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Be it known to all men by these present that I, John Faulkner of Hogg Pen Neck in the county of Kent in the province of Maryland, Cordwaynder, in consideration of three-hundred pounds of tobacco, well and truly paid to me by Richard Fitzallen, the receipt whereof I do acknowledge by these present, have assigned unto Mr. Daniel Jennifer of St. Maries all my right title, interest claim and demands of and to all those lands and rights to land which are become due unto me for or by reason of the condition of Plan Facon of the right Honorable Ceceleus Baltimore, Lord Proprietary Of the province of Maryland, for the transportation of myself and Elizabeth, my wife, and Thomas, Francis, and John, my children, with Eliza Bloxom and Thomas Jones, my servants, into the said Province on or about the twenty-second day of January, 1665, And do hereby, for the considerations aforesaid, assign and make over all my rights, title, interest, claim and demands of, and to all the premises to the said Daniel Jennifer to the only proper use and behold of him, his heirs and assignees forever. As witness my hand and seal this nineteenth day of November, 1665.

John Faulkner  X

/s/ Nicholas Pichard  X
/s/ Edmond Barton  X

Deeds of Thomas Faulkner

June 30, 1687 Talbot County, Maryland 350 acres by assignment of Thomas Smithson to Thomas Faulkner, carpenter. Tract called Faulkners Levels at head of Myles River adjoining Carters place.

August 4, 1685 Talbot County, Maryland 500 acres by assignment to Thomas Faukkner from Richard Carter. Called Faulkners Folly at the head of the Myles River, adjoining Andrew Skinner.

June 12, 1688 Talbot County, Maryland To Thomas Faulkner from Thomas Smithson. Faulkner Square. 200 acres on branches of Myles River adjoining Carter’s farm.

August 19, 1688 Talbot County, Maryland Thomas Faukner and his wife convey to John Burman, planter, for 500 pounds of tobacco a parcel called Faulkners square on branches of Michaels River being 200 acres.

MARCH 20, 1726

My loving wife Sarah Faulkner to have  care of my sons Thomas Faulkner, James Faulkner, and Emanuel Faulkner to be under her tuition and jurisdiction of every way at her disposing to bring up until they become to respective age of 21. Wife Sarah to have estate wholly and fully to herself. Likewise my daughter Ann until she be at age of 18 or her marriage.. Wife Sarah to be Executrix.

March 20, 1726

                                                                                            John Faulkner    X

Michael Hussey X
Richard  Moore  X
Jane Manner X


*IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. Be it known to all men that I, Emanuel Forkner, Of Iredell County in the state of North Carolina, being in perfect mind and sound memory, and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life and it has been pleased to God to bestow some small benefits of this life to me, I do dispose of them as followeth, I do this my last will and testament in manner and form, the following items: I give unto my beloved wife, Elizabeth Forkner, My land and three Negroes, Eliza, Carry and Molly, and all estate of whatsoever kind I am possessed with until her death. I give unto my daughter, Anne, one shilling currency of this state. To my son, Moses, I give one shilling currency. I give unto my son, Aaron, one shilling currency. I give unto my son, John, one shilling currency. I give unto my son, Ford, five pounds currency. I give unto my son, Hardy, one shilling currency. I give to my daughter, Temperance Ball, one shilling currency. I give to my son, Shugar, one shilling currency. I give unto my son, Francis, at my wife’s decease, My Negro boy, Cary and one-half of my Negro winch, Eliza and my land and working horses. I give unto my daughter, Elizabeth, at my wife’s decease, one-half of Negro winch, Eliza and her girl, Nelly and their riding mare called Celcia. I do appoint that if either of my children, Frances or Elizabeth, should die without heir, that this estate will fall to the other. I do appoint and ordain this my last will and testament and I do likewise appoint my wife executrix and my son, Frances, executor. Given under my hand and seal this twenty-eighth day of July in the year of our Lord one-thousand seven-hundred and ninety-seven.

Emanuel Forkner

/s/ John Thomson  X
/s/ Wineford Dickerson  X


My son, John Falconer, to have my hand mill and mill peckers during his lifetime, then to his son, my grandchild, John Falconer; Or if he should die, to his second son if he should have one, but if not then to Burton Frances Falconer or my grandson, Thomas Ford Falconer. But mill should not be moved from dwelling plantation during lifetime of my loving friend and relation, Thomas Falconer, Sr. Son, Thomas, a cow called Mayflower with calf. Son, James, a cow called Young Pie and calf. Son-in-law, John Rakes a plow. Daughter, Ann, clothes. Daughter , Temperance Falconer, “my mantle”. Son, William, a tree year-old bull. Son, Emanuel Falconer, a young steer, two years old, to be delivered to him at my decease. Rest of my estate to my aforesaid friend, Thomas Falconer, Sr.  during his life or until marriage. Upon marriage the estate is to be divided by sons: Francis, Thomas, James, William, Emanuel, and daughter Ann Rakes. Thomas Falconer Sr. to be executor. William and Emanuel to be under care of executor Thomas Falconer, Sr., if he remains single, but if not, then William to within named, John Falconer and Emanuel to my son-in-law, Burton Francis Falconer.

June 23,1731

Sarah M. Falconer  X

William Rakes  X
Eleanor M. Hall  X
Martha M. Gout X

Will Of Thomas Faukner

January 9, 1708. Son, John, to have tract called Faulkners Folly. Wife, Margery Faulkner, to have plantation I now live on, chattels, and say of the children until they become 21 years of age.