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James Harris


James Harris was born circa 1700 in Bristol, Somersetshire, Somerset Co England. He immigrated to the United States (Essex Co NJ) in approximately 1725. He married _______ Boleyn either in England or the US and had six sons and one daughter. His three oldest sons moved to North Carolina shortly before the Revolutionary War. These three boys and their father were sympathetic to the British - with the rest of the family staying in the north and supporting the cause of the American Revolution. James died on 6 Apr 1763 in Elizabeth, Essex Co NJ. He is buried in the St. John's Episcopal Churchyard in Elizabeth NJ. He was a merchant tailor and an Episcopalian (Church of England). His gravestone says "Here lies the body of Mr. James Harris, who departed this life April y 6th A.D. 1763 in the 63rd year of his life, age ____, and Nathan Poply (Harris) his son, and Elizabeth his daughter." It is speculated that these two children died at a very early age and could be children #8 and #9.


There is speculation that the James' wife, ______ Boleyn (and possibly Bollen), is connected through James Bollen Jr, and his father James Bollen, Sr, Secretary to Carteret the first governor of NJ. James Bollen Jr did have a daughter Ann - and it is speculated (but again, no proof) that this Ann was the wife of James Harris of Bristol, England. Boleyn means "one who came from Boulogne, France".


According to early Somersetshire Co England baptismal records, a James Harris, son of Richard and Mary Harris, was baptized on 19 July 1706 at Selwood Parish in Frome in Somersetshire (which is about 20 miles SSE of Bristol, England). According to these baptismal records, Richard and Mary had four sons: the first two were named Richard and both died within a few days of being born; the third was named Richard and baptized 8 Apr 1690; the fourth was James, baptized 19 July 1706. Could this fourth child be the immigrant and our direct ancestor James Harris? This is possible but until further research proves it, we cannot say for certain.


The children of James and ______ (Boleyn) Harris were:


1.     Abigail, born 28 Mar 1731 Essex Co NJ, married twice: (1) Nathaniel Mitchell 30 Aug 1752 (probably Essex Co NJ), (2) _______ Conkling (after 1787 and probably in Washington Co PA). Nathaniel, Abigail's first husband, was born 20 Jul 1728 and died 8 Sep 1773 in NC. After Nathaniel died, Abigail and her three brothers moved from Essex Co NJ to Washington Co PA where she apparently met and married _______ Conkling. After her second husband died, she moved to Knox Co OJ where some of her children lived. Abigail died in 1822 at her son William's home in Knox Co OH.

2.     Thomas, born 5 Jan 1743 Essex Co NJ, married Phebe Harrison 13 Oct 1763 Essex Co NJ, died 1822 Knox Co OH, buried Martinsburgh Cemetery, Knox Co OH.

3.     George, born 1745 Essex Co NJ, married Hannah Tunis about 1765, died 3 Feb 1822 Washington Co PA. George was a Sargent of the 2nd Regiment of State troops, the Continental Army and the Jersey Minutemen. Minutemen were members of a group of armed men who pledged to take to the battlefield at a minute's notice during the American Revolution. While residing the in Colony of New Jersey during the American Revolution, his house was pillaged and his livestock driven off. In 1787 he moved his family westward to Washington Co PA where he resided until his death.

4.     John, born 1750 Essex Co NJ, married three times: (1) Sarah Burris 1 Jan 1776 (who died later that same year), (2) Mary Hamilton 20 Jul 1777, (3) Mary Hampson 24 May 1803, died 1816 Amity, Washington Co PA, buried Amity PA. John's second wife, Mary Hamilton, was born 8 Oct 1758 and died in 1801. She is of the same family as Alexander Hamilton who died in the duel with Aaron Burr in Weehawken, NJ in 1804. John, with his brother Thomas, took part in the Revolutionary battle at Monmouth (NJ) Court House (see a short description of this battle below). Like his brother George, John was a Jersey Minuteman (for a description of a Minuteman, see above under "George"). John migrated from Essex Co NJ to Washington Co PA in 1787 where he resided the rest of his life. He died on Ten Mile Creek, near the village of Amity PA.

5.     William - uncertain, possibly went south to fight with Cornwallis at Yorktown.

6.     Jesse - uncertain, possibly went south to fight with Cornwallis at Yorktown.

7.     Joseph - uncertain, possibly went south to fight with Cornwallis at Yorktown.

8.     Nathan Poply/Popple - speculation (see tombstone of father), died circa 1763.

9.     Elizabeth - speculation (see tombstone of father), died circa 1763.


Thomas Harris


Thomas Harris was born on 5 Jan 1743 in Elizabethtown, Essex Co NJ. He married Phebe Harrison on 13 Oct 1763 in Essex Co NJ and died circa 1822 in Morgan Township, Knox Co OH. Thomas is buried in the Martinsburg Cemetery, Martinsburg, Knox Co OH.


Thomas served in the American Revolution, mostly at sea on board vessels equipped as privateers. Privateering was the practice of permitting, under government sanction (in this case, the Continental Congress), private citizens to equip ships to attack and capture enemy merchantmen (in this case, attacking/plundering British commerce). All European countries, with the exception of Spain, renounced such practice by 1856. The US abandoned the practice after the Civil War.


Thomas took part in the Battle of Monmouth, NJ with brothers George and John. Below is a brief description of this American Revolution battle:


Battle of Monmouth (NJ) Courthouse

28 June 1778


During the winter of 177/1778, General George Washington's troops had suffered a number of defeats in the field, due in part to superior British tactics. The colonists retreated to camp in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania cold and barefoot and sick. Morale was low--the problem was poor organization and not enough horses and wagons to bring supplies to camp. However, General Friedrich von Steuben volunteered to train the troops. Von Steuben posed as a baron and former lieutenant general in the army of King Frederich of Prussia, but was in fact only a captain and not a noble. Yet he was an excellent soldier.


Von Steuben taught Washington's troops how to maneuver in the field and how to use bayonets properly. He was very strict with the Americans and knew little English, and drilled the soldiers for hours cursing at them. But the Americans appreciated his devotion, and he taught them well.


On June 28, 1778, while the British General Sir Henry Clinton's troops were marching across New Jersey, General George Washington attacked and checked the advance of the British troops - and they withdrew. Washington's victory at the Battle of Monmouth (NJ) Court House was a small one, but it gave a boost to American morale, as they applied their lessons learned at Valley Forge from Von Steuben.


Following the war, Thomas migrated to present day Greene Co PA (formed from Washington Co PA in 1797) around 1787 with his brothers George and John and his sister Abigail. In 1815, Thomas and his son Stephen moved to Morgan Township, Knox Co OH. Thomas died circa 1822 in Knox Co OH and is buried in the Martinsburg Cemetery, Martinsburg, Knox Co OH.

Phebe Harrison, Thomas Harris' wife, was born 5 Oct 1744 and died circa 1824. She is buried next to her husband in the Martinsburg Cemetery, Martinsburg, Knox Co OH.


The children of Thomas and Phebe (Harrison) Harris were:


1.     James, born 12 Oct 1765 Essex Co NJ, married Abigail _______ about 1786 in NJ, died Nov 1831 in Dixon Township, Preble Co OH, buried Friendship Cemetery, Gasper Township, Preble Co OH.

2.     Stephen, born 7 Dec 1767 Essex Co NJ, married Hannah Beach circa 1787 in Elizabeth, Essex Co NJ, and died circa 1844. After their marriage, they migrated with Thomas' father to Greene Co PA. In 1815, Stephen and his father Thomas moved to Knox Co OH - and lived there until 1830 when Stephen moved his family onto Edon Township, Licking Co OH. Hannah was born on 15 Jun 1765 and died circa 1842. Children include: Johanna, Phebe, Mary, Samuel Beach, Stephen Jr, Jerusha, Abram and Joanna.

3.     Mary, born 17 Dec 1769, married Johnathan Jewell.

4.     Nathan Popple, born 20 Sep 1772 NJ, emigrated to Greene Co OH with his parents. Family history believes he enlisted with Gen'l St. Clair's army in 1791, marched against the Indians on the Miami (OH) and was killed in one of the ensuing battles in what is now Drake Co OH.

5.     Abram, born 17 May 1775 Warren Co NJ, married Ester Denman 26 Jan 1796 NJ, migrated to Greene Co PA in Sept 1796 and to Licking Co OH in the Fall of 1827, and died 18 Feb 1850. They had 7 sons (Timothy, Thomas, James, Johnathan, Samuel, Stephen, Abram) and 2 daughters (Rachel, Mary).

6.     Phebe, born 26 Jan 1778, married _____Dean.



James Harris


James Harris was born on 12 Oct 1765 in Essex Co NJ. He married an Abigail ______ in circa 1786 in NJ. He died in Dixon Township, Preble Co OH between 14 Sep 1831 (when his will was written) and 23 Mar 1832 (when several men posted bond guaranteeing the correct execution of his will). Another source indicates he died in Nov 1831. James is buried in Friendship Cemetery, Gasper Township, Preble Co OH.


James wife was Abigail. Nothing is known of her ancestry.


James and Abigail migrated to Preble Co OH from NJ via Kentucky (sometime after 1800). This migration from Essex Co NJ to Ohio via Kentucky was unique to James and Abigail. The rest of the Harris' migrated to Ohio either directly from New Jersey or via Pennsylvania.


16 Feb 1809: In early Preble County OH land patent records, a "James Harris of Hamilton Co OH" purchased a full quarter section of land (SE 1/4 of Section 1, Township 7, Range 1) from the United States on 16 Feb 1809. This plot was within a large section of land--NW of the Ohio River and above the mouth of the Kentucky River--that was placed up for sale by an act of Congress as a result of the area recently being purchased from the Indians. As this quarter section resides in Dixon Township, Preble Co OH, this "James Harris" is almost certainly ours.


Summer 1811: James and Abigail Harris sold the NW 40 acres to their son Thomas Harris for 30 pounds.


13 Dec 1815: Thomas Harris sold this land to a John Hill for $250.



James Harris Will

Written 14 Sept 1831, Probated 23 Mar 1831

Dixon Township, Preble Co OH


I, James Harris of Dixon Township, Preble County Ohio being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is today.


It is my will and desire that my just debts be fully paid out of my personal estate. I give and bequeath to my wife Abigail all my personal estate to be used and held by her for her support and maintenance during her lifetime and at her death it is my will that all my personal estate then remaining (if any) be sold at public sale by my Executor herein after named, and the proceeds thereof equally divided between my three daughters, namely Phebe Niccum, Hannah Starr and Nancy Booker. I also give and devise to my said wife Abigail all my real estate being the farm whereon I now reside containing about 100 acres of land and laying in Dixon township for her to hold, use, occupy, possess and enjoy the same and all the property thereof during her life and at her death said tract of land is disposed of as follows: that is to say I give and devise to my son Abraham Harris all the remainder of said tract of land after the termination of the life estate therein of my said wife herein created with the exception of three acres in said tract adjoining my son James which leaves about 93 acres in said tract which is hereby devised to my said son Abraham and to his heirs and assigns forever.


I give and devise to my said son James the above named three acres of land to be held by him, his heirs and his assigns forever. I give and bequeath to my son Stephen Harris fifty dollars as his part or portion of my estate to be paid to my by my son Abraham at the death of my wife and to secure this payment of said fifty dollars to my said son Stephen I charge my real estate for the payment thereof.


I give and bequeath to my grandson James Harris, son of William Harris, to be paid to him by my son Abraham at the demise of my said wife and thereby charge the payment of said fifty dollars cost mentioned on my real estate also.


As to my three sons to wit: Thomas, Jonathan and James Harris, I consider that I have (with the 3 acres of land devised to James) given them their share or portions out of my estate heretofore by way of advancement so as to make them equal with my other children.


And to my son Corteland Harris, I have through my son Abraham give him one hundred dollars in cash which I consider his full share of my estate. I therefore consider that my last four named sons ought in strict justice to have no further claim on my estate as I think I have made them fully equal with my other children.


And lastly I appoint my son Thomas Harris executor to this my last will and testament.


In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 14 day of September 1831.

James Harris



The children of James and Abigail Harris were:


1.     Phoebe, born 1786 in NJ. She married twice: (1) Michael Niccum/Nicnum 13 Mar 1802 Garrard Co KY, and (2) Wright Griggs 09 Nov 1837 Vermillion Co IL.

2.     Thomas H., born 4 Feb 1790 Madison Co KY, died 4 Feb 1866 Preble Co OH, buried Mound Hill Cemetery, Eaton, Preble Co OH. Thomas married three times: (1) Nancy Dooley 15 Sep 1812 Preble Co OH, (2) Nancy McGriff 15 Jul 1817 Preble Co OH, and (3) Nancy Denny 24 Dec 1833 Preble Co OH. Nancy Dooley was born circa 1788 in Madison Co KY and is the daughter of Moses and Mary (Boyd) Dooley. Thomas bought property in Preble Co OH on the following dates: 16 Dec 1815 (from a Moses Dooley--possibly his father-in-law), 18 Apr 1825, 26 Dec 1826 and on 3 Mar 1828. Nancy was the daughter of Thomas and Susanna (Atkins) McGriff. Thomas and Susanna lived in Preble Co OH and he was the brother to a Richard McGriff who lived in neighboring Darke Co OH. Thomas was born circa 1758 in York Co PA and died circa 1831 in Preble Co OH.

3.     Nancy, born about 1795 in KY, married Richard Booker 22 Dec 1818 Preble Co OH, died 01 Sep 1855 Preble Co OH, buried Friendship Cemetery, Eaton, Preble Co OH.

4.     Hannah, born 1797 in KY. She married twice: (1) Absalom Starr 04 Mar 1820 Preble Co OH, and (2) John Jones 24 Jul 1836.

5.     James, born 26 Mar 1798, married Elizabeth T. Dooley (daughter of Rev. Reuben Dooley) 25 Sep 1816 Preble Co OH, died 12 Mar 1876 Andrew Co MO, buried Savannah Cemetery, Andrew Co MO. Elizabeth was born 15 Jan 1799 Barren Co KY, died 14 Jan 1870 Andrew Co OH and is buried next to her husband. They moved from Preble Co OH to Platte Co MO sometime between 1836 and 1842.

6.     Abraham, born 20 Feb 1807, married Mary Ann McDivitt 4 Sep 1828 Preble Co OH, died 4 Nov 1833 Preble Co OH, buried Friendship Cemetery, Gasper Township, Preble Co OH.

7.     Stephen, born circa 1804, married Jemima Harland 30 Aug 1827 Preble Co OH, died 2 Nov 1876 Pulaski Co IN. He bought property in Preble Co OH on 28 Mar 1828 and on 19 Jan 1829. He bought additional property in Camden, Preble Co OH on 07 Jul 1842. Jemima was born 1 Apr 1801 KY and died 12 Oct 1860 Pulaski Co IN. They had the following six children: 1) Barton William, born 22 Jun 1829; 2) Courtland, born c 1830; 3) James B, born Aug 1830/1831; 4) Levi Perine, born 11 Feb 1833; 5) Barzillah C, born c 1837; and 6) Stephen Jerome, born 1 May 1839.

8.     Courtland/Cortland, born 21 Sep 1810 Preble Co OH, married Mary Frances Swank in Ohio about 1828, died 15 Sep 1897 Lowery, Tehama Co CA, buried Lowery, Tehama Co CA. Mary was born 09 Oct 1810 in OH and died 02 Aug 1903 on Paskenta, Tehama Co CA. She is buried next to her husband.

9.     Jonathan, married Polly Lambert 15 Jan 1815 Preble Co OH.

10.  William, died before 1831.



Stephen Harris, born 1804, married Jemima Harland,b.April 1,1801,in Ky. on August 30, 1827, in Preble County, Ohio. Children: Barton William b.June 22, 1829; Courtland, b. 1830;James B. b. August, 1830 or 31; Levi Perine, Feb. 11, 1833; Barzillah C., b. 1837; Stephen Jerome, b. May 1, 1839. Stephen died Nov.2, 1876, Pulaski Co. Indiana, Jemima d. Oct. 12, 1860, Pulaski, County, Indiana.



Abraham Harris


Abraham Harris was born on 20 Feb 1807. He married Mary Ann McDivitt on 4 Sep 1828 in Preble Co OH. Abraham died on 4 Nov 1833 in Preble Co OH and is buried in the Friendship Cemetery, Gasper Township, Preble Co OH.


Mary Ann McDivitt was born on 26 Aug 1807/1809 in Rowan Co NC and died 8 Aug 1892 in Preble Co OH. She is buried next to her husband. Her parents were Philip and Elizabeth (Booker) McDivitt.




McDivitt Information


Philip McDivitt, the father of Mary Ann McDivitt, was born about 1785 in Ireland. According to the History of Edgar Co IL (1879), Philip emigrated from North Carolina to Ohio around 1811/1814 and was a shoemaker and farmer. He died in 1830 in Preble Co OH. His wife was Elizabeth Booker. She was born about 1788 in Rowan Co NC and died on 28 Mar 1853 in Dixon Township, Preble Co OH. She is buried in the Winholt Cemetery, Dixon Township, Preble Co OH. Philip and Elizabeth had 7 children:


(1) Mary Ann (see above); (2) Eleanor (born about 1812 in NC, married George F. Miller 8 Nov 1831 Preble Co OH, died before 1848); (3) Robert S (born 18 Aug 1813 Rowan Co NC, married Eliza Ann Fry 7 Aug 1834 Preble Co OH, died 28 Dec 1862 Dixon Township, Preble Co OH); (4) Margaret Elizabeth (married Joseph Harrison Miller 21 Apr 1836 Preble Co OH, died 1841); (5) Joseph B (born 17 Aug 1817 Preble Co OH, married Sarah Morton 21 Feb 1839 Preble Co OH, died 6 Oct 1892 Paris, Edgar Co IL); (6) John (born about 1819 Preble Co OH, married Elizabeth Hunt 12 Jun 1842 Union Co IN, died 2 Dec 1893) and (7) Eliza C (born Jan or Dec 1824 Preble Co OH, married George M. Wiley 30 Jan 1844 Preble Co OH).


On 11 Mar 1848, John McDivitt filed a petition against the heirs of Philip McDivitt for the partition of land owned by Philip McDivitt, deceased. Preble Co OH Common Plea Court Records #512.



After Abraham Harris died intestate on 4 Nov 1833, his surviving widow, Mary Ann (McDivitt) Harris, was automatically assigned the responsibility of Estate Administrator.


11/1833: Mary Ann Harris, probably feeling unqualified, relinquished her "right of administration" to Thomas Harris, the brother of Abraham Harris.


Abstracted Receipts from Abraham Harris Estate

Preble Co, OH

Case # 529

Thomas Harris, Administrator

The estate of Abraham Harris paid the following:






John Gardner


Bushel of apples, two fur hats.


James Hipes


Crying Sale.


Elizabeth McDivitt and Thomas Harris, Adm of estate of Philip McDivitt.


on note.


William Heaton


$2 on settlement, $.75 for crying sale.


Mary Ann Harris


part of dower share


Robert Haseltine




Charles Street


Castor Oil, coffee, whiskey, rice, buttons and sundries.


Dr. Parker


on account.


Cornelius VanAusdal


on note.


Levi Gard


Guardian of A. Harris heirs, taxes.


Sometime after 1852 when her granddaughter Sarah Angeline Harris was born, Mary Ann (McDivitt) Harris, "widow of Abraham and grandmother of Sarah Angeline Harris" was requested to sell south part of SE 1/4 of Section 1, Twp 7, Range 1 (Dixon Twp) containing 93 acres that were devised to Abraham Harris by his father, James Harris, deceased.


The children of Abraham and Mary Ann (McDivitt) Harris were:


1.     Thomas Jr., born 21 Jan 1829 Preble Co OH, married Mary Ann Hart 6 Jan 1851 Preble Co OH and died of cholera 18 Jun 1852 Quarantine Hospital, (below) Cincinnati OH, buried Harris Cemetery, Dixon Township, Preble Co OH.

2.     Robert Sylvester, born 10 Sep 1830, married Barbara Overholser 6 Oct 1853, died 26 Aug 1896.

3.     Jonathan, born 29 Jan 1832, died (at age 3) on 22 Apr 1836 Preble Co OH, buried Friendship Cemetery, Gasper Township, Preble Co OH.

4.     Margaret Elizabeth, born 23 Nov 1833, married _______ Lincoln.


Thomas Harris, Jr.


Thomas Jr. was born on 21 Jan 1829 in Preble Co OH. He married Mary Ann Hart on 7 Jan 1851 in Preble Co OH. Thomas died of cholera on 18 Jun 1852 at the Quarantine Hospital, (below) Cincinnati OH. He is buried in the Harris Cemetery, Dixon Township, Preble Co OH.


The following obituary appeared in a Preble Co OH newspaper (date and newspaper name unknown):


Thomas Harris, Jr, died at the quarantine hospital below Cincinnati, June 18, 1852, resident of Dixon Township, died of cholera. Was returning from a trip to Iowa, age 22. Leaves wife and other relatives.


Mary Ann Hart was born 18 Mar 1832 (probably in Preble Co OH) and died 11 Nov 1860 (possibly in Henry Co IL). She was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Hart. After her husband died, Mary Ann remarried a Daniel Corderman. For more information on the ancestry of Mary Ann Hart, please see the chapter entitled Hart.


27 Dec 1851: Thomas Harris purchases from his brother Robert S. Harris and his sister Margaret E. Harris their rightful and legal share of the 93 acres that belonged to their mutual father Abraham Harris, deceased, for $1100 (total, not apiece). Preble Co OH Deed Book 39, page 483.


On 9 Mar 1852, Richard Booker, the husband of Nancy Harris (Abraham Harris' sister), appointed Thomas Harris Jr as his attorney to locate Land Warrant #11547 - consisting of 160 acres of land.


In 1852, Thomas ventured to Iowa Co, Iowa and, while there, purchased 2 separate tracts of land totaling some 240 acres. During his return to Ohio, he contracted cholera and died in a Quarantine Hospital just below Cincinnati OH in 1852. The 240 acres of land were sold in 1854 in order to pay the taxes. In 1855 Mary Ann (Hart) Harris, the widow, had a lawyer inquire about the land in Iowa Co IA. It was on 15 Jun 1855 that the Treasurer for Iowa Co IA wrote back informing her that the land had been sold to pay the taxes. If she could remit $12 (the amount of the 1854 tax), the land could be redeemed and she could be issued a Certificate of Redemption. I have no idea if she did this.


Mary Ann (Hart) Harris was seven (7) months pregnant with their one and only child, Sarah Angeline Harris, when Thomas died of cholera.



Abstracted Receipts from Thomas Harris Estate

Preble Co, OH

Case #1684

Mary Ann (McDivitt) Harris, Administrator #1

Isaac Stephens, Administrator #2

The estate of Thomas Harris paid the following:






VanAusdal & Donohoe


Misc including shawl for sister.


Robert Harris


Robert Harris note.


Ruben Bloomfield


For breeding horse.


Simeon Sutton


Simeon Sutton note.


Moses D. Harris


For breeding three mares.


George W. Larsh, Treas.


Tax levied on school district No. ? in Dixon Twp for 1852.


George F. Miller


$3.50 for conveying corpse from hospital to residence and $2.50 for box to put the coffin in.


Henry Talbert


Henry Talbert note.


A.V. Auter


For a coat.


John Collins


For value received.


Richard Booker


For value received.


Wilson Cullen


Note from Wilson Cullen.


P.R. Minor


For clerking sale.


Francis McWhinney


For merchandise purchased between 2/1851-5/1852.


Marsh and Lockwood




H.W.& T.W. Dooley


90 ft of oak planks and 750 ft of elm.


Eli Conger


For crying sale.


Thomas Hart


$120 for work and labor in 1851 less $20 for clothes and sundries.


Margaret Harris


$100 note to Margaret Harris.



Thomas Harris' Estate Papers

Case #1684


27 Sep 1852: Isaac Stephens applied for a letter of administration of estate after widow (Mary Ann Harris) relinquished her right. Securities: Joseph Donahoe, Abram Leedy. Appraisers: James B. Gentle, Isaac C. Railsback, William Caster.


1 Mar 1854: The Preble Co Court commands Isaac Stephens without delay: (1) to set off 1/3 of Abraham Harris land for Mary Ann Harris, widow of Abraham Harris, deceased and, (2) to set off 1/3 of Abraham Harris land for Mary Ann Harris Jr, widow of Thomas Harris Jr., deceased.


15 Mar 1854: Isaac Stephens, Administrator of Thomas Harris' estate, brought suit against Mary Ann Harris, widow of Abraham Harris, and Mary Ann Harris, Jr, widow of Thomas Harris and petitioned the court to allow him to sell the 93 acres of land that was given to Thomas Harris, deceased by his father Abraham Harris, deceased who was given the land by his father, James Harris, deceased.


7 Apr 1854: The court granted Isaac's petition and on 16 Mar 1854, placed the following ad in the local paper:


Sale of Real Estate

By Order of the Probate Court

On Saturday the 15th day of April 1854, between the hours of 10am-4pm at the door of the Courthouse in Eaton, Preble Co OH, will be sold to the highest bidder the following real estate as the property of Thomas Harris, Jr., deceased: South part of the SE1/4, S1, T7, R1 containing 93 acres, subject to the dower (*) of Mary Ann Harris, widow of Abraham Harris, deceased, and also subject to the dower of Mary Ann Harris, Junior, widow of Thomas Harris, junior. Appraised value: $1,504. Terms: 1/3 cash in hand, 1/3 in one year, residue in two years-with interest from day of sale.

Isaac Stephens, Administrator of Thomas Harris, Junior, deceased.


(*) The dower of Abraham's wife consisted of 32 acres of land and a payment of $24/year. At her death, the dower to Thomas's wife consisted of a payment of $36/yr, commencing upon the death of Abraham's wife.


21 Apr 1854: Isaac Stephens finally sells the 93 acres belonging to Thomas Harris, Jr., deceased, to Robert S. Harris for $1010, although subject however to the dower estates therein of Mary Ann Harris, Senr and Mary Ann Harris, Jr. Preble Co OH Deed Book 42, page 224.


11 Apr 1859: Daniel Corderman and Mary A. Corderman, the wife of Daniel Corderman and previously called Mary A. Harris, wife of Thomas Harris, deceased, appoint Silas Hart to be their attorney representing them in the distribution of Thomas Harris' estate.


11 Apr 1859: Daniel Corderman, guardian of Sarah Angeline Harris, the daughter and lawful heir of Thomas Harris, deceased, appoint Silas Hart to be Sarah's attorney representing her in the distribution of Thomas Harris' estate.


27 Apr 1859: Silas Hart, agent an attorney in fact for Daniel Corderman, guardian of Sarah Angeline Harris, minor child and heir of Thomas Harris, late of Preble Co, received $140 on 27 Apr 1859.


The only child of Thomas and Mary Ann (Hart) Harris was:


1.     Sara Angeline, born 17 Aug 1852 Eaton, Preble Co OH, married three times: (1) Daniel M. Easley 27 May 1873 Columbus, Cherokee Co KS, married (2) Henry S. Kline 22 Oct 1881 Maple Grove, Labette Co KS, married (3) Horace Edwin Bertholf 21 Dec 1886 Girard, Crawford Co KS, died 25 Oct 1930 Los Angeles CA, buried 28 Oct 1930 Grand View Cemetery, Glendale CA.



Sarah Angeline Harris


Sara Angeline was born 17 Aug 1852 in Eaton, Preble Co OH. She married three times: (1) Daniel M. Easley on 27 May 1873 in Columbus, Cherokee Co KS; (2) Henry S. Kline 22 Oct 1881 Maple Grove, Labette Co KS; married (3) Horace Edwin Bertholf 21 Dec 1886 Girard, Crawford Co KS, died 25 Oct 1930 Los Angeles CA, buried 28 Oct 1930 Grand View Cemetery, Glendale CA.


Her first marriage was to Daniel M. Easley on 27 May 1873 in Columbus, Cherokee Co KS. Daniel was born 1 Jul 1843 in Ipava, Fulton Co IL and died 26 Jun 1880 in Golden, Jefferson Co CO. Daniel was buried on 29 Jun 1880 in the Golden City Cemetery, Jefferson Co CO. Daniel was the son of Stephen and Sabina (Cadwalader) Easley. Our family descends from this union. For more information on the descendants of this union, please see the chapter entitled Easley.


Saras second marriage was to Henry S. Kline on 22 Oct 1881 in Maple Grove, Labette Co KS. They divorced on 15 Jun 1883 in Oswego KS.


Saras third marriage was to Horace Edwin Bertholf on 21 Dec 1886 in Girard, Crawford Co KS. Horace was born 12 Oct 1843 in Rushville IL and died on 19 May 1923 in Glendale, Los Angeles Co CA. He is buried in the Grandview Cemetery in Glendale CA. Horaces parents were Edward and Mary (Jackson) Bertholf.




Federal and State Census Records



1850 Federal Census, Dixon Township, Preble Co OH

Household ???





Value of Real

Place of





Estate Owned


Mary A. Harris
























Truax, Francis











Preble County OH Land Entries

Early Harris References




















3 Jan 1831







16 Feb 1809







10 Jul 1832







5 Mar 1832







5 Mar 1832


Samuel Stillwell





4 Apr 1833



Preble Co OH Marriages

Early Harris References





Maryan McDivit



Rebecca Honny



Martha Blanchard



Elizabeth Dooly



Elizabeth Elliott



Hanna Winneford Hamilton



Rebecca Hamilton



Flora Trotter



Polly Lambert



Martha Maddox



Mary Pressley


Moses D.

Tyree Wolverton



Sarah Davis



Elizabeth Berry



Ellen Scott



Jemima Harland



Nancy Dooly



Nancy MaGriff



Elizabeth Denny


William B.

Ellen C. Woodward




Gov. Andrew Linter Harris Biographical Abstract

located in

History of Preble County, Ohio

Gov. Harris was born 17 Nov 1835 Milford Twp, Butler Co OH, married Caroline Conger 17 Oct 1865. Andrew was the son of Benjamin and Nancy (Lintner) Harris, both natives of Ohio. Benjamin was born in Cincinnati but moved to Butler Co OH with his parents in 1814. In 1838, Benjamin moved to Dixon Twp, Preble Co OH where he purchased 160 acres of land. Benjamin was the son of Joseph and Jane (Kirkpatrick) Harris. Joseph was a native of County Antrim, Ireland and married Miss. Kirkpatrick in Cincinnati in 1802. (According to another biographical sketch, Joseph sailed for America in 1797 - landing in Cincinnati OH). Joseph remarried two more times: to Rachel Hornaday and to Nancy Logan. Gov. Harris fought in the Battle of Gettysburg. Became Governor of Ohio in 1906. See the actual sketch for much more detail.






         Genealogical and historical research I conducted.

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