1880 US Census
St John the Baptist Parish, LA

(An abbreviated listing - most non-white entries omitted)

Listing of the Third Ward

Copied January 1991 from microfilm by Dwayne A Montz


Ryder, Walter W M 19
S Engineering

Brown, Eyma W M 42
M Cooper

Brown, Evelina W F 30 Wife
Keeping House

Decarreau, Euzebe W M 22 Son in law M Cooper

Decarreau, Euthesia W F 18 Daughter M

Decarreau, Elisee W M 14 Son

Decarreau, Azelia W F 13 Daughter

Decarreau, Evelina W F 11 Daughter

Decarreau, Guillaume W M 5 Son

Decarreau, Emile W M 3 Son

Decarreau, Agnes W M 2 Son

Deslianu, Celestin W M 50
S Swamper France

Dumont, Jean W M 60
W Swamper France

Lambert, Emile W M 42
S Swamper France

Joutif, Francois W M 38
S Swamper France

Georgelle, Auguste W M 17
S Swamper France

Georgelle, Lavielle W F 40
W Cook France

Levet, Dominique W M 58
M Gardner France

Levet, Emma W F 43
M Keeping House Tennessee

Levet, Marie W F 25

Levet, Philomene W F 19

Levet, Alice W F 15

Abadie, Leon W M 28
S Blacksmith

Launaugon, Jean W M 28
S Gardner

Becknel, Leocadie W F 45
W Keeps Store

Becknel, Ramire W M 21 Son S Clerk

Becknel, Elomire W F 18 Daughter

Becknel, Michel W M 15 Son

Becknel, Leo W M 49
M Farmer

Becknel, Noemie W F 33 Wife

Becknel, Lea W F 9 Daughter

Becknel, Agela W F 7 Daughter

Becknel, Denise W F 5 Daughter

Becknel, Leo W M 3 Son

Becknel, Noemie W F 3/12 Daughter

Becnel, Alphonse W M 45
M Farmer

Becknel, Noelie W F 28 Wife

Becknel, Willis W M 21 Son

Becknel, Azelie W F 17 Daughter

Becknel, Crene (?) W M 14 Son

Becknel, Noelie W F 4 Daughter

Becknel, Denis W M 3 Son

Becknel, Eloize W F 1 1/2 Daughter

Becknel, St. Martin W M 1 1/2 Son

Perret, Theophile W M 46
M Farmer

Perret, Mathilde W F 46 Wife

Tassin, Mathilde W F 21 Daughter M

Perret, Leome W F 17 Daughter

Tassin, Henry W M 29 Son in law M Farmer

Tassin, Henriette W F 3 Grandchild

Tassin, Sidney W M 2 Grandchild

Hudson, Thomas W M 52
W Laborer

Bolling, Patrick W M 58
S Laborer

Billmire, Frank W M 25


William, Leroy W M 40

William, Catty W F 39 Wife

William, Rosella W F 5

Granier, Achille W M 38
M Laborer

Granier, Finiess W F 30 Wife
Keeping House

Granier, Justinien W M 11 Son

Granier, Luke W M 9 Son

Granier, Alexina W F 4 Daughter

Granier, Joseph W M 2 Son

Granier, Finiss W M 3/12 Son

Antonet, Dinah W F 30
W Cook France

Mingot, Joseph W M 42
M Laborer France

Mingot, Marie W F 32 Wife

Gardet, Francois W M 10 Stepson

Shexneider, Albert W M 39
M Laborer

Shexneider, Antoinette W F 34 Wife

Shexneider, Clara W F 12 Daughter

Shexneider, Sidney W M 10 Son

Shexneider, Henry W M 8 Son

Shexneider, Albert W M 5 Son

Shexneider, Antoine W M 2 Son

Hymel, Joseph W M 45
M Laborer

Hymel, Delphine W F 40 Wife

Hymel, Aleide W M 30 Brother

Hymel, Joseph W M 23 Son

Hymel, Tranquile W F 16 Daughter

Hymel, Louis W M 13 Son

Hymel, Samuel W M 10 Son

Hymel, Elie W M 8 Son

Hymel, Laurelie W F 6 Daughter

Hymel, Delphine W F 3 Daughter

Bohn, John W M 39
M Laborer

Bohn, Marie W F 17

Gordon, Richard W M 45
M Laborer

Gordon, Mathilde W F 36 Wife

Rixler, Numa W M 23
S Laborer

Kaveney, Patrick W M 45
S Ditcher Ireland

Gronen, Henri W M 30
S Ditcher __?__

Lenthol, Ernest W M 30
S Ditcher Germany

Nordstron, Esatal W M 30
S Ditcher Germany

Crespo, Joachim W M 22
S Ditcher Spain

McHenry, Jas W M 33
M Laborer New York

Waldrown, A. N. W M 21
S Laborer New York

Holloway, James W M 36
M Farmer

Holloway, William W M 17 Son

Holloway, Rosa W F 35 Wife

Holloway, Eugene W M 6 Son

Holloway, Zot W M 4 Son

Holloway, Julien W M 4/12 Son

Bethencourt, Thomas W M 31
M Carpenter

Bethencourt, Evelina W F 28 Wife

Cambre, Alexis W M 22
S Cooper

Colhi (?), Charley W M 29
S Cooper

Clement, Amedee W M 28
M Cooper

Clement, Antoine W M 22
S Cooper

Guiyot, Louis W M 18
S Cooper

Barthelemy, Pierre W M 30
M Cooper

Holden, Joe W M 48

Mitchele, Mike W M 40

Cavannaugh, Man W M 50

Brodrick, Thomas W M 35

Berthand, Emma W F 11 Niece

Bethencourt, Mary W F 3 Niece

Becknel, Michel W M 43
M Farmer

Becknel, Leonie W F 36 Wife

Becknel, Leonel W M 12 Son

Becknel, Henry W M 10 Son

Becknel, Nana W F 6 Daughter

Faucheux, Clerfe W M 49
M Farmer

Faucheux, Eliza W F 45 Wife
Keeping House

Faucheux, Aristide W M 27 Son

Faucheux, Uranie W F 25 Daughter

Faucheux, Florian W M 23 Son

Faucheux, Eugene W M 21 Son

Faucheux, Amelie W F 19 Daughter

Faucheux, Elmira W F 17 Daughter

Faucheux, Joseph W M 15 Son

Faucheux, Amelius W M 14 Son

Faucheux, Felonize W F 11 Daughter

Faucheux, Eliza W F 9 Daughter

Faucheux, Clerfe W M 7 Son

Faucheux, Octave W M 5 Son

Faucheux, Matilde W F 2 Daughter

Folse, Alexandre W M 39


Folse, Aime W F 35 Wife

Folse, Coralie W F 13 Daughter

Folse, Alexandre W M 33


Folse, Aimee W F 30 Wife

Folse, Coralie W F 10 Daughter

Folse, Clementine W F 4 Daughter

Folse, Felicia W F 2 Daughter

Folse, Premilar (?) W M ? Son

Baconnay, Fred W M 33

Stable Keeper France

Baconnay, Caroline W F 25 Wife

Baconnay, Edouard W M 5 Son

Baconnay, Francois W M 2 Son

Haydel, Ernest W M 37


Haydel, Elisa W F 36 Wife

Haydel, Wilbroad W M 8 Son

Haydel, George W M 5 Son

Haydel, Ernest W M 3 Son

Haydel, Marie W F 4/12 Daughter

Merricq, Casimir W M 22
S Clerk

Merricq, Alma W M 20 Brother S Laborer

Merricq, Regina W F 18 Sister

Merricq, Ernest W M 17 Brother

Eggleton, Eugene W M 23
S Cooper

Chauvin, Donaton W M 40


Chauvin, Anna W F 40 Wife

Chauvin, Mary W F 17 Daughter

Chauvin, Clemency W F 14 Daughter

Chauvin, Luli W F 12 Daughter

Chauvin, Walter W M 9 Son

Phippe, Mary W F 75 Mother in law

Phippe, Eddy W M 7/12 Son

St. Martin, Edouard W M 40


St. Martin, Belle W F 30 Wife

St. Martin, Armant W M 9 Son

St. Martin, Preston W M 2 Son

St. Martin, Auguste W M 70 Father

St. Martin, Louise W F 70 Mother

St. Martin, Felix W M 30 Brother S

Perret, Celestine W F 50
W Keeping House

Perret, Anatole W M 27 Son S

Perret, Adele W F 30 Daughter S

Songy, Paul W M 28
M Farmer

Songy, Lise W F 22 Wife

Songy, Denin W M 2 Son

Songy, Leopold W M 5/12 Son

Mialaret, Antonin W M 52
M Farmer France

Mialaret, Amelie W F 48 Wife

Mialaret, Hypolite W M 29 Son S __?__

Mialaret, Prosper W M 14 Son

Songy, Matteo W M 36
M Farmer

Songy, Erminia W F 30 Wife

Songy, Charles W M 11 Son

Songy, Fernand W M 10 Son

Songy, Mattesge (?) W M 8 Son

Songy, Leon W M 4 Son

Songy, Malvina W F 19 Daughter

Songy, Erminia W F 7 Daughter

Songy, Lise W F 6 Daughter

Songy, Berthe W F 3 Daughter

Treville, Bernard W M 25
W Cooper

Treville, Junior W M 2 Son

Merricq, Emile W M 54
M Medical Doctor

Merricq, Merthe W F 30 Wife

Merricq, Celina W F 11 Daughter

Merricq, Jeff Davis W M 16 Son

Granier, Alovou W M 30
M Merchant

Granier, Lilitte W F 28 Wife

Granier, Angele W F 8 Daughter

Granier, Henry W M 7 Son

Granier, Leota W M 6 Son

Granier, Leonie W F 4 Daughter

Granier, Joseph W M 40
W Laborer

Granier, Adeline W F 19 Niece

Granier, Denise W F 6 Niece

Tregre, Septime W M 28
M Brick Layer

Tregre, Elmire W F 26 Wife

Tregre, Zulma W F 4 Daughter

Tregre, Ignas W M 2 Son

Tregre, Ida W F 3/12 Daughter

Tregre, Felicie W F 7 Sister

Hymel, Seraphin W M 50
M Laborer

Loup, Alces W M 25
M Laborer

Loup, Honorine W F 24 Wife

Loup, Charles W M 3 Son

Loup, Julia W F 1 Daughter

_?_azence, Jean W M 29
S Sadler France

__?__ne, Leo W M 36
M Laborer

__?__ne, Emelie W F 30 Wife

__?__ne, George W M 1 1/2 Son

Haydel, Azema W F 50
W Keeping house

_?_olly, Francois W M 68
S Watchmaker France

Haydel, Aurellia W F 35

Haydel, Steven W M 19
S Laborer

Haydel, Belford W M 17
S Laborer

Haydel, Gracienne W F 14

Haydel, Horace W M 11

Haydel, Edouard W M 9

Carere, Ignas W M 60
M Laborer

Carere, Henriette W F 40 Wife

Carere, Pierre W M 30 Son S Laborer

Carere, Joseph W M 14 Son

Carere, Coustant W M 8

Carere, Maria W F 4 Daughter

Lacaze, Jean W M 54
M Farmer France

Lacaze, Eleonore W F 47 Wife

Lacaze, Louis W M 23 Son S Farmer

Lacaze, Albert W M 17 Son S College

Lacaze, Amelie W F 12 Daughter

Marrige, Ellina W F 20 Niece S

Bellow, Faustin W M 42
M Carpenter

Bellow, Elvege W F 35 Wife

Bellow, Marie W F 18 Daughter

Bellow, Honore W M 17 Son

Bellow, John W M 14 Son

Bellow, Willis W M 12 Son

Bellow, Cecile W F 10 Daughter

Bellow, Davis W M 8 Son

Bellow, Adele W F 6 Daughter

Folse, Joseph W M 65
W Laborer

Folse, Alexander W M 48 Son M Laborer

Folse, Eve W F 40 Dau in law M

Folse, Landry W M 25 Son S Laborer

Folse, Melasie W F 22 Stepdau

Folse, Alexandrine W F 4 Grandchild

Folse, Virginia W F 2 Grandchild

Autin, Telephore W M 59
M Bricklayer

Autin, Marie W F 40 Wife

Autin, Marie W F 12 Daughter

Autin, Victoria W F 9 Daughter

Chenier, Sosthene W M 47
M Bricklayer

Chenier, Azema W F 35 Wife

Chenier, Julia W F 4 Daughter

Chenier, Amazelie W F 2 Daughter

Shexneider, Marcel W M 56
M Carpenter

Shexneider, Azelie W F 45 Wife

Shexneider, Optime W M 22 Son S Carpenter

Shexneider, Fille W F 9 Daughter

Shexneider, Emillien W M 17 Son

Shexneider, Hubert W M 7 Son

Shexneider, Galbert W M 27 Son M Cooper

Shexneider, Amazelie W F 20 Dau in law M

Shexneider, Galberrine W F 2 Grandchild

Haydel, Valcour W M 42
M Laborer

Haydel, Julienne W F 35 Wife

Haydel, Clement W M 12 Son

Haydel, Alidort W M 10 Son

Haydel, Ferdinand W M 8 Son

Haydel, Dean W M 6 Son

Haydel, Julien W M 3 Son

Haydel, George W M 6/12 Son

Portal, Pierre W M 23
M Clerk France

Portal, Adelina W F 26 Wife

Portal, Paul W M 2 Son

Portal, Joseph W M 4/12 Son

Gravois, Sylvester W M 42
M Farmer

Gravois, Evelina W F 40 Wife

Becknel, Bazile W M 18 Stepson

Becknel, Cornellin W M 12 Stepson

Becknel, Azelien W M 10 Stepson

Becknel, Aurilluis W M 6 Stepson

Becknel, Adelaide W F 16 Stepdau

Becknel, Corinne W F 10 Stepdau

Becknel, Robert W M 4 Stepson

Becknel, Blanche W F 4/12 Daughter

Becknel, Rose W F 4/12 Daughter

Mury, Charles W M 24
M Laborer

Mury, Malvina W F 18 Wife

Mury, Bebe W M 2/12 Son

Becknel, Onesime W M 25
M Laborer

Becknel, Victoria W F 20 Wife

Becknel, Louis W M 3 Son

Becknel, Oscar W M 2/12 Son

Becknel, Joseph W M 27
M Laborer

Becknel, Armenza W F 20 Wife

Becknel, Anna W F 2 Daughter

Becknel, Emma W F 4/12 Daughter

Webre, Joseph W M 47
M Farmer

Webre, Amazeline W F 35 Wife

Webre, Louis W M 18 Son

Steib, Asbe (?) W F 13 Stepdau

Steib, Henry W M 11 Stepson

Steib, Edouard W M 8 Stepson

Steib, Syriac W M 6 Stepson

Steib, Gabriel W M 2 Stepson

Donaldson, Philip W M 26 Brother in law S Merchant

Rousel, Zephirin W M 44
M Laborer

Rousel, Rosa W F 25 Wife

Rousel, Adela W F 10 Daughter

Rousel, Ezida W F 8 Daughter

Rousel, Rosella W F 6 Daughter

Rousel, Josephine W F 1/2 Daughter

Rousel, Ernestine W F 3 Daughter

Gravois, Mirza W F 40
W Keeping House

Gravois, Albert W M 18 Son

Gravois, Rudolphe W M 10 Son

Gravois, Paul W M 8 Son

Gravois, Seraphine W F 6 Daughter

Donaldson, Armand W M 40
M Merchant

Donaldson, Evellina W F 32 Wife

Berdon, Henry W M 18 Brother in law

Becknel, Marie W F 7 Cousin

Steib, Landrau W M 35
M Retired

Steib, Antoinette W F 28 Wife

Steib, Ulysse W M 11 Son

Steib, Roger W M 9 Son

Steib, Paul W M 7 Son

Steib, Philomene W F 5 Daughter

Steib, Madeline W F 6/12 Daughter

Steib, Pauline W F 2 Daughter

Hymel, Euphemon W M 26 Son M Laborer

Hymel, Anna W F 25 Dau in law M

Hymel, Blanche W F 2 Grandchild

Schexneidre, Florent W M 45

Schexneidre, Roza M F 39

Zeringue, Louis W M 45
M Laborer

Zeringue, Eveline W F 40 Wife

Zeringue, Louis W M 11 Son

Zeringue, Victorin W M 10 Son

Zeringue, Louise W F 6 Daughter

Zeringue, Elia W F 4 Daughter

Hymel, Williamine W F 79 Mother in law

Mathias, Gabriel W M 80

Mathias, Heloise W F 50 Sister S

Aubert, Celestine W F 30

Tregre, Prudent W M 25 Brother S

Tregre, Mathilde W F 18 Sister

Tassin, Florian W M 43
M Laborer

Tassin, Lezima W F 39 Wife

Tassin, Florian W M 12 Son

Tassin, Ella W F 10 Daughter

Tassin, Elie W M 7 Son

Tassin, Irma W F 1 1/2 Daughter

Tassin, Zulma W F 3 Daughter

Rome, Celina W F 50
S Sewing

Rome, Joseph W M 55 Brother S Laborer

Rome, Melite W F 80? Sister S

Barbier, Christophe W M 47
M Laborer

Barbier, Marcellite W F 40 Wife

Barbier, Fleury W M 11 Son

Barbier, Charles W M 9 Son

Barbier, Marie W F 6 Daughter

Barbier, Louis W M 2 1/2 Son

Rome, Marcelin W M 70
M Laborer

Rome, Ancelia W F 58 Wife
Keeping House

Brou, Marcelus W M 13 Grandchild

Hymel, Laurent W M 50
M Laborer

Hymel, Athemise W F 47 Wife

Hymel, George W M 22 Son S Laborer

Hymel, Zephrin W M 16 Son

Hymel, Felonise W F 18 Daughter

Hymel, Amelius W M 14 Son

Hymel, Barthelemy W M 9 Son

Hymel, Delphine W F 7 Daughter

Borne, Olivier W M 25
M Laborer

Borne, Florencene W F 23 Wife

Borne, Arthur W M 11 Son

Borne, Lydia W F 8 Daughter

Borne, Louise W F 7 Daughter

Hymel, Rosime W M 48
M Laborer

Hymel, Amelie W F 47 Wife

Hymel, Rosime Jr W M 23 Son S Laborer

Hymel, Octave W M 11 Son

Schexneider, Sylvere W M 46
W Carpenter

Hymel, Ursin W M 20 Son in law M

Hymel, Marie W F 19 Daughter M

Hymel, Leo W M 2 Grandchild

Hymel, Adolphe W M 3/12 Grandchild

Schexneider, Jean W M 50
M Laborer

Schexneider, Marie W F 42 Wife

Schexneider, Marie W F 15 Daughter

Schexneider, Elmire W F 12 Daughter

Schexneider, Celina W F 10 Daughter

Schexneider, Noellie W F 7 Daughter

Schexneider, Alcade W M 4 Son

Schexneider, Ellia W F 5/12 Daughter

Schexneider, Francois W M 48
M Farmer

Schexneider, Helene W F 40 Wife

Schexneider, Azelie W F 20 Daughter

Schexneider, Paul W M 17 Son

Schexneider, Melazie W F 15 Daughter

Schexneider, Justilien W M 13 Son

Schexneider, Marie W F 12 Daughter

Schexneider, Doralise W M 8 Son

Schexneider, Lezima W F 6 Daughter

Schexneider, Onesime W M 4 Son

Schexneider, Elisa W F 1 Daughter

Tassin, Adophe W M 25
M Laborer

Tassin, Palmyre W F 21 Wife

Tassin, Emma W F 5/12 Daughter

Schexneider, Emile W M 46
M Laborer

Schexneider, Emma W F 40 Wife

Schexneider, Dalfereris W M 20 Son

Schexneider, Florian W M 14 Son

Schexneider, Amelie W F 10 Daughter

Schexneider, Adam W M 45
M Laborer

Schexneider, Agnes W F 38 Wife

Schexneider, Adam Jr W M 22 Son

Schexneider, Alida W F 21 Daughter

Schexneider, Michel W M 16 Son

Schexneider, Henry W M 14 Son

Schexneider, Marie W F 12 Daughter

Schexneider, Agnes W F 7 Daughter

Tregre, Francoise W F 74

Dufrene, Marie W F 70

Dufrene, Octave W M 33 Son S Laborer

Dufrene, Jules W M 36 Son M Laborer

Dufrene, Leonore W F 24 Wife

Dufrene, Marie W F 8 Daughter

Dufrene, Ulysse W M 10 Son

Dufrene, Joseph W M 3 Son

Dufrene, Adolphine W F 2 Daughter

Schexneider, Delph W M 23
M Laborer

Schexneider, Onesime W F 22 Wife

Schexneider, Alice W F 2 Daughter

Schexneider, Florian W M 1/12 Son

Monconduit, Joseph W M 56

Rousel, Amelie W F 9 Grandchild

Rousel, Rudolph W M 7 Grandchild

Abadie, Francois W M 58
M Merchant France

Abadie, Celina W F 40 Wife

Abadie, Evilina W F 17 Daughter

Abadie, Francois Jr W M 15 Son

Abadie, Olide W M 11 Son

Abadie, Olivier W M 11 Son

Abadie, Leon W M 6 Son

Abadie, Fortune W M 4 Son

Abadie, Rene W M 1 1/2 Son

Hymel, Louis W M 27 Son in law M

Hymel, Celanie W F 22 Daughter M

Hymel, Noemie W F 1 1/2 Grandchild

Benjamin, Clibert W M 21
S Clerk

Victor, Ernest W M 43
S Baker France

Faucheau, Severin W M 32
M Laborer

Faucheau, Adele W F 28 Wife

Faucheau, Andre W M 8 Son

Faucheau, Seraphine W F 5 Daughter

Faucheau, Joseph W M 3 Son

Faucheau, Josephine W F 3 Daughter

Rousel, Felix W M 47
M School Teacher

Rousel, Celeste W F 40 Wife

Rousel, Amanda W F 13 Daughter

Rousel, Henry W M 12 Son

Rousel, Levinia W F 9 Daughter

Rousel, Alice W F 7 Daughter

Rousel, Lezida W F 4 Daughter

Rousel, Augustine W F 2 Daughter

Tregre, Prudent W M 50
M Laborer

Tregre, Lezima W F 56 Wife

Tregre, Septime W M 24 Son

Tregre, Prudent Jr W M 22 Son

Tregre, Wilfred W M 20 Son

Tregre, John W M 17 Son

Tregre, Felix W M 14 Son

Tregre, Damas W M 9 Son

Tregre, Felicie W M 7 Son

Burke, Emile W M 22
M Butcher

Burke, Odile W F 19 Wife

Salle, Sylvain W M 40

Butcher France

Salle, Marie W F 31 Wife

Salle, Laure W F 5 Daughter

Salle, Eugene W M 10 Son

Marshall, Elizabeth W F 50 Mother in law


Dutreia, Theophile W M 40
M School Teacher France

Dutreia, Elodie W F 33 Wife

Dutreia, Auguste W M 4 Son

Dutreia, Marius W M 2 1/2 Son

Dutreia, Edmond W M 1 1/2 Son

Champagne, Adam W M 22 Stepson S Carpenter

Champagne, Angelo W M 17 Stepson S Carpenter

Champagne, James W M 14 Stepson S Carpenter

Champagne, Elodie W F 10 Stepdau

Tassin, William W M 40
M Cooper

Tassin, Mirza W F 35

Brown, Lohisa W F 15 Adopted

Zeringue, Norbert W M 42
M Laborer

Zeringue, Emelina W F 34 Wife

Zeringue, John W M 16 Son

Zeringue, Louis W M 13 Son

Zeringue, Noe W M 11 Son

Zeringue, Noellie W F 9 Daughter

Zeringue, Charles W M 2 Son

Zeringue, Joseph W M 19 Brother

Zeringue, Namour W M 13 Brother

Horn (?), Henry W M 48
M Merchant Germany

Horn (?), Marie W F 51 Wife


Horn (?), Delhia W F 22 Daughter M

Jenger (?), Zurke W M 25 Son in law M Clerk

Horn (?), Arnold W M 20 Son

Horn (?), Marie W F 16 Daughter

Horn (?), John W M 15 Son

Horn (?), Gustave W M 3 Son

Horn (?), Henry W M 5/12 Son

Robert, Septime W M 49
M Merchant

Robert, Marie W F 33 Wife

Robert, Onceida W M 18 Son

Robert, Willis W M 15 Son

Robert, Ursin W M 13 Son

Robert, Cleddy W F 9 Daughter

Robert, Eveline W F 7 Daughter

Robert, Mirtille W F 4 Daughter

Robert, Septime Jr W M 6/12 Son

Loup, Delphine W F 30

Loup, George W M 19 Son

Loup, Stanislas W M 17 Son

Loup, Alcide W M 15 Son

Loup, Delphine W F 13 Daughter

Faucheau, Frank W M 26
S Laborer

Hymel, Melanie W F 83

Tregre, Marcelin W M 55

Tregre, Octavie W F 52 Wife

Tregre, Matilde W F 21 Daughter S

Tregre, Abel W M 13 Son

Darensbourg, Edmond W M 78
S Retired

Hymel, Eliza W F 49

Hymel, Elina W F 28 Daughter

Hymel, Octave W M 20 Son

Becknel, Norbert W M 20
S Laborer

Autin, Rosine W F 20

Schexneider, A__?__ W M 28

Schexneider, Elisa W F 26 Wife

Lerona, Josephine W F 6 Niece

Becknel, Pierre W M 45


Becknel, Marcellite W F 40 Wife

Becknel, Numa W M 20 Son

Becknel, Augustin W M 12 Son

Becknel, Sylvestre W M 10 Son

Becknel, Henry W M 8 Son

Becknel, Antoine W M 6 Son

Becknel, Marcellite W F 4 Daughter

Becknel, Andre W M 6/12 Son

Webre, Omer W M 22 Son in law M Laborer

Webre, Lorenza W F 20 Daughter M

Webre, Lovina W F 9/12 Grandchild

Rufin, Simon W M 50
M Laborer

Rufin, Antoinette W F 40 Wife

Rufin, Simonie W F 10 Daughter

Rufin, Antonie W F 3 Daughter

Steib, Antoine W M 55
W Laborer

Steib, Modest W M 28 Son M Laborer

Steib, Marie W F 23 Dau in law M

Steib, Antoine W M 5 Grandchild

Steib, Arthemise W F 3 Grandchild

Steib, Jean W M 1 Grandchild

Steib, Vincent W M 24 Son M Laborer

Steib, Sesariu W F 19 Dau in law

Murry, Charles W M 60
M Laborer

Murry, Elise W F 55 Wife

Murry, Leo W M 30 Son S Laborer

Murry, Norbert W M 26 Son S Laborer

Lerona, Joseph W M 50 Son in law M Laborer

Lerona, Elodie W F 38 Daughter M

Lerona, Prudent W M 10 Grandchild

Lerona, Septime W M 8 Grandchild

Lerona, Leontine W F 6 Grandchild

Lerona, Henriette W F 4 Grandchild

Lerona, Marie W F 3 Grandchild

Gravois, Ernest W M 41
M Butcher

Gravois, Antoinette W F 35 Wife

Gravois, Ernest W M 19 Son

Gravois, Marie W F 2 Son

Gravois, Lezima W F 10 Daughter

Gravois, Theodore W M 8 Son

Gravois, Honora W M 6 Son

Gravois, Alces W M 4 Son

Gravois, Elie W M 2 Son

Gravois, Bebe W M 4/12 Son

Webre, Doriford W M 32
M Laborer

Webre, Azelie W F 28 Wife

Webre, Eugene W M 7 Son

Webre, Maurice W M 4 Son

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