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_____?_____ Chidester/Chichester


The children of _______ and _______ Chidester were:


1.     James [Sr], born Devonshire England, married Mary ________, died probably in Salem, Essex Co MA. Possibly a sailor or marine merchant.

2.     William, married Mary (aka Chister) Corwithy, died between 1687 and 1698 in Norfolk Co VA. No proof exists that William was the brother of James [Sr] but were living in the area at the same time and appears to be of the same generation as James. According to the Chidester Heritage, William was the Master of the ship Hopewell and appears in records of Marblehead, Taunton and Salem MA. William was living in Marblehead MA in 1645 and 1646by 1650, his family had moved to Salem and his children were baptized into the Salem First Church. It is assumed that William and his brother were sea-faring men. Williams prolonged absence in 1658, possibly due to a long voyage, led the Salem MA town council to award Chister (Mary), wife William Chichester one half bushel of Indian corn per week. By 1662 with Williams absence continuing, Mary was ordered by the courts to sell her house and lot to pay the accumulated debts. She was given a small lot on which to build a home within 2 years or forfeit the lot. William returned (from his voyage?) and moved his family to lower Norfolk Co VA (possibly a port he visited earlier). His will, dated 23 Mar 1687 and proved 17 May 1698, can be found in Norfolk Co VA.


James Chidester/Chichester, Sr.


James first appears in a 1643 Taunton MA survey that was conducted to determine who was able to bear arms. By 1650, James and his wife Mary had moved north to the seacoast town of Salem, Essex Co MA.


On 21 Feb 1650, three of their children (John, Mary and Martha) were baptized on the Salem First Church. On 12 Apr 1650, James and his wife were baptized in the same church. On 27 Feb 1651, church records indicate that James Chichester was removed. Tradition holds that the Chichesters were sea-faring men, and it is possible that James removal was due to an fatal accident--possibly at sea. In any event, his family continued to attend the Salem First Church as two other children were baptized there (James, baptized 9 Mar 1652 and Elizabeth, baptized 26 Jan 1654).


Nothing is known about James wife, Mary.


The children of James and Mary Chidester were:


1.     Mary, born 1643, christened 21 Feb 1650 Salem First Church, Salem MA, married John Marston, died 25 May 1686, age 43.

2.     John, christened 21 Feb 1650 Salem First Church, Salem MA. Moved to Huntington Harbor, Long Island NY in the late 1660s. In 1674, John was listed as a Proprietor in Huntington, Long Island NY.

3.     Martha, christened 21 Feb 1650 Salem First Church, Salem MA.

4.     James [Jr], christened 9 Mar 1652 Salem First Church, Salem MA, married Eunice Porter 1652-1654 Salem MA, died 29 Jan 1695/1696 Huntington, Suffolk Co NY. Eunice was the daughter of Jonathan and Eunice Porter. According to church records, James was baptized as an adult for he married two years following his baptism (according to a land transaction).

5.     Elizabeth, christened 26 Jan 1654 Salem First Church, Salem MA.


James Chidester, Jr.


James was baptized as an adult on 9 Mar 1652 in the Salem First Church, Salem MA. He married Eunice Porter circa 1652-1654 in Salem MA and died 29 Jan 1695/96 in Huntington, Suffolk Co NY.


Eunice was the daughter of Jonathan and Eunice Porter. The following 2 Oct 1864 deed appears in the Essex Co MA land records and provides information on Eunices parents:


Jonathan Porter, of Salem, Mass., Essex Co., a planter, hath sold unto James Chichester his dwelling house, with the land adjoining being about 1.75 acres, for and in consideration that the said James shall freely allow and give meat, drink and lodging unto his wife Eunice Porter during her widowhood, in case the said Jonathan shall dye before her. Essex Co MA Deeds, Vol. VIII, page 293.


By 1662 James and Eunice had moved to Huntington on New Yorks Long Island. On 19 Feb 1662 or 1663, James listed himself as James, son of James of Taunton and Salem and was chosen to be a deputy of the Corte of election helld at Harford (Hartford, Connecticut) next May being in the year 1663. According to the Chidester Heritage, At this time Long Island (residents) had elected to be a part of the Connecticut colony rather than New York, which was at the time under Dutch rule, hence the sending of delegates to such a political convention. This alliance lasted until 1664 when the Dutch relinquished New York to the English. At that time the territory came under the New York mandate.


On 6 June 1662, James was appointed to a committee that passed judgement on the desirability of new arrivals into the community. He was also nominated to keep the Ordinary an inn for travellers and residents. According to the Chidester Heritage, It was the practice to select the most prestigious house on a highway for this service, so it was a distinct honor to be chosen. The family must be genteel and affable and able to impress the visitors. During the ensuing 30 years, James added to and improved his home until it was rather an imposing structure which he named The Peace and the was still in service during the Revolutionary War and was the home of Widow Chichester who, necessarily, served the British officers who at the time controlled the island.


In 1668 James was elected Constable of Huntington NY.


On 20 Jun 1681, James Chichester Senr of Huntington in the East Riding of Yorkshire on Long Island deeded land to his son James. Huntington, Long Island Deed Book I, page 67.


On 23 Jul 1692, James Chichester deeds fower (4?) acres of land to his son Jonathan. Huntington, Long Island Deed Book I, page 315-316.


On 8 Sep 1696, James son David applies to become Executor of his fathers estate:


Know ye that whereas James Chichester late of Huntington in ye County of Suffolk depart this life on ye 29 Jan 1695/1696 and David Chichester his son for certain causes thereunto justly moving hath prayed that ye administration of all ye goods and chattels of ye said deceased may be granted to him ye son of ye said deceased.



The children of James Chichester and Eunice Porter were:


1.     James [Jr], born probably in Salem, Essex Co NY, baptized 15 Sep 1668 Huntington, Suffolk Co NY, married Elizabeth Davis. James and Elizabeth were listed as members of the Huntington Church on 5 Jun 1723. His father deed him some land on 20 June 1681 (see above) and the city of Huntington deeded him a house lot of two acres at the harbor. According to the Chidester Heritage, thereafter (after 1681) the Huntington records are replete with his real estate dealings.

2.     David, married Alice _____ 22 Dec 1698 Huntington, Suffolk Co NY.

3.     Jonathan.


David Chidester


David married an Alice ______ on 22 Dec 1698 in Huntington, Suffolk Co NY.


On 14 Nov 1698, Davids brother James [Jr], deeds David all the Huntington NY property that their father James [Sr] had deeded him. Huntington, Long Island Deed Book I, page 367.


David sold several parcels of Huntington land in 1698. By 1705, David had moved across Long Island Sound to Wallingsford CT where he purchased property on 8 Jun 1708. He must have returned to Huntington briefly as he made purchases on credit in 1714-15 at Lloyds which were satisfied by Davids brother James in 1717.


Nothing has been uncovered regarding Davids wife Alice.



The children of David Chidester and Alice ______ were:


1.     David, born probably in Huntington, Suffolk Co NY, married Alice Bayley/Bales also of Huntington. David owned land in Huntington and two children (David, b 20 Dec 1724 and Elizabeth, b 9 Oct 1726) were born there.

2.     Samuel, born Huntington, Suffolk Co NY, married Mahitable/Mehitabel/Mabel Tullen/Tuller 17 Dec 1719 Simsbury, Hartford Co CT. Mahitable was born 22 Feb 1698/1699 Simsbury CT, died 27 Mar 1761 Roxbury, Morris Co NJ. Her parents were John Tullen/Tuller and Elizabeth Chase Lewis.

3.     William, married Eunice Hollister 13 Jan 1726, died 11 Jul 1756, Hoosic (now Williamstown), Berkshire MA. Eunice was the daughter of Captain Stephen Hollister and Abigail Treat. Eunice was previously married to Jonathan Seymour and had 5 children. According to the Chidester Heritage, after Eunice married William, the brothers and sisters of the deceased Jonathan Seymour petitioned the court to appoint new guardianships because Eunice was now married to one William Chitester, a poor, shiftless man, and the children are in a suffering condition. The court placed the 5 children with other families. William and Eunice had 7 children. All told, Eunice had given birth to 12 children.


Samuel Chidester, Sr.


Samuel was born in Huntington, Suffolk Co NY. He married Mahitable/Mehitabel/Mabel Tullen/Tuller on 17 Dec 1719 in Simsbury (10 miles northwest of present day Hartford), Hartford Co CT. Simsbury had several successful cooper mines operating at the time and was the site of the first cooper coin manufacturing and silver plating industries in the United States.


In 1722, Samuel purchased property in nearby Waterbury, New Haven Co CT.


According to the Chidester Heritage, on 30 Sep 1726 Samuel and his brother William jointly sold land, Samuel listing himself as of Waterbury and William as of Wallingford, New Haven Co CT and both men signed their names CHIDESTER the first indication of the new spelling of the family name.


On 31 Jan 1732/1733, Samuel purchased land, signing this deed as Samuel Chidester.


In 1735, Samuels wife Mabel appeared in court to receive an inheritance from her fathers estate. Sometime after this the family moved to Roxbury, Morris Co NJ.


No death record has been located for Samuel.


Mahitable/Mehitabel/Mabel Tullen/Tuller born 22 Feb 1698/1699 Simsbury, Hartford Co CT and died 27 Mar 1761 in Roxbury, Morris Co NJ. Her parents were John Tullen/Tuller and Elizabeth Chase Lewis. When Mabel Tullen/Tuller Chidester died, her son Samuel was named the Executor of her estate.



The children of Samuel Chidester Sr and Mahitable/Mehitabel/Mabel Tullen/Tuller were:


1.     Andrew, born 18 Oct 1720 Simsbury, Hartford Co CT, married Susannah.

2.     Samuel [Jr], born 1729, baptized 30 Mar 1729 Waterbury, New Haven Co CT, married (possibly) Mary Titman/Tillman. Marys father was George Titman/Tillman.



Samuel Chidester, Jr.

Samuel [Jr] was born 1729. He was baptized on 30 Mar 1729 in Waterbury, New Haven Co CT. He married (possibly) Mary Titman/Tillman, daughter of George Titman/Tillman. George died in Knowlton Township, Sussex Co NJ. Georges will is dated 13 Feb 1792.


In Sep 1785 Samuel is listed on a Hackettstown (NJ) Presbyterian Church committee charged with raising funds to purchase a parsonage.


In 1786 and 1788 Samuel paid taxes and was living in Upper Mt. Bethel Township, Northampton Co PA.


In 1792 they family was living on a farm 4 miles west of Hackettstown, Sussex (now Warren Co) NJ.


In 1799, Samuel was named Executor of Obadiah Ayers will of Hardwick NJ.


On 21 Apr 1793, Samuel witnessed the will of the wife of John Bloom of Mansfield Township, _____ Co, NJ.


In 1792/1793, Mary (Titman/Tillman) Chidester received 150 pounds (British Pound Sterling) from her father George Titman/Tillmans estate who identified himself as being of Knowlton Township, Sussex Co NJ. Georges will is dated 13 Feb 1792.



The children of Samuel [Jr] and (possibly) Mary Titman/Tillman were:


1.     Eliphalet, born 12 Jan 1750 Morris Co NJ, married Mary Pence, died 12 Feb 1821 Preston Co VA.

2.     William Jennings, born 1750-1755 Morris Co NJ, married Margaret Wilhelm, died 1803 Cross Creek, Washington Co PA, buried Cross Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Washington Co PA. Margaret was born 1752 Rotterdam Holland and died 1805.

3.     Ephraim, born 1753 Morris Co NJ, married (1) Isabella Martin 1778/1779 Mt. Bethel, Washington Co PA, married (2) Mary Hartford 1811, died 27 Mar 1817 Kendall, Stark Co OH. According to the History of Washington Co PA, Ephraim purchased 102 acres of land in Smith Township in June 1797 from David Hays. He sold this acreage on 3 Sept 1804 to Samuel McFarlane an immigrant from Ireland.

4.     Silas, born 1760, married Jane Clair Stewart, died 16 Jan 1820 Harmonsburg, Washington Co PA.



William Jennings Chidester


William Jennings was born 1750-1755 in Morris Co NJ, married Margaret Wilhelm, and died 1803. He is buried in the Cross Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Washington Co PA.


Margaret was born 1752 Rotterdam Holland and died circa 1805. She is also buried in the Cross Creek Cemetery. It is not known who her parents were.


William did not leave a will but there is a Letter of Administration, dated Apr 1 1804, in which Margaret (who died a year later) and Williams brother Ephraim Chidester are directed be the Administrators of Williams estate.


William and Margaret died when some of their children were quite young. In November 1805, Mercy, Marys 20-year-old sister, petitioned the Washington Co PA Orphans Court to assign John Wilkins, Esquire as Guardian of herself and her property. Similarly, Ephraim Chidester petitioned the court to assign a Guardian to all the remaining children under the age of 14: Jane, Margaret, Ann, Ephraim, Mary and Rebecca. When John Wilkins passed away, Mary (and possibly her other young siblings) went to live with Matthew and Charity (Hixon)(Rodgers) Rankin of Washington Co PA.


In Oct 1807, Ephraim Chidester Administrator of the estate of William Chidester, deceased presented to the Washington Co Court his account of administration which showed a balance of $63.46 remaining on Williams Chidesters estate after all debts were paid. The court accepted the account and ordered that this amount be distributed according to law (presumably to the surviving heirs).



The children of William Jennings Chidester and Margaret Wilhelm were:

1.     Mercy Marks, born 1785 Morris Co NJ, married George Huff.

2.     Elizabeth, born 12 Dec 1787 Morris Co NJ, married John Simpson 3 Apr 1804 (probably Washington Co PA), died 30 Sep 1830 possibly Ohio Co WVA. John was 6 Jul 1780 in DE and died 10 Jul 1841 in either Ohio or Marshall Co WVA. Burial location for both is unknown.

3.     Isabel, born 1 Nov 1789 Washington Co PA ---or---Morris Co NJ (censuses differ), married Robert McComb III. Robert was born 21 Mar 1783 Washington Co PA, died 22 Dec 1866 and was the son of Robert McComb II and Elizabeth McCune.

4.     Jane, born 1791, married Samuel Chidester, possibly buried Cross Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Washington Co PA.

5.     Margaret, born 1792.

6.     Ann, born 11 May 1796, married James Scott McComb.

7.     Ephraim, born 1798, married (1) Polly Gilchrist, married (2) Mary Ann Kerr.

8.     Mary, born 1800 (probably Washington Co) PA, married William C. Carson, died 19 May 1870 Pomeroy, Meigs Co OH, buried possibly in Harpold Cemetery, Racine or Syracuse, Meigs Co OH.

9.     Rebecca, born 1802 Smith Township, Washington Co PA, died 10 May 1870 Meigs Co OH.




Mary Chidester


Mary was born circa 1800 in, most likely, Washington Co PA. Her father died when she was 4 and her mother died a year later. The Orphans Court of Washington Co PA assigned her to a Guardian and she later went to live with Matthew and Charity Rankin.


In Matthew Rankin Sr's will, written in Mt. Pleasant Township, Washington Co PA and dated 20 Dec 1821, Matthew will's "to Mary Chidester in consideration of her kindness and affection to me, I give and bequeath one feather bed, benstead (bedstand?) and bed clothes, one cow, six sheep and twenty dollars which I wish her to appropriate to the buying of a new saddle".


Following Matthews Rankins death in 1821, Charity Rankin and Mary Chidester (and possibly Marys siblings), followed the Carsons to Meigs Co OH.


Mary married William C. Carson either in Washington Co PA or Meigs Co OH. She died 19 May 1870 in Meigs Co OH. She is possibly buried in Harpold Cemetery near Racine or Syracuse OH.


As Mary is referred to by her maiden name in Matthew Rankins Dec 1821 will, it is assumed that she and William C. Carson married during 1822 as they had their first child, Matthew Rankin Carson, in 9/1823.


For more information on the Carson surname, please see the chapter by that name.






         Genealogical and historical research I conducted.

         The Chidester/Chichester Heritage by Elmer Clarence Anderson and Thelma Chidester Anderson. I obtained selected pages of this research paper from Nancy Willcockson (see below). There is no copyright date so am guessing that this was a privately produced document. This research references the following sources: Pioneers of Mass; Savages Genealogical Dictionary; Essex Institute; Putnams Monthly History Magazine; History of Salem, MA and numerous others. A comprehensive study of the Chidester/Chichester line.

         Nancy Willcockson, 1008 W. Washington, Jonesboro AR 72401. Carson researcher with whom I corresponded up until 1994. A majority for the Carson biographical information I presented above is from her exhaustive 1992 work Descendants of the William Carson who came to Northumberland Co PA from Ireland before 1746.

         History of Washington County, Pennsylvania by Earle Robert Forrest, Chicago, S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1926.

         History of Washington County, Pennsylvania edited by Boyd Crumrine, Philadelphia, H.L. Everts & Company, 1882.

         Phyllis Boyd Gauss (email address as of 4/