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Descendants of
Carl Rusch & Sophie Prief

From various records, we learn that Carl and Sophie RUSCH lived and/or attended church in a number of different villages in the area surrounding Schivelbein, Kr. Belgard, Pommern, now Schivelbein, Poland. We visited many of these villages in July, 2002, and took many photos:

Carl Rusch - lived at Ziezeneff, now Ciezeniewo, Province Koszalinskie, Poland.
- - -Link to a 1984 photo of the church in Ziezeneff.
- died about 1869 in a sand or gravel pit accident, Schivelbein, Pomerania, now Swidwin
- married Louisa "Sophie" Priebe (Prief / Priewe/ Brebe)
- born 1 or 29 January 1818, Gumtow, Pommern, now Chometowo.
- died 29 April 1879, Johnson County, Nebr.
Sophia married (2) Herman Voelz. They lived in Heyde, (now Modrzewice, Poland) and then came to the US on the S. S. Mosel in April 1878. Her son Herman Rusch was the first of the family to emigrate, and he lived for awhile in the Chicago area before moving to southern Johnson County, Nebraska.
Sophie died the same day that her daughter and son-in-law Augusta and Fred Labs arrived in New York from Pommern, in April of 1879.
Sophie's tombstone was broken and lying in the ground when I first saw it in the 1980's. Her great-grandson Rueben Labs had a new one placed at the same site in the Salem's Cemetery near Steinaur, northern Pawnee County, Nebraska. Herman Voelz's grave is also there.

Photo of original tombstone


I. Albert Friedriech August Rusch
- born 9 August 1846 at Kussenow, Kreis Schivelbein, Prussia
- died 19 November 1903
- married Emilia Hassee, born 27 November 1852
- died 4 November 1924.
Remained in Germany. In 1878 he lived at Bredow (now part of the city of Stettin.)

Presumed to be this family. Date unknown.
The photo is from Wilh. Vollmer, Photogr. Atelier, Züllchow (Stettin) Chausseeste. 47
Click on image to see the full size photo.
  • Emma Rusch. Lived in territory taken by the Russians after WW II; not heard from since.
  • Emil Rusch, born 26 January 1880, Zuellchow, Kreis Randow, Pommern
    - died 17 July 1925, Hamburg, Germany
    - married Clara Kackel, born 27 November 1879
    - died 27 February 1945
    The first of the family to move to Hamburg, Emil was a police captain there
    • Albert Emil Johannes Rusch, born 04 February 1904, Hamburg, Germany
      - died 1970 in Hamburg
      - married Gertrud Henze, born 26 August 1904, died 1988
    • Karl Rusch, lived in Bavaria
  • George Rusch Horticulturist. Killed in WWI.

    Is this another Rusch family? The photographer was Atelier Ideal in Hamburg. Date unknown.
    Click on image to see the full photo.

    Another mystery photo. Handwritten on the back "dies Wilhelm Tochter"
    The photographer was Th. Kliem, Detmold, Rosenthal 2.

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