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Charles Lee Usher, born 7 September 1800 in Hamilton, New York
- physician in Jackson County, Iowa
- died 7 February 1885, buried in DeWitt, Clinton County, Iowa
- September 1831 in Brookly, Cuyahoga County, Ohio to
Nancy Maria Denison, daughter of Dan and Sally (Bushnell) Denison
born 20 July 1802 in Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut
- died 26 Jan 1870 in Iowa, buried in DeWitt, Clinton County, Iowa


Charles Lee Usher, Sr., born 13 Mar 1776 in East Haddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut
- lived in Madison county, New York
- died 1827 in Rockport, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
- married 1799 in New York to
Marvin Palmer, born about 1772 in "Connecticut and married in New York. In the winter of 1818 she, with her husband and family, drove through from New York in a sleigh, a portion of the way from Buffalo on the frozen lake. She was the mother of three sons and four daughters." - From Memorial To The Pioneer Women Of The Western Reserve, published in July 1896.
    We have the names of these CHILDREN all born in New York
  • Charles Lee Usher, 1800 - 1885; married Nancy Denison; lived in Jackson County, Iowa
  • Mary Usher, 1802 - 1882; married William Jordan; lived in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
  • Betsey Usher, about 1806 - 1866; married Horace Adams; lived in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
  • Sally Usher, 1808 - 1840; married Benjamin Spencer; lived in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
  • Diana Usher, 1810 - ??; married 1) Matthew Jordan and 2) Benjamin Spencer; lived in Ohio


Note: The further back we go, the less positive we can be that the information is accurate. I am depending on other people's research to compile these lists.

Hezekiah Usher, born 1734 in Massachusetts
- died 28 March 1809 in Brookfield, Madison County, New York
- buried in Madison Co., New York, Babcock Mill Cemetery
- married 3 November 1757 in East Haddam, Connecticut, Millington Church, to
Lydia Baker, born about 1736, Middlesex County, Connecticut
- died 31 December 1808 in Brookfield, Madison Coun ty, New York
- buried in Madison Co., New York, Babcock Mill Cemetery.

    CHILDREN, all born in East Haddam, Connecticut
  • Jane Usher, born 1758
  • Lydia Usher, born 1760, married William Brown
  • Harris Usher, 1762 - 1771
  • Abigail "Nabby" Usher, 1764 - 1831, married Samuel Tyler, lived New York
  • Sarah Usher, 1765, married Paul Palmer, lived New York
  • Hezekiah Usher, 1767, married Alice Ransom, lived in Ohio
  • Susanna Usher, 1769 - 1801, lived New York, married Paul Palmer
  • Aaron Cleveland Usher, born 1770, married Rachel Church
  • Olive Usher, 1772 - 1775
  • Harris Usher, born 1774, married Elizabeth Shaw
  • Charles Lee Usher, Sr., 1776 - 1827, married Marion Palmer, lived in Ohio
  • Moses Craft Usher, 1782- 1810, married Lucy Palmer, lived New York
  • Nathaniel Usher, 1785 - 1865, married Lucy Palmer; physician in Indiana


Hezekiah Usher, born 1695 in Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts
- died 1750 in East Haddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut
- married 20 Jun 1728, Cambridge, Massachusetts to
Abigail Cleveland, born 10 May 1706
- died 1 November 1777
There's a lot of conflicting information about this man. Some show that he also married Jane "Jennie" Greenleaf, but I think that her husband was a different Hexekiah Usher. The children listed below are the ones mentioned in the settling of the estate of Hezekiah and Abigail Usher.

    CHILDREN, born in Massachusetts
  • Abigail Usher, born 1730, married John Stewart
  • Hezekiah Usher, 1734 - 1809, married Lydia Baker; lived New York
  • John Joseph Usher, born 1736
  • Robert Usher, 1742 - 1820, physician in Chatham, Connecticut
  • James Usher, born 1747, married Sarah Blanchard.

Nathaniel Baker, married 1733 in Connecticut to
Sarah Harris


Robert Usher, Jr., born about 1662 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut
- died 27 June 1710 in Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts
- married 23 July 1694 in Chelmsford or Dunstable, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, to
Sarah Blanchard, born 1670 in Middlesex County, Massachusetts
- died about 1740.

  • Hezekiah Usher, 1695-1750, married Abigail Cleveland, lived in Connecticut
  • John Usher, born 1696, married Hannah Blanchard, lived in Massachusetts
  • Sarah Usher, born 1698
  • Robert Usher, 1700 - 1725, killed in Maine in a battle with Indians


Robert Usher, Sr., born 1615 in England
- died October 1669 in Stamford, Connecticut
- married 13 May 1659 in Stamford, Connecticut, as 2nd husband, to
Elizabeth Deane, died 1681.
- (1) married 1634 in Stamford, Connecticut, Jeremy Jagger, born about 1610 in Watertown, Massachusetts
- (2) married 13 May 1659 in Stamford, Connecticut, Robert Usher, Sr.

    CHILDREN, born Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut
  • Elizabeth Usher, born February 1660, Stamford, Connecticut, married John Sollendine.
  • Robert Usher, Jr., born about 1662, Stamford, Connecticut, married Sarah Blanchard

John Blanchard, born about 1630,
Hannah Brackett, born about 1634

  • Sarah Blanchard, born 1670, Massachusetts, married Robert Usher, Jr.

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