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The Carmichaels

Margaret Munroe & Daniel Carmichael


The ole home place

The Carmichaels come from a long researched line.  I won't go into that line here, I will pick up with this couple. 

We find that Margaret and her husband Daniel were considered  very comfortable for their day. Daniel farmed and owned a vast farm, and he did own slaves.  He actually had too many slaves for his farm and boarded some out. He was a very considerate slave owner and the slaves he owned had a true love and consideration for him and his family. According to his Grand-daughter, Mira Carmichael,  Daniel and Margaret (Munroe) Carmichael entered all the family names in the Bible in one place, and in another place entered all the names of the family slaves of which there were reputed to be about 42. See Hatchett Creek page

On the 1850 Personal Property Tax Margaret and Daniel  owned and paid a clock tax. They paid twenty five cents each year.   According to the Carmichael family this clock was given to Margaret and Daniel as a wedding gift from Nancy (Tedder) and Duncan Munroe. We were excited to find that it indeed stills exist and is still a precious piece in the Carmichael family History. It is owned by Mira Carmichael and I am excited to report that it will be handed down to Donald Monroe Carmichael. (see picture in Photo Album) What a befitting thing for something that comes through the Monroe and Carmichael family to be given to a member with both names. 

Margaret Munroe Carmichael was a small slender woman. I have in the family photo album a late in life picture of this couple. I found it very interesting to find that Margaret inherited Albert and Sarah (Carmichael) Hurston's estate. It is said that Albert believed Margaret had more of a business head on her shoulders than her husband Daniel so Albert left his estate to her. This is listed in the property taxes. 

The 1850 Personal Tax Records reflects that there was two white males living in their home between 21 and 45 with a tax of fifty cents each. They had over 20 head of cattle at 11 cents total. Tax on Slaves was  a total of $4.00. It shows they owned 8 slaves in all. They paid a Total State & County Tax of $8.26.  

In 1887 Their home burned at the hands of a young neighbor. Margaret "Peggy" Carmichael had evidently scolded a child, described in 1990 by Mira Carmichael as 'a defective child' for some infraction. The child become angry and set fire to the home, a two story log cabin "dog trot". The home burned completely with the exception of the two stone chimneys. The community put aside its plowing and planting and, working together were able to bring in a saw mill to the far side of Hatchett Creek; they cut logs off the land, hauled the timbers to the creek by oxen; floated the logs across the mill pond where the mill sawed the mill sawed the timbers into lumber. The lumber was then brought back to the house site and the community was able to rebuild a new home to the old, original chimneys. Within a three week period the Carmichael family was back in its home with a roof over their heads, exterior walls, and a floor beneath their feet.

Daniel was elected Justice of the Peace March 4, 1844. Elected School Trustee May 1856. 

The Carmichael Photo Album

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