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Louisa Sophia Voelz, born Brebe
Born 1 January 1818, Died 29 April 1879
Age 69 years, 3 months, 29 days

The parish records of Salem Evangelical Church, Pawnee Co., NE, give this information:
Louisa Sophia Voelz, born Priewe, wife of Mr Hermann Voelz, born 29 January 1818 in Gumtow, Kingdom Prussia, died on 29 April 1879, buried on 2 May 1879 at the local parish cemetery. Her wisdom brought her life on the same date to 61 years 3 months. Burial text, John 16:20.
This seems more likely to be the correct information. At least the calculations are more accurate than the tombstone.

Louisa Sophia Voelz nee Brebe
Scripture at bottom of stone is "I know that my
Redeemer liveth and that He shall stand at
the latter day upon the earth." Job 19:25

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