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Margaret (Peggy) Carmichael                                            Daniel Carmichael


Carmichael Family in the early part of the 1900's

Index to above picture

I have attempted to read this index and it is very difficult.  This is my interpretation.

Row 1

1.        Robert Leslie Carmichael

2.        2. S(?) ronWatts

3.        Mary Eliz Watts (Mrs Frank Whitehouse)

4.        Lucy Katherine Carmichael

5.        Ernestine Carmichael Six

6.        William M. Carmichael

7.        May Carmichael Nichols (Mrs. Angus)

8.        Oliver Cromwell Carmichael, Jr. (Mickie)

9.        Oliver Cromwell Carmichael

10.     Dr. Joe Nall Carmichael

11.     Elizabeth Carmichael (Mrs. L. Snpper)


  Row 2

12.     Dr. William M. Carmichael

13.     Alma Carmichael Mrs. Phillips

Mrs. Muirl Monroe

14.     Ar??? Leslie Carmichael

Munroe surname

15.     Daniel Monroe Carmichael (Bud)

16.     John Oscar Carmichael (Tobi)

17.     William Colin Carmichael (Billy)

18.     Josiah C. Carmichael (Joe)

19.     Mary Brown McMillan Carmichael

20.     Robert D. Carmichael


Row 3

21. Bessie Carmichael Watts

22. Eunra Carmichael

23. A?????? Oneill Carmichael

24. Mrs. Eruie  Eryds Carmichael Hartman

25. Laura Viola Carmichael

26. Annie Lois Carmichael

27. Mira Ethyel Carmichael

28. Rev. Patrick Henry Carmichael

29. Mary Partridge Carmichael Mrs. Pat Henry  ( Mrs.)

30. Eula N??????? Carmichael (.RD)

31  Mae Crabtree Carmichael  (DC  (Mrs. J. M.)

32. Moune Phillips Carmichael


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