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Laeven Sign


Im 13. Jahrhundert gegründetes Dorf, damals mit Kirche. Ging im 30-jährigen Krieg zugrunde. Wiederaufgebaut zunächst als Schäferei, später Meierei, dann Pachtgut. Beachtlich die Friedenseiche von 1871 hier am Dorfteich. Auf dem Friedhof vier und am Wege nach Gräpkenteich noch viele achtzigjährige Douglasien aus Nordamerika.

Established in the 13th century at the church. It was totally destroyed in the Thirty-years War. Later, it was reestablished for shepherding, then as a feudal estate, then for leasing. Of note is the peace oak from 1871 at the village pond. At the cemetery there are four and on the way to the Graepkenteich are many eighty-year old Douglas firs from North America.


Laeven was the home of one generation of Muellers. Master-weaver
Friedrich Mueller lived and died (1881) there, and his children
were born there. They include Fredrich Mueller (emigrated about 1874),
Ludwig Mueller (emig. 1882), Carl Mueller whose son William
emigrated in 1889, as well as inn-keeper Wilhelm Mueller, tailor
August Mueller, and daughter Friedricka Manzel.

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