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                         Presented here is an actual picture of the spinning wheel she used to spin her yarn.

Nancy was the daughter of William Tedder and Martha. She was born in North Carolina and had 4 brothers and sisters
The Carmichael family still own the spinning wheel along with the cards she used to do her carding. How exciting this is to be able to touch this big Walking Spinning Wheel.

One of the things we found in researching Nancy, was her brother Littleton Tedder had signed as a witness on her marriage license.  We know Nancy was a much loved mother. That she spun her own yarn, so most likely she knitted or used a loom to make things for the family. Her spinning wheel was in a separate building on the Carmichael's land in Clay Ct. Alabama. I believed it was called the Loom House. According to the stories by Mira Carmichael it had spinning wheels, looms, a fireplace. The room was big enough that five spinning wheels stood in it. She was not sure if there loom was in the same room or another one or if there were more than two looms. She was proud of the fact that they had "Grandmother's (Nancy's) spinning wheel and remarked that it was over 150 years old. This Spinning Wheel is still in the Carmichael Family.

On the 1860 Census Talladega County Alabama,  page 961.  The census gives us some information about Nancy.  - Nancy Munroe, age 74 and her youngest daughter  Susan, age 27 living with her. Later Susan Munroe married Joseph Mc Conathy. He had been married Sara Jane Evans and they had 6 children. After Sara Jane's death Susan married Joseph Mc Conathy and gave birth to two children.

Of course we know Nancy Tedder (Munroe) died March 25, 1864. The Hatchett Creek Presbyterian Church records reflects this.  There is no mention of where she or her husband Duncan is buried. We know she attended church at Hatchett Creek Presbyterian Church as did other family members.

The next house on the census is the Levi family, (the Levi family is that of Sara Ann Levi who married John Anthony Monroe, the son of Duncan and Nancy. Next appears the Leach family and then guess who is? Ol' Joseph Mc Conathy - age 37, his wife Sarah - age 31, and 5 children - Joseph - age 10, Nancy - age 8, George - age 6, Isabella - age 3, & James - age 7/12 (seven months).

Joseph married Susan Munroe in 1871 some ten years later

There are people researching the Line of Tedder's and was gracious enough to supply us with much information. Someone somewhere has the Tedder Bible. They are still searching for it.

See Nancy's family in the Generation Chart below.

Descendants of William Tedder

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 TEDDER was born April 01, 1735 in near Richmond, Virginia, and died March 01, 1834 in Montgomery County, Georgia. He married MARTHA.

Children of WILLIAM TEDDER and MARTHA are:

i. BETSEY2 TEDDER, b. March 05, 1780.

2. ii. NANCY TEDDER, b. September 17, 1786, North Carolina; d. March 25, 1864.

iii. LITTLETON TEDDER, b. June 30, 1790; d. April 17, 1861; m. MAREY VINCON, January 07, 1823, Robeson County, North Carolina.

3. iv. BENJAMIN W. TEDDER, b. February 10, 1796, near Raleigh, Wake Co., NC; d. December 01, 1850, Brooks Co., GA.

Generation No. 2

2. NANCY2 TEDDER (WILLIAM1) was born September 17, 1786 in North Carolina, and died March 25, 1864. She married DUNCAN MUNROE May 14, 1812 in Robeson County, North Carolina, son of DUNCAN MUNROE and JANET MCPHADZYEAN. He was born May 09, 1786 in baptized May 10, 1786, Parish of Inveraray, County of Argyll, Scotland, and died April 13, 1855.


i. MARGARET (PEGGY)3 MUNROE, b. July 05, 1813, Robeson Ct. North Carolina; d. November 11, 1893, Clay Co., Alabama; m. DANIEL CARMICHAEL, April 28, 1841, Talladega Ct. Alabama; b. August 11, 1810, Richmond Co., North Carolina; d. October 02, 1892.

ii. WILLIAM MUNROE, b. January 07, 1815, Robeson Ct. North Carolina; m. HARRIET; b. Abt. 1818, South Carolina.

iii. COLIN MUNROE, b. January 08, 1817, Robeson Ct. NC; d. Bef. March 09, 1853, Robeson Ct. NC; m. (1) MARGARET KEAHEY, June 17, 1847, Talladega Ct. Alabama; b. Abt. 1816; d. August 03, 1848, Brownville Cemetery, Clay Ct. Alabama; m. (2) ELIZABETH ROBERSON, July 20, 1852, Talladega Ct. Alabama; b. Abt. 1833.

iv. JOHN ANTHONY MONROE, REV, b. May 24, 1819, Robeson Ct. North Carolina; d. November 15, 1893; m. SARAH ANN LEVI, November 15, 1842, believe it to be Alabama; b. June 11, 1825, Alabama; d. February 24, 1904.

v. MARY MUNROE, b. March 03, 1821, Robeson Ct., North Carolina; d. Bet. 1880 - 1900, Louisiana; m. ROBINSON R. MCMILLAN, March 17, 1842, Talladega Ct. Alabama; b. January 16, 1821.

vi. ARCHIBALD T. MUNROE, b. April 26, 1827, Robeson Ct., North Carolina; d. July 07, 1862, Killed in War between the states; m. MARY A. SMITH, January 18, 1849, Talladega Ct. Alabama; b. March 18, 1826, Robeson Ct., North Carolina; d. October 16, 1873, Died of Yellow Fever epidemic in Shreveport, LA.

vii. SUSAN MUNROE, b. November 18, 1831, Robeson Ct. NC; d. prob Macedonia Baptist Church near Stewartville, Coosa Ct. Alabama; m. JOSEPH (BUD) MCCONATHY, Abt. 1871, Alabama; b. August 1822, South Carolina; d. Macedonia Baptist Church near Stewartville, Coosa Ct. Alabama.


3. BENJAMIN W.2 TEDDER (WILLIAM1) was born February 10, 1796 in near Raleigh, Wake Co., NC, and died December 01, 1850 in Brooks Co., GA. He married SUSANNAH BROWN February 06, 1821 in Robeson County, North Carolina. She was born June 02, 1794 in Debaick, Parish of Bawmer, Island of Islay, West Scotland (Highlander), and died March 04, 1869 in Brooks Co., GA (probably near Quitman.


i. WILLIAM BYRON3 TEDDER, b. November 02, 1821, Robeson, Co., NC; d. July 09, 1890, Perry Taylor Co. FL; m. ELIZABETH JANE COOPER, November 10, 1843, Laurens Co. GA; b. March 1823, Savannah Chatham Co. Ga; d. 1906, Pleasant Grove, Taylor Co. FL.

ii. JENNET TEDDER, b. May 18, 1823.

iii. NANCY TEDDER, b. May 05, 1825; d. Jefferson Co., Fl; m. JOHN LUM HOLLAND, Brooks Co., GA; d. Jefferson Co., Fl.

iv. CHRISTIAN TEDDER, b. February 15, 1827, in GA?; d. Brooks Co., GA.

v. JOHN TEDDER, b. July 19, 1830.

vi. DANIEL WEBSTER TEDDER, b. March 25, 1832, Telfair Co., GA; d. March 03, 1911, Live Oak, Suwannee Co., FL; m. MARY ANN MILLER, November 23, 1863; b. 1843, Florida.

vii. SUSAN ELIZABETH TEDDER, b. April 14, 1835, Georgia.

viii. BENJAMIN A. TEDDER, b. May 19, 1837, Robeson County, North Carolina; d. October 03, 1862, Battle Of Franklin, Tennessee.

ix. MAY I. TEDDER, b. February 21, 1840; m. HENRY J. HOLLAND, 1866.


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