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Money Land Deeds From Surry

County, North Carolina

Deed Book M

page 390
William Ashley to Jacob Money 7 December, 18804 $61 for 50 acres Landmarks: Deep Creek Witness, John Money February Court, 1805

page 394
Isaac Money from the state 116 acres Saw this listing in the index, but could not find it in the book, so maybe I copied the page number wrong.

page 436
John Money a witness February, 1812

page 438
Isaac Money, of Surry County, from Henry Speer, of Surry County 20 Dec, 1802 60 acres for 20 lbs. Landmarks: Deep Creek Hudspeth corner Henry Hambreck line Part of 100 acres #1648 granted to Henry Speer, 20 Aug, 1795 Witnesses: William Ashley, Sam Speer Surry Co. Feb. term 1812, oath of Wm Ashley

page 439
Isaac Money, of Surry Co, from Allen Gentry, of Wilkes Co. 1 Feb, 1806 16 acres for $16 Landmarks: Deep Creek P/Derious corner Whelens corner Halcome corner

Book N

page 168
William Money from Allen Gentry 18 Feb, 1802 about 200 acres for $310 Landmarks: headwaters of Deep Creek Recorded 1815

page 171
Thomas Wright to John Money 11 Aug, 1815 100 acres for $60 Landmarks: south fork of Deep Creek John Wright’s corner James Wright’s line

page 280
George Hudspeth to Jacob Money 14 April, 1801 15 acres for $15 Landmarks: south fork of Deep Creek Henry ___ur’s corner Nicholas Gentry’s line Jacob Money’s corner Recorded 1816

page 295
Jacob Money to Morgan Money 10 Oct, 181118 acres for the natural love and affection that a parent hath toward a child Landmarks: Deep Creek Morgan Money’s line Witnesses: Thomas Wright, Samuel Money

page 432
David Howell to David Money 9 Oct, 1815 130 acres for $195 Landmarks: headwaters of Deep Creek Thomas Vanhoy’s line Witness: John Money

Book Q

page 260
To William Money, of Surry Co. from Daniel Marmore, Sally Marmore, and Ruth Aldridge of Surry Co. 8 Feb $50 Landmarks: Hogans Creek Signed also by Joseph Aldridge Witness: John Money

Book R

page 84
John Money to James Foster 20 Nov 1812 130 acres for $150 Landmarks: headwaters of Deep Creek John Cook’s corner and line Joseph Ashley’s corner and line Acknowledged in open court, August, 1822

Book S

page 283
John Hemrick, of Logan Co, Kentucky  to John Money, of Surry Co.1 Feb, 1820 $400 Landmarks: Deep Creek

Book U

page 366
John Money to Josiah Cowles Deed of Trust, Tho. W. Carter trustee $1 Landmarks: Deep Creek 200 acres or more, save 100 acres, more or less, deeded to Henry Money on the west end and one other tract of land on which I now live, deeded to me by Jacob Money, on Deep Creek. Includes cows, hogs, sheep, horse, oven, skillet, wagon, loom, hoes, plows, etc. Conditions: Deeds and Bill of Sale is in Trust for to secure to Goldman Money, the payment of a certain judgment, Goldman Money vs Jno. Money, co. ct. of Surry for $200.18, and the cost and interest accruing thereon. Also 1 note to Josiah Cowles for $41.89 dated this day. And 1 note to Cowles, Porter and Co. for $10.70. If debts unpaid, Carter to auction off land and pay them. November 9, 1833

Book Y

page 67
John Money to Josiah Cowles Deed of Trust 3 May, 1839 Between John Money and Alferd W. Martin $1 Similar to the above. Includes cattle, hogs, sheep, bee stand. Owes Cowles $5.50, due 4 May, and $3.86, due 24 Feb, 1839 Owes Cowles and Wilcox $27.43, due 4 May Owes Wade Williams $7.57 John Money has until 1 November to pay.

Page 73
David Money to Elliott Day Trust for Cowles, similar to the two deeds above.2 May, 1839 36 acres Landmarks: Hunting Creek "land where I live" adjacent Charles Johnson and Levi Chappell
Money is indebted to Cowles and Wilcox and to Josiah Cowles. $76.93,
$37,75, and $39.18.

Book 1

page 259
John Jr and Isaac Money to Cowles and others Looks like a mortgage Mentions 1 cow, a ___, 1 sow, 3 shoats, 8 pigs, 1 head sheep, 1 field wheat, 2 bu ____ ____m 1 loom, corn, oats, flax, fodder, household and kitchen furniture, crop of coming season. Owed: To Cowles and Wildox $12.50 due 19 March, 1841; by Isaac Money. $8.82 due 16 Jan;  John Jr. $17 to William Ashley, $6.25 due 14 June.

Page 366
David Money to Cowles David owes $230. 9 * to B.W. Naylor, T.W. Carter, Josiah Cowles, Cowles and Wilcox. Explanation broken down. Black mare 4 years, 41 hogs, 1 milk cow, black and white pide, etc. land where Isaac Money now lives. Public auction. Property description.

Book 2

page 45
David Money from William D. Sparks Indenture 22 Sept, 1839 76 acres $200 Landmarks: Hunting Creek near Brushy Mountains  Charles Johnson’s corner and line

page 113
Elizabeth Money, widow of Isaac Money Dower Jurors summoned: We were of the opion [sic] that she was only entitled to dower in tract whereon he last dwelt. 3 May, 1841 41 acres Landmarks: P. Holcom’s line William Money’s corner 13 2/3 acres—mansion house, out houses

Book 5


page 120
Thomas Haynes from John Money Mortgage or Deed of Trust 17 June, 1845
$1 Mentioned: crops—corn, oats, rye, wheat, fodder, truck patches; 1 cow
and calf.

page 169
Allen Money from William Money 2 August, 1828 $60 Landmarks: Deep Creek Henry Hambriell’s line

page 175
Allen Money to Leroy Holcomb Sold 8 May, 1847 Landmarks: Deep Creek
Phillip Holcomb’s run formerly Isaac Money’s line Leroy Holcomb’s mill pond William Money Jr. now P. Holcomb Witnesses: P. Holcomb, William Ashley

page 210
Henry J. or I. Money to Leroy Holcomb Trust deed 30 November, 1847
Henry _ Money indebted to Leroy Holcomb, _____ Cowley, and Cowles

page 351
Thomas Haynes from John Money Deed of trust17 June, 1848 Crops mentioned

page 536
Thomas Haynes from John Money Trust deed 23 June, 1849 John Money in debt to B. Benham Mention: half his crops, oats and corn.