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Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Labs, lived at Heyde, Kr. Belgard, Pommern
- birth information unknown
- died before 1878
- marriage data unknown
Johanne Henriette Friedrike Radtke
- birth and death data not found

Heyde was part of the Arnhausen church parish. Those records have been lost or destroyed. The only source of information available is civil records which began in 1874 and are available through 1905. From birth, marriage and death records in the archives in Koszalin, Poland, we learn the following:

As a widow, Johanne lived in Heyde in 1878 (marriage of son Fred), and 1883 (marriage of daughter Wilhelmine). At the time of son Johann's (2nd) marriage, in 1895, Johanne was living in Buslar. Her daughter Wilhelmine Riechow was living in Buslar at that time, so perhaps Johanne was living with the Riechow family. We were unable to find her death in the records up to 1905, so she either died after that date, or she died some other place.

    Three known children:
    1. Carl "Frederick" Ernst Labs
    - born 03 Aug 1854, Heyde, Kreis Belgard, Pommern
    - baptized probably at Arnhausen / Lipie, the parish church for Heyde.
    - married 22 Nov 1878, Arnhauen / Lipie, Kr. Belgard
    Augusta Anna Carolina Rusch

    2. Wilhelmine Friedrike Henriette Labs,
    - born 4 January 1861, Heyde, Kreis Belgard, Pommern
    - married 30 Mar 1883, Arnhausen, Kreis Belgard
    Carl Friedrich Albert Reichow, coachman
    - born 30 Dec 1857, Seligsfelde, Belgard, Pommern

      a. Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm Reichow b. 8 Jun3 1880, Heyde
      b. Minna Emilie Auguste Reichow b. 24 September 1883, Heyde
      c. Franz Carl Friedrich Reichow b. 25 January 1888, Arnhausen
      d. Emma Anna Bertha Reichow b. 19 April 1891, Vorwerk Rohlshof, Arnhausen
      e. Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Reichow b. 23 January 1900, Jeseritz, Kr. Belgard
      f. Bertha Auguste Martha Reichow b. 1894 d. 1894, Buslar
      g. Robert Richard Reinhard Reichow b. February 1896, Buslar

    3. Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Labs
    - born 30 October 1857, Dolgenow, Schivelbein, Pommern
    - married 1895, while living at Simmatzig
    - Caroline Ernstine Ulrika Stieg,
    - born 15 August 1857, Heyde, Kr. Belgard, Pommern


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