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       Hi there! I assume you are a Moore looking for your ancestors, so come on in and have a look around. If you discover that you are a leaf hanging on one of the branches of our tree, please email so we can get aquainted and exchange information.

       Our family tree begins, so far, with Henry Moore, born somewhere in Pennsylvania in the year 1814. I assume he lived in Ohio for a spell because records show he married Sarah Adams in Delaware County, Ohio. In 1838 Henry bought 80 acres in Bluff Point, Jay County, Indiana. There he and Sarah started their family. They were blessed with 9 children who are listed below with their years of birth.

  • William Henry - 1839
  • David J. - 1840
  • George Levi - 1842
  • Isaac R. - 1844
  • Elias G. - 1846
  • Mary C. - 1849
  • Sarrah E. - 1854
  • Hannah A. - 1857
  • Charles - 1860

       The eldest of the Moore boys was William Henry. At the age of 21, in 1860, he married Nancy Bisel at the home of her father Moses M. Bisel in Portland, Indiana.

       One month before their first child was born war broke out between the states. William Henry volunteered for service in the Union Army on Aug.7, 1861. He was discharged 3 years later by reason of expiration of term of service.

       In 11 years time William Henry fathered 7 children in Bluff Point. After suffering severe financial loss he decided to start anew in the midwest, so he packed up his family and moved to Garden City, Finney County, Kansas. While living there 2 more children were born, twin boys.

       In 1881 William Henry secured a job in Winfield, Cowley County, Kansas and Nancy received a small inheritance. They decided to buy property in Pleasant Valley Township just outside of Winfield. There they built their home and 2 more children were born to them. William Henry and Nancy's children were:

  • Sarrah Elizabeth Josephine - 1861
  • William Henry Jr. - 1863
  • Idola Jane - 1867
  • Cora - 1869 (died at 9 days)
  • Anna Neoma - 1870
  • James Moses - 1873
  • Rachael Louise - 1875
  • Willis - 1878
  • Willard - 1878
  • Arthur - 1882
  • David "Lloyd" - 1889

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