White Family of Throopsville, Cayuga County, New York
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White Family in Throopsville,
Cayuga County, New York

Ancestors of George N. White

George White was born August 5, 1912,
 in Throopsville, New York.

He was the only son born to Thomas B. and
Grace V. White. 

He died on October 4, 1968 and is buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery in Port Byron, New York.

Hopping Family                        Vorce Family

Washington James White was born September 13, 1810 in Vermont. According to census information his father was born in England and his mother in Connecticut. He married Betsy Mary Campbell on October 23, 1831. Betsy was born December 23, 1812 in New York. Her parents were born in Pennsylvania.

Washington supported his family by farming and from the time they were married they lived in the Throop area with the exception of a short time they lived in Michigan and three years they lived in Auburn. Washington and Betsey raised eight children, all born in New York except one daughter who was born in Michigan.

The family were members of the Disciples Church in Throop with Washington credited for donating the land to build the church. Several of their children are named for neighbors who were also members of the church. Washington was a deacon and also in charge of money for the poor.

Washington died September 28, 1891 and Betsy Mary died October 5, 1892. They are buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery with other family members.

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Children of Washington James and Betsy Mary Campbell White

Mary Elizabeth White was born November 9, 1832 in Cayuga County, NY. She married David Mullen on March 6, 1852. David was born September 28, 1819. They had one daughter, Clara, who was born in 1854 and died October 4, 1909. Clara never married. David died June 30, 1904  and Mary died March 21, 1923 after outliving her parents and all her siblings. They are all buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery.

Amelia Ann White was born April 5, 1835 in Michigan. She married Wheelock Halcy Derby on July 30, 1857 in the Cato Disciples Church. Wheelock was the son of Dexter and Lucy Elitharp Derby. He was born August 30, 1836 in Bridport, Vermont. Wheelock was an architect and developer and in Auburn he named three streets for his son. The family were members of the Disciples Church and attended in Auburn.

Amelia and Wheelock  had one son, Warren Dexter Derby who was born in 1865 in Auburn. Warren married Annie Peacock who was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England in 1867. They had eight children, Fred, Evelyn, Fay, Iva, Frank, Payson, Clarence and Emily.

Amelia died January 17, 1907 and Wheelock died April 29, 1918. Warren died in 1942 and Annie died in 1940. They are all buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery. With the exception of one son, Rev. Payson Derby, all the children of Warren and Annie are buried in the Throopsville Rural cemetery. Rev. Derby, his wife Dorothy and one son, Roderick are buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in Throop.

William Allen White was born April 1, 1838 in Throop. His first wife was Josephine Everts who was born in Cato in 1838. Her parents were Caleb and Hadassah Everts. Caleb was listed as one of the original members of the Disciples Church of Cato and was a prominent farmer.

William and Josephine had one son, Llewellyn Washington White who was born July 18, 1859. Josephine died March 27, 1861 and Llewellyn died April 12, 1880 having never recovered from typhoid fever. Josephine and her son are buried in the Cato Union Cemetery with Josephine's family.

William married a second time, Sarah A. McIntyre who was born in 1835. They had two sons, Bertie who was born in 1866 and Edgar who was born in 1870. Bertie died March 6, 1869 and Edgar died in 1877. William, Sarah, Bertie and Edgar are buried in Throopsville Rural Cemetery.

George Washington White was born March 12, 1840 in Throop. During the Civil War he enlisted on November 26, 1861 in the 75th NY Infantry, Co. E as a corporal. He was discharged September 4, 1863 for promotion to Second Lieutenant Co. D, 88th USCI. He was stationed in Port Hudson, LA and involved in training troops. 

After the war he returned home and married Eliza Ann Johnson on April 15, 1866. Eliza was born April 18, 1838 in Throop. Her parents were Levi and Eliza Johnson. Levi's sister, Minerva, was the wife of Harris Vorce.

George and Eliza had three children, Jennie Mary White born 1869, William Johnson White born December 23, 1873 and Clara Louise White born February 2, 1877.

George died January 4, 1889 in Throopsville and Eliza died June 15, 1911 in Fleming. They are both buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery.

Jennie married Jay Post, who had been born in Fleming, NY. They had one daughter, Bessie, born in 1892. Bessie married Frederic Worden.  Jen and Jay are buried in Ft Hill Cemetery in Auburn, NY.

William married Orilla Brown born in 1873. They had one daughter, Jessie White, born August 8, 1894. William and Orilla are buried in Throopsville Rural Cemetery.

Jessie married John Brignall and they had one son, William who was born in 1924. Jessie and John are buried in Springbrook Cemetery, Seneca Falls, NY.

Clara married Oscar Shaver on December 21, 1904. Oscar had been born September 26, 1879. They had two daughters, Erma and Mildred. Erma married Kenneth Schiller in 1925 and they had three children, Mildred, Martha and Kenneth. Mildred married Millard Knapp.

Nelson M. White was born August 27, 1842 in Throop. He married Cynthia Ann Thomas on January 12, 1869. Annie was born April 30, 1843 in Throop. She was a Hopping descendent and when they married they moved to the Hopping Homestead and raised their family of three while farming and taking care of elderly family members.

Nelson died November 10, 1919 in Throop and Annie died April 20, 1913 in Auburn. They are buried with family in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery with their son, George W. White who died at three months.

Martia Tyler White was born January 24, 1845 in Throop. After the Civil War she married Silas Barber who was the youngest son of Friend Barber and his wife, Eunice.

Silas was born January 14, 1841 in Throop, youngest of 16 children. He enlisted in the 75th Co. E as a corporal with Martia's brother, George White. They served together including promotion to the 88th USCI where Silas was a Captain. Silas had been ill during most of the war and died January 15, 1866. He is buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery on the Barber lot with his parents.

They had one son, Clarence Eugene Barber who was born May 22, 1865. He married Nellie Jane Lewis on July 19, 1893, the daughter of George and Ann Lewis. Nellie had been born in 1869.

Clarence and Nellie had one daughter, Gladys Elizabeth Barber who was born February 27, 1895. She married Edward Ramsay on June 11, 1919. Edward was born October 31, 1893. They had two daughters who are both living.

Martia later married George Lewis, her daughter-in-law's father, who was a widower and in poor health and took care of him. She was living on Lewis Road in Throop, next to the mill pond where she also took care of her parents at the end of their lives. When she died November 17, 1896, she was buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery on the White lot with her parents.

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Lewis McCarty White was born December 23, 1848 in Throop. He married Helen J. Wright on March 4, 1868. Helen was born January 23, 1847 in Lewis County, NY. They had five daughters and two sons. One son, George, was born February 5, 1881 and died May 19, 1883.

Charles Herbert White was born August 30, 1870 and married Ella Francis Lewis. They had two daughters, Myrtice and Lucille.

Viola Mary White married William Kelland and they had one son, Clifford.

Maude Louisa White married Fred Chappel and they had one daughter, Harriett.

Flora May White married William Carpenter.

Lulu Bell White married Cleveland Jones.

Ida Helen White married Allan Charles Lee and they had one son, Glenn.

Lewis died on July 28, 1922 in Auburn and Helen died February 12, 1906 in Auburn. They are both buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery on the White lot.

Achsah Clapp White was born April 24, 1850 in Throop. She married George W. Weller on January 25, 1868. George was the son of Nathaniel and Nancy Fleming Weller who are buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery with their daughter, Caroline. George was born in 1840.

Achsah and George moved to Shiawassee, Michigan where they had five children. Achsah had returned home for a visit and apparently was taken ill with typhoid and died at her parents home on July 2, 1879. She is buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery on the White lot. George remarried in Michigan and had two more children, twins Ambert and Albert born on January 30, 1885. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Shiawassee County, Michigan with his second wife, Mary Sutton Weller.

Frances Weller, born 1868 married William Fred Voight and they had five children, Jessie, Mittie, Chris, Roy and Helen Barbara. Frances remarried and is buried in Long Beach California as Frances Kressler.

Alfred was born 1870 and married Eva Hubbard. They had six children, Helen, Frank, Bessie, Donald, Avery and Harriet.

Charles was born 1872 and married Hannah Nelson. They moved to Chicago, Illinois where they had two sons, Charles and George.

Nellie Helen was born 1875 and she married Frank Davis. They had three children, Mildred, Frank and Helen.

George was born 1876. After his mother's death in Throop he lived with his aunt and uncle, Mary and David Mullen and took their last name. He moved to Chicago, Illinois and worked for a time with his brother, Charles. On 1902 he married Norah Francis Malone and they had two children, Marie and George. They moved to Norfolk Virginia where George Weller Mullen died in 1970. His son, George Mullen, died in September of 1975 in Virginia Beach City, VA.

Children of Nelson and Cynthia Annie White

Josephine White was born November 11, 1869. She married Charles Bunn on September 7, 1892. Charlie was born March 14, 1866 in Throop.

They had two children, Ethel White Bunn and Harold Nelson Bunn. Ethel married Walter Doling September 13, 1919 and they had one son, Robert Charles Doling. Harold married Mary Elizabeth Powers and they had two children, Carol and Barbara.

Josie and Charlie are buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery.

Thomas Bininger White was born July 1, 1873 in Throop. He married Grace Vorce on October 14, 1908. They had three children, Mary Grace White, George Nelson White and Anna Roselinda White.

Thomas died on September 15, 1937 and is buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery with his parents. Grace died on September 22, 1954 and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Port Byron with her parents.

Mary married Howard Stone in 1935. Howard was born in Elbridge and was a dentist with offices in both Weedsport and Port Byron. For 20 years he had been the Port Byron school dentist. Mary worked as his assistant in the dental office and the school.  Mary and Howard had no children. Howard had previous been married to Polly Wood from Elbridge. He is buried with her in Mt Pleasant Cemetery in Elbridge. Mary died November 29, 2003 and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Port Byron with her mother and Vorce relatives.

George married Jessie Ruth Langworthy who was born August 26, 1913 in Port Byron. Her parents were Ross and Jessie Race Langworthy. George was a tool and die maker and worked in the Troy Arsenal during WWII and  at the Columbia Rope Company in Auburn. However, what he loved and did for most of his life was farming. He was on the Board of Education in the Port Byron School District for many years.

George and Ruth had three daughters. George died October 4, 1968 in Port Byron and Ruth died April 27, 2009 in Throopsville, where she was living with one of her daughters. George and Ruth are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

Anna married Earl Howell on August 9, 1947. Earl was born in Conquest, Cayuga County, N.Y.. son of Elbert & Ida Belle Morrison Howell.  He served in WWII, 860th Engineering Aviation Battalion. They had one daughter.

Anna was an elementary school teacher for many years, starting in a one room school house in Throopsville.

Earl died June 29, 1965 and Anna died May 29, 2011. They are both buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.


Mary Eunice White was born November 13, 1881. She married Nyrum Lloyd Armstrong, the son of Nyrum & Sarah C. Armstrong and they had five children, Nell, Charles, Mary, Margaret and Sidney.

Nell married Guy Smith and they had four children.

Charles married Juanita Bennett and they had one daughter, Cynthia Anne Armstrong.

Mary married Robert Harvey in 1922

Margaret married Howard Koppin and they had two children, Carol and Donald.

Mary Eunice died May 2, 1943 in Detroit, Michigan and she is buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery with her son, Sidney who died in 1909 at eight months old.

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