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1840 US Census

St John the Baptist Parish


Copied from microfilm by Dwayne Montz


    1) This listing of the St John the Baptist Parish 1840 US Census was originally done for personal use and may contain errors.  Some entries were difficult or impossible to read. This listing should be considered as a guide for further research in the microfilm.

    2) The microfilm does not indicate specific locations in the parish.  The division of the census listing into 4 parts was simply for my convenience in generating the web pages.  The microfilm makes no such divisions.  The listing seems to be rather disjointed with no apparent order for much of the listing.  Most of the families in Parts 1 and 2 appear to be on the East Bank of the river.  The entry for St John the Baptist Catholic Church which is in Edgard on the West Bank is represented in Part 3 by the A. W. Mina entry.  He is the priest assigned to the church.  The end of Part 4 is on the Eest Bank at the downriver portion of the parish.

1840 Census Listing

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