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Trinity, Evansville, Indiana

Trinity Lutheran Church, Evansville, IN
From a half postcard submitted by Judy Jones
Trinity Lutheran Church, 1026 West Illinois Street, Evansville, IN
Phone: 812-424-47885
Founded in 1841.

Trinity Lutheran Church, Evansville, IN
From a bulletin cover, 2001, submitted by Rev. Alan Holtz

After a conversation with Roy Buth of Evansville, David Knecht reports that the majority of the Fellwocks, (Roy happened to mention Fred, W. E. & P.B.), who lived in Evansville back at that time, attended the Old Trinity Lutheran Church, in Evansville. However a few Fellwocks also attended St. Paul Lutheran Church, in a different part of town.

He (Roy) said that after P.B. Fellwock's wife died, P.B. moved in with his son John and family, who lived out near Darmstadt, Indiana, and that P.B. attended Trinity Lutheran Church in Darmstadt with his son, in his last years.

There is a large Lutheran Cemetery on the west side of Evansville where some FELLWOCKs, SASSEs, and related SCHUKARs and HORTSMANNs are buried.

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