1787 in Delaware and died 25 Aug 1848 in Dixon Township, Preble Co OH. She is buried next to her husband in the Harris Cemetery, Dixon Township, Preble Co OH. She is the daughter of Silas and Rhoda (Armstrong) Gregg of New Castle Co DE.


Thomas and Mary Hart were Quakers. When in South Carolina, they were members of the Bush River (Newberry County, SC) Monthly Meeting (the name given to their regularly scheduled church meetings). Quakers called each other "Friends." By 1802, many members of the Bush River Monthly Meeting, motivated to live in a part of the country where slavery was not advanced, began migrating to the north, particularly Ohio. According to SC Quaker records, between 1802 and 1807, more than 100 "certificates of removal" were issued, most of them being for families. By 1808, the remaining members of the Bush River Monthly Meeting recommended that the church property be sold.


29 Jul 1809: At the 29 Jul 1809 Bush River (SC) Monthly Meeting, certificates of removal were signed for the following: To the Miami (located on the Little Miami River, Warren Co OH) Monthly Meeting: Thomas Hart, Phinehas Hart, and others.


17 Feb 1812: In early Preble County OH land patent records, a "Finney Hart, assignee of Thomas Hart" purchased a full quarter section of land (SE 1/4 of Section 3, Township 7, Range 1) from the United States on 17 Feb 1812. This plot was within a large section of land--NW of the Ohio River and above the mouth of the Kentucky River--that was placed up for sale by an act of Congress as a result of the area recently being purchased from the Indians. As this quarter section resides in Dixon Township, Preble Co OH, this "Thomas Hart" is almost certainly ours and the 1/4 section of land is almost certainly the land onto which Thomas and Mary Hart settled when they came from Warren Co OH in circa 1809.


14 Oct 1814: Thomas is listed as a witness to a Preble County OH Deed between John Sarah (Maddock) Seybold et al (basically the heirs of Samuel Maddock) to Nathan Maddock of Preble Co OH. Preble Co OH Deed Book 2, page 72.


8 Jul 1815: Finehas and Jane Hart of Preble Co OH deed to Thomas Hart of Preble Co OH a tract of land in Preble Co OH (SW1/4, S30, T4, R3 = Gratis Township) lying on the waters of Elk Creek for $400. Said land was granted to Finehas Hart by patent dated 10 Oct 1812. Preble Co OH Deed Book 2, page 157.


16 Aug 1816: William and Rebekah Whitson of Wayne Co Indiana Territory to deed to Thomas Hart of Preble Co OH 2.55 acres (SE corner NW1/4, S13, T4, R3 = Gratis Township) lying on the water of Elk Creek, originally granted to Rebekah Compton now Rebekah Whitson, for $14. Preble Co OH Deed Book 2, page 261.


26 Jan 1818: Willas (sic should be William) and Rebekah (nee Compton of Wayne Co IN) Whitson deed to James Simpson of Preble Co OH a tract of land (NW1/4, S30, T4, R3=Gratis Township, with the exception of 2.5 acres in the SE corner conveyed to Thomas Hart in 1816) for $550. Preble Co OH Deed Book 3, page 92.


4 Feb 1828: John and Lucy Truax deed to John May, John Swem and Finny Hart, school directors and their successors, "Dixon #1" a 1/2 acre of land (in the NE1/4, S11, Dixon Twp, R1) for school use only. Preble Co OH Deed Book ? (either 5, 6, 7 or 8), page 404.


23 Apr 1828: John and Ester Eslinger of Preble Co OH deed to Isaac S. Patton, Tetrarch Fall and Thomas Hart, school directors and their successors .75 acres (SW part of S24, T4, R3=Gratis Township) "for no other purpose" (maybe for a school?) for $5.20. Preble Co OH Deed Book ? (either 5, 6, 7 or 8), page 373.


12 May 1841: Thomas' death was reported in an Elk (West Elkton, Preble Co OH) Monthly Meeting: "Thomas, died 12 May 1841, age 59y, 6m, 28d." Note: The Elk Monthly Meeting was established (partitioned) from part of the Miami Monthly Meeting on 12 Nov 1809. See below for a conflicting death date.


5 Dec 1841: Thomas' death date was reported in his Estate Papers as being 5 Dec 1841. This conflicts with the Quaker information above.


20 Jun 1851: Mary Ann (Hart) Harris and her husband Thomas Harris, in consideration for $500, sell Mary Anns share in her fathers real estate (being the SE1/4 of S12, T7, R1) to her brothers Isaac and Joseph Hart. Preble Co OH Deed Book 39, page 228.



Thomas Hart Abstracted Estate Papers

Case # 396

Preble Co OH


The photocopies of Thomas Hart's estate papers that I received from the Eaton Co OH Courthouse are extremely difficult to read. I have condensed about 20 pages into three points below. I am sure there is more information contained within the papers than I could glean/read if I had access to the originals or the quality of the copies were better.


         14 Jan 1842: Thomas surviving spouse, Mary, relinquished, to Silas Hart, her right to be the Administrator of Thomas' estate.


         15 Jan 1842: Silas Hart, Samuel Hart and William Hart posted a $4000 bond to assure the proper administration of Thomas Hart's estate by Silas Hart. These three are brothers and are the children of Thomas (deceased) and Mary Hart.


         1859: The date of the document cannot be accurately ascertained - but the Preble Co OH court acknowledged that the administrator Silas Hart determined the value of the inventory of Thomas' estate to be $2,498.12. The estate was distributed to the heirs in various amounts.



The children of Thomas and Mary (Gregg) Hart were:


1.     Silas, born 29 Jan 1810/11 Camden, Preble Co OH, married Hannah Eslinger 8 Apr 1832 Camden, Preble Co OH, died 23 Nov 1869 Dixon Township, Preble Co OH, buried Winholt Cemetery, Preble Co OH. Hannah Eslinger was born 2 Dec 1814 in Somers Twp, Preble Co OH and died 1 Nov 1890 Dixon Twp, Preble Co OH. She is the daughter of John and Ester (Pugh) Eslinger. Silas and Hannah moved to Somers Township after their marriage. They later moved to Dixon Township, settling on Concord Road. The following biographical abstract on Silas Hart and his son Alexander appears in the History of Preble County, Ohio:


Silas Hart was born 1808, and died in Dixon Township in 1869, on the farm occupied by his son. By his wife, Hannah Eslinger, he had nine children: seven boys and two girls. The boys are all living. Mrs. Hart resides with her son Alexander, who is a single man. Mr. Hart is the proprietor of the oldest tile factory in the county, and does a thriving business.


2.     Samuel, born 5 Dec 1811, Preble Co OH, married Christina Snyder 20 Jul 1847 Preble Co OH, died 11 Feb 1886 Shelby Co MO, buried Oak Ridge Cemetery, Shelby Co MO. Christina was born circa 1824 in PA.

3.     William, born 17 May 1814 Dixon Twp, Preble Co OH, married a Nancy J. Chidester 12 Nov 1835 Preble Co OH, died 2 Jan 1854 Peoria Co IL. Nancy was born circa 1821 in DE. According to family legend, William got the neighbor's young (14) daughter (Nancy) pregnant and had to marry her.

4.     James, born 12 Aug 1819 (twin), died 19 Sep 1838.

5.     John, born 12 Aug 1819 (twin), died 2 Apr 1822.

6.     Rebecca, born 10 Oct 1821 Dixon Twp, Preble Co OH, married John L. Fall 2 Apr 1840 Preble Co OH.

7.     Isaac, born 26 Apr 1824 Dixon Twp, Preble Co OH, married Elizabeth May 25 Feb 1855 Preble Co OH.

8.     Joseph, born 2 Sep 1828 Dixon Twp, Preble Co OH.

9.     Mary Ann, born 18 Mar 1832 in (probably) Dixon Twp, Preble Co OH, married (1) Thomas Harris, Jr 6 Jan 1851 Preble Co OH, married (2) Daniel Corderman 16 Dec 1858 Henry Co IL, died 11 Nov 1860 (possibly) Henry Co IL.



Mary Ann Hart


Mary Ann was born 18 Mar 1832 in (probably) Preble Co OH. She married twice: (1) Thomas Harris, Jr 6 on Jan 1851 in Preble Co OH. After Thomas death, Mary Ann married (2) Daniel Corderman on 16 Dec 1858 in Henry Co IL. She died on 11 Nov 1860, possibly in Henry Co IL.


Marys first husband was Thomas Harris Jr. He was born on 21 Jan 1829 in Preble Co OH. Thomas died of cholera on 18 Jun 1852 at the Quarantine Hospital, (below) Cincinnati OH. He is buried in the Harris Cemetery, Dixon Township, Preble Co OH. Our family descends from this union. For more information on the descendants of this union, please see the chapter entitled Harris.




(related and unrelated)


Silas Hart Bible Information

(In the possession of Jack M. Hiltbold)



Silas Hart

Born 24 Jan 1810

Hannah Hart

Born ???? 1814

John E. Hart

Born 28 Apr 1833

Thomas J. Hart

Born 26 Apr 1835

Rebecca Hart

Born 11 Aug 1839

Alexander Hart

Born 6 Feb 1842

Dunham Hart

Born 6 Jul 1844

Mary Ellen Hart

Born Sep 1849

Firenza Hart

Born 20 Mar 1847

Silas Hart and Hannah Eslinger

Married 8 Apr 1832



1800-1810 Preble Co OH Tax Lists

Early Hart References



John Hart


Thomas Hart




Early Preble Co OH Marriages





Sarah Thomas



Jane Quinn



Elizabeth Ebersole



Elizabeth Brower



Mary Quin



Catherine Brower


Robert C.

Elizabeth Larsh



Americ? Saylor



Hannah Eslinger



Nancy Chidester




Preble Co OH Estate Records

Early Hart References





Adam Hart



Case #871

Henry Hart



Will Book B, pg 40, Case #119.

Henry Hart



Case #1412

John L. Hart



Case #1178

Mary Hart



Case #1320

Thomas Hart



Case #936



Land Purchase Entries

involving the surname HART

located in the book

Early Ohio Settlers







Abraham C. Hart

07 Nov 1837





Abraham C. Hart

23 Feb 1838





Aiklin D. Hart

04 Jan 1818





Dennis Hart

05 Dec 1817





Elias Hart

22 Oct 1829





Finney Hart

19 Jan 1808





George W. Hart

25 Sep 1829





Henry Hart

10 Feb 1814





Henry Hart

30 Jan 1832





Isaac Hart

20 Aug 1805





Isaac Hart

15 Aug 1807





Isaac Hart

11 Aug 1832

Franklin IN




Jacob Hart

04 Jun 1817





Jeduthan Hart

01 Mar 1837





Jeduthan Hart

21 May 1838

Dearborn IN




John Hart

25 Dec 1815





Patrick Hart

06 Sep 1836





Stephen Hart

19 Nov 1833

Franklin IN




Thomas Hart (1)

13 Jun 1806





William Hart

07 Oct 1816





William Hart

21 Jan 1836

Franklin IN




(1) This is our Thomas' land patent purchase.


NOTE: Range/Township/Section 1/7/3 is Dixon Twp, Preble Co OH; 3/3/4 is Wayne Twp, Butler Co OH; 1/12/6 is Washington Twp, Darke Co OH (on Indiana state line).



Isaac Hart Reference

Preble Co OH Chancery Records

Book F, Page 134

Mar 1830: John & Margaret Stubbs, and Jesse Kenworthy vs Hart Heirs. Petition for Partition. Filed 14 Sep 1829. Land, SE1/4 S4, T3, R3 in Butler Co OH and NE1/4 S30, T4, R4 in Preble Co OH. Isaac Hart, deceased, late of Butler Co OH, died intestate some years ago. Widow: Sarah Hart. Four children: Margaret E. Hart; Hester (Hart) Talbert, oldest daughter and wife of Jonathan Talbert; Rebecca (Hart) Gifford, daughter and wife Nathan Gifford of Preble Co OH; Sarah Hart, a minor.



John Hart Biographical Abstract

located in

Preble County (OH) Pioneers

John Hart was born in PA in 1773. When a young man he went to August Co, VA where he married Elizabeth Sellers. There were the parents of ten children. They came to Preble County in 1808, locating hear Brennersville, at the Mammoth Spring on the land later known as the Jesse Royer farm. Mr. Hart was Dunkard minister and a presiding elder in the church. He assisted in the organization of the first Dunkard Church in Twin Township. He was a tailor by trade and as was the custom went from house to house making garments. When his wife died, he remarried and went to Carroll Co, IN in 1849. He died there in 1856.



Hugh Hart Obituary Abstract

located in

Obituary Abstracts, 1850-1890, Preble Co OH Newspapers

Hugh Hart, died 18 Dec 1865. Jesse Stephens, the executor, sought to sell the land to pay debts. Widow: Ann. Other Descendants: Ann Hart, Andrew Hart, Martha Hart, Mary A. Hart (deceased) of Decatur Co IN, Ebenezer Hart of Miami Co OH, Ann Smith and William Hart of Preble Co OH, Hugh S? Hart of Indiana, Margaret J. Grismer of Edgar Co IL.



Silas Hart Biographical Abstract

located in

History of Preble County, Ohio

Stanley S. Hart, born 15 Mar 1883 Twin Twp, Preble Co OH, married Nelle Paddack Jun 1909. Stanley was the son of Samuel and Emma (Craig) Hart. Samuel was born in Twin Twp in 1838 and is the son of Samuel and Eri (Saylor) Hart. Samuel Sr was a native of PA who came to Preble Co as a boy.



Hart References

located in

A Genealogical Index of Miami (River) Valley Pioneers

1.     Hart, Henry - Will dated 17 Oct 1820, probated Oct Term 1822, wife Mary, children Elizabeth, Daniel, Henry, Mary, William, Stephen, Levi, Susannah, Belindy.

2.     Hart, Elder John - German Baptist Church, from "Annual of the Brethren Church in Ohio". Upper Twin Church, p. 171, born PA 1773; to VA then Preble Co OH 1808; married (1) Elizabeth Sellers; issue 10 children, married (2) ______ Shoup, daughter of George Shoup, removed to Carroll Co IN where he died in 1856.

3.     Hart, Samuel, Sr - From PA, issue: Caroline, Isabell, William, Barbara, Nathan, Catherine, Samuel, Milton, Martha, Hannah.



Finley Hart Reference

located in the book

A Short Account of the Quinn, West, Lacy, Pottenger, Kinkade and Wilson Families

A man by the name of Finley Hart married Jane Quinn, the eldest daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Lacey) Quinn, around the holidays (Dec?) of 1813. They had eight children.



Preble County OH Land Entries















Finney, assignee of Thomas Hart





17 Feb 1812







7 Mar 1820


John, assignee of George Moyer





6 Feb 1817


John, assignee of George Thompson





13 Dec 1811







         Genealogical and historical research I conducted.

         Jack M. Hiltbold, 2015 S. Mahark Land, Peoria, IL 61607. Jack is a descendant of Silas Hart, son of Thomas and Mary Hart and is in possession of the Hart Family Bible.

         History of Preble County, Ohio by H.Z. Williams and Brothers, W.W. Williams, Cleveland OH, 1881.

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         A Short Account of the Quinn, West, Lacy, Pottenger, Kinkade and Wilson Families. Author Unknown. From Preble Co OH (although not sure where I picked this up).

         United States Land Entries from Preble County, Ohio by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers, 1968.

         Dixon Smith, Novato CA. Email address: Website:

         Dianne Sabido, Email 7/2010: