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Colin Munroe

Colin (pronounced Co Lin)  Munroe married Margaret Keahey On June 17, 1847. Colin owned his own land She gave birth to their son Samuel K. Monroe Aug 1848. She passed away August 3, 1848 either the day of his birth or several days later. Colin moved into his parents home, Duncan and Nancy Munroe, to help care for his new son. He buried his wife in the Brownville Cemetery next to the Hatchett Creek Church. Three years later in the 1850 Census he is still living at home as is his sister Susan.

I show this tax record here not because it shows that he had a lot... but he did own a Clock. We know that Nancy and Duncan gave a clock to their daughter as a wedding present and that clock is still in the family. It is a mantel clock and I will show it on the Carmichael page. Notice here that he has to pay a 25 cent tax on the clock.

Colin Monroe  1852 Tax Records, Talladega Ct. Al, Hatchet Creek Beat
# wt males 21 to 45 = 1                  amount of Tax on White males @ .50 cents = .50 cents
Gold watch worn by male = 0         Tax on Same = .50 cents
Gold Ssfety vestor Fob chains = 0   Tax on Same = 25 cents
# Silver watches kept for use = 0     Tax on Same = 25 cents
# of clocks kept for use - = 1           Tax on Same @ .25 cents

Funds for executed
# slaves under 10 years @ 1cents each = 1  
# slaves btw 10 & 50 @ 2 cents each = 1
gross amt of tax for executed slaves = 3

number of neat cattle over 20 head = 0

Tax on Slaves
# of under 5 yrs @ 25 cents on each = 0
# between 5 & 10 @ 45 cents each = 0
# between 10 & 15 @ 80 cents each = 0
# between 15 & 30 @ 1.10 cents each= 0
# between 30 & 40 @ 80 cents each = 0
# between 40 & 50 @ 50 cents each = 0
# between 50 & 60 @ 20 cents each = 0
Gross amt of tax on Slaves = 0

Total amt of state Tax on Personal Property including slave fund =
Count Tax =
Total state & Ct. =
I either left off the county and state tax or it wasn't there.

Colin owned his own land as found in his will and probate records.

He married Elizabeth Roberson July 20, 1852 and died March 9, 1853 before Elizabeth had a chance to give birth to his daughter Margaret M. Monroe.

Wills & Probate misc records (no date found)
Bk A 441 Minutes
Mordicai Robeson, filed in court, and executed his bond for its administration of said estate. Appointed Administrator. court ordered that Daniel Mc Daimid, David Carmichael and George Mc D Patterson appointed to appraise the estate on the 20th Monday in May.
Item 5

Probate Court Special T?, August 25, 1854
Bk B, Page 76

Mordicai Robeson administrator, tells the court that the tract of land owned by Colin Monroe deceased cannot be divided between his airs and must be sold. That Colin Monroe left a widow Elizabeth J Monroe, one son Samuel Monroe and one daughter Margaret M. Monroe, minors under the age of fourteen years old. That they reside in Talladega Ct. Alabama. The 5th Monday and 16th day of October set apart for the hearing of the petition. James R. Eason be appointed guardian.

See his line below

 COLIN2 MUNROE (DUNCAN1, DUNCANA) was born January 08, 1817 in Robeson Ct. NC, and died Bef. March 09, 1853 in Robeson Ct. NC. He married (1) MARGARET KEAHEY June 17, 1847 in Talladega Ct. Alabama. She was born Abt. 1816, and died August 03, 1848 in Brownville Cemetery, Clay Ct. Alabama. He married (2) ELIZABETH ROBERSON July 20, 1852 in Talladega Ct. Alabama, daughter of MORDICA ROBERSON and GEORGIA EUNICE. She was born Abt. 1833. She married second Henry K Cleckler.


i. SAMUEL K.3 MONROE, b. Bef. August 1848; d. August 01, 1857.


ii. MARGARET M.3 MONROE, b. Abt. 1853, Alabama; m. JAMES W. ROBERSON, October 19, 1880, Chilton Co, Alabama; b. Abt. 1861.


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