1880 US Census
St John the Baptist Parish, LA

(An abbreviated listing - most non-white entries omitted)

Listing of the Sixth Ward taken by Alex Luminais 9 - 16 June 1880

Copied January 1991 from microfilm by Dwayne A Montz

McCrary, James W M 35
M Overseer Georgia
McCrary, Virginia W F 28 Wife

McCrary, Mary W F 10 Daughter

McCrary, George W M 8 Son

McCrary, Ben W M 6 Son

McCrary, Mattie W F 20 Sister in Law

Sterling, Louis W M 27
M Stableman
Miller, Robert W M 22 Brother in law S Overseer Mississippi
Tamplin, Charles W M 26
M Carpenter
Tamplin, Justilia W F 25 Wife

Tamplin, Molly W F 6 Daughter

Tamplin, Willy W M 4 Son

Tamplin, Lilia W F 2 Daughter

Tamplin, Nora W F 2/12 Daughter

Papet, A. M. W M 63
M Schoolteacher
Papet, Adelia W F 54 Wife

Papet, Agnes W F 21 Daughter

Papet, Hypolite W M 18 Son
Papet, Louis W M 13 Son

Millet, Adelard W M 49
M Blacksmith
Millet, Josephine W F 43 Wife

Millet, Pierre W M 21 Son
Millet, Ernest W M 19 Son
Millet, Ernestine W F 19 Daughter

Millet, Francois W M 13 Son

Millet, Albert W M 11 Son

Millet, Emma W F 7 Daughter

Cambre, Elida W F 36 Sister W

Cambre, Rachel W F 18 Daughter

Cambre, Henri W M 10 Son

Dorothy, John W M 45
M Boilermaker Ireland
Dorothy, Briggit W F 38 Wife

Dorothy, James W M 22 Son
Dorothy, John W M 20 Son
Dorothy, George W M 16 Son

Dorothy, Catherine W F 14 Daughter

Dorothy, Marguerite W F 11 Daughter

Dorothy, William W M 4 Son

Heltz, Andre W M 68
M Storekeeper
Heltz, Felonise W F 64 Wife

Couaco, Arthur W M 18 --- S Clerk
Heltz, Andre Jr W M 30 Son M Mechanic
Heltz, Henriette W F 26 Wife

Heltz, Kelly W F 6 Daughter

Heltz, George W M 4 Son

Heltz, Michel W M 2 Son

Heltz, Viola W F 6/12 Daughter

Baccas, Charles W M 34
M Carpenter
Baccas, Marianne W F 33 Wife

Baccas, Frederic W M 5 Son

Baccas, Alfred W M 3 Son

Baccas, Fredinand W M 1/12 Son

Baccas, Alceste W M 32 Brother S Carpenter
Baccas, Alcide W M 28 Brother S Carpenter
Oubre, Valsin W M 54
M Sugarmaker
Oubre, Mathilde W F 45 Wife

Oubre, James W M 3 Adopted

Clement, Zephirin W M 63
S At Home
Clement, Olivier W M 29 Nephew S At Home
Tregre, Ovide W M 50
M Mechanic
Tregre, Delphine W F 60 Wife

Montz, Marie W F 60
W At Home
Millet, Ovide W M 48 Son in law W Mechanic
Millet, Seraphine W F 19 Daughter

Millet, Numa W M 17 Son

Millet, Ovide W M 14 Son

Millet, Felix W M 2 Son

Montz, Antoine W M 37
M At Home
Montz, Myrtile W F 30 Wife

Montz, Antoinette W F 8 Daughter

Montz, Myrtile W F 6 Daughter

Montz, Lawrence W M 3 Son

Wager, Elias W M 46
S Carpenter
Tamplin, James W M 54
M Rheumatism Alabama
Tamplin, Catherine W F 53 Wife

Tamplin, Adam W M 27 Son
Tamplin, Joseph W M 25 Son
Tamplin, James W M 22 Son

Tamplin, Eugene W M 18 Son

Lageman, Marguerite W F 45

Lageman, Eva W F 22 Daughter S

Lageman, Adam W M 20 Son

Ricker, Henry W M 28

Ricker, Frederick W M 8 Son

Bougere, A. T. W M 53
M Farmer France
Bougere, Stephanie W F 43 Wife

Bougere, Fanny W F 26 Daughter S

Bougere, Albert W M 23 Son S Overseer
Bougere, Blanche W F 10 Daughter

Bougere, Clarence W M 7 Son

Keefer, Mac W M 23
S Gardner Germany
Marmillion, Alphonse W M 32
M Overseer
Marmillion, Clementine W F 28

Marmillion, Edmond W M 8

Marmillion, Lilia W F 5

Marmillion, Odette W F 3

Marmillion, Valsin W M 18/12

Tregre, Anacharsis W M 56
W Cooper
Tregre, Marie W F 13 Daughter

Chauff, Genevieve W F 54

Chauff, Eugenie W F 30 Daughter W Grocer
Chauff, Theophile W M 12 Son

Chauff, Pierre W M 10 Son

Chauff, Olivia W F 8 Daughter

Chauff, Emma W F 6 Daughter

Keller, Leon W M 23
S Clerk
Tregre, Pierre W M 50
M Farmer
Tregre, Madelaine W F 47 Wife

Tregre, Wilson W M 23 Son M Teacher
Tregre, Louis W M 19 Son
Tregre, Octave W M 13 Son

Tregre, Louise W F 11 Daughter

Tregre, Adam W M 7 Son

Tregre, Elmire W F 5 Daughter

Tregre, Henri W M 2 Son

Tregre, Olympe W F 22 Daughter in law

Desroches, Prudent W M 41
M Laborer
Desroches, Rosela W F 30 Wife

Desroches, Eliza W F 5 Daughter

Desroches, Marie W F 3 Daughter

Deroche, Florestan W M 37 Brother S Laborer
Robeau, Anastasie W F 66

Robeau, Evariste W M 35 Son S Mechanic
Robeau, Adam W M 26 Son M At Home
Robeau, Ernestine W F 24 Wife

Robeau, Charles W M 2 Son

Robeau, Marc W M 28
M Mechanic
Robeau, Florestine W F 27 Wife

Robeau, Amelie W F 4 Daughter

Robeau, Ernest W M 2 Son

Robeau, Virginia W F 4/12 Daughter

Alexandre, Armas W M 45
M Laborer
Alexandre, Cecilia M F 40 Wife

Alexandre, Felix M M 17 Son

Alexandre, Albert M M 12 Son

Alexandre, Marie M F 11 Daughter

Alexandre, Lucil M F 8 Daughter

Alexandre, Elise M F 7 Daughter

Alexandre, Joseph M M 2 Son

Eyma, Ulger W M 32
M Grocer
Eyma, Celeste W F 28 Wife

Eyma, Eva W F 7 Daughter

Eyma, Eveline W F 5 Daughter

Eyma, Apoline W F 3 Daughter

Eyma, Guillaume W M 3/12 Son

Chauff, Alexandre W M 62
M Planter
Chauff, Zulma W F 59 Wife

Chauff, Alexandre Jr W M 26
M Laborer
Chauff, Louisiana W F 29 Wife

Chauff, Alfred W M 8 Son

Chauff, Regina W F 6 Daughter

Chauff, Raoul W M 3 Son

Chauff, Ulger W M 1 Son

Vicknair, Evariste W M 40
M Cooper
Vicknair, Henriette W F 33 Wife

Vicknair, Adele W F 12 Daughter

Vicknair, Joseph W M 6 Son

Vicknair, Alice W F 4 Daughter

Vicknair, Louis W M 2 Son

Montz, Pierre W M 28
M Overseer
Montz, Ernestine W F 24 Wife

Montz, Sylvestre W M 3 Son

Jacob, Andre W M 30
M Laborer
Jacob, Clarisse W F 25 Wife

Jacob, Elida W F 4 Daughter

Jacob, Elodie W F 2 Daughter

Boudousquie, Emile W M 49
M Laborer
Boudousquie, Clara M F 45 Wife

Boudousquie, Michel M M 22 Son
Boudousquie, Eugene M M 24 Son
Watson, Richard W M 25
M Laborer America (?)
Watson, Celanise M F 26 Wife

Watson, John M M 4 Son

Watson, Marie M F 2/12 Daughter

Watson, Zulema M F 28 Daughter (sic) M At Home
Bernard, Raphael W M 27
M Sugarmaker
Bernard, Pierre M M 3 Son

Millet, Seraphin W M 45
M Laborer
Millet, Felicie W F 40 Wife

Millet, Seraphin W M 17 Son
Millet, John W M 14 Son
Millet, Marie W F 12 Daughter

Millet, Amede W M 10 Son

Millet, Alexis W M 7 Son

Millet, Anatole W M 3 Son

Robeau, Pierrre W M 69
M At Home
Robeau, Pauline W F 63 Wife

Robeau, Octave W M 27 Son
Robeau, Elise W F 21 Daughter

Tregre, Josephine W F 45
S At Home
Tregre, Gregoire W M 48
S Laborer
Chauff, Theodule W M 60
M Laborer
Chauff, Clara W F 55 Wife

Chauff, Odile W F 25 Daughter S

Chauff, Helena W F 16 Daughter

Chauff, Emma W F 14 Daughter

Chauff, Cyprien W M ?
M ??
Chauff, Virginie W F ?

Chauff, Adele (?) W ? ? ?

Chauff, Laure W F 17 Daughter

Chauff, Leon W M 15 Son

Chauff, Annette W F 9 Daughter

Chauff, Emilie W F 6 Daughter

Chauff, Benjamin W M 58
W Farmer
Chauff, Leoncia W F 30 Daughter S

Chauff, Marie W F 12 Adopted

Chauff, Marguerite W F 75 Mother W

Reine, Frank W M 40
M Farmer
Reine, Felicie W F 31 Wife

Reine, Adele W F 13 Daughter

Reine, Marguerite W F 11 Daughter

Reine, Lucie W F 9 Daughter

Reine, Nemour W M 7 Son

Reine, George W M 5 Son

Reine, Sidney W M 3 Son

Perilloux, Francois W M 28
M Overseer
Perilloux, Louise W F 26 Wife

Perilloux, Laure W F 10 Daughter

Perilloux, Frank W M 8 Son

Perilloux, Edmond W M 6 Son

Perilloux, Corine W F 4 Daughter

Perilloux, Eva W F 26 ?? W At Home
Perilloux, Alfred W M 9 Son

Perilloux, Marie W F 7 Daughter

Perilloux, Horace W M 3 Son

Picou, Eugene W M 35
S Farmer
Picou, Adam W M 23 Brother S Laborer
Picou, Eugenie W F 28 Sister S

Picou, Justine W F 40 Sister S

Picou, Florian W M 50
M Laborer
Picou, Sophie W F 40 Wife

Doyer, Pierre W M ?
M Bricklayer
Doyer, ?? W F 42 Wife

Doyer, Adam W M 23 Son S Laborer
Doyer, Edouard W M 21 Son S Laborer
Doyer, Cyprien W M 19 Son S Laborer
Doyer, Victoria W F 17 Daughter

Doyer, Olive W F 6 Daughter

Doyer, Paul W M 4 Son

Doyer, Pierre W M 2 Son

Doyer, Emilie W F 5/12 Daughter

Picou, Cestine W F 40
W At Home
Desroches, Francois W M 40
M Laborer
Desroches, Augustine W F 26 Wife

Desroches, Hubert W M 12 Son

Desroches, Henri W M 8 Son

Desroches, Leonard W M 10/12 Son

Desroches, Henry W M 4 Son

Bossier, Paul W M 24
M Grocer
Bossier, Octavie W F 24 Wife

Bossier, Cecile W F 3 Daughter

Bossier, Edvige W F 2 Daughter

Bossier, Septime W M 15 Brother

Elfer, Octave W M 69

Trepagnier, Paul W M 40
S Laborer
Elfer, Leontine W F 40

Elfer, Felicie W F 16 Daughter

Elfer, Blanche W F 12 Daughter

Elfer, Gustave W M 14 Son

Elfer, Adolphe W M 12 Son

McKee, Robert D. W M 36
M Bookkeeper Pennsylvania
McKee, Elizabeth W F 32 Wife

McKee, Logan W M 3 Son

McKee, Charles W M 8/12 Son

McKee, Henriette W F 61 Mother in law W
McKee, John W M 29 Brother in law S Laborer Ohio
Edmonson, T. N. W M 47
M Overseer Mississippi
Edmonson, Emilie W F 39 Wife

Willarford, James W M 30
S Overseer Mississippi
__?__, Joseph W M ?
M Farmer
__?__, Noemie W F 46 Wife

__?__, Louise W F 24 Daughter S

__?__, Noemie W F 22 Daughter S

__?__, Joseph W M 21 Son S Overseer
__?__, Georgine W F 20 Daughter S

__?__, Felix W M 18 Son

__?__, Lucil W F 14 Daughter

Triche, Edvige W M 32
M Laborer
Triche, Zulime W F 35 Wife

Triche, Lydia W F 8 Daughter

Triche, Adele W F 6 Daughter

Triche, Amelie W F 4 Daughter

LeBourgeois, Arnauld W M 53
M Overseer
LeBourgeois, Floriska W F 53 Wife

LeBourgeois, Alces W M 28 Son S Engineer
LeBourgeois, Louis W M 25 Son S Carpenter
LeBourgeois, Arnauld W M 23 Son S Blacksmith
LeBourgeois, Fernand W M 17 Son

LeBourgeois, Louise W F 17 Daughter

LeBourgeois, George W M 14 Son

LeBourgeois, Paul W M 9 Son

LeBourgeois, Elizabeth W F 36 Adopted

Brelet, Ulisse W M 55
M Cooper
Brelet, Lodisca W F 42 Wife

Brelet, Edouard W M 21 Son

Brelet, Lodoisca W F 18 Daughter

Brelet, Zoe W F 13 Daughter

Brelet, Manuel W M 8 Son

Roger, Henri W M 34
M Laborer Germany
Roger, Julie W F 22 Wife

Roger, Marie W F 3 Daughter

Baudry, J. B. W M 59
M Farmer
Baudry, Marie W F 42 Wife

Baudry, Oza W F 27 Daughter S

Baudry, Olivia W F 23 Daughter S

Baudry, Arthur W M 21 Son

Baudry, Rosina W F 19 Daughter

Baudry, Emile W M 17 Son

Baudry, Clelie W F 15 Daughter

Baudry, Frederick W M 13 Son

Baudry, Merille W M 11 Son

Baudry, Elodie W F 9 Daughter

Baudry, Alosia W F 7 Daughter

Baudry, Octave W M 25
M Laborer
Baudry, Marie W F 23 Wife

Baudry, Noelie W F 3 Daughter

Baudry, Armand W M 2 Son

Duhe, Jacques W M 46
M Farmer
Duhe, Jacques W M 17 Son

Duhe, Cecile W F 14 Daughter

Duhe, Joseph W M 12 Son

Duhe, Charles W M 10 Son

Duhe, Justenien W M 8 Son

Duhe, Alces W M 23 Son M Overseer
Duhe, Emilie W F 22 Wife

Duhe, Lea W F 6 Daughter

Duhe, Camille W M 4 Son

Duhe, Aglae W F 33

Duhe, Joseph W M 7 Adopted

Vicknair, Frumence W M 38
M Laborer
Vicknair, Felicie W F 34 Wife

Vicknair, Marie W F 13 Daughter

Vicknair, Fernand W M 11 Son

Vicknair, George W M 9 Son

Vicknair, Willie W M 7 Son

Vicknair, Ernest W M 35
M Laborer
Vicknair, Colastie W F 32 Wife

Vicknair, Alice W F 13 Daughter

Vicknair, Ernest W M 9 Son

Vicknair, Ernestine W F 5 Daughter

Leche, Marie W F 24

Bourgeois, J. J. W M 2
M Grocer
Bourgeois, Regina W F 20 Wife

Bourgeois, Thomas W M 49
M Farmer
Bourgeois, Marie W F 45 Wife

Bourgeois, Joseph W M 21 Son
Bourgeois, Lewis W M 9 Son

Bourgeois, Sidney W M 5 Son

Bourgeois, Alcide W M 9/12 Son

Bourgeois, Julia W F 19 Daughter S

Bourgeois, Gustave W M 34
M Laborer
Bourgeois, Josephine W F 32 Wife

Bourgeois, Septime W M 12 Son

Bourgeois, Numa W M 10 Son

Bourgeois, Alozius W M 8 Son

Bourgeois, Eleonore W F 6 Daughter

Bourgeois, Orelie W F 4 Daughter

Bourgeois, Anicet W M 2 Son

Bourgeois, Leonie W F 1 Daughter

Bourgeois, Basilie W F 65 Mother in law W

Bourgeois, Jules W M 43
M Laborer
Bourgeois, Eva W F 40 Wife

Bourgeois, Noemie W F 20 Daughter

Bourgeois, Paul W M 18 Son

Bourgeois, Laure W F 15 Daughter

Bourgeois, Morris W M 12 Son

Bourgeois, Felix W M 10 Son

Bourgeois, Celestine W F 8 Daughter

Bourgeois, Berthe W F 6 Daughter

Bourgeois, Emma W F 3/12 Daughter

Duhe, Basilite W F 45
W At Home
Duhe, Gabriel W M 21 Son S Laborer
Duhe, Sidney W M 18 Son S Laborer
Duhe, Louis W M 14 Son

Duhe, Corine W F 12 Daughter

Duhe, Walter W M 10 Son

Duhe, Louise W F 8 Daughter

Duhe, Laure W F 5 Daughter

Duhe, Lucie W F 5 Daughter

Duhe, Maiza W F 54 Sister in Law S

Chenet, Louis W M 49
M Grocer
Chenet, Emma W F 44 Wife

Chenet, Alexandre W M 22 Son S

Chenet, Louise W F 21 Daughter

Chenet, Alice W F ? Daughter

Chenet, Emma W F 17 Daughter

Chenet, Corine W F 15 Daughter

Chenet, Effie W F 12 Daughter

Chenet, Laure W F 11 Daughter

Chenet, Marie W F 9 Daughter

Chenet, Leon W M 6 Son

Chenet, Noemie W F 4 Daughter

Carabie, Antoinette W F 86

Carabie, Coraide W F 44 Daughter S

Carabie, Blanche W F 36 Daughter W

Poche, Myrthe W F 47

Poche, James W M 28 Son S Sawer
Poche, Armentine W F 25 Daughter S

Poche, Emile W M 23 Son S At Home
Poche, Pulcherie W F 14 Daughter

Poche, Armand W M 12 Son

Poche, Daniel W M 11 Son

Poche, Andre W M 8 Son

Fournier, Pierre W M 78
S Teacher France
Ory, Palmer W M 28
M Butcher
Ory, Josephine W F 22 Wife

Ory, Lerida W F 6 Daughter

Ory, Septime W M 4 Son

Ory, Marie W F 3 Daughter

Ory, Edouard W M 9/12 Son

Dufresne, Symphorien W M 48
M Laborer
Dufresne, Azelina W F 47 Wife

Dufresne, Uranie W F 18

Poche, Julia W F 5/12

Repp, William W M 19
S Laborer
Lapatto, Blaise W M 28
S Laborer France
Roussel, Aime W M 44
S Laborer France
Lightener W M 44
S Laborer America ?
Johness, T. S. W M 27
S Teacher France
Vignan (?), Justin W M 24
M Laborer France
Vignan (?), Rosa W F 18 Wife

Millet, Lovincy W M 37
M Laborer
Millet, Eulalie W F 24
M At Home
Millet, Marie W F 19 Daughter

Millet, Alice W F 14 Daughter

Millet, Eulalie W F 12 Daughter

Millet, Elvina W F 8 Daughter

Millet, Felicie W F 7 Daughter

Millet, Celeste W F 3 Daughter

Millet, Emile W M 6 Son

Lasseigne, Aguste W M 39
M Laborer
Lasseigne, Marie W F 36 Wife

Lasseigne, Augustin W M 19 Son S Laborer
Lasseigne, Arcene W F 13 Daughter

Lasseigne, Albert W M 11 Son

Tregre, Charles W M 30
S Laborer
McEllas, R. W M 30
M Laborer Mississippi
McEllas, Betty W F 25 Wife

McEllas, Willy W M 3 Son

McEllas, Ben W M 2 Son

Berthelot, Emilie W F 35

Berthelot, Albert W M 9 Son

Berthelot, Adrienne W F 6 Daughter

Bourgeois, George W M 25
M Grocer
Bourgeois, Leonie W F 20

Tanguis, Georgina W F 26

Tanguis, Camelia W F 3 Daughter

Tanguis, Eugene W M 2 Son

Bourgeois, Price W M 19
S Laborer
Bourgeois, Ovilia W F 19 Adopted S Laborer
Cambre, Decastile W M 30
M Laborer
Cambre, Henriette W F 28 Wife

Cambre, Olide W M 7 Son

Cambre, Lucil W F 3 Daughter

Cambre, Lizzie W F 9/12 Daughter

Vicknair, Octave W M 38
M Laborer
Vicknair, Celestine W F 34 Wife

Vicknair, Louise W F 10 Daughter

Vicknair, Octavie W F 7 Daughter

Vicknair, Eva W F 2 Daughter

Vicknair, Joseph W M 9/12 Son

__?__, Clementine W F 46

Millet, Zephirin W M 58
M Laborer
Millet, Eloise W F 40 Wife

Millet Evariste W M 25 Son S Laborer
Millet, Felicien W M 16 Son

Millet, Augusta W F 18 Daughter

Millet, Felix W M 10 Son

Millet, Irene W F 12 Daughter

Millet, Ernestine W F 14 Daughter

Ory, Emilien W M 23
M Laborer
Ory, Angelina W F 20 Wife

Ory, Felicia W F 5 Daughter

Ory, Angelina W F 3 Daughter

Ory, Homer W M 2 Son

Ory, Emeline W F 9/12 Daughter

Decareau, Odile W F 35

Decareau, Helena W F 14 Daughter

Decareau, Florestine W F 12 Daughter

Decareau, Denis W M 10 Son

Decareau, Adele W F 6 Daughter

Decaueau, Prudent W M 2 Son

Ory, Justinien W M 36
W Laborer
Ory, George W M 14 Son

Ory, Alfred W M 10 Son

Chenet, Celestine W F 60

Ory, Theodule W M 34
M Laborer
Ory, Elida W F 24 Wife

Ory, Saturnin W M 4 Son

Ory, Nimea W F 2 Daughter

Godbery, Angelina W F 49

Godbery, Laura W F 24 Daughter S

Godbery, Henry W M 23 Son S

Godbery, Noelie W F 19 Daughter

Redmore (?), John W M 38
S Laborer England
Foste (?), Thomas W M 24
S Laborer
Taien, George W M 29
M Laborer
Gondolfo, Angelo W M 25

Swin, Joseph W M 48
M Laborer New York
Ceneneuth, Patrick W M 29
S Laborer Ireland
Decareau, Pierre W M 35
M Laborer
Decareau, Zulime W F 27 Wife

Decareau, Joseph W M 9 Son

Decareau, Josephine W F 7 Daughter

Decareau, Pierre W M 3 Son

Decareau, Zuline W F 1/12 Daughter

Decareau, Charles W M 18

Decareau, John W M 35
M Laborer
Decareau, Marie W F 22 Wife

Decareau, Olivia W F 2 Daughter

Decareau, Willy W M 1 Son

NOTE: The microfilm is not clear as to exactly where Ward 6 ends and Ward 4 begins and the listing as displayed in these pages may be in error.

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