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Genealogy of the Ludwig Mohler Family in America

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(Designations: 3--generation from Bishop Levi Garber; 6000--generation from Ludwig Mohler, and 1--family number.)

3--John Garber--6001--married Mary C. Rife. He was a merchant the greater part of his life at Elkport, Iowa, where he and his wife were buried. Years after his John Garber death the Iowa State Legislature changed the name of the town of East Elkport, where the Garbers reared their families, to "Garber, Iowa," in honor of the constructive work done by them in the political and business development of Iowa to the time of his death. Both John and Martin Garber were intimate lifelong friends of Senator Allison of Iowa and of many others of Iowa's leading men, where John Garber was a pioneer and a man of great influence for many years. John Garber had children as follows:

1.--Martin L. Garber, who married Sarah M. Fitch, the issue of which union was Hosea, William, George, and Maude Garber. All of them are living in Iowa. Martin took up land near Guide Rock, Webster Co., Nebr., in the early 70's.

2.--John C. Garber, known in the family as "Major", married Elizabeth Livingstone, leaving issue Jessie Garber.

3.--Mary Virginia Garber, married August C. Tiede. The issue of which marriage were: Bertha V. Tiede, Josephine Tiede, Blanche Tiede and Clarence Tiede.

4.--Lucy A. Garber, married Jake R. Beddow, no issue.

5.--Olive Delphine Garber, married J. E. Jerome, who was a prominent newspaper man in Iowa for many years. At the time this record was furnished by Mrs. Jerome, Mch. 9, 1915, the family lived at Coweta, Oklahoma. The issue of this marriage was:

5-1. M?? E. Jerome, who married W. J. Stemmons, had issue: Olive Martha: John Garber; and Wilbur Fisk Stemmons.

5-2. Lucy Mildred Jerome married Earl G. Carhart, had issue: Earl G. Carhart, Jr.

5-3. Neva Raymond Jerome, yet unmarried--Mch. 9, 1915.

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