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After World War II, when a large portion of Germany was given to Poland, Nahausen was part of that portion. The current Polish name for Nahausen is Nawodna; Koenigsberg is now Chojna. (The "j" is pronounced like "y".

There are a number of good map sites available. Here are a couple of my favorites. After viewing them, click your browser's BACK button to return here.

  • Interactive current map of Poland. It's also searchable, but uses Polish names.
  • Historic map of Eastern Brandenburg. Scroll all the way to the right and then down until the Oder River, shown in black, juts out the farthest from the right hand edge. East of the Oder River, at the bottom edge of the pink-orange line (marking the Pommern-Brandenburg border), is Königsbg. Just north of that, in the pink, with the name across the road, is Nahsn. That's Nahausen. Other towns of interest are Bernickow, just to the right of the road, between Koenigsberg and Nahausen, A. Küstrinchin, A. Rüdnitz, and Zäckerick, in the point of the Oder River just above and below the road shown in red. Berlin is further down (south) and to the left (west)

Click on the small image to see the large map.
Koenigsberg Map
Koenigsberg area
of Brandenburg
Town Theresa map
Town Theresa,
Dodge Co., WI, 1860

new Historic map of the Nahausen - Soldin area.
Thanks to Judy Davis for supplying the scans.
This also includes close-ups of some smaller areas of interest.

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