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This map shows an area about 14 km. (8.5 miles) wide
Map of Schivelbein Area

Significant towns are marked with X Beginning at the top left, and moving around clockwise:

Balsdrey, now Bialy Zdroj, about 5 miles north of Schivelbein, birthplace of Auguste Rusch.
Heyde, now Modrzewice, about 8 miles ENE of Schivelbein, birthplace of Fritz Labs. His father Carl lived there, and his mother Hanne nee Radtke, was living there in 1878. It was also the residence of Herman and Sophie Rusch Voelz, and the Rusch family before they emigrated to the US.
Arnhausen, now Lipie, residence of Carl Gentz's parents, Carl and Friedrike Gentz, just east of Heyde. Arnhausen was the location of the Civil Records Office.
Simmatzig, 6 km. east of Schivelbein, home of Carl Gentz, who married Minnie Rusch in 1876.
Ziezeneff, now Ciezeniewo, about 10 km ESE of Schivelbein, was home of Carl Ludwig Rusch, father of Augusta Rusch, and birth place of Carl Gentz.
Gumtow, now Chometowo, about 5 miles SE of Schivelbein, birthplace of Sophie Priebe Rusch Voelz.
Kussenow, now Koszanowo, birthplace of Minnie (Caroline Wilhelmine Henrietta) Rusch.

Witnesses at Carl and Minnie Gentz's marriage were 1) carpenter foreman Eduard Rusch, 19, of Schivelbein, and 2) farm administrator Julius Hensel, of Alt Schlage, now Slawa. Alt Schlage is about 5 miles east of Schivelbein.


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