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A paper from the 1960's

I have no idea what sources were used to compile the information on this paper, which was given to me by one of my husband's aunts. The typing, especially the use of commas and periods is unique. The spelling and punctuation are just as on that original paper. Comments in [brackets] have been added for clarity.

Using this as the basis for further research, I have found some errors in dates, spellings, etc., but I'm including the content of the pages for special interest.

  • WILLIAM DENISON, Born in England about 1586 came to America in 1631 and settled in Roxbery, Mass., having with him his wife Margaret and his three sons, David, Edward and George. He was a Deacon of the Roxbery Church. He had been liberally educated and his sons were carefully educated. He died in Roxbery Jan. 25th 1653. His wife died there Feb 23, 1645.

  • CAPT. GEORGE DENISON (Son of William) Born in 1618, was married first in 1640, to Bridget Thompson. She died in 1643, had two children Sarah and Hannah. He then went to England, served under Cromwell in the army of the Parliament, won distinction, was wonded at Naseby, was nursed at the house of John Borodell by his daughter Ann, whom he married and returned to Roxbery and finally settled at Stoneington, Ct., Their children were as follows: John, Ann, Borodell, George, William, Margaret and Mercy. He died in Hartford, Ct., Oct 25, 1694 in his 76th year. His wife Ann died Sept 25th, 1712, in her 97th year. They were both remarkable for magnificent personal appearance and for force of mind and character. She was always called Lady Ann. They held a foremost place in Stoneington. He had been described as the Miles Standish of the settlement, but he was a greater and more brilliant soldier. He had no equal in any of the colonies for conducting a war against the Indians, excepting perhaps John Mason; in emergencies he was always in demand and he was almost constantly placed in important public positions.

  • CAPT. JOHN DENISON, 2d [generation], born July 14, 1646. Married Phebe Lay of Saybrook Ct., Nov 20th, 1667. They settled in Stoneington where he held prominent positions and in many ways was a man of mark. He died in 1698. His wife in 1699. Their children were John, George, Robert, William, Daniel S, Samuel, Ann, Phebe and Sarah.

  • JOHN DENISON Jr. 3rd [generation]. Born Jan 1st 1669, married Ann Mason in 1690. He lived at Saybrook, Ct and died there in 1699. His children were John, Daniel, James, Abigal and Jabez.

  • JABEZ DENISON, 4th [generation], Born Aug 1698. Married Dorothy Cogswell in 1740. He died June 4th, 1788. His inventory was 1432. He lived in Pottipang. His will was dated in 1783. His children were Jabez, John, James, Robert, Abigal, Dorothy and Ashbel.

  • JOHN DENISON, 5th [generation], Born, Dec 2d, 1744, Married Mary Post Feb. 25th 1761. He lived at Saybrook. Died there July 29th, 1789. His wife died July 1809. Children: James P., John, Mason, Mary, Dan, Mehitable, Titus and Ann.

  • DAN DENISON 6th [generation], born Oct 11, 1771, at Saybrook, Married Sally Bushnell in 1796. They had eleven children all born in the same house at Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Ct. John B, Mary A., Nancy M., Dan, Sally, Erastus, Hanna, Jabez W., Louise A, Eunice P., and George E., In 1821 he with his wife and ten children moved to Ohio and settled about three miles from Cleveland on what was known as Chesnut Ridge then Brooklyn Center. There his wife died Aug 13, 1848. He resided there until 1850 when he moved to Rockport with his son Jabez and daughter Louise. He died Jan 20, 1857, at his daughter Sally's in Brighton, and was buried on the Ridge by the side of his wife, and six of his children are buried ther, one in Ct., one in Ill., one in Iowa, one in Ca. and one in Kansas.

      THE CHILDREN of Dan and Sally Denison, the 7th Generation
    • JOHN BUSHNELL, Born Nov 15th 1798, Married Lyla Bigelow Jan 1, 1827 at Brooklyn Ohio. He died March 16th, 1857 at Brooklyn. They had one child, Susan A.
    • MARY ANN, born Nov.5th. 1800, married Edmund Brainard, Dec.31st.1823 at Cleveland, died June 25th.1835, and was buried in the Orchard of her old home in Brooklyn. She had six children: John H., Harriet S., Leveret D, an infant son born June 17, 1830, died July 29, 1830, Henry J. and Hanna Louise, She was born Sept.14th,1833, died Nov. 9th. 1835.
    • NANCY MARIA. Born July 20th. 1802 married Charles L. Usher at Brooklyn Sept. 14, 1831, died Jan. 26th. 1870 at DeWitt, Clinton Co. Iowa. She had six children, Susan A A., Hezekiah D., Mary L, Leveret W., Cornelia P., and Lucy M. [A hand written note was added: Houser: Raleigh, Mary, Tommy m Minnie Garland: Fern, Hazel, Bud]
    • DAN Born Jan 10th, 1804, married ------- At Cleveland. He had __ children, Lemual, George B., Nellie and William. He died Jan 28th. 1864 at Cleveland.
    • SALLY born June 3rd. 1805, married Able C Hinckley at Brooklyn, March 5th. 1826, died Feb. 6. 1862, at Brighton, Ohio. Her children were Lucy A., Aurelia N., Sarah L. William H and Mary L.
    • ERASTUA Born Dec 1806, died June 28th, 1811 at Saybrook, Ct.
    • HANNA H. Born Oct 9th. 1809, died Aug. 13th 1828, at Brooklyn
    • JABEZ W. Born December 1811, died June 12, 1854 at Brooklyn
    • LOUISE AMELIA, born June 21st. 1813, married Rodney Montague Oct. 7th. 1852, at Brighton, died May 25th. 1871, at Los Angeles, Cala. She went with her husband to Texas Nov. 1852, where she lived until May 10th. 1856, when they started for California across the plains with ox teams in company with sixty others, after six long months of weary travel, constantly in danger of Indians and the loss of most of their stock and teams and considerable sickness they reached Los Angeles and bought them a home. She was an invalid when they started but her health improved all the time she was on the road. She had one child Horace Born Aug. 31st, 1855 at Piemo Villages, Arizona, he died Sept. 13, 1855 on the Gielo River.
    • EUNICE PRISCILLA, Born May 12th 1815, married Rodney Montague, Oct 16th 1843, at Wadhams Grove, Ill. She died Dec 17th. 1849 at Wadhams Grove. She had two children, Newell S., and William H K.
    • GEORGE ERASTUS, Born April 1819, married Elizabeth S. Strong April 1849, at Wadhams, Grove. They had four children, the two first died in infancy not named. The other two Alma Elizabeth and Lumunie Aurelia, married second. He died in March 1885 at Salena Cherike Co. Kansas

JOHN DENISON, Our Great Grand Father, [5th generation] died July 29, 1789, at the age of 45 years. His wife survived him 20 years. They had eight children,
  • 1st. child James P. born, Dec 3, 1761, married Taphena, (sir name not given). They had five children, John George, Anson, Erastus, Nathaniel and Ansell.
  • 2nd. John, born June 20th. 1763, killed by a fall when young.
  • 3rd, Mason, born May 11th, 1765, Married Abigal Lane, Apr. 12th 1804, he died July 27th, 1827, age 62. Had seven children Achsa, William L., Betsey, Eliza, Ann Borodell, George Mason and Jeriesha H.
  • 4th. Mary, born Sept 25th 1768, (Nothing more said of her)
  • 5th. Dan born Oct 11th. 1771, married Sally Bushnell. He died Jan 10th, 1857, aged 86, had eleven children, John P., Mary, Nancy, Dan, Sally, Erastus, Hanna, Jabez, Louise, Eunice, and George.
  • 6th. Mehitable, Born, Jan. 7, 1774 Married Ebenezer Denison. She died Feb 22, 1849, age 75. Had seven children, Ann Bordell, Mehitable D., Lucretia, Mary, Titus, Eunice & Erastus.
  • 7th. Titus, Baptized January 30th, 1776, married Margaret Post, March 1812. He died March 14th, 1859, (two years after our grandfather) age 81. His wife died Aug. 24th, 1855. Age 76. Had five children, Margaret, Cynthia, Titus K., Lunus S., & Sarah Ann.
  • 8th. Anna, born Sept. 26th, 1778. Died Oct 26th, 1789.
So you can see our Grandfather [Dan Denison] lived the
greatest number of years and had the
largest family.

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