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BORN: 1774 -
DIED: 15 May 1851 - Reichenfelde, Konigsberg/Neumark, Brandenburg
NOTES: He was the town herdsman

WIFE: Marie Dorethea LOEST(en)
BORN: Nahausen, Koniegsberg/Neumark, Brandenburg
DIED: 21 Sep 1861?
FATHER: Martin Loest
MOTHER: Dorothea Elisabeth Dahrent

CHILD 1: Christian Friedrich Betke
SEX: male
BORN: 13 Feb 1810 - Nahausen
DIED: Unknown - Nahausen
NOTES: Died as small child

CHILD 2: Johann Friedrich Betke See details below
SEX: Male
BORN: 25 May 1812 - Nahausen
MARRIAGE: Marie Elisabeth Pahl - 23 Sep 1836 - Nahausen:
DIED: 8 Dec 1866 -Gross Schoenfeld
NOTES:(My 2nd great-grandfather)

CHILD 3: Maria Elisabeth Betke
SEX: Female
BORN: Feb 1815 -Nahausen
DIED: 5 Sep 1821 -Nahausen
NOTES: Died age 6


FATHER: Johann Friedrich BETHKE
BORN: 25 May 1812 - Nahausen
MARRIAGE: 23 Jul 1836 -Gross Schoenfeld, Greifenhagen, Pommern
DIED: Dec 1866
His Father: Michael Betke
His Mother: Marie Dorothes Loest
NOTES: He moved his family to Pommern about 1850

MOTHER: Marie Elisabeth PAHL
BORN: 7 Sep 1814 -Gross Schoenfeld, Greifenhagen, Pommern
DIED: 15 Mar 1905 -Gerhag, Franzburg/Barth, Pommern
HER FATHER: Johann Freidrich Pahl, son of Michael Friedrich Pahl and Luise Prutzel (umlaut)
HER MOTHER: Benigna Rosenfeld

CHILD 1: Friedrich Wilhelm Bethke
SEX: Male
BORN: 29 Jan 1837 - Gross Schoenfeld
NOTES: We suspect he died a young child or infant

CHILD 2: Caroline Wilhelmine Louise Bethke
SEX: Female
BORN: 22 Apr 1839 -Gross Schoenfeld
NOTES: We suspect she died young

CHILD 3: (Unknown)
SEX: Female
BORN: 13 Mar 1841 - Gross Schoenfeld
No more information

CHILD 4: Gottfried Bethke
SEX: Male
BORN: 1843 -Gross Schoenfeld
MARRIAGE: Wilhelmina ___________, date unknown, Child
MILITARY: unknown, but could well be he served
DIED: 1881-82
NOTES: Gottfried, wife and 6/12 infant daughter crossed to Mayville, Wisconsin in 1881. He died either at sea or once on land. The wife buried him and took the next ship back to Germany to live with her parents.

CHILD 5: Karoline Louise Bethke
SEX: Female
BORN: 9 Nov 1845 - Gross Schoenfeld
No other information

CHILD 6: Carl August Bethke See details below.
SEX: Male
BORN: 17 Jul 1847 -Gross Schoenfeld
MARRIAGE: Mathilde Huebner - 17 Apr 1873 @ Gross Schoenfeld
MILITARY SERVICE: 1870-71 Franco Prussian War
DIED: 29 Jan 1923 -Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
NOTES: Carl brought his family to Mayville, Dodge Co., Wisconsin in 1883-84

CHILD 7: Ferdinand August Bethke
SEX: Male
BORN: 10 Jan 1853 - Gross Schoenfeld
MARRIED: Lina (Caroline) Friedrike Charlotte Klemck -27 Jan 1881 - Niepars, Franzburg/Barth, Pommern
DIED: 28 Nov 1921
NOTES: Ferd worked as a Forester all his life. I have a picture of him in uniform and one with him and his family.


BORN: 13 Jun 1845 - Selchow, Greifenhagen, Pommern
DIED: 10 Oct 1911, Mayville, Wisconsin

CHILD 1: Anna Amelia Mathilda Bethke
BORN: 19 June 1874 -Gross Schoenfeld
MARRIED: John Lorimer, Jr. - 25 June 1896 - Mayville, Wisconsin
DIED: 27 June 1927 -Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
NOTES: Anna and three younger brothers and mother crossed the Atlantic in early spring 1884.

CHILD2: Herman Friedrich Bethke
BORN: 7 NOV 1875 -Gross Schoenfeld
MARRIED: Leona Anna Kellner -22 Feb 1905 - New Denmark, Wisconsin
DIED: 2 Feb 1962 -Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
NOTES: Herman was a railroad engineer for 40 years. He and Anna had 8 children.

CHILD 3: Carl August Bethke, Jr.
SEX: Male
BORN: 23 Mar 1878
DIED: abt 1884 -on ocean or in Baltimore
NOTES: His name is on the passenger list and he is six years old. The family isn't aware of him.

CHILD 4: Ernst Friedrich Otto Bethke
SEX: Male
BORN: 25 Dec 1879 - Gross Schoenfeld
Died: Before 1883
NOTES: He wasn't on the passenger list -Died supposedly in Gross Schoenfeld

CHILD 5: Carl Bethke
SEX: Male
BORN: About 1882 -Gross Schoenfeld
DIED: Before 1884 - Gross Schoenfeld
NOTES: His father (obituary and family ) named three sons after himself, Carl. They all died before the age of six years.

CHILD 6: Ernst Friedrich Otto Bethke
SEX: Male
BORN: 29 Mar 1883 -Gross Schoenfeld
MARRIAGE: Grace Florence Sigwalt -18 June 1908 -Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
DIED: 13 Oct 1952 - Milwaukee
NOTES: Ernst owned a large printing business in downtown Milwaukee.

CHILD 7: Carl Albert Fritz Bethke
SEX: Male
BORN: 17 May 1885 - Mayville, Dodge, Wisconsin
DIED: 24 Jan 1890 - Mayville, Wisconsin
NOTES: Diptheria Epidemic

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