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(Compiled by Connie (Dobson) Putthoff)

*Please note these are compilations and not a transcription.
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5 January 1900

BURTON, William, aged 87, died 27 December 1899 at his home, 21/2 miles north of Ft Madison. He leaves four sons and one daughter, Mrs W.C.ANDREWS.

WIEL, J.B. of Keokuk, married last Wednesday to Miss Hannah FRANK of Sioux City Iowa.

SCHOUTEN, Henry died. He was a business man in Keokuk.

12 January 1900

SKINNER, Wm., died at home of son, John in St Charles, Iowa, 1 September 1899. He left Montrose four months ago and nothing was heard of hie death until a telephone message was received last Saturday. He leaves the following children: John of St.Charles, Mrs. Charles SPEAK, Mrs. F.P.BARBER, William and David SKINNER of Montrose, Mrs. Mark WILSON of Peoria.

HANCOCK, Willard of Montrose marred Tuesday to Miss Flora BEATTY of Argyle, daughter of Isaac BEATTY. The will live in Montrose.

19 January 1900

HOLT, Scott, died Friday at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, aged 42. Born in Jefferson City, Missouri, he is survived by Price HOLT of Montrose, Jason, Isaac, and Tyler of this city, Mrs. Emma THOMAS of New Boston, Miss Sye M.HOLT of Chicago, James of Chicago and George of DesMoines.

JOHNSON, Clarence married Miss Anna COULTER Wednesday at bride’s sister’s Mrs. J.R. AMIDON. They will live in Montrose.

A baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom ALLEN, 12 pounds. They live in Vincennes.

URFER, Edwin G., married Carolyn H. Queisner at home of parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Quiesner, their youngest daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Chris URFER’S only son. Under Viele News.

MCRIDE, Mr. and Mrs. celebrate their 50th anniversary in Viele. She was Margaret MEER. They were married January 1850 in Brandywine, Delaware; in 1851 they went to Kentucky and in 1855 came to Galland, Lee County Iowa. On the 14th of March 1856, they came to Jefferson Twp., Lee County, Iowa. They had eight children, all present except Mrs. Patsy O’BRIEN of Keokuk.

2 February 1900

SCHEFFLER, Mrs. Peter died at her home in Donnellson on Sunday.

HALL, Mrs. Phoebe died in Ft.Madison last Sunday, buried in Montrose Cemetery. Born 1829 at Clayton, Connecticut. Two sons and one daughter survive.

LINK, daughter born 30 January 1900 to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Link.

9 February 1900

WAHRER< August, died 2 February 1900 at his home in this place. Buried in New Boston by wife. Born 18 August 1825 in Eichstetten Grand Duchy of Baden. Came to U.S.A. in 1851, wife and son, Fred in 1852. Lived in Keokuk till 1861, then to Charleston until wife died 1 December 1893. Five children survive, Dr. C.F. of Ft. Madison, Emil and Louis of this place, Mrs. I.H.STANWOOD also of this place, J.B.MILES, New Boston. Member of German Evangelical Church. Very nice article and lengthy.

HECK, E., an old and highly respected citizen of Nauvoo died at his home last Saturday.

CHURCH, one year old son died buried in Montrose. Parents Mr. and Mrs. James CHURCH of Jefferson Twp.

SCHUBERT, Frank, married Miss Lena EUDEBEN, under Viele News.

MAGERKURTH, married Miss Anna CULLICK. Under Viele News.

16 February 1900

PFIEGERSTOPHER, Mrs. Catherine of Charleston died as a result of an ovarian tumor weighing over 100 pounds. She weighed 78.

REED, infant, died last night, buried here, parents Mr. and Mrs. Jesse REED.

GRIFFITH, a son born to Mr. and Mrs. I.P. GRIFFITH of Argyle.

23 February 1900

ALEXANDER, Ken D. married 15 February 1900 to Miss Leanna WRIGHT at her mothers home, Mrs. S.J. WRITGHT of Summittville.

New Boston school burned $1200 loss.

HULZHOUSER, Lee, died at his home in Green Bay, Monday. No other in formation.

WILLIAMS, Peter, died last Friday. Wife died in 1897 leaves a son. Buried in Keokuk Catholic Cemetery.

FARRELL, Mrs. Mary died this morning in Keokuk. Leaves two sons, J.H. of Keokuk and John of this place.

WILSEY, Mrs. F.V., died at her home in New Boston, Sunday.

CROSS, a daughter born 17 February 1900. Parents Mr. and Mrs. H.H. CROSS of Charleston.

WILSEY, no first name given, died at Boston last Thursday, daughter is Miss Hettie WILSEY. Buried in Boston.

APPLEGATE, a son born to Mr. and Mrs. G.H. APPLEGATE in Viele.

GUNN, Wm. G., died Wednesday at home of J.G.EDWARDS. Chaplain at State Penitentiary, born in Scotland 1843. Came to U.S.A. at age 14. Army three years. Leaves wife and two daughters.

DEROSEAR, Mr. and Mrs. John, 20th anniversary. Nice write up.

2 March 1900

DOUGHTY, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. 20th. Great article gives list of guests.

BLOOMER, D.C., died Saturday in Council Bluffs. Was 84.

RIDER, Mrs. Helen died at home of daughter, Mrs. George JASTER, 28 February, was 66 years old, former Mrs. BLAKESLEE, married 1879 to William RIDER. Husband and two children, John BLAKESLEE and Mrs. Emma JASTER survive.

ROGERS, Hazel, 12 years old died (suicide) at her home in Ft. Madison. She is a grandchild of Mrs. Lucinda HARMAN of this place. Her mother is buried here. Hazel will be buried in Atlee Cemetery, however, I found in next paper that she was buried here, also a very interesting story.

MOELER, Thomas, died Sunday 25 February 1900 in Marshalltown, wife died 13 March 1897.

9 March 1900

SANFORD, Alonzo, died last week in Warsaw, 83 years old.

BLISS, Isaac died last week in Warsaw, 75 years old.

SCOTT, James H., died last week Warsaw, 62 years old.

BROWN, J.J. died Monday, 70 years old. Lived in Summittville, leaves six children.

16 March 1900

An article about the Des Moines River and locks at Croton, Bonaparte, and Bentonsport. Did not know there were locks at these areas.

WHITEHEAD, baby, died 6 March in St.Joseph, Missouri. Grandson of Mr. and Mrs. M.P.REEVES of this

Place. Baby was 11 months old.

Galland got their school.

SCHULTE, Mrs. Anna M., died last Saturday at home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles ENGMANN of Ft. Madison. She was 80 years old, born in Germany, came to U, S. in 1845, located in St. Louis. Married Henry J., who died 1862. Located Ft. Madison 1848. Leaves three children.

ALLEN, a daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. George ALLEN of Donnellson, Iowa.

NICHOLS, a son born Tuesday to Rev. and Mrs. NICHOLS of Donnellson.

RIDER, Jake, died Sunday at his home in Ft. Madison. Brought to Galland for burial. Born in Industry Pennsylvania in 1859. Leaves wife and two children, parents Jesse and Mrs. RIDER of this place; five sisters: Mesdames George WHITE and Jake HEBERER of Ft. Madison, Mrs. BOYER of Minnesota. Funeral at Mrs. Riders parents, Mr. and Mrs. MONEGHAN.

30 March 1900

MILLER, Mrs. Nina died by drowning evidently, as was found frozen in ice about three miles north of Ft Madison off Lead Island. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. MILLER of Milan Illinois. Body taken to Milan. Big article.

Election results; C.R.SANDERSON, Mayor, R.L.REED, recorder, J.L.VANAUSDALL, treasurer, Charles CURTIS, and Geroge ANDERSON, councilman. Frank KERR, assessor.

WHITNEY, Mrs. Sallie May, died 28 March 1900 at home of aunt, 16 years old, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I.C. STEPHENS and wife of Frank WHITNEY, Jr. Buried Montrose Cemetery. Lengthy article.

HOWELL, a son born to Mr. and Mrs. George HOWELL of Galland.

COURTWRIGHT, Mrs. Died last week in Mt. Pleasant, brought to Charleston for burial.

6 April 1900

Council voted to have the Keokuk pickle factory. Will cover 150 foot by 300 foot of Spruce and Pine Streets.

13 April 1900

NEWMAN, Andy committed suicide at his home four miles West of Farmington. Leaves wife, mother, four sisters, and three brothers.

BECK, Henry ran over and killed near Carthage Depot Monday. Lived at Hancock County Poor Home.

FOGELAND, John married Lizzie M. CARTER at her home in Viele, 17 April 1900. Will live in Keokuk.

HIMES, Cal died this morning at St.Joseph Hospital, will be buried in Montrose.

Civil government exam will be given 5 April. I found the questions quite interesting and wonder how many could answer them.

20 April 1900

REED, Miss Jeanette committed suicide at home of sister, Mrs. James CHURCH, three miles southwest of Viele. Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Madison REED, three brothers, William, Elmer, and Jess, two sisters, Mrs. James CHURCH, and Miss Mary REED.

FOWLER, Ida M. died yesterday at Sandusky. Born 24 September 1877, survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. FOWLER, two brothers, Edwin and Charles, two sisters, Harriet and Lillian.

27 April 1900

BARRETT, H.D. died at Soldiers Home in Marshalltown Tuesday last week buried there.

SUNDEN, William married 18 April 1900 to Laura SCHAFFER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. SCHAFFER of Viele.

4 May 1900

FARRIS, Robert J. married 30 April to Miss Lillian E. ANDREWS. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.C.ANDREWS, at latter’s home in Montrose. Will live in Louisiana, Missouri.

Montrose High School graduates: Misses Zeta B. Kiel, Katie AMIDON, Anna B. WORSTER, and Ed H. KERR.

DRISCOLL, James died May 1900. Born 23 March 1875 in Galland, lived there all his life, leaves parents, three brothers, John, Rhoda, Charles, and two sisters, Anna of this place and Mrs. Ella JOYCE of Keokuk. Services at St. Francis DeSales Church.

11 May 1900

BARRETT, Horace J. found where G.A.R. Tip Best Post #75 had their usual write up when some member dies.

VANAUSDALL, Verda, 6th grade. A poem on from page written by her.

FARRIS, Clarence married 2 May 1900 in Des Moines to Miss Harriet KRAETSCHMER at her parents home, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 725 Southeast Fifteen Street. Will live in Beloit.

COPLAND, Mr. and Mrs. William of Galland had a ten-pound son.

BARBER, Fred contemplates erection a saloon.

18 May 1900

SARGENT, Edwin of Vincennes, married 18 May 1900 to Miss Margaret GANLEY of Ft. Madison.

CETCHMAN, Joel, married Miss Ina CARVER at Primrose on Wednesday.

MITZER, Howard drowned, 4 years old.

25 May 1900

BULLARD, Alexander died 20 May at the home in Jefferson Twp. He was 65. Born in Indiana. Leaves wife, and eight children: Mrs. Ed RICHARDSON of Wayne County, Iowa, Mrs. Frank HARSHMAN of Warsaw, Illinois. Alexander, Jr. Mrs. Frank DROLLINGER of Jefferson Twp., this county. Miss Lucretia, William, Roy and Archie all at home. One sister and four brothers, Mrs. William MITCHELL of Jefferson Twp. Wilson, John, Clay, and James of Ft. Madison. Had nice farm and fine horses. Married at age 24 at bride’s parents< Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DODSON of Jefferson Twp. Buried in Wilson Cemetery.

1 June 1900

FOULKES, W.E., Sr. was a senior member of Keokuk firm A.E.FOULKES and Sons, died Sunday. Born 3 October 184? In Manchester, came to this country to Keokuk when 20. Married shortly after. Leaves wife and seven children; John W. Albert E. Joseph K. Arthur L. Mary A. (only listed the five/)

MOORE, Thomas H. married Martha A. DOYLE Sunday. Groom from Montrose. Bride from Keokuk.

8 June 1900

SIMMONS, Capt. Henry, died 5 June 1900 at Mt. Pleasant. Enlisted in Co. 1 2nd Regiment Iowa Inf. Vols. 28 March 1861, promoted to captain in California. 55th Regiment U.S.A. Discharged December 1865. Born 13 August 1833 in Coshockton County, Ohio. Leaves Mrs. Lucy A. STUART of Des Moines. Mrs. Josephine E. BECKLEY of Springfield, Missouri. George SIMMONS, a brother Dunhill, Illinois. Mrs. Mamie KENNEDY, a niece of Montrose, Iowa. Came to Iowa in 1844. Member of Tip Best Post 75 at Montrose from 1882 to 1889 when he transferred to Phil Sheitan Post Iowa Soldiers Home in Marshalltown. Buried Montrose Cemetery.

DUNN, Charles H., formerly of Keokuk, died in Quincy.

16 June 1900

DAY, Truman S. died by drowning. Born 20 August 1843 in Hillsboro, Kentucky. Came to Keokuk in 1881 to 1884. Then to Elvaston, Illinois in 1894. Returned to Keokuk, worked for Gate City. Survived by wife, two sons and one daughter. Buried in Elvaston.

PATTON, F.D., married to Miss Emily WHITFIELD. Article states they were married in Montrose 29 years ago and are still alive in Montrose.

22 June 1900

JOHNSON. S.A., married Miss Amy WORSTER. 17 June 1900.

BOHNENKAMP, John H. committed suicide, body found Sunday. Leaves wife and eleven children. 39 years old.

6 July 1900

UTLEY belongs to Tesson Rebekah Lodge No. 98 I.O.O.F.

CARTER, S. Mr. and Mrs. Charles CARTER, 8 lb. Girl.

DENDALL, Mrs. Charles of Charleston, died 1 July 1900, buried Meeks Cemetery. Leaves husband and five children; Fred, George, Mattie, and Rosetta of Charleston and Charles of Montrose.

13 July 1900

PIPPIN, George C., of Buffalo, New York, married Sarah PIPPIN of this city. An interesting article on front page.

ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, a nine lb. girl.

27 July 1900

HEMINGWAY, a daughter born Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Edward of Galland,

OSBORN, Oral Josephine, died at home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William MOORE, 26 July.

3 August 1900

SPAIN, Clarence of Montrose, will marry 4 September 1900 to Ruth FAIRBANKS of Omaha Nebraska

10 August 1900

REMPE, Mrs. Jacob (Martha) born Martha BURNS, 1 July in Indiana. Came as a child to Hoosier Green 3 miles W. of Montrose. Married in 1865. Jacob and daughter Bessie survive as do two brothers, T. of Burlington, and J. of Klondike. Buried Montrose.

JOHNESSE, Frank E. of Grangeville, Indiana, married Miss Mayme PATTE of this city in Spokane, Washington. Will live in Grangeville. Both born and raised in Montrose.

WAGGONER, J.A., married Miss Effie HANCOCK, Thursday. Bride is the daughter of William HANCOCK.

BRABEHAM, Mr. and Mrs. BRABEHAM, an 8 ½ lb. son.

VARNER, Paul and Martha HENDRICKS drown while eloping. She was the daughter of John BENNETT.

17 August 1900

Clark, Samuel of Gate City died last Saturday. Born Van Buren County, Iowa.

SACKMAN, Bob took 2nd in biscuit eating contest at Old Settlers Reunion.

24 August 1900

HARLAN, A.W., letter very informative and of Historical interest for Lee County. Look at film.

TRIMBLE, Alice Jane died 19 August 1900, 44 years old. Born in Preble County Ohio. Married to William HARSHMAN, went to Missouri where he died. Her only child Mattie. She came to Montrose where she married B.F.TRIMBLE. Buried Montrose. She leaves a husband, two sons and Miss Mattie.

COLEMAN, Mrs. Sarah Ann, died at her home in Hillsboro; 69 yrs. Old.

STEVENS, William J. died at his home in Keokuk, 60 yrs old.

GALLAND, Capt. Washington lived in Lee County, 73 yrs old.

31 August 1900

MORRISON, W. H., died at his home in Keokuk last week. One time mayor and clerk of Montrose. Leaves wife, a brother and a sister.

7 September 1900

DAVIS, a daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. George DAVIS.

EHART, Joseph died Monday in Ft. Madison. Born 1 October 1816. Survived by son Joseph C., four daughters, Sophia, Johanna, Josephine and Lena.

14 September 1900

RIDDICK, Dabney C. died at his home Thursday. Survived by his sister, Mrs. Francis BILLION and her daughter, Mrs. Virginia TROBRIDGE. Born in St.Louis 1823. Went to Ohio with his father, Thomas F. lived in St. Louis. He was a native of Virginia. Moved to St. Louis 1809 to 1830. Thomas was member of U.S.Board of Commissions in 1816. Thomas decided this land title of the Old French and Spanish Claims. Taken to St.Louis, buried in Belfountain.

SPAIN, Clarence married in Omaha 5 September to Ruth FAIRBANKS of Omaha. Will live in Omaha.

Company E. 7th Iowa mustered out at Davenport 35 years ago, had a reunion at Chicago where guests of Capt. James D. HAMILTON. Following attended, George ROLETT of Ft. Madison, William P.BERRY and son of Burlington, Sylvanus BONNELL and wife, Salem, William H. POWELL, all of Iowa. J.H.MONTGOMERY and wife of Princeton, Missouri, W.P.GRIFFITH, Lt. L.P. MAYNARD of Terre Haute, Foster WALKER of Pontoosuo and Hiram INGESOL of Elvaston, Illionis.

COLE, Calvin died Sunday at home of daughter, Mrs. Clara MESSINGER. He bore the distinction of being one of the six men who killed the Morman Prohet, Joseph SMITH at Carthage, Illinois. He was 84, one of pioneer settlers of Hancock County, Illinois. Born in New York state.

JONES, Miss Laura died at her home in Burlington last Thursday.

MADDOX, DR. W.B. of Augusta, Illinois, formerly of Montrose. Married Miss Ida M. KING of Keokuk on Thursday.

SKYLES, Charlie, 8 yr. old son of Mr. and Mrs. William died Wednesday this week of diptheria. One of four children. Sister Maria, is also ill. Buried Wilson Cemetery.

Ashland School contracts spec. in paper.

21 September 1900

MOUNTS, Eli. A very interesting article about him on front page.

GRIMES, Robert married Miss Nannie COLVIN at bride’s parent’s home near Sandusky.

CALE, Mr. and Mrs. A ten lb. son Saturday.

SUMMER, A.A. died Tuesday in Keokuk, 65 yrs old.


28 September 1900

CHRISTIANSON, Andrew, died Tuesday, 57 yrs old. Born in Denmark. He came to Montrose in 1883. Leaves wife and eight children; Mary, Annie, Nannie, Chris, Egner, Daisy, John and Dorathia. Buried Montrose.

FISHER, Rev. William Edward, married Miss Cora Belle YOUNKIN> Parents are Mr. and Mrs. S.G.YOUNKIN. He is a Presbyterian minister in Montrose. His parents live in New York.

SPROTT, Charles married Miss Addie MITCHELL at Ft. Madison. Parents are Mr. and Mrs. Henry MITCHELL. Will live with them.

CAMERON, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh, an 8 lb. son born Wednesday.

BANKSON, David William died in Keokuk. Fell through elevator shaft.

5 October 1900

HAMBURGER, Solomon Aaron married Miss May SPEAKE, 19 yr old daughter of Charles SPEAKE. Both of Montrose. Married at Keokuk Street Fair. Big article front page.

KLINE, Mrs. Johnanna, died at daughter’s home, Mrs. Hugh CAMERON last night. Born in Ireland. Came with parents and located in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1864, she and her husband located in DesMoines. Then Keokuk and later Montrose. Leaves two children, Mrs. Hugh CAMERON and Mathew POWERS.

DEVAULT, Mrs. Cora died at family home on Concert Street, Wednesday. Thirty-nine yrs old. She leaves husband and three children; Belle, Charles, and Anna who are with grandfather in Burlington. Other survivors, her mother Mrs. B.F., STULTZ, of this city, sisters, Mrs. KERR of Montrose, Miss Lillie STULTZ of Oklahoma, Mrs. Rose GRAY of this city, brother, Charles of Chicago and Frank of Oklahoma. From Constitution-Democrat.

BLANKSON, Mrs. Mary A., died Monday as a result of shock from death of son, David

12 October 1900

BLACKMAN, E.C. of Burlington died Tuesday. 75 yrs old

MITCHELL, Mr. and Mrs. Ben, a son born Sunday at 9 lbs.

KIMBALL, Phineas died at his home in Nauvoo, 78 yrs old, leaves wife and 8 children.

SAMPSEL, Scott will move his family to Ft. Madison.

TUCKER, John married Wednesday to Miss Josephine SCHLEMER at Burlington. Father of groom is sheriff of Ft.Madison.

MYERS, H.H., of Arkansas is grandmaster of Mason’s of Arkansas. Grandfather, Robert WORSTER was member of this lodge.

19 October 1900

MITCHELL E.L., of Kirksville, Missouri married last Friday in Ft. Madison to Mrs. Unsula SARGENT of this city. Will live in Montrose.

HORTON, Frank who lives 6 miles north of Montrose and Miss Annie RILEY of Chicago married 17 October 1900.

JURCHEL, Julius C. of Jackson Twp. Married Miss Sophia G. KORSCHGEN, daughter of Superintendent Fred KORSCHGEN of County Farm. Married at bride’s home.

HAYES, Thomas M. of Belfast, Iowa married Mary SHEPPARD on Wednesday.

EBERHARDT, Fette, 65, died at residence 4 miles S.E. of West Point. Five bullet holes in body, is supposed to have had a desperate battle with robber.

26 October 1900

STAHL-EWING wedding in Keokuk, no other info except that several from here attended.

HAESSIG, Fred of Keokuk died last week, leaves wife and 3 daughters.

WILSON, Darbey A. married Monday at Keokuk to Nellie EISENHURH.

SCHILSING, Mrs. Elizabeth found dead in her chair, in Keokuk, N. of 7th St., 60 yrs old.

2 November 1900

WHORTON, Veile, Iowa

Dear Sir: Please correct the marriage of Frank WHORTON and Annie RIMER which was in last weeks paper, correct it in next weeks paper, which Mattie WHORTON and I had put in. The saying was not true. Bessi WHORTON.

BUSBY, F.H. married Mrs. Lucy SHAW of Newton Iowa. Will live in Newton.

9 November 1900

MALLINGER, Mary, died suddenly at County Home yesterday.

BAILEY, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob, 25th wedding anniversary.

23 November 1900

MURTHOLEN< Garret of West Point, Iowa married Miss Sophia KOECHLE of Nauvoo, Tuesday in the Catholic Church.

HOPP, Jacob, a Charleston farmer will marry Mrs. Lena WEBBER, daughter of George WEBBER of the same place, this Sunday at Donnellson. Will live in Charleston.

TRIPP, Robert Allen, 1 yr old son of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon TRIPP, died 21 November 1900. He was born 11 November 1899. Buried Montrose.

30 November 1900

CARWALHO, Mrs. David, (Julia) died Saturday at home in Keokuk. Thought to have grieved over death of daughter, Mrs. J.B.WEIL. She was born 9 November 1841 in Geilingen, Baden, Germany. Married Aug 1865 in Germany. Came to U.S. January 1866 to Buffalo, New York. In 1871, moved to Quincy, Illinois. Moved to Keokuk in 1895. Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Sadie GREENBAUM of Chicago, Miss Jessie of this city, two sons, Joseph and Isie of family residence here. Nice article.

BISHOP, Frank S. married Ethel Pauline HITCHCOCK, 21 November at home of bride in Chicago, 165 Howe Street. Bride is daughter of J.M. HITCHCOCK, groom’s parents died, he was raised by Uncle Harry HITCHCOCK. It is hoped they will live in Montrose.

CAREL, Arthur. R. married at Mooar, Iowa to Miss Cary May DUNN at St.Andrews Church.

WESCOTT, George, a 13 yr. Old boy shot himself near Alton, Iowa.

MOORE, a son born Thanksgiving to Mr. and Mrs. Charles MOORE.

DURK, Mrs. Katherine died 26 November 1900. Born Miss Katherine BLYERLE at West Point, 23 November 1858. Married John DURK at Mt.Pleasant. Had 5 children; Dorax, Della, Altan, Mary L. and Ralph C., all of whom live at family residence in Montrose. All survive as does her mother and one sister. Mother from North Platte, Nebraska. Sister from Cheyenne, Wyoning. Buried in Montrose.

7 December 1900

SAWYER, Mr. and Mrs. F.H. a son 12 lbs on Monday.

JUDY, George Sr. 85, died near Franklin. Born 14 November 1815. Leaves 11 children, two by first, 9 by last, they all survive.

MILLER Eliza W., wife of Justice Samuel F. MILLER brought her to Oakland Cemetery temporarily.

14 December 1900

BUCK, we had to get breakfast this morning. Grandma CLINGMAN went over to Dr. BUCK’s residence to help weigh the baby. Twas a 10lb. baby boy.,

SCHAEFER, Conrad, died at his home in Franklin, Monday. He was 68 yrs old.

GUAMER, Jesse Day and Mrs. Malinda LINK married last week in Carthage. She is divorced wife of Ed. LINK of here.

21 December 1900

SPAIN, Mrs. Lucinda died 16 December 1900 in Montrose, Born 24 March 1808 in Virginia, the part that is now known as W.V. She was 92 and the oldest in the twp. The oldest in the M.E.Church of Montrose. Window in church with her husband, John on it. Born Lucinda GREGORY, married John SPAIN in Kentucky. He died 29 November 1868. Had 9 children, the following survive; Thomas of Winston, Missouri, John of Wichita, Kansas, Elizabeth HAIES of Huntsville, Canada, Lucretcia DEAN of Detroit, Michigan, William of Montrose, Mary CAZATTO of Dubuque. Iowa and Maizen HOWARD of Davenport, Iowa. The family located in Montrose about 1846. Funeral was held at Trinity M.E. Church. Buried Montrose.

WARDLOW, Otto married Celesta MOORE Sunday at home of bride. Corner of Chestnut and First Street. Will live in Montrose.

HAMILTON, Sidney, 11yr old son of Mr. and Mrs. James HAMILTON of Peoria, Illinois, was brought here this morning for burial. The remains accompanied by parents. Were former residence of Ft. Madison.

MCKIBBEN, Lee, Mrs. Died this morning of malaria. Daughter of John DOTY and was living with husband in houseboat by canning factory. Had made Burlington their home until last fall.

SHAY, Perry died last Thursday at his home, 31/2 miles S.W. of Basco, Illinois. Was for many years a Montrose resident. 51 yrs old. Born in Cleveland,Ohio. Came with parents to Montrose at the age of 9. In 1876 married Mary LEARY and had three children; John, Patrick and Mary, who with their mother survive. Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Keokuk, Iowa.

28 December 1900

SAWYER, Newton, three week old son of Mr. and Mrs., died Wednesday. Buried in Montrose.

CURTIS, Samuel, married Miss Bella KERR on Christmas. Will live at 6th and Walnut.

COLE, Mrs. Simon died 24 December at Peoria, Illinois. 75 years old. Born 4 May 1824 in Rowan County, N. C. While young moved to Park County Indiana. At 16 married Mr. COLE, settled in Lee County in 1846. He died 3 yrs ago. Had 13 children; 7 living, Mrs. Josephine BURNS. Finish of this was not in files. Will need to go to film.

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