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1880 US Census
St John the Baptist Parish, LA

(An abbreviated listing - most non-white entries omitted)

Fourth Ward Listing taken by Alex Luminais 16 - 25 June 1880

Copied January 1991 from microfilm by Dwayne A Montz

NOTE: The listing of the Fourth Ward follows the listing of the Sixth Ward in the microfilm. It is not clear exactly where the Sixth Ward listing ends and the Fourth Ward listing begins. The break used in these pages may not be correct.

Fenorty, W. M. W M 30
S Laborer Pennsylvania
Frank, John W M 26
M Laborer
Frank, Georgina W F 21 Wife

Thomens, Barbar W M 10 Adopted

Catoir, Rosemond W M 31
M Laborer
Catoir, Marie W F 24 Wife

Catoir, Albert W M 5 Son

Catoir, Inocente W F 18/12 Daughter

Catoir, Marie Adele W F 19

Winprenne, George W M 20

Winprenne, Evelina W F 19 Sister

Heltz, Emerente W F 53

Heltz, Amade W M 29 Son S Laborer
Heltz, Felicie W F 24 Daughter S

Heltz, Antoine W M 23 Son S

Heltz, Marie W F 14 Daughter

Heltz, Silver W M 46
M Laborer
Heltz, Melanie W F 35 Wife

Vicknair, Marguerite W F 53

Vicknair, Lovinsky W M 30 Son S

Vicknair, Cyprien W M 25 Son S

Tenade, Basile W M 54
M Laborer France
Tenade, Armentine M F 45 Wife

Tenade, Eve M F 21 Daughter

Catoire, Elelie W F 54

Catoire, Inocente W M 23 Son S

Catoire, Marina W M 15 Son

Bailly, Charles W M 28
M Laborer
Bailly, Ophelia W F 24 Wife

Bailly, Clelie W F 8 Daughter

Bailly, Eugenie W F 5 Daughter

Bailly, Bruneau W M 14/12 Son

Bailly, Mathilia W F 21

Edler, Emile W M 15 Adopted

Edler, Remis W M ? Adopted

Cambre, Ursin W M 61
M Laborer
Cambre, Genevieve W F 40 Wife

Cambre, Charles W M 15 Son

Cambre, Dugne W M 8 Son

Cambre, Alice W F 6 Daughter

Cambre, Ernest W M 3 Son

Cambre, Alexis W M 25 Son M

Cambre, Marcelite W F 40

Elfer, Evariste W M 34
M Cooper
Elfer, Marie W F 25 Wife

Elfer, Eva W F 2 Daughter

Elfer, Clotilde W F 2/12 Daughter

Desnoyer, Lezin W M 71

Desnoyer, Marie W F 60 Wife

Bossier, Lucien W M 19
S Laborer
Winprenne, Louis W M 30
M Laborer
Winprenne, Marie W F 27 Wife

Winprenne, Noelie W F 3 Daughter

Winprenne, Louise W F 1 Daughter

Winprenne, Azoline W F 28

Edler, Victor W M 52
W Bricklayer
Edler, Henri W M 19 Son S

Duhe, Melasie W F 50

Winprenne, Honore W M 30
M Laborer
Winprenne, Eve W F 30 Wife

Winprenne, Leoncia W F 8 Daughter

Winprenne, Madadlie W M 6 Son

Winprenne, Irenne W F 4 Daughter

Winprenne, Gertrude W F 8/12 Daughter

Duhe, Clara W F 14

Duhe, Laure W F 10

Catoire, Euphemon W M 45
M Butcher
Catoire, Odile W F 24 Wife

Catoire, Alsace W M 14 Son

Catoire, Achille W M 8 Son

Catoire, Leonce W M 7 Son

Catoire, Marie W F 5 Daughter

Catoire, Alicia W F 2 Daughter

Chenet, Gustave W M 42
M Laborer
Chenet, Blanche W F 23 Wife

Chenet, Gustave W F 5 Daughter

Chenet, Agathe W F 2 Daughter

Clement, Alfred W M 17 orphan

Clement, Maximilien W M 14 Orphan

Catoire, Trasimont W M 26
W Laborer
Catoire, Dorville W M 7 Son

Clement, Aimee W F 21

Triche, Charles W M 71
S Laborer
Triche, Marcelline W F 65 Sister S

Gebelin, J. B. W M 61
M Grocer France
Gebelin, Honore W F ? Wife

Alexandre, J. B. W M 7 Son (sic)

Chardin, Charles W M 46
W Cooper France
Bougere, Achille W M 26

Bougere, Pauline W F 19 Wife

Dumont, Julien W M 40
S Cooper France
Vicknair, Jules W M 45
M Cooper
Vicknair, Marie W F 40 Wife

Vicknair, Marie W F 10 Daughter

Vicknair, Jules W M 9 Son

Vicknair, Augustine W F 5 Daughter

Tennyson, August W M 26
S Overseer Germany
Ory, Ozeme W M 35
M Laborer
Ory, Octavie W F 30 Wife

Ory, Leonce W M 10 Son

Ory, Noelie W F 8 Daughter

Ory, Louisa W F 6 Daughter

Clement, Firmin W M 42
M Laborer
Clement, Evelina W F 29 Wife

Clement, Alceste W M 3 Son

Clement, Albert W M 2 Son

Clement, Justinien W M 30
S Laborer
Edward, David W M 30
S Laborer
Edward, Robert W M 19
S Laborer
Fisher, Christian W M 46
M Laborer Germany
Fisher, Marie W F ? Wife

Fisher, George W M 17 Son

Fisher, __?__ W F ? Daughter

Delaney, John W M 48
W Overseer Ireland
Gannon, Morris W M 58
M Bricklayer Ireland
Gannon, Mary W F 52 Wife

Gannon, Edward W M 15 Son

Gannon, Morris Jr W M 30
M Laborer New York
Gannon, Kate W F 35 Wife

Gannon, Joseph W M 9/12 Son

Gannon, John W M 33
S Laborer New York
Long, Louis P. W M 38
S Laborer
__?__, John W M 43
M Laborer Ireland
__?__, Maggie W F 40 Wife

__?__, James W M 10 Son

New York
__?__, Catherine W F 8 Daughter

New York
__?__, Ellen W F 6 Daughter

__?__, John W M 4 Son

__?__, Francis W M 11/12 Son

Tucker, D. E. W M 24

Wintacker, William W M 35
M Laborer Germany
Wintacker, Terese W F 27 Wife

Wintacker, Joseph W M 9 Son

Wintacker, Frederick W M 7 Son

Wintacker, Modeste W M 4 Son

Wintacker, Henry W M 7/12 Son

Wilhelmas, Joseph W M 39
M Laborer Germany
Wilhelmas, Marconner W F 48 Wife

Gabrigen, Ole W M 23
S Laborer Germany
Schloesser, Adam W M 56
M Laborer Germany
Schloesser, Elisa W F 41 Wife

Schloesser, Martin W M 25 Son S

Schloesser, Mathias W M 23 Son S

Schloesser, Henry W M 21 Son S

Schloesser, Lizzie W F 17 Daughter

Schloesser, George W M 15 Son

Schloesser, Elena W F 13 Daughter

Schloesser, Adam W M 11 Son

Schloesser, Margarette W F 6 Daughter

Schloesser, Berthe W F 2 Daughter

Harcke, Fred W M 35
S Laborer Germany
Gredy, Barbara W F 41

Gredy, Adam W M 23 Son S Laborer
Gredy, Theodore W M 21 Son S Laborer
Gredy, Martin W M 18 Son S Laborer
Gredy, Willy W M 15 Son

Gredy, Mathias W M 10 Son

Gredy, Peter W M 8 Son

Gredy, Francis W M 12 Son

Gredy, Mina W F 6 Daughter

Grobe, Charles W M 56
W Laborer Germany
Grobe, Suzanne W F 17 Daughter

Grobe, William W M 15 Son

Grobe, Lizzie W F 13 Daughter

Grobe, Joeanna W F 11 Daughter

Grobe, Charles W M 9 Son

Schols, Frank W M 22
S Laborer England
Buse, V. T. W M 32
M Grocer Georgia
Buse, Marguerite W F 34 Wife

New Jersey
Buse, John W M 8 Son

Buse, Henry W M 6 Son

Helz, Charles W M 33
M Laborer Germany
Hetz, Elizabeth W F 30 Wife

Helz, Suzane W F 7 Daughter

Bredeameyer W F 71
Schlosser, Mathias W M 50
M Laboarer Germany
Schlosser, Helena W F 50 Wife

Schlosser, Mathias W M 21 Son

Schlosser, Martin W M 19 Son

Schlosser, Adam W M 13 Son

Schlosser, Lizzie W F 11 Daughter

Schlosser, Helene W F 9 Daughter

Ulrich, Dan W M 57
M Laborer Germany
Ulrich, Dora W F 54 Wife

Ulrich, Augustine W F 18 Daughter

Ulrich, Louis W M 15 Son

Ulrich, Lizzie W F 11 Adopted

Genard (?), Charles W M 25

Kirsch, William W M 52
M Laborer Germany
Kirsch, Barbar W F 54 Wife

Kirsch, Adam W M 22 Son S

Kirsch, Lizzie W F 20 Daughter

Kirsch, Helean W F 17 Daughter

Kirsch, Mina W F 11 Daughter

Kirsch, William Jr W M 28
M Laborer
Kirsch, Lizzie W F 25 Wife

Kirsch, Lizzie W F 3 Daughter

Kirsch, (no name) W F 3/12 Daughter

Brecher, Joe W M 56
M Laborer France
Brecher, Marguerite W F 36 Wife

Brecher, Nicholas W M 22 Son S

Brecher, Marguerite W F 17 Daughter

Martinson, Lawrence W M 22
S Laborer Norway
Ulrich, Johny W M 28
M Laborer Germany
Ulrich, Mary W F 26 Wife

Ulrich, Marguerite W F 6 Daughter

Ulrich, Louis W M 4 Son

Ulrich, Lizzie W F 3/12 Daughter

Forster, Charles W M 42
S Teacher Switzerland
Grant, Francois W M 55
M Laborer France
Grant, Justine W F 43 Wife

Grant, Edouard W M 17 Son

Montz, Bernoville W M 60
M Sugarmaker
Montz, Pamela W F 50 Wife

Montz, Gervais W M 24 Son S Laborer
Montz, Camille W M 14 Son

Montz, Achille W M 12 Son

Montz, Fernand W M 8 Son

Perret, Gustave W M 35

Perret, Stephanie W F 23 Wife

Perret, Eveline W F 2 Daughter

Perret, Justin W M 4/12 Son

Savoie, Azelie W F 50
M Grocer
Savoie, Francois W M 22 Son S

Montz, Edouard W M 70

Montz, Theodore W M 27
M Laborer
Montz, Palmire W F 24 Wife

Montz, Antoinette W F 4 Daughter

Millet, Zenon W M 44
W Clerk of Court
Millet, Luke W M 13 Son

Millet, Alberic W M 12 Son

Millet, Noah W M 7 Son

Savoie, Lorsuzer (?) W F 18

Savoie, Jules W M 52
M Cooper
Savoie, Marie W F 43 Wife

Savoie, Jules W M 16 Son

Savoie, Simon W M 14 Son

Savoie, Joseph W M 12 Son

Savoie, George W M 7 Son

Savoie, Marguerite W F 5 Daughter

Savoie, Modeste W F 1 Daughter

Tassin, Albert W M 28
M Sugarmaker
Tassin, Evelina W F 28 Wife

Tassin, Evena W F 6 Daughter

Tassin, Ella W F 4 Daughter

Tassin, Edith W F 2 Daughter

Tassin, Berthe W F 3/12 Daughter

Savoie, Desiree W F 23

Montz, Andre W M 40
M Laborer
Montz, Emelina W F 29 Wife

Anglad, Marie E. W F 60

Montz, Joseph W M 30 Son S

Montz, Dantes W M 21 Son S

Witley, Alexandre B M 19
S Servant
Witley, Abraham B M 12

Edler, Theodule W M 53
M Bricklayer
Edler, Constance W F 31 Wife

Edler, Josephine W F 16 Daughter

Edler, Felicien W M 8 Son

Edler, Sevinien W M 8 Son

Edler, Joseph W M 5 Son

Edler, Hebert W M 7/12 Son

Ferand, Lovinsky M M 53
M Cooper
Ferand, Evelina M F 42 Wife

Ferand, Evelina M F 20 Daughter

Ferand, Jean Baptiste M M 6 Son

Ferand, Silvain M M 20 Adopted

Vicknair, Felix W M 43
M Laborer
Vicknair, Antoinette M F 38 Wife

Vicknair, Felix M M 16 Son

Vicknair, Charles M M 14 Son

Vicknair, Edmond M M 12 Son

Vicknair, Marie M F 10 Daughter

Vicknair, Wilfrid M M 8 Son

Vicknair, Reine M M 5 Son

Vicknair, George M M 3 Son

Vicknair, Arthus M M 3 Son

Picou, Octavie M F 68

Oville, Bernard M M 22
S Laborer
Picou, Aristide M M 45
M Cooper
Picou, Nathalie M F 40 Wife

Picou, Louis M M 18 Son

Picou, Octavie M F 7 Daughter

Duhe, Clara W F 58

Duhe, Eve W F 25 Daughter

Duhe, Maurice W M 23 Son S Laborer
Badeau, Adam W M 28
M Laborer
Badeau, Mary W F 22 Wife

Badeau, Joseph W M 9/12 Son

Badeau, Madare W M 8 Son

Heltz, Laure W F 18

Voisin, Oscar M M 49
M Carpenter
Voisin, Rose M F 37 Wife

Voisin, Octave M M 21 Son

Voisin, Othelo M M 17 Son

Voisin, Josephine M F 15 Daughter

Voisin, Aline M F 12 Daughter

Voisin, Edouard M M 9 Son

Reine, Jules W M 53
M Lawyer
Reine, Georgina W F 42 Wife

Reine, Amynthe W F 20 Daughter

Reine, Meina W F 18 Daughter

Reine, Georgina W F 14 Daughter

Reine, Joseph W M 13 Son

Reine, _?_anter W F 9 Daughter

Reine, Julia W F 4 Daughter

Reine, __?__ W F 2 Daughter

Jaron (?), Joseph W M 36
M Clerk
Jaron (?), Louise W F 28 Wife

Jaron (?), Paul W M 12 Son

Jaron (?), Marie W F 8 Daughter

Jaron (?), Amelie W F 7 Daughter

Jaron (?), Louis W M 4 Son

Jaron (?), Henry W M 3/12 Son

Dufresne, Francois W M 37
M Overseer
Dufresne, Ernestine W F 28 Wife

Dufresne, Isidore W M 7 Son

Dufresne, Onezime W M 5 Son

Dufresne, Francois W M 3 Son

Carrick, John W M 48
M Laborer Ireland
Dufresne, Octave W M 29
M Overseer
Dufresne, Adela W F 30 Wife

Dufresne, Anna W F 9 Daughter

Dufresne, Eva W F 8 Daughter

Dufresne, Octave W M 6 Son

Dufresne, Noelie W F 4 Daughter

Dufresne, Octavie W F 3 Daughter

Dufresne, Albert W M 1 Son

Vicknair, Alfred W M 28
M Horseler
Vicknair, Alice W F 23

Vicknair, Charles W M 9 Son

Vicknair, Ezilda W F 7 Daughter

Vicknair, Cecile W F 4 Daughter

Vicknair, John W M 1 Son

Roch, Arthur W M 50
S Laborer Ireland
April, Philip W M 71
M Carpenter Pennsylvania
Perilloux, Adam W M 39

Perilloux, Odile W F 39 Wife

Perilloux, Jacques W M 18 Son

Perilloux, Andre W M 15 Son

Perilloux, Ada W F 13 Daughter

Perilloux, Olympe W F 11 Daughter

Perilloux, Odile W F 9 Daughter

Perilloux, Celestine W F 7 Daughter

Perilloux, Adam W M 4 Son

Roussel, Amelie W F 64

Roussel, George W M 31 Son S Teacher
Roussel, James W M 30 Son S Carpenter
St. Martin, Bochet W M 69
M Farmer
St. Martin, Calista W F 55 Wife

St. Martin, Eloise W F 45 Daughter S

St. Martin, Delphine W F 34 Daughter S

St. Martin, Francois W M 29 Son S

St. Martin, Paul W M 25 Son S

St. Martin, George W M 22 Son S

St. Martin, Caroline W F 20 Daughter

St. Martin, Blanche W F 17 Daughter

St. Martin, Celestine W F 15 Daughter

St. Martin, Alfred W M 13 Son

St. Martin, Charles W M 27

St. Martin, Delphine W F 24 Wife

Triche, Jules M M 48
W Laborer
Triche, Ortense M F 24 Daughter

Triche, Louis M M 21 Son

Triche, Emerante M F 19 Daughter

Triche, George M M 16 Son

Triche, Albert M M 13 Son

Triche, Marie Louise M F 9 Daughter

Triche, Jules M M 7 Son

Boutte, Ulger W M 49
M Laborer
Boutte, Marie M F 37 Wife

Boutte, Fergus M M 15 Son

Boutte, Ulger M M 12 Son

Boutte, Orelia M F 8 Daughter

Boutte, Sidonia M F 6 Daughter

Boutte, Louise M F 4 Daughter

Laganne, Ernest W M 23
S Grocer
Robinowitz, Haiman W M 33
Robinowitz, Sandie W F 28 Wife

Robinowitz, Jacob W M 4 Son

Robinowitz, Dora W F 7 Daughter

Robinowitz, (No name) W M 4/12 Son

Triche, Amelia W F 58

Triche, Charles W M 28 Son M Laborer
Triche, Valentine W F 21 Wife

Triche, Regina W F 4 Daughter

Triche, Willy W M 2 Son

Triche, Marie W F 19

Triche, Adam W M 21

Triche, Evela W F 16

Manaret, Joseph W M 7 Adopted

Triche, Edmond W M 17

Chapoton, Willie W M 7

Chapoton, Louisiana W F 5

Picou, Therence M M 27
M Laborer
Picou, Lise B F 22 Wife

Picou, Theresine (?) B F 3 Daughter

Picou, Rose B F 1 Daughter

Madere, Adrien W M 38
M Laborer
Madere, Marie Louise M F 24 Wife

Madere, Adrienne M F 2 Daughter

Voisin, Ernest M M 6

Picou, Therence Sr. M M 70
M Laborer
Picou, Melite B F 45 Wife

Tiran (?), Edouard W M 30
S Grocer France
Martel, Jean W M 35
M Grocer France
Martel, Madelene W F 37 Wife

Teiau (?), Leonie W F 22
Maurin, Clemence W F 23
Maurin, Clement W M 23 Husband M Grocer France
Maurin, Laure W F 2 Daughter

Montegut, Lucien W M 62
M Farmer
Montegut, Amelina W F 48 Wife

Montegut, Alphonse W M 28 Son S

Montegut, Lucee W M 23 Son S

Montegut, Louis W M 21 Son S

Montegut, Fernand W M 19 Son S

Montegut, Cecile W F 7 Daughter

Montegut, Sidney W M 11 Son

Gendron, Antoine W M 50
M Laborer
Gendron, Azema W F 45 Wife

Gendron, Fergus W M 14 Son

Gendron, Elphege W M 28
M Laborer
Gendron, Leontine W F 20 Wife

Gendron, Lea W F 1 Daughter

Elfer, Charles W M 32
M Laborer
Elfer, Deviene W F 21 Wife

Elfer, Maurice W M 8/12 Son

Haydel, Victorin W M 20
M Laborer
Haydel, Alida W F 17 Wife

Haydel, Fernand W M 6/12 Son

Haydel, Albert W M 18

Vicknair, Ovide W M 50
W Laborer
Vicknair, Zepherin W M 15 Son

Vicknair, Jacques W M 18 Son

Vicknair, Ovide W M 16 Son

Vicknair, Felicien W M 12 Son

Vicknair, Felicie W F 12 Daughter

Vicknair, Eve W F 8 Daughter

Montegut, Fergus W M 40
M Laborer
Montegut, Adele W F 30 Wife

Montegut, Louise W F 17 Daughter

Montegut, Fergus W M 11 Son

Montegut, Candide W F 9 Daughter

Montegut, Stephanie W F 17/12 Daughter

Furate, Marie W F 50
Furate, Jeanne W F 21 Daughter

Furate, Gustave W M 20 Son

Furate, Joseph W M 9 Son

Furate, Corolie W F 7 Daughter

Furate, James W M 4 Son

Vicknair, Louis W M 30
M Laborer
Vicknair, Viroime (?) W F 25 Wife

Vicknair, Pierre W M 8 Son

Vicknair, Caroline W F 6 Daughter

Vicknair, Abraham W M 5/12 Son

Vicknair, Jourdan W M 28
M Laborer
Vicknair, Marie W F 22 Wife

Vicknair, Lucien W M 4 Son

Vicknair, Emma W F 1 Daughter

Demarce, Damas W M 33
M Laborer
Demarce, Clara W F 20 Wife

Demarce, Blanche W F 2 Daughter

Demarce, Damas W M 9/12 Son

Vicknair, Leon W M 67

Vicknair, Marie W F 58 Wife

Vicknair, Fernand W M 22 Son

Vicknair, Jean W M 21 Son

Vicknair, Adam W M 38
M Laborer
Vicknair, Armina W F 33 Wife

Vicknair, Arthur W M 11 Son

Vicknair, Willie W M 8 Son

Vicknair, Honore (?) W F 6 Daughter

Vicknair, Virginie W F 4 Daughter

Vicknair, Leoncia W F 3/12 Daughter

Jaubert, Fortune W M 33
M Overseer France
Jaubert, Baptistine W F 28 Wife

Jaubert, Fortune W M 4 Son

Jaubert, Louise W F 5 Daughter

Jaubert, Blanche W F 6/12 Daughter

Jaubert, Jean Baptiste W M 34
S Laborer France
Alexandre, Ernest W M 35
M Laborer
Alexandre, Henriette W F 30 Wife

Alexandre, Charles W M 9 Son

Alexandre, Camille W M 6 Son

Alexandre, Ernest W M 4 Son

Madere, Semilien W M 52
M Laborer
Madere, Adele W F 40 Wife

Madere, Maurice W M 20 Son
Madere, Charles W M 18 Son

Madere, George W M 16 Son

Madere, Narcise W M 14 Son

Madere, Adele W F 12 Daughter

Madere, Lise W F 10 Daughter

Madere, Henri W M 8 Son

Madere, Similien W M 6 Son

Madere, Lucie W F 4 Daughter

Madere, Alexandre W M 7/12 Son

Duhe, Louis W M 35
M Laborer
Duhe, Antoinette W F 25 Wife

Duhe, Felicie W F 10 Daughter

Duhe, Louis W M 7 Son

Duhe, Adele W F 5 Daughter

Duhe, Ursin W M 2 Son

Ketine, Adam W M 32
M Laborer
Ketine, Caliste W F 34 Wife

Ketine, Bernard W M 12 Son

Ketine, Clara W F 6 Daughter

Ketine, Seraphin W M 5 Son

Ketine, Seraphine W F 3 Daughter

Vicknair, Maxamilien W M 62
M Laborer
Vicknair, Marie M F 37 Wife

Vicknair, Philomene M F 15 Daughter

Vicknair, Joseph M M 14 Son

Vicknair, Charles M M 8 Son

Vicknair, Francois M M 6 Son

Vicknair, Adam M M 2 Son

Ketine, Coralie W F 58

Ketine, Eve W F 30 Daughter

Ketine, Jean W M 27
M Laborer
Ketine, Alice W F 25 Wife

Ketine, Magdofie W M 3 Son

Ketine, Alice W F 8/12 Daughter

Vicknair, Edouard W M 45
M Laborer
Vicknair, Adele W F 50 Wife

Vicknair, Edouard W M 18 Son

Tamplin, Paul W M 21
M Laborer
Tamplin, Marie W F 22 Wife

Cox, Christopher W M 20

Cox, George W M 14 Brother

Cox, Armentine W F 8 Sister

Cox, Fannnie W F 3 Sister

Walt, Marie Orelie W F 50

Pallier, Michel W M 38
S Farmer France
Clement, Norbert W M 30

Clement, Rosa W F 22 Wife

Lagroue, Sosthene W M 63

Lagroue, Adele W F 56 Wife

Lagroue, Amelie W F 12 Adopted

Vilemont, Jules W M 38
M Planter
Vilemont, Winnie W F 26 Wife

Vilemont, Louis W M 5 Son

Vilemont, Charles W M 3 Son

Vilemont, James W M 2 Son

Vilemont, Felicie W F 42

Vilemont, Virginie W F 40

Vilemont, Septime W F 34

Vilemont, Ultima W F 32

Vilemont, Honore W M 65
M Grocer
Vilemont, Marie W F 55 Wife

Clement, James W M 24

Clement, Lise W F 20 Wife

Clement, Noelie W F 8/12 Daughter

Clement, Johny W M 15 Adopted

Battard, Jules W M 26
S Butcher France
Brignac, Jean A. W M

S Laborer
Moudson, Johny W M 15

Berthelot, Ben W M 15

Millet, Joseph M M 25
M Laborer
Millet, Julia M F 20 Wife

Millet, Adam M M 7/12 Son

Millet, Adam M M 24

Permeictel, Adelade W M 22
M Cigar Maker Cuba
Permeictel, Eloise W F 23 Wife

Anglade, Rene W M 33
M Overseer
Anglade, Odile W F 28 Wife

Anglade, Lise W F 9 Daughter

Anglade, Ozeme W M 7 Son

Anglade, Frid W M 6 Son

Anglade, Eleica W F 3 Daughter

Anglade, Odilia W F 1 Daughter

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