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England to Monroe County, N.Y.


This site tells the story of some of the English migrants from Burwell in Cambridge, and Exning in Suffolk, who enriched the communities of Monroe County, New York and vicinity by establishing their families there in the mid-nineteenth century.

Cambridge Independent Press, Feb 5th, 1853:

(Courtesy of Mr. David Martin, of Burwell, Cambs.)

"The emigration fever has reached this secluded village. Upwards of forty persons have left for Australia and others are preparing to follow. Indeed Australia seems "quite the rage" among us. America appears at a discount, although, a few years ago many persons left Burwell for the great Republic, and the accounts received are nearly all of a gratifying nature. A few months back, two brothers emigrated to America, leaving their wives behind them, who have recently received from their husbands sufficient money to enable them to join them. The loving spouses lost no time, but took their departure last week, and are now sailing in the bosom of the "Atlantic's broad billows", to join the partners of their life. May they arrive at their destination safely, find their husbands prosperous and well, realising that reward for their industry which they were unable to attain in their native land."

The photo above is of the David Heffer home in Irondequoit, about 1897, courtesy of Stuart B. Bolger.

Local color:

  • Burwell
  • Exning
  • Monroe County

  • Table of Contents

  • Bullen/Burling
  • Dyson/Morley
  • Samuel Heffer
  • Parr-Porter-Mason
  • Thomas Heffer
  • Parr - Exning
  • Howard
  • Other families

  • Prepared by: William Craig

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