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Compiled by: Andrew L. Moore


Dated: 22 Sep 2015





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Ebsworth Bayne

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The major source of my Bayne information was obtained from the same source as my Hays, Lewis and Milton information: Robert P. Moore. Robert P. Moore is a very thorough and experienced genealogist from Lexington KY who I began corresponding with in late 1980s and into the 1990s. He has compiled an extensive work on our common Bayne family. This manuscript, Bayne of Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky - 1989, is the exclusive source of the information I have listed below.


____________ Bayne


1.     Ralph, arrived in Maryland circa 1634 with that states first group of settlers. When he died in 1655, he owned about 1500 acres of land.

2.     Walter, born circa 1616 (probably England), married Eleanor/Elinor ______. Walter arrived in MD in 1637 and returned to England about 1658. While in England, he married Eleanor _______, then returned to the province in 1666, bringing his daughter Judith, his son John and Eleanor with him. Burke's Peerage states that Eleanor was the daughter of Thomas Weston, but some sources indicate that is proven incorrect in the MD archives (although I have not seen this reference). Walter served in the Maryland State assembly in 1641-1642 and 1650-1651 while living in St. Marys Co. Walter moved to Charles Co MD around 1660 and died there in 1670. His estate included 2800 acres of land. Eleanor died circa 1701.


Walter Bayne


The children of Walter and Eleanor/Elinor Bayne were:

1.     Edith/Judith, married Matthew Hill.

2.     John, born circa 1662 (probably Charles Co MD), settled in St. Marys Co MD where he served as High Sheriff. He may have had a first wife, perhaps Mary Warren (but unproven), who was the mother of Walter Bayne. After this marriage, John definitely married an Ann, widow of Thomas Gerard II of Westwood MD (who died in 1686) and who was possibly--but not proven--the daughter of Henry Hawkins. The children of this union were Ann and Ebsworth. In 1688, John Bayne acquired a tract of land called Irving in what is now part of Prince Georges Co MD. This area is now known as Oxon Hill and is located next to the Apple Grove Elementary School. An early Bayne cemetery was established on this tract of land and is where a number of descendants of John Bayne are buried. John represented St. Marys County in the Maryland legislature from 1694-1696. At his death, John Bayne held the military title of Captain (British) and owned 2,450 acres of land and had 17 slaves and 18 servants. John died circa 1701 probably on a trip to England. Ann Bayne died circa 1702/1703 in Prince Georges Co MD.

3.     Thomas.

4.     Elinor, married (1) John Stone (son of Gov. William Stone), (2) Hugh Tears and (3) John Beale.

5.     Elizabeth.


John Bayne


The children of John and Ann Bayne were:


1.     Walter, (whose mother was possibly Mary Warren but certainly not proven) born 1682 MD, married Martha Hawkins, died 1754 Prince Georges Co MD. Martha was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Marshall) Hawkins.

Hawkins information: Again, there is no conclusive proof that John Hawkins was the father of Martha. John was the son of Henry Hawkins. John died by 1705 in Prince George's co MD. Nothing more is known about him. Henry Hawkins, father of John, appeared in MD records before 1666, was an extensive landowner (2775 acres at his death in 1699 in Charles Co MD) and frequent member of the Maryland legislature during the period of 1689-1698. Henry registered his cattle mark in 1669. Henry married twice: (1) Eleanor _____ and then by Aug 1682 (2) Elizabeth, widow of Francis Wyne. Henry's will was written 18 Oct 1698 and was probated 12 May 1699 (WB 6/Pg. 310).

Marshall information: Elizabeth (Marshall) Hawkins was born 15 Apr 1667. Elizabeth's father was the immigrant William Marshall of the "Marshall Hall" family of Charles Co MD. William was born circa 1607 in England and died circa 1673 in Charles Co MD. William came to MD in 1640 and there married Katherine, widow of Thomas Hebden. They settled near the head of the Wicomico River were they owned 1,075 acres at his death in 1673. William and Katherine had three children: William (1658-1698), Joshua (d ca. 1702) and Elizabeth (born 15 Apr 1667).


2.     Ann, married Thomas Dent 1685, died 1725.

3.     Ebsworth, born 26 Jul 1689, married (1) Catherine Fowke (daughter of Gerald Fowke), (2) Kendrick Wheeler (daughter of Richard Wheeler).



Walter Bayne


The children of Walter and Martha (Hawkins) Bayne were:


1.     Ebsworth, born 1719, married Susannah Middleton, died circa 1793 Prince Georges Co MD. Susannah was the daughter of Thomas and Penelope (Hatton) Middleton. His will was written in 9 April 1792 and was probated in Prince Georges Co MD on 26 Nov 1793. Per "18th Century Papers", Susannah died in 1784.

2.     Walter, born 1721, married Winifred __________ (widow of Pryor Smallwood).

3.     Thomas, born 1728, married Elizabeth Marlowe.

4.     William [Lt.], born 1729, married Mary Fenley, died 1826, buried Apple Grove Cemetery, Oxon Hill, Prince Georges Co MD.

5.     Martha, married Charles Fenley, Jr.

6.     Ann, married Thomas Middleton.

7.     Jane, married Hatton Middleton.



Ebsworth Bayne


Ebsworth Carson's Will

Prince George Co MD

Written 9 Apr 1792, Probated 26 Nov 1793

Will Book T-1, folio 338-339

In the name of God Amen I Ebsworth Bayne of Prince Georges County and state of Maryland being weak in body and in ???? state of health yet of sound mind and memory thanks be to almighty God for it do constitute this my last will and testament in manner and form as followeth first I give and bequeath to my Son John Bayne a negro man named Ben, a negro woman named Suck, a negro man named Bowls commonly called Punch, a negro man named George, a negro woman named Judah, and a negro boy named Jerry and one half of my tract of land lying on the western waters to him and his heirs for ever. I give and bequeath to my son Henry Holland Bayne a negro man called Young Ben, four ???? and ???? to him and his heirs forever. I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Bayne half a Dollar. I give and bequeath to my son Walter Bayne half a Dollar, I give and bequeath to my Daughter Martha Hawkins Hously a negro man named Jim and half a Dollar to her and her heirs forever. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Ann Chew a negro girl named Nanny to her and the heirs of her Body but is she should die without issue the aforesaid girl and her increase if she should have any to be equally divided between my three daughters Elizabeth Stone Bayne, Harriot Bayne and Sarah Bayne. I give and bequeath my Daughter Elizabeth Stone Bayne a negro girl named M???, a negro boy named Bill and a negro girl name Nell, a cow and calf, four ???and a Bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Hariot Bayne a negro girl named Sophia a negro boy named Dennis, and a negro girl named Amy four ??? a cow and calf and a bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Bayne a negro girl named Lucy a negro girl named ????? and a negro boy named Stephen four ??? a cow and calf a bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever. I give and bequeath to my son Ebsworth Bayne a negro man named Sam a negro woman named Patience a negro woman named Chloe a negro girl named Suckey, and the other half of my tract of land lying on the western waters to him and his heirs forever. the rest and residue of my estate I give and bequeath to my two sons John Bayne and Ebsworth Bayne to be equally divided between them and do leave them John Bayne and Ebsworth Bayne ??? executors of this my last will and testament given under my hand and seal this 9th of April 1792

ps. I am from Ebsworth's son Thomas.


The children of Ebsworth and Susannah (Middleton) Bayne were:

1.     John, who, in his fathers will, was to receive half the land on the western waters (per Bob Moore, a term for Kentucky).

2.     Henry Holland, married Sophia Duvall.

3.     Thomas.

4.     Walter, born Prince Georges Co MD, married (1) Meek Ann Wade 22 Oct 1785 Prince George's Co MD and (2) Margaret Owsley 18 Nov 1802 Lincoln Co KY. Walter died Nelson Co KY. Meek Ann, who died before 1802, was the daughter of Robert and Mary (Hardy) Wade of Stoney Harbor in southern Prince Georges Co MD. Stoney Harbor was patented in 1670 to Meeks direct ancestor, Zachariah and Mary (Hatton) Wade. Zachariah Wade was probably born in England around 1627 and arrived in Maryland as a boy in 1641. He died in 1678 at which time he held 4,120 acres of land. Zachary had a brother named William who lived in Cecil, Warwickshire, England.

5.     Ann Chew (twin), christened 18 Apr 1762.

6.     Elizabeth (twin), christened 18 Apr 1762.

7.     Harriett, unmarried died circa 1823/1824.

8.     Martha Hawkins, married Henry Owsley 14 Apr 1783.

9.     Sarah, married (1) George D. Moore 16 Sep 1795, and (2) Edward C. Edelen 8 Dec 1801.

10.  Ebsworth, born 1770, married Mary McDaniel, died 1849. They are both buried in the Apple Grove Cemetery, Oxon Hill, Prince George's Co MD.


Walter Bayne


Walter was born in Prince Georges Co MD. He married (1) Meek Ann Wade 22 Oct 1785 Prince George's Co MD (later settling in Loudoun Co VA) and then (2) Margaret Owsley on 18 Nov 1802 in Lincoln Co KY. Walter died Nelson Co KY circa 1815/1816. He died intestate and his estate settlement, dated 10 May 1816, is located in Nelson Co Will Book C, page 487.


The children of Walter and Meek Ann (Wade) Bayne were:

1.     John, born 1789 possibly in Loudoun Co VA, married (before 1829) Mary Jane Storts in Shelby Co KY, died 8 Feb 1878 Nelson Co KY. Mary Jane was born 24 Nov 1801 and died 19 Nov 1870. Both are buried Chaplin Fork Cemetery, Nelson Co KY.

2.     Martha, born 1789/1791 VA (according to the 1850 census), married John R. Moore 22 Feb 1810 Nelson Co KY, died (aged 63) 17 Mar 1854 Washington Co KY. John R. Moore, son of Jesse and (most likely Molly Milton) Moore, was born 12 Mar 1785 in Fairfax Co VA and died 13 Dec 1858 Nelson Co KY. Both buried Mt Zion Cemetery, Washington Co KY. For more information regarding this union, see the MOORE chapter.

3.     Henry Hardy, married Susannah Foster 24 Apr 1810 Nelson Co KY, died Washington Co KY. Susannah Foster was the daughter of John Foster.

4.     Augustus C.

5.     Susan, married William Young 25 Oct 1818 Nelson Co KY.

6.     Thomas, married Letty Marshall 16 Sep 1828 Nelson Co KY. Letty was the daughter of Richard Marshall.

7.     Sally, was a minor in 1816, married Uriah Sandifer Gregory 8 Sep 1818 Nelson Co KY. Uriah later remarried (2) Margaret Marshall 19 Jan 1832 Nelson Co KY and (3) Susan Seamon 1 Jul 1837 Missouri. He died 20 Jun 1856 Virginia City NV.

8.     Polly, minor in 1816, married Elias Sinclair 16 Jan 1820 Nelson Co KY.

9.     Catherine, (by his 2nd wife Margaret Owsley) born 24 Oct 1803 Nelson Co KY, married Peyton McMakin 2 Dec 1824 Nelson Co KY and died 6 Sep 1891 Nelson Co KY. Peyton was born 9 Oct 1801 in KY and died 27 May 1864, Nelson Co KY. Both are buried in McMakin Family Cemetery (now destroyed) in Nelson co KY.

10.  Nancy, (by his 2nd wife Margaret Owsley) born 1806, married Jeremiah B. Marshall 23 Feb 1826 Nelson Co KY. Jeremiah, son of Richard Marshall, was born 30 Dec 1798 and died 28 Nov 1860 and is buried in Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery, Washington Co KY.




Federal and State Census Records




1776 Tax List, Prince Georges Co, MD

The following Head-of-Household Baynes are listed: Samuel H(awkins), William, Winefred.


1778 Tax List, Prince Georges Co, MD

The following Head-of-Household Baynes are listed: NONE listed.


1790 Federal Census, Prince Georges Co, MD

The following Head-of-Household Baynes are listed: George Sr, Josias (not Josiah), Noble.


1800 Federal Census, Charles Co, MD

The following Head-of-Household Baynes is the only listing in the entire state:

William. 00010-200100-06.


1810 Federal Census, Nelson Co KY (Page 12)

Walter Bayne (father of Martha Bayne, who married John R. Moore)

Males 1 under 10

1 between 10 and 16

3 between 16 and 26

1 45 and older (Walter Bayne)

Females 2 under 10

3 between 10 and 16

1 between 16 and 26

1 between 26 and 45

1 45 and older (Meek Ann Wade, his wife?)

9 slaves





         Genealogical and historical research I conducted.

         Bayne of Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky by Robert P. Moore, 176 Valley Rd, Lexington KY 40503. This work is dated 1989 and was obtained in approximately 1993. Robert is an accomplished Genealogist who is interested in the Moores due to his relation to the Murphys. He has been a tremendous help to me in providing detailed information on the Moores, Murphys, Miltons and Baynes. Before Robert retired in the mid 1990s, he published a series of translations of Soviet military books for the Department of Defense and before that had been a professor of the Russian language.

         Bean Family of Maryland by Margaret Bean Langley. Bob Moore obtained most of the information on the Maryland generations of this family from the research of Margaret Bean Langley, as given in her book The Bean Family of Maryland, published by the author in 1984 and available in the libraries of the Montgomery Co. Historical Society and the St. Mary's Co. Historical Society. Bob has not personally verified any of that information through research in original documents, and the author did not herself cite documentation for her conclusions.

         Per Dianne Parfitt [ as of 3/2009], the marriage of Walter Beane and Meakey Wade, 22 Oct 1785 appears in the following publication: Maryland Records Colonial, Revolutionary, County and Church from Original Sources by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, M.S., M.D. Copyright 1915. Composed and Printed by the Waverly Press by the Williams & Williams Company, Baltimore, MD, USA Volume 1 Pgs 97, 162 (Marriage Licenses).