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A note about the spelling --It seems the family chose to spell their names with an A, as on the gravestones. However, on most of the legal documents, such as deeds and census records, the spelling is with an O. In one index it's even Housser, and in another Hawser. Which is correct? That just was not a concern before the days of Social Security. Therefore, I'm using Houser in the title of the page because that's how it is now spelled in my family. But for the people who lived before 1900, I'm using Hauser, because it seems they preferred it that way.

David Hauser, son of Adam Hauser,
- Born 08 Jul 1801 in Maryland
- Died 05 Jun 1873 in Jefferson Co., Ohio, Salem Twp.
- Buried in Jefferson Co., Ohio, Leas Cemetery, Salem Twp.
David Hauser/Houser in census records of 1830 - 1870 in Salem Twp., Jefferson Co., OH. Not found there in 1820.

David Hauser married 26 May 1825 in Jefferson Co. OH,
1) Sally (Sarah) Bowers born 5 December 1799, died 20 January 1841
marriage performed by Isaac Shane, J.P.

Photo of Sarah Houser's grave at the Leas Cemetery near
Annapolis, Ohio. The original stone was broken. In July, 2005,
a new stone was placed on her grave.

[There were several Bowers families in the area in 1850, one of them, Samuel, in Salem Twp., possibly a sibling of Sally.]

David Hauser married (date and place unknown)
2) Susan (Surname Unknown)
- Born 07 Mar 1814 in Penn.
- Died 18 Mar 1890 in Jefferson Co., OH, Salem Twp.
- Newspaper report of Susan Hauser's death

In 1826 David Hauser bought 80 acres of land in Ross Twp, Section 15, T 11-N, R 3-W., Jefferson County, Ohio. He sold this land in 1831 to Aaron Maple. In 1832 he purchased land in Section 27, T 10-N, R 3-W (Salem Twp.)
view of Section 27, Salem Twp, showing David Hauser's land outlined in red. The location of Leas Cemetery is marked with red X. View of a portion of Section 27, looking east, taken from Leas Cemetery, 2005
View of Section 27 looking west toward Leas Cemetery, 2005

Will of David Hauser

We visited Leas Cemetery in July 2002. After viewing these photos, use your browser's BACK button to return to this page. Leas Cemetery


1. Matilda "Tillie" Hauser, born abt 1827 in Ohio
- In 1850 lived with parents in Jefferson County, Ohio.
- In 1860 lived with Catherine Foster in Camanche, Clinton County, Iowa. Also in the household were 2 sons of Catherine's, and Franklin Houser, son of William Hauser.
- married 9 June 1870 to John Bechtel in Scott County, Iowa
- In 1870, with John Bechtel, farmer, 60, in DeWitt, Clinton Co., Iowa, and several Bechtel children from John's first wife.
- In 1873, in her father's will she is named Matilda Bechtell
- In 1880, she is probably the widow Martha Bechtel, housekeeper in a hotel in DeWitt.

2. William Hauser, born 14 May 1828 in Ohio
- died 22 Oct. 1915 in Sioux Falls, S.D., buried at Woodlawn Cemetery
- married 1) in Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio, to
Rebecca Hoobler, born 1828 in Steubenville, Ohio, died January 1856, Camanche, Clinton Co., Iowa
William married 2) 1868 in Iowa to Susan Ann Herrick, born about 1839 in Pennsylvania.
- In 1850, William lived with his parents in Ohio
- In 1870, in DeWitt, Clinton Co., Iowa with wife Susan and children;
- in 1880 the family was in Turner County, Dakota Territory
- in 1900, farmer, Turner County, South Dakota
- in 1910, living in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha county, South Dakota
Known children:

  • A. Franklin Monroe Hauser, born 09 Jun 1855 in Iowa
    - died 28 Dec 1941 in Fresno, Calif. Buried Fresno California, Chapel of the Light
    - in 1860, lived with Catherine Foster and Matilda Howser, probably his aunts
    - in 1870 with his father William and Susan, DeWitt, Iowa
    - in 1880, in Turner County, Dakota Terr., single, in 1880.
    - married 22 December 1880, Turner Co., South Dakota, to
    Melissa Jane Woodward, born 10 September 1860, Illinois
    - died 16 Jan 1958, Fresno, Calif.; her mother's maiden name was Crandell.
    - in 1920, they lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    - in 1930, lived with Helen and Henry Vogt in California.
    Known children:
      - Maude Winifred Hauser, born 10 September 1881 in Parker, Turner, South Dakota
      - died 11 Sep 1977, Fresno, California
      - married 23 October 1912 to Herman B. Heeren
      - Adeline Hauser, born 14 October 1883, South Dakota, died 11 July 1980, Fresno, Calif.
      - Helen Ethelynn Hauser, b 28 November 1890, Turner County, SD,
      - married 1) 1912 to Leonard Scriven,
      - married 2) 1921 to Henry P. Vogt, lived in Porterville, Tulare Co., CA in 1930.
      - married 3) 1935 to Asa Brown
      - Louise Hauser, b about 1896.
  • B. Sylvia Hauser, born about 1869, probably in DeWitt, Iowa; died March 1928
    - in 1920, single, lived on French Avenue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as head of the household which included her sister Freedom and Uncle Isaiah Hauser.
  • C. Freedom H. Hauser, daughter born 1870, probably in DeWitt, Iowa;
    - in 1920, single, lived on French Avenue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    - in 1930, single, lived alone on French Avenue
  • D. William H. Hauser, born 28 September 1871, in DeWitt, Iowa; died 8 Feb. 1961
    - married Bertha F. Ervin. He purchased or homesteaded land in Walworth/Turner Co, SD in 1890 and 1896;
    - in 1920, lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, at 408 Fairfax Avenue
    - in 1930, Bertha and daughter Olive were with daughter and son-in-law Fred and Dorothy Higgins, in Los Angeles, Pasadena County, California
    - in 1930 William H. was at 220 Monroe St., Murphy, Maricopa County, Arizona.
    Known children:
      - Ruby Hauser, born 4 December 1898 in Minnesota; died 06 Feb 1983 in Los Angeles, Calif.; married about 1924 to Marshall Glenn. In 1930 they lived on South Harvard St., Albuquerque, NM.
      - Kenneth William Hauser, born 28 October 1900, Turner Co., SD, died 9 December 1950 in Phoenix, Arizona.
      - Dorothy S. Hauser, born 22 September 1902 in S. D, died 07 May 1967, Los Angeles, Calif., married Fred Higgins
      - Olive Anona Hauser, born 4 January 1904 in S. D., died 17 August 1993, San Luis Obispo, Calif.; married Mr. Ryan.
      - Veryl Hauser, born 16 February 1905, SD, died 3 October 1981 in San Diego, Calif.; married Mr. Pfeifer.
  • E. Ethlyn Clarinda Hauser, born 09 July 1873, Belle Plain, Benton Co., Iowa
    - died 6 November 1919, buried at Parker, Turner County, South Dakota, Rosehill Cemetery.
    - married about 1897 to
    Maitland Mabee, born April 1870, Canada.
      Children include
    • Myrna Mabee, born 20 January 1900, Turner County, South Dakota
      - died 1954
      - married 23 February 1921, Turner County, South Dakota, to
      Edwin Eugene McGregor, born about 1897, in South Dakota, died 1976.
    • Ollie D. Mabee, born 6 April 1903, Turner County, South Dakota
      - died August 1979, living in Warner Robins, Houston, Georgia
      - married 6 April 1930, Salem, McCook County, South Dakota, to
      Dorothy Englert, born about 1906
    • Melba (Mabel) Mabee, born about 1905, South Dakota
    • Lee Mabee, born 20 December 1906, South Dakota
      - died May 1978, living in Parker, Turner County, South Dakota
      - married 26 August 1943, Marion, Turner County, South Dakota, to
      Elma M. Withee, born 25 November 1911, South Dakota
      - died 26 September 1999, living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    • Beatrice Mabee, born about 1909, South Dakota
      - probably married to Sam C. Patrick
3. Aaron Hauser, born abt. 1829 in Ohio,
- in 1850, lived with parents
- in 1860, in Camanche, Clinton County, Iowa, carpenter
- in 1870 farmer, in Salem Twp., Jefferson Co., Ohio, with wife Martha and 8 mo. old Ann Hauser
- in 1880 census: Aaron, laborer, living alone on 4th St. Extension in Steubenville, but married.
His father's will gives an allowance to Aaron's guardian.
There's an Aron Houser in the Stuebenville Union Cemetery, d. 1888 age 55, listed as a soldier.

4. Catherine Hauser, born abt 1831 in Ohio,
- in 1850, with parents on the farm in Salem Twp, Jefferson Co., Ohio
- in 1860, in Camanche, Clinton Co., Iowa, with sons Allen and Clinton, sister Matilda Houser and nephew 5-year old Franklin Houser, son of William.
- in 1880, widowed, in Steubenville, Jefferson, OH, with son Allen, his wife Elizabeth and infant granddaughter. Clinton Foster was also in Steubenville with his wife Mattie and daughter Libbie.
- in 1900, with son Allen and family in Steubenville, Ohio
- in Steubenville city directory, listed as widow of Henry B Foster.
Children of Catherine Hauser Foster:

  • Allen D. Foster, born Nov 1855, Clinton County, Iowa;
    - died December 1945, buried at Union Cemetery, Steubenville, Ohio;
    - married about 1878 to Elizabeth. Allen worked in iron and tin mills in Steubenville.
    - Allen H. Foster, 1887 - 1969; married Priscilla; lived in Steubenville, Ohio
    - Charles Foster, b 1889; married Elizabeth ---; lived in Steubenville, Ohio
    - Harry Foster, b 1890
    - Katie Foster, b 1893
    - John Foster, b 1896; married Roxie Mabel ---; lived in Steubenville, Ohio
    - Carrie Foster, b about 1901; married Mr. Dessings; lived in Steubenville, Ohio
  • Clinton Foster, born June 1857, Clinton County, Iowa
    - died between 1920 and 1930
    - married about 1877 to Mattie (Martha). Clinton was a cooper and foundry worker in Steubenville, Ohio.
    - Harry Foster, b 1879
    - George C. Foster, b 1883; married Mary Elizabeth ---; lived in Steubenville, Ohio. CHILDREN: George H. Foster, Ruth Foster, Margaret Foster, John E. Foster, and James Foster.
    - Bertha Foster, b August 1886

5. Isaiah Hauser, born abt 1837 in Ohio, died 1 December 1924, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
- in 1850, lived with parents on the farm in Salem Twp., Jefferson Co., Ohio
- in 1870, lived with brother Tinlis in DeWitt, Iowa, and worked as a butcher.
- in 1920, 82 yrs old and single, lived with nieces Sylvia and Freedom Hauser on French Avenue in Sioux Falls, SD.

6. Tinlis Hauser, born 1 Mar 1839, Richmond, Jefferson Co., Ohio, living with parents in 1850.

7. Emmaline Hauser, born about 1840 in Ohio, living with parents in 1850 and 1860
- married (about 1860) to Samuel Copeland, born about 1826, died before 1900
Samuel and Emmaline farmed in Salem Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1870 and 1880
- in 1900, Emma lived on the farm, Salem Township
- in 1910 and 1920, Emma lived alone in Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio


8. Frank (Francis) Hauser, born abt 1844 in Ohio, living with parents in 1850, 1860 and 1870, with his mother Susan in 1880.
- married Sarah Criss, nee Allen.
Sarah had 3 children from her first marriage: Annie, Maud and John Criss. I'm not sure what happened to Frank; Sarah was married, but living alone with her children in 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses. In 1930 she was living with daughter Mamie Swickard, and listed as a widow. Sarah died in 1939, was buried at Two Ridges Cemetery, Jefferson County, Ohio. (Further research is needed to determine whether the Frank Hauser who was in Ohio state mental hospitals in 1900 and 1910 have any connection to this family.)
Children of Frank and Sarah Houser:

  • Harry D. Hauser, 13 August 1887, died 1959, mechanic, married to Hattie, and had sons Earl and Robert. Harry and Hattie are buried at Richmond Union Cemetery in Jefferson County, Ohio
  • un-named infant, b 14 August 1889, died 15 August 1889
  • William Hauser, b 21 October 1890, died 1958, auto repairman, married to Minnie. Both are buried at East Springfield Cemetery, Jefferson County, Ohio
  • Mamie Hauser, born September 1892, married Edward Swickard. They had a son William Swickard, 1922-1987.
9. Elvira Hauser, born 1846 in Ohio, living with parents in 1850, 1860 and 1870, and with Susan in 1880.
Died 1927, buried in Jefferson Co., Ohio, Leas Cemetery, Salem Twp.

10. Elezan Hauser, born 1847, died in 1929, living with parents in 1850, 1860 and 1870. Her name is hard to read in all the census records; gender and spellings vary: Ellisann, Alazir, Ellazan.
- married October 1878, to Alexander Copeland, as his second wife.
Both are buried in Leas Cemetery. Gravestone of Alexander and Elezan Copeland
Children of Elezan and Alexander Copeland:

  • Eva Alberta Copeland, b about 1874, died before 1900
  • un-named son, b 20 February 1884, died 28 February 1884
  • Thurman Albert Copeland, b 27 May 1888, Ohio; farmer in Jefferson County, Ohio.
    - married about 1928 to Essie.
11. Oleander L. Hauser, born about 1850 in Ohio, with David and Susan in 1860, 1870.
In 1880 census, on 5th Street in Steubenville. Occupation: Grocer, with wife Ella D. Hauser, age 23, and sons:
- Joseph D. Hauser, b about 1877
- William H. Hauser, b about 1879
Death records of Jefferson County and the Union Cemetery in Steubenville both list O. Lee Houser, d 1881, age 32.

12. Irvine Hauser, born May 1853 in Ohio, living with parents in 1870 and with Susan in 1880.
- 1910, farmer in Annapolis Precinct, Jefferson County, Ohio
- 1920, farmer laborer in Rumley Township, Harrison County, Ohio
- 1930, farmer in Salem Township, Jefferson County, Ohio
- died 1941, buried in Leas Cemetery, Jefferson County, Ohio

13. Albert D. Hauser, born May 1855 in Ohio, living with parents in 1870 and with Susan in 1880.
- 1900, huckster in North Township, Harrison County, Ohio
- 1910, huckster in Rumley Township, Harrison County, Ohio
- 1930, farmer in Salem Township, Jefferson County, Ohio
Died 1940, buried in Leas Cemetery, Salem Twp., Jefferson County, Ohio

14. Alameren W. Hauser, born 1859 in Ohio, living with parents in 1870.
Died 1912, buried in Jefferson Co., OH, Leas Cemetery, Salem Twp.
1880 census lists him twice: in Salem Twp., in Susan Houser's household: Almarion, age 21, farmer, and Zilla, age 25; and in Steubenville, on Adams Street: A. W. Houser, age 21, huskster, and Erzilla, age 27.
Alamaren may be listed in the 1860 census as the 2-month old George Hauser



The birthplace of David is given as Maryland in his 1850, 1860 and 1870 census records. His death record in 1873 says he was born in Pennsylvania, and that his father's name was Adam Hauser. I found no Adam Houser / Hauser in Pennsylvania in the years of David's birth and childhood.

I did find one and only one Adam Houser / Hauser /Howser in census records of 1800-1840 in Allegany County, Maryland, with numbers of males in the household that could include David up through 1820. My current research involves proving or disproving that this Adam is the father of our known ancestor David Hauser/Houser of Jefferson County, Ohio.

New NEWS FLASH - September 2009 -- DNA tests on samples from a known descendant of Adam Hauser now living at Red House, Maryland, and a known descendant of David Hauser now living near St. Louis, Missouri, shows a match of markers and indicates a common ancestor as recent as 1-3 generations back. This is a strong indication that David was indeed the son of Adam Hauser.

This is what I have learned about Adam Hauser:

Adam Hauser, born 1768 (calculated from confirmation and census records)
- confirmed 6 April 1787, aged 19, Frederick County, MD, German Reformed Church
- died probably between 1850-1860
- married 10 June 1791, Frederick County, MD, German Reformed Church, (Witnesses were George Hoffman and Michael Braun.)
Sybilla Yantz, daughter of George and Catharine Yantz. (Godmother was Sibilla Oglin)
- born 2 Feb 1774
- baptized 1 April 1774, Frederick County
- confirmed 2 April 1790, Frederick County
- died probably before 1850.
In 1850, the 82-year old Adam Houser, apparently widowed, was living in the household of William and Mary WALTZ, next door to the Ezra HOUSER family. Adam was not listed in the 1860 census.

Adam and Sivilla/Sibilla/Sybilla/Sevilla Hauser purchased land in the town of Cumberland, Maryland, in 1796, and sold land there as late as 1810. The 1796 entry describes Adam as being "of Frederick County, Maryland," so apparently that marks the time of their move from Frederick County to Allegany County. Land records of 1805 and later described him as "of Allegany County."

Church records in Frederick County record the baptism of Sybilla Yantz, confirmations of both Adam Hauser and Sybilla Yantz, as well as their marriage. Other records there include:
Maria, daughter of Adam and Sibylla Hauser
- born 2 May 1792
- baptized 29 May 1792, godmother/sponsor was Catharina Jantz, widow
- died probably before 1805, when a 2nd daughter was born and named Maria

Esra, son of Adam and Sibylla Hauser
- born 2 April 1795
- baptized 24 Apr 1795, sponsors were the parents

Baptisms of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Cumberland include:
- Maria Houser, daughter of Antone [sic] and Sibella Houser,
- born 14 Dec 1805, baptized 14 Feb 1806
There were NO baptisms recorded between 22 December 1800 and 14 January 1802, the very time when David Hauser was born. So we still have no proof as to whether our David belongs to this family or not.

Marriages at St Paul's Lutheran Church, Cumberland include:
- Ezra Houser to Elisabeth Waltz, 31 March 1819
- Catharine Houser to George Waltz, 8 September 1822
- Jacob L. Houser to Ann M. Roth, 23 Jun 1867
(I don't who Catharine Houser's parents were. Jacob was the son of Ezra.)
Church records of Aurora, Preston County, West Virginia, only a few miles from Red House, Maryland, show Adam and Sybilla as sponsors at a baptism in 1809.

I have been unable to find death or burial records of Adam or Sybilla.



George and Catharine JANTZ / YANTZ (The German name JANTZ would be pronounced YANTZ, and the spelling was apparently Anglicized.) in the Frederick County church records are listed as the parents of the following:
Sybilla Yantz, born 2 Feb 1774, bapt. 1 April 1774
Heinrich Jantz, born 30 June 1776, bapt. 21 September 1776
Elisabeth Jantz, born 22 July 1781, bapt 14 October 1781

There is also Eva Catharine JANS, daughter of Johan George Jans and wife, born 26 February 1764, baptized 8 April 1764. Sponsor: Eva Catharina Hoffman. I don't know if this couple and child connect to George and Catharine Jantz, above.


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